Ultimate Moving Guide

      From the first time we step out of our nest and venture into the unknown, we realize that moves are complex, expensive, and time-consuming. No matter how organized we aim to be, things can get complicated along the way and get us into stressful situations. That’s why we need a thorough guide through the process.

      People have many reasons to move. When it comes to Americans, the majority leave their current location and decide on moving across the country for personal reasons (this makes up about 42% of all moves,) while 40% of all moves in the US are work-related. Sometimes we may want a simple change of surroundings and choose our destination after finishing a “where should I move” quiz. Whichever path in our life we choose, we need to sit down and thoroughly think through every step of the way. After all, as Alan Watts said – “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

      Making Such a Great Change in Life Can Bring Psychological Challenges

      Changing the living location doesn’t come easy to any of us. But, while it sometimes may come unexpected, it is often planned and wished upon. Still, to be honest, in neither of these cases can we go through it without feeling overwhelmed, and that it’s taking a toll on us, both physically and mentally. Thus, our final goal should be to keep everything under control as much as we can, so we can have a stress-free move and start seeing this change as an adventure.

      Fear of Moving is a Fear of Making Changes

      Whether you have never moved before or you know how much work and stress a relocation requires, you may be experiencing a sense of fear. This feeling may be so overwhelming that it can become a phobia, known as tropophobia. Tropo in Greek means “way,” and Phobos is “fear” or “deep aversion,” and basically, it’s a fear of making changes. Change may be considered threatening to people, and many dislike changing the way they live or in their day-to-day routine.

      When Stress and Anxiety Start to Be Overwhelming

      Many parts of a relocation process can stack up the levels of stress and anxiety, from searching for a job to deciding how much money you will be able to actually set aside. Trying to find enough time to do everything properly while juggling your work and kids also amounts to anxiety. While some stress is good for keeping you alert and focused on the task ahead of you, you shouldn’t let it get the better of you.

      It May Even Lead You to Depression

      Lately, people tend to stay in one place for longer, and it’s only natural that, in those circumstances, they grow fond of their homes. After all, home is where the heart is, and our heart is usually where our friends and family are. Saying goodbye to both the place and people is why homesickness can grow into a severe depression. But, there are certain ways to cope with these feelings and overcome them before they take a physical toll on our health.

      Things You Can Do to Make It Easier On Yourself

      It’s only normal to be stressed while we venture into the unknown, but we must try to keep these negative feelings at bay. The first step toward protecting your own self from stress is to take care of these things:

      • Stay organized. Start your preparatory steps early on to try and keep unexpected occurrences down to a minimum.
      • Get enough sleep and keep in mind that you shouldn’t neglect your daily routines, such as a walk in the park.
      • Eat healthily and regularly to give your body enough healthy nutrients to pull through. Relocations are hard work, and you’ll need strength.
      • Cut down on caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol. Relocation is actually a good opportunity to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
      • Focus on all of the benefits of the move, like advancing in your career, familiarizing yourself with new surroundings, or if you’re moving for love, spending significantly more time with your loved one. Bring back the sense of adventure to your move.

      These are all good starting points to make you feel a bit better. However, if you start noticing physical effects, such as different aches in your body ( chest pain and headaches,) or your sleep has been affected, you must react. Give yourself a break, and perhaps seek medical attention.

      Saying Goodbye to Your Close Ones Can Be a Good Way to Cope

      We can see how the fear of the unknown and saying goodbye can become sort of a background soundtrack of our relocation, but we shouldn’t let it be so. Just think of it this way – it’s better to gather your friends and family together for a farewell party and make John Mayer’s song “Moving on and getting over” the theme of this occasion than to look only at negative sides. The modern world has brought us many advantages, and with a good internet connection, you’ll be able to keep in touch with friends regularly. At the same time, they will continue to be your support system, even from far away.

      Whether You Decide to Move on Your Own or Hire Cross-Country Movers, You Should Know a Few Things First

      One of the starting points of each relocation is to make a decision whether you’re up to a DIY move, or you’ll grab a phone and call reliable long-distance movers to get this back-breaking task off your shoulders. If you have faith in yourself and your skills and opt for a DIY move, these are the things you should do:

      • Call in helping hands. Even if you’re downsizing, there’s hella work to be done. It’s a no-brainer that you’ll pull it off much more quickly and effortlessly if you can get at least one extra pair of hands. And after all, if you make sure that there are enough drinks and snacks, this is another way to spend more time with people you are close to.
      • Rent a truck. Those in the DIY long-distance moving process should be well prepared to drive it to the other side of the country, and it’s not that easy. Keep in mind that you should plan where you will rest along the way and reserve hotels.
      • Get enough materials and tools for the packing part. Try to calculate how many boxes you will need, and then get some more. Also, don’t forget to buy enough rolls of sturdy tape, as well as cushioning materials.

      When you add to the mix preparing your household goods for transportation, finding a job, and picking a neighborhood, you can imagine stress level soaring. And not only that, it may end up costing more in the long run than if you just hire professional cross-country movers.

      The Additional Pros and Cons of a DIY Move

      While the biggest pros of a DIY move are that you’ll set your own time and pace, while you’ll also avoid having people you don’t know in your house. If anything gets damaged or lost, you’ll be the first to know. But, there are certain downsides to it, besides driving on your own. All the tasks will be up to you to organize and finish, and things to take care of are just too many.

      How It Works When You Relocate With Cross-Country Movers

      Considering how much actual work it takes to pull off a DIY move will probably start you thinking about investing in cross-country moving services. For a price, a relocating company could make your moving cross country a breeze and provide you with a variety of different services.

      A woman making a list for long-distance moving
      Make a detailed inventory list to get an accurate estimate for your moving across the country

      Understanding What Affects the Price Is Important

      The price-forming process may vary depending on the company you’ve chosen, but some factors that affect the cost are universal to each mover. The distance is usually one of the first factors they calculate into their estimate because the longer the distance they have to get across, the pricier it will get. The date is also an important factor. The majority of moves occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and that is when companies tend to be the busiest and thus less affordable. Also, most people move on weekends, so you can basically save up if you choose to relocate from Monday to Thursday. In the end, two more factors will affect the price, and that is the number of goods you want to be transported and services you’ve chosen to use, such as packing, car shipping, and storage.

      A reliable company, such as Cross Country Movers, will have a very transparent price, with no hidden costs included. When it comes to the way we do our business, we strive to make each customer happy and satisfied with our service. Therefore we form our estimate on your household inventory list, where you will list all of your belongings you want our team to transport.

      What to Expect When You Have a Relocation Ahead of You

      Each move starts similarly if you want professionals to take care of it. Companies such as Cross Country Movers have an online quote form that you can fill out, and after that, the company’s agent will contact you. You will provide them with a detailed inventory and get a guaranteed quote, which will change if you decide to update your list.

      On your move-out date, you will be notified by phone before they arrive. They will start packing the items on your inventory list, secure each box and label it with a barcode before they begin to load them onto the truck. Your furniture will be disassembled, and large appliances wrapped and secured for transport. You will get a time frame when you can expect your belongings to arrive.

      When the movers come close to your new home, you will get a call, and when the truck arrives, they will start to unload everything. All the boxes will go to their designated rooms, and the movers will reassemble the furniture. After they make sure everything is in order and check the inventory list, they will leave your home.

      A cross-country moving company van
      Call a reliable company such as CCM to get more information

      What Do Movers Consider as Non-Allowables

      Before you start placing everything you own into cardboard boxes, suitcases, and bags and seal everything up, you should be familiar with items that cross-country movers won’t move. Most companies will present you with a list of non-allowables, and it usually consists of these items and materials:

      • Explosive, toxic, poisonous, and hazardous materials such as weapons, gasoline, bleach, paints, and acids are considered dangerous and are among the items movers won’t move.
      • Perishable foods are non-allowables since they might get spoiled in transport and cause damage to your other belongings. It’s best if you consume most of your food before the move-out day and throw away the rest.
      • Pets and plants are something that you should transport by yourself. Temperatures in the truck’s cargo hold can become unbearable to a living thing.

      Follow this list for some basic information on items that professionals won’t move, but also keep in mind that you should contact them for a more detailed list, so you can avoid any unpleasant situations on the move-out day.

      Learn to Recognize Moving Scams and Avoid Being a Victim of Con Artists Presenting as Long-Distance Movers

      Searching for cross-country movers online
      Take some time to read online reviews of your potential movers

      Deciding to hire a company for your move is actually quite easy when you think about how much work you’d have to put into a DIY move. But, picking the right movers for your cross-country moving isn’t simple at all, as you may fall victim to moving scams if you’re not careful enough. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), they receive an average of 13,000 complaints about fraudulent movers each year. To avoid being among the scammed clients, you should inform yourself on how to recognize scammers.

      Online Reviews Are an Important Source of Information

      When you start searching for a company that will fit your needs and appeal to your budget, you should pay attention to several factors. First of all, online reviews can point out con artists, but you should also pay attention to frequent name changes because it could be a clear sign that the company is hiding negative feedback.

      Having No USDOT Number? Stay Away From These Potential Scammers

      You can double-check any company through the government agency called Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA,) the US Department of Transportation (USDOT,) and the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA.) A reliable company should have a USDOT number and proper licenses, so if a mover doesn’t have any of those, it’s a red flag.

      Be Wary Of Unrealistically Low Estimates

      After you’ve decided on several companies (pick at least three,) you should phone them in to get a quote. Keep in mind that one of the common moving mistakes when it comes to scams is to settle for the lowest price. Sometimes, if something sounds too good to be true, it is usually a fat lie. An unrealistically low quote may mean that you’ll end up with hidden fees and costs that will just keep piling up.

      Watch Out if They Want Money Upfront

      Some companies may ask for a hefty deposit, which is a huge red flag, in the style of Bernie Madoff. You may end up with your belongings held hostage while they make neverending excuses why they can’t be delivered to you until you pay even more. And the other scenario might be that scammers receive your deposit and vanish with your money, never to be seen again.

      Learn to Protect Yourself in Several Ways

      Hearing about different scams in the relocation industry can make you think twice about hiring long-distance movers. Still, since it’s way easier to relocate with professionals, you should learn about the ways you can protect yourself just in case. Since you’ve probably already done thorough research, make sure the cross-country movers provide you with “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move,” which is an official moving industry rulebook.

      It’s common sense not to sign a blank document, but make sure you sign only a contract where everything is listed in detail. Set aside some time and create a photo inventory – it will make it easier to file a claim if anything goes missing.

      Let’s Get the Preparations on the Way

      By this point, you are probably wondering where the hell you should start with preparations. There’s so much to do, so many people to call, and you’re probably gonna forget something (like those three books you are due to return to the library.) The answer is – go and get yourself a moving binder. As silly as it may sound, buying yourself a binder for the move is the ultimate moving hack because you’ll use it to keep every step of the way under control. Or at least, some of it. Did you know that the first ring binder was invented in 1886 in Germany by a man named Friedrich Soennecken? Even today, it makes organizing so much easier, so thanks a lot to him.

      What to Place in a Binder

      Start by gathering all of the paperwork concerning the move in one nice big pile. Keeping all of your important papers and documents in one place will lower stress levels and help you stay on track with everything that needs to be done. Here’s what should go in the binder:

      • Your ultimate to-do list, with a general timeline and all the tasks ahead of you.
      • The projected budget consisting of estimated costs, as well as actual ones.
      • Utility companies’ contact information, so you can give them a call on time and set the disconnection and connection dates.
      • All the receipts, as well as contracts, should be kept here, along with permits and different invoices.

      All the other papers you may find important for your relocation should be placed in your binder, too.

      Let Your Checklist Guide You

      Let’s head back to the aforementioned checklist and why it’s important to make one. One of the keys to lowering your stress levels to a minimum is organizing and keeping up with each task by writing everything down. You can divide the tasks by a timeline (declutter six weeks before the move, call utilities four weeks before the move, and so on) or by category, whichever suits you best.

      Make a checklist where you will write down all the tasks and sort them out by categories

      Here Comes the Money Talk – Do Your Budgeting Like a Pro

      While it would be nice if we could teleport ourselves just like in an episode of Star Trek, while it costs us nothing, our relocations still must be done the old-fashioned way. That includes calculating all the costs and adding some more on top of that. From filling the inventory list to investing in cross-country moving services, you should start getting an idea of how much it will all cost you. Include the rates from your long-distance movers (don’t forget tips,) the price of materials you’ll need to pack everything up, down payment for the mortgage or lease deposit, as well as the costs of miscellaneous household items you might need. When you write everything down and get over the initial shock, try to cut a few things down so your moving budget can seem a little less scary.

      Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night, and Don’t Start Packing for Cross Country Moving Without the Proper Materials

      You can look at relocating the way Dylan Thomas wanted us to look at life, meaning that those who actually live out their lives will better see how it has been bright for them. And since packing is probably what we dread the most when it comes to moving across the country, it’s time to gather every ounce of bravery we have and venture on into each corner of our home. Trust us – it will pay off in the end when you get to enjoy the great new change after the move.

      What You Will Need for Packing (Take Notes!)

      While it’s actually an okay solution to use every bag and suitcase to pack your belongings (suitcases are great for books, and all bookworms should know this,) you’ll eventually run out of bags long before you see the end of packing. So, here’s a list of which tools and materials you should obtain to pack up for the cross-country moving:

      • High-quality sturdy boxes. While you can get your hands on free cartons either by visiting your local liquor store or by searching through sites like Craigslist, make sure you buy lots of better quality boxes. This will make sure you can properly pack fragile items without the fear of a box not being able to hold its contents.
      • The next thing on your list of materials is packing paper. No, it’s not only used when you want to give the ugliest (we mean the prettiest) Christmas sweater you could find to a cousin – it’s a great cushion material. You will use it to make sure the packed dishes don’t shift and jumble in transport.
      • Sturdy packing tape. It’s not the same as the plain ol’ duct tape because this is much sturdier, and it will keep the lids thoroughly and tightly closed. Its adhesive bond gets even stronger over time for long-lasting, reliable hold, much needed when relocating.
      • For something initially invented as wallpaper, bubble wrap has come a long way to the top of the best packing materials. The function took over the form (we wonder if anyone actually ever liked it as a wallpaper design and thought it was groovy,) and now we have a material suitable to secure even your most precious and fragile of things.
      • Foam peanuts, also known as packing noodles, are a loose-fill cushioning material used to secure fragile objects during transport. Shaped to interlock when compressed but loose otherwise, they are a good solution to fill in the boxes and prevent damage.
      • Specialized moving blankets will enable you to move without damaging your furniture. They provide extra flexibility, security, and protection when you wrap up different furniture pieces for shipping. They’re also very helpful while you move them across the floors. The good thing about them is that they can be reused. For instance, you can use them at the beach or for a picnic or cover your motorcycle during the off-season to protect it from dust.
      • Hand-held tape dispenser. To be more efficient while sealing the lids of boxes, you’ll need this portable and easy-to-operate tool.
      • Acquire scissors and a few markers. A marker will come in handy when you seal a box to write down either the contents or to which room the box belongs (i.e., kitchen, living room.)

      If you don’t have enough time to buy cushioning materials, you can use your soft household items, such as towels and old t-shirts. But in the end, the most efficient way to pack is to call Cross Country Movers, and invest in packing service, because the professionals will bring all the necessary materials with them.

      Professional long-distance movers
      Finding the right cross-country movers is like getting half of the relocating job done

      How to Find and Pick the Best Long-Distance Movers to Fit Your Needs

      You’ve spent quite some time searching the internet, wrote down which companies seem appealing to you, and started calling them. You should inform yourself about their cross-country moving services thoroughly and get estimates so you could narrow down your search to less than 10. Then pay attention if they have the proper equipment (trucks for your belongings and trailers for car shipping) and enough team members to handle a big move. You should also make sure that they have designated agents who can properly answer any question related to long-distance moving. Besides all of this, a company with great reviews is probably your best pick, especially if it’s been in the industry for quite some time.

      Decluttering as the Way of Life – or Take Each Item and Ask Yourself Does It Spark Joy

      We’re serious here – purging your household before your move-out day comes close will help you in many ways. This is the perfect opportunity to adopt the famous Marie Kondo method, which made her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” a bestseller – look at each item and ask yourself if it still has use to you, but also does it spark joy. This way, you will know which of your belongings should be discarded. The discarded stuff should be separated into three piles – “donate,” ”throw away,” and ”sell.” If you want to make decluttering a habit even after you move, take a look at the advice in the video below.

      Choose the Possessions That You Want To See in the New Home

      After the thorough and brutally honest decluttering (be truthful to yourself when you purge through the belongings, you’ll NEVER wear that skirt, and you hate your grandma’s dresser,) you should consider what to keep out of the items left. You shouldn’t give up on things with sentimental value, and you’ll probably regret it later if you toss them. It doesn’t count if it was a gift from your ex – that thing should probably be burned in the backyard. Any furniture piece you’re sure would perfectly fit into any abode should go with you. If you have kids, keep their drawings and toys, and you can always allow them to pack those up by themselves. Just assure them it’s really fun.

      Contact a Charity and Donate Your Items

      Perhaps you can’t get a tax return for donations in your state, but donating to a charity like The Salvation Army will make you feel your heart is in the right place. After you’ve thrown away that pile of clothes you’ve worn until it started tearing and discarded all the broken appliances you never got around to fixing, the items that are left can be used to do some good. Some charities accept furniture and mattresses, some only clothes, medicine, and usable canned or boxed food. The books you don’t want transported to your new home can either be given to a charity or a local library. Just make sure all of the items you’re giving away are in good condition.

      Throw a Par… We Mean a Garage Sale Like a Boss

      Organizing a garage sale is not that hard, but it takes a few tricks to pull it off successfully. First of all, if you have decluttered on time, you’ll be able to pick a perfect date for a sale. Make sure there aren’t any other events taking place in your neighborhood so that more people could attend. Your event should probably be held between 8 am and 5 pm.

      The other key to a successful sale is to advertise it properly. Put up signs all over, and you might even host an event on Facebook. Call in other family members, and even a few friends, because people who usually attend sales love multi-sellers.

      Make sure the pricing is reasonable, and you can divide items into single ones and bulks and price them that way. If you have never organized a garage sale before, you can see some good advice in the video below.

      More Organizing! Let’s Get Your Hands on Important Documentation

      Before you start thinking that you’ve somehow ended up on Marie Kondo’s site, we have to emphasize how crucial it is to be in as much control of your move as possible, and you’ll achieve it by organizing every bit of it. In truth, the chances are slim that your paperwork is actually in order (we didn’t peek, we simply KNOW,) and you need to know where every piece of paper is to avoid panicking when you need something. The easiest way to organize important documents at home is to place them all into that binder we’ve mentioned somewhere at the beginning of our guide.

      It’s Important to Update Your Address

      Most people think that changing the address is something that shouldn’t be done early on, but the more we put it off, the more likely we will completely forget to do it. Here’s the list of institutions where you should update your address:

      The Post Office is important to notify in order to continue receiving mail, bills, and everything else that goes into your mailbox. The USPS can temporarily redirect all your mail for up to a year, or you can request a permanent change of address.

      Both the federal revenue agency and your state tax agency should probably be next on this list. The IRS provides an online form, so you won’t have to leave the house to do this.

      The bank and the credit card company follow suit. Simply give them a call and see if you can manage this online, too. PayPal and some other financial agencies you might be using should be reached and notified, too.

      Loan providers need a heads-up of your address change.

      The insurance providers, which provide you with dental insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and car insurance, should know so they can update your policies. Also, don’t forget home and renters’ insurance, so they can transfer the policy.

      Make sure you begin sooner rather than later and go one by one to avoid all the unnecessary stress that can be caused by prolonging and eventually forgetting this important step.

      A red mailbox in front of a bush
      Update your address on time to keep receiving your mail

      Contacting Utility Companies Should Be a Priority

      Amidst all the chaos where you wouldn’t know where you’re headed if it weren’t for that checklist, calling the utility companies may be something that isn’t even in the far corners of your mind. But, let’s get to the point – contacting them is important, and contacting them on time above all else. This should be done to avoid two things: a) the next owners receiving a more than a hefty electricity bill because you left the air conditioning on, and b) you arriving at your new home, tired and sweaty, only to realize there’s no warm water or electricity at all. These two scenarios should both be out of the question, so don’t let utilities be among the things you forget to do when you move.

      You Are Not Through With Notifying, Yet

      Besides the most important agencies, providers and institutions, there are a few others you should notify when moving. First, inform the Department of Motor Vehicles and update your vehicle registration. You may even receive a new driver’s license. The next is to inform the voting district you’re moving to, so you can update your voter registration, although some states automatically update it when you change your information with the DMV. And if you are a user of any social benefits, make sure you notify the Social Security Administration.

      On the less formal side, most of us use sites like eBay, Amazon, and similar online retail sites which have a one-click checkout, so you should update the address there, too. Finally, in the end, don’t forget to notify and say goodbye to your friends and family.

      How To Make Packing a Bit More Fun and Relaxed

      Packing that is fun and relaxed does sound like a fantasy the size of the Lord of the Rings. But believe us, with some good packing tips, even this dreaded task can be done in a jiffy. So, with decluttering out of the way (this is the point where you realize you’ve done yourself a favor by getting rid of all that stuff,) it’s time to get to packing.

      No Matter if You Are a Hoarder of Shoes and Clothes or Not, You’ll Need to Pack Them

      After you’ve thrown your worn-out shoes into the garbage and sold and donated the clothing pieces you don’t find appealing anymore, you should pack clothes for the season, as well as the climate you’re moving to. The same goes for packing shoes – only bring with you the ones you know you’ll need, and all the rest can go into storage until you figure out the layout in your home. It’s best to place some crumpled paper inside of each shoe so that they won’t lose shape, and the clothes should be placed into vacuum plastic bags for better protection.

      Every Home Has Large Furniture Pieces, Here’s How to Prepare Them for Moving Cross-Country

      Decluttering has probably made you decide to get rid of your grandmother’s closet because, in whole honesty, it never actually fitted in with your personal style. But like the majority of other homes, yours is most likely filled with some other bulky pieces of furniture that will need taking care of before it gets loaded on the truck.

      It’s best to prepare a toolbox and inspect every piece to see if it can be disassembled. That way, the whole move will be more efficient, even if you are moving to another state alone, because you’ll be able to place more stuff in the back of a van or a truck. You won’t be able to do the disassembling part if you want to move a piano (you’ll have to call in movers to do it,) but most furniture can be packed this way. Protect everything with moving blankets, and secure it with tape, plastic wrap, and bubble wrap. Get some furniture sliders to move the heavy items easily across the floors. Use this same method if you want to protect items for storage units. The following video has some super cool hacks for packing.

      Your Fragile Belongings Won’t Require You to Serenade Them, but They Need Special Protection

      Perhaps the most stressful part of any packing is securing breakables. Cracks of glass will move at 3000 mph when it breaks, but we believe you’d rather not confirm that fact in practice, especially when it comes to your favorite punch bowl (you’ll need it for the move-in party.) So, how to pack fragile items and avoid damage in transport? It’s the same as packing glasses and also packing the plates – with care and proper materials. You’ll need to use a lot of packing paper to fill in the gaps, so nothing moves around the box and damages itself or others, but you can cushion the boxes with peanuts or even soft household items. Wrap each item securely with bubble wrap or packing paper, and place them into smaller to medium-sized boxes for easier carrying.

      How to Pack Electronics so You Can Have Your Toys Ready and Set as Soon as You Unpack Them

      We may freely say that our TVs have become the modern hearths of our homes, where we gather with bowls of popcorn to watch Netflix or yell at them during a good game. But, to be able to use our electronics the moment we unpack them, we should make sure that no harm comes to them. The best possible way to make sure electronics are unscathed is to place them into their original packaging.

      Take Extra Steps to Ensure Your Valuables

      We may consider different things like valuables, from jewelry to antique furniture, and it will require different approaches to prepare for transport. Keep in mind that jewelry and similar items should be kept with you at all times (perhaps it’s best to place them into that bag of essentials,) while larger pieces should be taken care of by professionals when they pack a moving truck. Cross Country Movers offer you custom crating as a means of protecting these kinds of items. You can also see some more packing hacks in the video below.

      Prepare Your Home for Sale to Secure a Good Price

      When preparing your home for sale, you will need to follow some tips and tricks to make sure you achieve the best price possible. Thorough cleaning aside, you should inspect the whole house and identify what needs to be done:

      See if there are any repairs needed. If you are handy with tools, you can take care of minor damage by yourself, but call in professionals for bigger repairs. Don’t let minor nuisances like broken handles lower the price of the estate.

      Refresh the interior by painting it a bright color, such as white or beige. It will make the whole abode brighter and bigger and thus more appealing to potential buyers.

      Check the exterior as well. Mow the lawn, refresh the paint on the entrance, and place some flowers around. These are minor and cheap upgrades that will make the whole house look more luxurious.

      Prepare mentally for potential buyers to enter your home, and try to distance yourself from it. You should act professionally, even if they try to find downsides so they can lower the price. For more advice on home preparation, check the following video.

      Want to Start House Hunting? Let’s Get Down to Business With These Simple Tips

      Many of us dream of a new house. Whether it has a bigger yard, more bedrooms, or it’s in a perfect neighborhood, in our minds, it’s our perfect residence. But before we start our search, we should check our credit score and how much we’ll be able to set aside for a downpayment.

      Whatever it may be that you need and wish for, make sure you put it on a checklist. While you won’t be able to find a home that has it all, you can come close to your dreams if you start hunting on time. The other house hunting tips include hiring a good real estate agent and narrowing the area down to the neighborhoods that suit you best (one with good schools, parks, short commutes.) When you start visiting each abode with your realtor, take quick photos to inspect them later at home.

      Renting an Apartment Shouldn’t Be Rushed

      Renters move more than owners, and they move mostly because of the rent prices and the need for a larger space. Some steps to renting an apartment may be similar to house hunting, as you’ll need to make sure you have a good credit score. You’ll also need to gather documents to apply for a lease, and these are your ID, a recommendation letter, bank statement, and proof of insurance. You can look for a suitable condo on sites such as HotPads, and some even have virtual tours you can take.

      Job Hunting Is Much Less Menacing Than It Sounds

      While moving across the country is very doable, it’s always better to get a job before you move and take a leap of fate to a new place, without the fear of the future. Start by making your CV top-notch, and make sure you mention your move (and the expected time of arrival) in the cover letter. Research the job market, and start applying for jobs in your industry.

      A man pouring drinks
      Working part-time jobs can be a life-saving strategy

      Networking Is a Great Tool to Sniff Out Potential Job Openings

      A great way to get a job in a new city is to use your network to your advantage. Your connections can help you build some new ones, and then you can reach out to people you think might recommend you for a job opening. If your network can not help you in a new state, you should use the internet to the fullest potential. Sites like LinkedIn offer almost endless opportunities, and you can start by joining groups fit to your interest and geographically specified. Start contributing to get noticed and to expand your network.

      If You Don’t Manage to Land a Job, Don’t Panic

      Even if you fail to get a job in another state before you move, not all is lost. Still, you will be on a tighter budget, so you’ll need to have enough savings to pull through several months and rethink accepting part-time jobs until you find something more suitable. Travel lightly, and that means bringing less of your stuff. That way, you’ll be able to save up on your move before you get back on your feet.

      No Two Moves Are the Same, but They Can All Be Tackled Effortlessly

      An average American moves almost 12 times in their lifetime, and each relocation has its unique sides and circumstances. There are many factors that can affect our relocation and make it harder than it should be, such as moving during coronavirus. However, no matter what the circumstances are, there’s a solution to every obstacle to make the relocation process less demanding and stressful.

      How to Avoid Losing Your Mind When You’re Moving With Kids

      Whether you’re moving with a newborn or your kids are a bit older, the whole process will be demanding. Bringing an infant into a new abode will only require you to baby-proof the house and make sure the trip to the new address goes smoothly, while the parents of toddlers will have more on their plate. However, if you take the necessary steps to prepare both yourself and your kids, they may even consider it fun. Make sure you talk to them when you decide to move and reassure them that they will make new friends. Give them some tasks to do (such as packing up the toys) to feel included. When the moving day comes, make sure you have a babysitter or a family member to look after them. Look at some tips for relocation with kids in the video below.

      Don’t Let the Fact You’re Moving While Pregnant Stress You Out

      Many moms-to-be like doing at least some work to keep feeling fit, but when it comes to relocations, you should avoid both the heavy lifting, as well as stressful situations. Keep to your daily routines, eat healthily, drink lots of water, and let others do the hard work. You can take care of some other tasks, like changing the address online or making sure the movers have some refreshments and snacks at their disposal.

      When Your Furry Companions Travel With You to the New Home

      Anyone that has a furry companion is probably stressed because of the upcoming relocation with pets, and rightfully so. They can be sensitive to any change, but if you keep in mind these simple tricks, everything will go smoothly:

      • Before the move-out day, you should find time to keep to your daily routine, such as a walk in the park.
      • The move-out day will be chaotic, so you should keep them away. You can find a sitter for them or simply designate a room where they can be safe.
      • Keep in mind that you should get the documents from their veterinarian on time and bring them with you.
      • Obtain a travel crate before the moving day comes; it will be safer and easier to travel with it.

      Relocating With Elderly Parents? Arm Yourself With Patience

      You know that there’s a saying that we’re so busy growing up that we forget our parents are growing old? As they get older, they tend to lose patience more quickly, but that’s why we’re the ones that have to adjust. This is even more important when you have to go through a stressful situation such as moving across the country together. Before you start making plans for the relocation, make sure you talk to them and explain. Although they won’t be able to assist you much with all the hard work, they will probably have peace of mind if you keep them informed.

      Moving Your Office Is Doable With These Easy Steps

      Not all moves are residential, but if you are an entrepreneur that’s planning an office move, it can be done effortlessly with the help of a reliable cross-country moving company. Start by figuring out your budget and picking the right location. You should also consider the layout of your new office space, and don’t skip speaking to your employees about it. The most important step will be to find the right company that can relocate your business to another address. Cross Country Movers has a team of highly trained individuals who will handle your commercial move in a jiffy.

      Your College Days Are Over, Now It’s Time to Venture On

      All brand new graduates leave their campuses with a big smile and a heart full of anticipation because, after all, this is the next huge step in one’s independent life. Deciding to live on your own requires you to take certain preparatory steps. First, you should choose a city that may suit your lifestyle and look for work opportunities suitable for college graduates. The next step should be budgeting to the last detail and considering whether you can find yourself a roommate, to split the costs. Don’t forget to look for some small apartment ideas to make your abode stylish with a personal touch.

      Understanding How Car Shipping Works

      There might be several reasons to choose a car shipping service. If you are moving across the country and own more than one car, this is a great solution. This service might also be used when you buy a new car and want it transported to your address. If you’re thinking that driving all the way to the other side of the country is a good idea, you should know that, while doable, it’s hard work. That’s why choosing to ship your vehicle with a trustworthy company will relieve you of too much stress and work. Finally, if you choose to have long-distance movers ship your vehicle, you should know the preparatory steps and the pros of shipping.

      Should You Drive or Call in a Professional Crew?

      While you might believe that if you drive the car on your own will save you some money, take into consideration some of the pros of shipping the vehicle on a trailer. Driving will require you to plan out the whole route and also accommodation along the way. If driving is not something you do for a living, you may strain yourself too much on the road while also being under too much stress. If you hire a company to do it, you’ll save on gas, food, and accommodation, relieve yourself of stress, and above all, keep your car protected on a trailer.

      Tidying up Your Vehicle Before You Hand It Over to the Professionals

      The car shipping service can make your whole relocation process more bearable and even effortless. But before you hand it over for shipping, you should take certain preparatory steps. Make sure you:

      • Ready all the needed documents and papers. Include vehicle registration, original title, insurance information, as well as your ID to prove that the car is actually yours.
      • Wash, clean, and tidy up thoroughly. This is crucial so any potential damage could be determined before handing over the car.
      • Take photos of existing damage. Any scratches and similar damage should be documented, so a claim could be filed if any new damage occurs during shipment.
      • Remove personal possessions. Don’t leave your belongings in the car, especially not valuables, because an insurance policy won’t cover it. What should be left inside is a spare tire, emergency kit, jack, and license plates, just in case.

      Once this task is over, you can hand over your car to the professionals and relax, knowing it’s in safe hands.

      A family washing a car
      Clean your car before shipping so you can document any damage

      Think Whether an Open or Enclosed Trailer Better Suits Your Needs and Your Budget

      You’ve made up your mind to relieve yourself from driving duties and have chosen a shipping company. And now it’s time to pick between different types of carriers. It’s always good to have options, especially when it comes to services from a cross-country moving company, since it will affect your overall budget planning. But first, you should know what the main differences are between these two types of trailers.

      Why Choose an Open Trailer?

      There are several reasons why open trailer shipping is the most commonly used one and why these haulers are the most frequently seen on the road. First, there’s their affordable price, and the second is availability. They are easier to book because there are far more of these haulers on the road than the enclosed ones.

      If you decide that this is the perfect solution for your vehicle, it’s good to understand how it works. Your vehicle will be on a two-level carrier that can accommodate up to nine cars. It has no walls, solid floor, or ceiling. When your car is shipped this way, it’s exposed to weather, as well as road debris and dirt, and it will need a wash after it arrives.

      Perhaps an Enclosed Carrier Is a Perfect Choice for You

      People who own sports cars, luxury, and vintage models will most likely consider transporting their vehicles in an enclosed carrier. If you have to move in wintertime or lousy weather and you wish your vehicle more secure, this solution may also be the right one for you.

      This is a more expensive option for several reasons. They can carry fewer vehicles, they are heavier, and as such, less fuel-efficient. Enclosed carriers are fewer in number and more difficult to book, and the waiting time is longer. But the biggest pro of these haulers is that no weather condition or road debris can harm your vehicle, and it will arrive spotless.

      The company that ships your car should be well equipped with haulers

      The Dos and Don’ts of Car Shipping

      So, you’ve decided to let the professionals transport your vehicle and picked the right trailer. Still, you should understand that certain steps can make the relocation swift and without any misunderstandings. The first don’t is to place too many things in your car. It can damage the interior of the vehicle and make it heavier, thus affecting the price. If you need to leave something in the trunk, get informed about the weight limit in the company’s policy. Make sure you leave some gas in the tank because movers will need it for loading and unloading the car from the trailer. Keep in mind not to overfill it, as the recommended volume is one-quarter of a tank. Also, one of the dos is to rent a vehicle for a short time until yours arrives because shipping takes time.

      It’s Smart to Hire a Car Shipping Company, but Choose Wisely

      You’ve made a wise decision of sending your beloved car with professionals to your new address, but you shouldn’t let just anyone handle your vehicle. The best possible choice is to invest in the car shipping service with the company you’ve already picked to handle your relocation. After all, you’ve done thorough research on them, and you may even be offered a discount if you bundle up several services together.

      Make Happiness and a Sense of Adventure the Recurrent Theme of Your Moving Day

      The big day of your move-out is here, and perhaps you’ve woken up with a sense of tension. But there’s no need for it if you’ve gone thoroughly through each preparatory step. A recurrent theme of this day should be a quote by Abby Clements from Amelia Grey’s Fireside Dream: “Sometimes in life, you just have to take a leap of faith.”

      There’s One Bag That Can Save Your Life, or Make It Easier At Least

      When it comes to long-distance moving tips, not many are as important as the bag of moving essentials, or as some may call it, a first-day survival kit. It kinda sounds like post-apocalyptic terminology, but that only means we all watch Walking Dead regularly. While the moving day isn’t the end of the world (it’s quite the opposite, it’s an adventure!), you’ll be able to pull through it with much less stress if you pack one bag with these items:

      • Basic toiletries. Imagine you walk into your new abode, a bit tired and sweaty from the long road but happy. It’s a new place, and you’re going to call it home! But first thing’s first, you have to get to the bathroom, only to realize there’s not even one roll of toilet paper. To avoid this nightmare scenario, take a bag (box, suitcase, sack, anything works) and throw in bathroom items such as toilet paper, towels, soap, shampoo, anything you might need for a couple of days.
      • Kitchen utensils. Imagine the world where you wake up without our favorite dark beverage to kickstart us for the day (we know we couldn’t.) That’s why you should pack some things from the kitchen to prepare a quick meal (a few pots and pans included) and coffee, so you start the day off on the right foot.
      • A change of clothes for all the members of the family. No need to elaborate further, as no one likes to be in the same clothes and underwear for days.
      • Clean sheets and a pillow. It’s to make the first few nights bearable.
      • Chargers! For heaven’s sake, don’t forget them, no matter if you have kids and need to charge their tablet or for your phone. Either way, if your battery ran low, you would start to panic.
      • Medicine. This is something we always keep close to us, but amid all the chaos, you may misplace them somewhere, so make sure you pack them in this bag.
      • Important documents and valuables. IDs, passports, and similar identification should be kept by your side at all times during the move, and this goes for money and valuables as well.
      • Lots of water and snacks that you’ll need along the way, and there may not be too many stops when moving across the country.

      An overnight bag with essentials is an ultimate hack for all those who want to organize their move like pros and not spend the first day searching for local shops. See the first-hand tips for packing your essentials in the video below.

      All Hands on Deck – It’s Time to Do Some Cleaning

      When it comes to tidying up, there are two types of people – those who love to make their abode neat and spotless and those who are not big fans of this never-ending task. But, there’s a certain pro to it, besides making your home look orderly – you burn 200 worth of calories by cleaning for two hours. A move-out cleaning is something you shouldn’t skip, either to leave home in pristine condition for the new owners or to make sure you get your deposit back.

      You’ll Need These Supplies to Properly Clean Your Home

      Before you get to the cleaning part, you have to arm yourself with proper tools and supplies to exterminate all the germs, grime, and dust. Here’s what you need and some of these you already have in your house:

      • Various cleaning sprays and other chemicals. All-surface spray is handy in every corner of your home, as are limescale remover, disinfectant, a bleach for the toilet (if you put a few drops in a bucket of water, it could also become a good disinfectant,) glass spray, furniture polish, and a cleaning product for easier oven scrubbing.
      • Rubber gloves. It’s better to protect your skin from both dirt and chemicals.
      • Cloths of any kind. Keep in mind that microfiber ones are easily washable and can be used on all surfaces.
      • Feather duster. A perfect tool to reach even the highest places in your home.
      • Dustpan and broom. You should sweep over the floors before vacuuming.
      • Vacuum cleaner. Every household has one, and it will be useful in this situation, too. A steam cleaner is a great tool, also, and if you don’t have one, you can rent it.
      • Mop and a bucket. To get that squeaky clean look, you’ll need to polish every floor before you head out of your home.

      The cleaning can be done in two ways -either tidy up room by room or split it into tasks. If you put on some good music and get a helping hand, this could be a fun thing to do. After all, when you turn around and notice how everything shines, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.

      The Cross-Country Movers Will Arrive Soon, so It’s Prepping Time

      Before the cross-country moving company comes a-knocking, you should do some preparation around the house to make the move-out day go smoothly. They will have a lot of hard work on their hands, so make sure you have some snacks and water to offer them and leave a bathroom available. Make sure they have a clear path to your belongings so that they can move efficiently through your home.

      Mopping the wooden floor
      Mop the floors once again after the movers leave

      You’ve Moved. Now What?

      Finally, it’s all over! And now you can enjoy your new house. Ah, but it’s not the time to relax just yet, because there are some things to do after moving, too. You need to know that the truck with your belongings will most likely arrive in 21 business days, so use that time to focus on other things and prepare your new home. If you notice that you keep receiving mail addressed to the previous owners, visit your local USPS offices and find out what’s the best way to stop getting mail for previous residents.

      There’s Plenty to Do Around Your New Abode Before Your Stuff Finally Arrives

      After you’ve stepped over your brand new doorstep full of excitement and brought in the basics that have traveled with you in the car or on a plane, you’ve probably walked around your new place to have a good feel of it. You should probably clean your apartment before moving in (the same goes for a house) and decide if you would like the wall colors to be changed. You can also label the rooms so the movers will know where to unload the boxes when they arrive.

      If You’re Satisfied With Your Movers, Make Sure You Leave Them a Tip

      No relocation is easy; they are demanding and tiresome. But, if the moving professionals have done everything in their power to make sure everything went smooth, make sure you tip the movers for a job well done. The amount is up to you, but it usually goes from $20 to $60 per person.

      Unpacking Can Also Be a Breeze if You Set Your Mind to It

      The time needed for you to unpack will depend on the amount of stuff you’ve brought with you. If you’ve moved into a smaller apartment, you probably have some furniture pieces on your new apartment checklist, and you’ll have to figure out some creative storage ideas to place all your belongings without being overcluttered. But, no matter the size of your home, it’s best if you have a system for unpacking, as well as a timeline you’ve given yourself. An important tip is to start with the rooms you use the most, such as the bathroom and the kitchen, and then move on to other rooms.

      You Don’t Have to Feel Lonely, Making Friends Is Not That Hard

      If you have moved to a new state, where you don’t know anyone, it can make you feel a bit lonely. But making friends in a new city is not hard, especially if you are an extrovert. You can go and grab a drink with your colleagues after work or invite your new neighbors for a cup of coffee in the afternoon. It’s even easier to find like-minded people if you start visiting book clubs or joining various classes. You can hear some good advice in the following video.

      Here Are Some Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions About Moving Across the Country

      You can tell either by experience or by reading this guide (it’s perhaps your first time relocating) that moving cross-country is both hard and complex, and it takes a toll even on the best of organizers. That’s why hiring professional cross-country movers is a smart move, because they will do all the hard work for you so that you can focus on other tasks. But, there still might be some things you would like to ask your movers, so we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions.

      FAQ About Self-Storage Units

      Do moving companies store your stuff?

      Most long-distance movers put storage space at your disposal, but it depends on the company. If you require a self-storage unit, make sure you check if they offer one when asking about the services. By choosing to move with Cross Country Movers, you will be provided with spacious, highly secured, and climate-controlled storage.

      What does a 10x10 storage unit cost?

      How much is storage a month? The price for the storage services will depend on the company you’ve chosen, on the number of your belongings you want to be stored, as well as the period you’ll be using it. If you’re relocating with Cross Country Movers, your belongings will be secured for free for the first 30 days, but you can continue using it for longer, and we’ll charge you by the day.

      What can you fit in a 5x10 storage unit?

      Such a unit can fit items from mid-size bedroom items on average – queen mattresses, mid-size boxes, and containers included (you can even use them to store Christmas ornaments.) Still, this mostly depends on the size of the belongings stored and the skills of your long-distance movers to fit everything correctly. If you want to know the exact information, you should contact the company to help you get an answer.

      FAQ About moving insurance

      Is moving insurance necessary?

      While a relocation policy isn’t necessary, it is better to have peace of mind while your possessions are being transported. Our company offers moving insurance called mandatory liability coverage at no additional cost, which covers $0.60 per pound of damaged goods.

      What does moving insurance cover?

      Most insurance policies offer coverage for any type of damage to your belongings while in transport, and some cover the possessions that are kept in storage. It all depends on the policy you choose.

      Where to purchase moving insurance?

      If you choose the right cross-country movers, you will have the option of buying a third-party policy for your possessions without having to go to a different place.

      Why choose full value coverage?

      While the basic insurance can give you some peace of mind, a full value replacement that comes at an additional cost is much more suitable for valuable items. If you choose this policy, and anything gets damaged or lost, you’ll get paid a current market replacement value on your damaged item or offered a replacement or repair of the object.

      FAQ About moving quote

      How much does it typically cost to hire movers?

      How do you quote moving? Moving quotes are based on different factors combined. The volume of transported belongings, as well as the distance needed to get to your new address, will affect the price. When it comes to Cross Country Movers, we form our price based on the inventory list that you provide. Since this means there is no universal price for a move, you should give your long-distance movers a call to determine a more precise quote.

      How many mover quotes should I get?

      Searching the internet and getting referrals will probably leave you with a dozen suitable companies on your list of potential movers. Narrow your selection down to 3 to 5 companies, and contact them to get a free quote.

      What is the cheapest day to move?

      Statistics prove that most people tend to move during weekends since they have more free time. That’s why long-distance moving companies are usually more available and affordable if you hire them on business days, from Monday to Thursday. You may also save up if you decide to move in winter since most people move during the warmer months.

      What’s included in the price? Quotes vary from company to company, and several factors may be included when forming the price. Different types of fees are used to cover a variety of services most companies offer, like basic moving, packing, auto transport, and other additional services. For more precise information on how much do movers cost, it’s best to call the company and speak to their agents.

      Moving Across the Country? Just Think to Yourself – I’m Going on an Adventure!

      It’s true that Americans consider relocations the third most stressful event in life, just like something that Bilbo Baggins said in Fellowship of the Ring. “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door. You step into the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.” Our relocations don’t come with so many unknowns, though. We have more time to plan a move to another city, find a job, pick our home and the neighborhood, and above all, hire long-distance movers to give us a helping hand.

      Relocating with Cross Country Movers will surely sweep away some of that stress because we guarantee you a safe and effortless transition to a new address. You can choose between a variety of services we offer – simply contact us, and we’ll give you both a free quote and additional information you might need. While we usually don’t take people and their rings to Mordor and back, we can ship your car and your belongings in a timely manner to anywhere you want in the country.

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