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How to Live on Your Own – Best Tips for Living on A Budget

Posted in How-to,Moving Tips & Tricks on March 23, 2021

Putting yourself out there and going it alone is never easy, and the major concern for everyone is spending. If you are not rolling in it, you must learn how to live on your own and cover all your expenses wisely and with no stress. It might seem impossible, but with our dazzling tips, you won’t have to win the lottery, marry someone rich, or come up with some other movie-like plans.

Living on your own revolves around the issue of cash to a large degree, though you can also talk about deeper matters related to it. Financial independence is most likely to determine when and how your solo debut will take place, and you must be patient since there are numerous things to include in these plans. You should prepare for relocation first and then include other expenses once you settle in, having your income and possibilities in mind. So, how do you do that?

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How to Know the Time Has Come?

There are as many reasons to move as there are people, and the motives can differ too. For some, it’s easy to make the leap if they get a better job in a different place, their boss decides it’s time for an office move, or they meet someone who sweeps them off their feet, and they feel that moving for love is the best next move.

On the other hand, people who are newbies to relocations are more fearful about this crucial step, especially if they’re moving to another state alone for the first time. Yet, there are indicators to look at that can tell you whether you are making the right decision. Worrying over issues such as is it healthy to live alone is normal, yet they can’t be predicted the same way spending can. Try to answer the following questions to help you see whether you’ll be able to pull it off financially:

  • Have you got savings that can help you get going in the beginning?
  • Have you got a job, and is it well paid?
  • If no, what are the odds you’ll find a decent one?
  • What is the economy of the new place like?
  • Is the cost of living high, and can it be reduced?
  • Do you have high-quality insurance, and can you afford it?
Man sitting in front of a computer
Level with yourself on important questions

Moving Out on Your Own Is an Expense That You Need to Plan in Advance

If you’ve made up your mind, you’ve done the most significant thing. And now is the time to get down to learning how to organize your move and survive the new life in the black. First, you should know that relocations can get expensive if you don’t give a thought to all aspects. And nobody likes to have their moving budget eaten up by unnecessary expenses. So, what can you do to prevent this?

Create a Budget List As Soon as You Can

Doing things on the spur of the moment and without a strategy is a sure way to pay more and create financial stress. But, having a list that stipulates what your spending desires and plans are can help you combat this.

Your moving binder can be divided into stages and have allocated budgets to each phase, such as getting high-quality boxes and packing supplies, buying additional moving essentials you might need, or creating a new household inventory list once you settle in your home. This way, you’ll be able to check to what extent you are sticking to your initial plans and how to alter other categories if you are making significant changes in some stages.

Book the Best Professional Cross Country Movers on Time

If you’re counting on top-rated cross country moving services, make sure you get down to planning. Superb companies will be able to give you a reliable quote based on the size of your move and other factors, such as distance and time of the year, and you’ll realize what to expect from the word go, so you needn’t google how much do movers cost and spend extra time doing research. The only research you should put effort into is what long distance movers are sure to help me sail through it all.

And not only can you forget about learning how to pack a moving truck, but you can also sit back and let the professionals offer you their excellent packing services or car shipping in case you want to have your vehicle with you in the new adventure. Finally, storage services are also a fail-proof solution in case you are still in two minds about the fate of some of your belongings. And there is no reason to worry as all long distance movers that are reputable will actually reduce your costs in the long run and give you a hand in all your struggles with insurance to top it all off.

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Professionals can do all the heavy work

How Much Money Should You Have to Live on Your Own?

The question that most people are curious about is how much money is needed in your account for the solo adventure. And the truth is that there’s no universal answer to this. It will be shaped by many factors such as your lifestyle, but also the location. If you know how to get a job before you move, that’ll be a bonus as you’ll have a stable income from the onset, yet it’s not all there’s to it.

Resources to Check Out

America is a vast and beautiful country, yet you must be aware that living in California, for example, is not the same as in Nebraska. Doing a where should I move quiz is great fun, yet the financial aspect is also paramount when assessing different cities. We’re not attaching any value to places, but we’re implying that you should be cautious about researching your next home. These are some great and credible resources that can tell you what to expect:

  • Numbeo – This cost of living database can compare your current place to the next one and work wonders for your planning,
  • Expatistan – It functions based on the same principle, yet there are some extra personal expenses broken down, so it might come in handy,
  • US Census Bureau – This government-funded resource can give you a comprehensive view into all demographic and economic traits of US cities and settlements.
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Research pays off

How to Reduce Your Living on Your Own Expenses Once You Settle In?

Relocating is a big step, yet once the last box has been unpacked and you forget all about things to do after moving, your ordinary, extraordinary life begins. And if you’re alone with no parents to save the day and give you an extra buck or at least cook some food, you’ll be in a better place mentally if you manage your budget with care and find the answer to the question how much does it cost to live on your own that suits you best. And how to avoid unforeseen expenses. Stick around because we’re about to shed light on the most common ones.

Set Aside Money for Electricity, Water, and Other Utilities First

Pay for these as soon as possible, preferably at the beginning of each month, because if you drag on, you’ll risk giving money for some other things and may wind up having to dip into your savings or go to the bank to cover this and spend more than you have to. Regardless of whether you used house hunting tips to buy the property or you are renting, you’ll definitely have this expense in house or apartment, so ensure you prioritize it.

Try to Cook to Reduce Food Costs

People differ in their diets, and some cities are more affordable in terms of food than others, but this is generally a significant cost for most. And looking for bargains, low-key markets, and grocery stores is proven to help, yet takeouts, cafes, and restaurants also need to be planned out, or they can turn into an uncontrolled and unwanted excess. Learning how to pack dishes for moving can go a long way since, with the right tools, it’ll all be easier. And you can always plan out meals that are cheap, wholesome, tasty, and made in your apartment.

Remember to Unplug

Not only is it eco-friendly, but it’s also cheaper. So, before you go to bed, remember to turn off the heating, the computers, boilers, and alike. You’ll be surprised when your bills arrive, and you won’t sacrifice a lot. Moving in winter can get tricky if you have electric heating, yet if you stick to this routine, you’ll still lower the electricity bill to a degree.

Leave Space for Wishes

Sounds wishy-washy, but many young people get caught up in the vicious circle of just surviving the day, and then there’s not enough money on their account for what makes them happy when an opportunity arises. For instance, if you love the movies, make sure you’ve got enough cash to see some, or if shopping and how to pack shoes for moving were your obsession, you don’t have to start being minimalistic all of a sudden. We’re not saying that you should have a credit card ready at all times either, but these are some hints how to save up while you indulge in favorite hobbies:

  • Browse sites such as Etsy and eBay for great stuff that can be found for a better price if you filter the offers,
  • Wait for sales or discounts in your new city,
  • Use your student ID if you have it and check what discounts you can get at different events,
  • Discover the outdoor opportunities and free sports if you’re into fitness and save on gym membership.


Take a look at the following video if you’d like to learn about other ways to spend less and get more.

How Can I Afford to Live on My Own?

Many people worry whether they’ll go bankrupt with no credit or debit cards left and be forced to check what the answer to the question of how can I live on my own with no money is. But there’s no need for bleak thoughts when you can prevent such scenarios without having a nervous breakdown. And whatever your opinion on the question how much money do you need to live on your own is you’re bound to benefit from these superb tips.

Have a Strategy

Similar to a list, a strategy helps you identify strengths and weaknesses, and the best tip is to write down how much you want to allocate to different portions of your living. You can split these into categories, such as house costs, pleasure, food, or something along those lines. But make sure that even if you didn’t bring enough outfits when you were learning how to pack clothes for moving, you know where your cash goes. A bank consultant can help if you’re having some issues here, and you can also install different apps.

Give Yourself Credit and Find a Side Job

Learning how to get a job in a new city doesn’t have to be difficult if you embrace side jobs as a step closer to your dream. These can range from selling items you no longer need, such as books and clothes, to getting a gig in a cafe, giving private lessons to someone in a skill you are confident about, to babysitting, or posting on a social media platform such as Youtube. The world is your oyster here, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to have extra cash in your budget.

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Try writing your plans down

Enjoy the Experience and Learning How to Live on Your Own Will Come

After all, you don’t want to constantly worry about finances. But the funny thing is that if you don’t give any thought to them, they come back, so the best strategy is to take it all in your stride and plan, but not lose your mind over it completely. It’s also a matter of practice, and as you go on, you’ll find ways to be more frugal without giving up on the quality of life. Professional movers can help you relocate without a hitch, and your journey starts from there.

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