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Here we would like to present you our top-rated services devised in a way to cater to our customers’ needs and requests. Most of our services can be arranged to suit our customer’s desires and requirements, so bear in mind you can ask us to alter some of them for your benefit. Read on and you will see that we offer anything from free moving advice and supplies to vehicle transportation across country and shipment tracking services. Let us explain in further detail:
Home relocation service, also known as Full Residential Move: Even though it’s the most commonly requested service, it’s rarely the only one. Many of our customers have opted for this service along with moving supplies, professional packing or shipment tracking service. This service alone covers the costs of shipping, loading, and delivery to customer’s new address. This service allows you to book the relocation from any place in the USA to any other place within the USA. There are no limitations as to where you can move with us, and we will devote our time and resources to help you transfer to your new home in no time. With us, there will be no need to worry about damage or misplaced cargo items, as we prioritize the safety of your belongings above all else.
Corporate or Business relocation, sometimes known as Office relocation. If you have thought about moving or perhaps expanding your business over to another state, you’ve come to the right place. Our company allows you to transfer all of your corporal inventory under our supervision. There is nothing our team of expert packers and movers isn’t prepared to handle, from expensive high tech machines and computers, to office supplies and office furniture. All of your office equipment will arrive at your new outpost intact, ready to help you achieve your goals!
Professional packing service: Unless you very much enjoy the excitement of packing your belongings into moving boxes, you will most likely need our professional help. Packing of your moving cargo requires, as you probably know, a lot more than just placing items in moving boxes. Organization of the items, light handling and careful loading are just some of the frustrating, but necessary deals of packing for relocation. You can leave that to our professional packers, who will also bring along some vital moving supplies, such as moving boxes, strong tape and bubble wrap. Their packing skills are unmatched, and you will hardly believe their ability to finish everything in one day. You can spare yourself the stress of packing for days and even weeks by booking our packing crew in advance.
Storage: We aim to make the upcoming transition to another state as smooth as possible for our customers. That is why we’ve devised a service that provides additional storage space for as long as they like it. If you are downsizing, you will most likely need a storage compartment to keep your belongings safe and out of reach for a while. Our storage units are carefully maintained by our staff. They are constantly air-conditioned and kept under firm surveillance. You can rest easy and not worry about anything you’ve entrusted to us. Be sure you will be able to access it at any time.
Car shipping, also known as vehicle transportation: There comes a time when your car needs a ride. And we at CCM are willing to provide one. For a very affordable price, you can save yourself another trip back or expensive garages, and take your car with you to a new place of residence. There is hardly anything worse being in a brand new environment without your vehicle to help you navigate through it. That is why we offer services of car shipment and make sure your vehicle is safe, undamaged and waiting for you in your new home. You can use this service to transport any type of vehicle, as long as you follow the recommended guidelines when leaving your vehicle with a moving company. You will also have the opportunity to choose between open and enclosed auto carriers and terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door car shipping services.
International shipping: If you are thinking about international relocation, moving house overseas or to another country, CCM will gladly assist you. International relocation is a huge part of our business, and we can proudly say we’ve helped hundreds of people get a fresh start in many different foreign countries. You can be sure to rely on us for worldwide shipping of your cargo, and safe delivery to your new country of residence. At any given moment, you can access the shipment tracking service and follow the path of your cargo, knowing its status day-in, day-out. You will not be left to your devices, as our team of professional international movers is on stand-by for any questions you might have. You will have the full support of our representatives throughout the whole international relocation process, who will do anything to grant you a stress-free relocation.
Moving supplies: You can use our site to access many terrific deals on moving supplies and moving kits. We can redirect you to sites with affordable moving equipment, without required shipment fee. If you are wondering what kind of material you might need for a relocation, here is the most general list of items used in any relocation:
- moving boxes, wardrobe boxes, folder boxes
- moving kits, moving blankets
- bubble wrap
- packing paper
- strong duct tape
- markers and labeling material
- plastic covers
- dollies and hand trucks


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