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Best Tips for Moving in Winter That Will Help You Survive the Cold Weather

Posted in Moving Essentials,Moving Tips & Tricks on January 6, 2021

Chilly weather, snow, and a few hours of daylight seem ideal for bundling up in a blanket and enjoying hot tea by the fire. However, for whatever reasons, sometimes moving in winter can’t be avoided. Whether you landed a job or lost an old one, bought a home, or just want a change of scenery, if you can’t wait for summer, there are more than a few ways to ensure the move during wintertime is enjoyable.

Father and daughter with packages outside
Relocating during the wintertime takes a lot of planning but it pays off

DIYing the relocation will take some extensive planning. You will have to go over every task, no matter how small it seems. Then you will have to prepare your house, car, and belongings for the relocation. If you don’t want to deal with all the grunt work, hire professional cross country movers to help you. Hiring relocation experts during the wintertime will be good for your budget because it is the least busy time of the year for them. If you want to ensure your move is easy and unforgettable, go over some of the relocation tips we prepared for you.

There Is More Than One Reason Why Relocating in the Cold Weather Is a Smart Move

When you start thinking about what’s the best time of year to move, wintertime probably doesn’t even cross your mind. However, no matter if you are relocating for love, pursuing knowledge, or employment opportunities, opting to move during the coldest season comes with many benefits.

Let’s start with the most obvious one – moving budget. The peak season for the relocation business is summer, and everything starts to die down in the fall. By the time December rolls in, the number of scheduled moves is down to a trickle. This will basically lower relocation expenses. If you are wondering how much do movers cost, contact the chosen long-distance movers and ask for a free quote.

Since relocation companies are less busy during the wintertime, the competition is lower, meaning you’ll get to schedule a move on the desired date. Furthermore, outside won’t be scorchingly hot, and the things in the truck or trunk won’t suffer high-temperature related damage. Your delicate vinyl records and oil paintings will safely reach the desired destination.

A truck
Hiring professionals during the chilly season pays off

Moving in the Winter Requires Extensive Planning

Creating a moving binder is what makes a relocation process easier, less tiresome, and overall more efficient. Binder should contain everything, from to-do and inventory checklists to essential documents and information.

Start by creating a relocation to-do list. This way, you can check every task you finish, and it will be easy to follow the progress. Keep in mind that since the weather is unpredictable and temperatures can get really low, really fast, you should plan for delays.

Next on the agenda should be creating a household inventory list. With it, you will surely know just how much stuff you have. It will be easy to tell the amount of time you’ll need to box everything up and pack a moving truck. Furthermore, if you want to pay less for the relocation, employ one of the best relocation hacks – decluttering. When you get rid of things you don’t need nor use, your overall expenses will lower. You can even organize a garage sale and earn some money, and with it, you can tip movers for a job well done.

Make Sure You Check the Forecast Before Moving Across the Country

When it comes to long-distance moving, a big part of it is checking the forecast. This is an obvious task as well as an essential one. Let’s say you’re relocating to Colorado or Washington State, from a place with mild winters, and you will probably be wondering What do I need to know about moving to a cold state? For starters getting familiar with weather conditions in your new location will help you additionally prepare for the move. Not only that, if there is a blizzard or a storm alert, if you follow the forecast, you’ll have enough time to reschedule the move.

A to do list on a table
A to-do list will keep you on schedule

Prepare Your Old Home for the Move

Slippery slope situations are more likely to happen in the wintertime than while it is sunny outside. To avoid breaking something valuable or hurting yourself while carrying boxes to the truck, prepare your home and yard for the move.

Start by shoveling away the snow. Create a path wide enough to allow carrying large pieces of furniture from your property. When you are done clearing out the snow, ensure that the pathway is free of ice. This is where you can use de-icer to prevent ice from forming.

If it’s snowing hard while you’re loading boxes onto the trailer, you should create shelter areas. If you have large party tents, you can put them up to protect yourself and your crates. Just check if they can withstand the weight of snowfall.

When it comes to the inside of your house, protect the floors by laying down plastic sheets. You will be going in and out of your home frequently. This way, you can bring in moisture, mud, and snow. That’s why you should protect the floors, or you’ll be spending a lot of time scrubbing dirt out of the carpets.

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Prepare Your Boxes for the Cold Weather

Relocating during the chilly months means you have to take extra care when wrapping and boxing your belongings. Packing fragile items will require using blankets, towels, and more bubble wrap than you would usually use.

When it comes to electronics, know that they might need a full day to acclimate to the room temperature. That’s why you should ensure the boxes are not left outside or in the garage for a long time. Furthermore, items like mattresses need protection from snow and moisture that can accumulate in the truck. That’s why they should be tightly wrapped in plastic and then in blankets or bubble wrap.

If you are transporting appliances like fridges or washers, drain them completely before putting them in crates. Use only the best boxes and packing supplies that can sustain trips and unpredictable external conditions. While you’re getting materials, grab a de-icer for the pavement, and take a look at the video that will explain how to properly apply it.

Hire a Babysitter to Watch Your Children and Pets

Are you relocating with pets or maybe with kids? Handling the whole move while there are animals or children to worry about can be tricky. You will be preoccupied worrying about how to pack clothes for relocation or where to obtain packing paper. Having small bodies running around the snow can’t be helpful.

That’s why you should hire a pet- or babysitter for a few days. If you can also employ members of your family to take care of them. This way, your kids or pets will already be in the company of familiar faces, which will lower the anxiety that they might be feeling due to the move.

A family with dog
Family members are the best babysitters

Warm Layers of Clothes Will Keep the Cold Away

You probably heard this one a hundred times, but repeating it doesn’t make it less true – wearing warm layers of clothes will ensure you don’t catch a cold while relocating. Let’s face it, wintertime will expose you to a huge range of temperatures. In one moment, you will be picking up boxes, and in another, you will be outdoors loading them onto a truck. Plus, working up a sweat doesn’t really help.

That’s why you shouldn’t box up all of your warm clothes. Leave one or two hoodies, a coat, mittens, and a hat. Wearing more than one layer of a thick jacket will give you an option to cool down when you get inside and warm up when you go out. However, don’t strip down to less than a hoodie because that might be a good way to get sick. Also, if you have kids, ensure they are always bundled in more than one layer of clothes.

Girl in a coat
Layers of clothes will save you from freezing

Check if the Utilities in Your New Home Are Turned On

No matter if you’re relocating to another state alone or with family, nothing but really nothing can be worse than entering a new property and realizing there is no heat and no electricity. This is especially dreading during the wintertime. That’s why you should triple check if the utilities in your new home are turned on before you get there. You should do this at least two days before you have to leave the old place. Luckily the procedure is fairly simple, just go online, find your service provider, and give them the address and the date you want services to start.

Snowed-in house
Not having electricity in your new house can ruin the big day

Additional Winter Moving Tips That Will Make Relocation a Breeze

Have you relocated before during the wintertime? If not, follow your relocation checklist, and apply all the useful tips. Remember, relocation during the freezing months might seem tiresome, but it won’t be a difficult and impossible task.

Bring Essential Supplies With You

Pack an overnight bag of moving essentials that will make the first night in your new place bearable. Throw in a toothbrush, change of clothes, and clean sheets. Also, since this bag will be by your side during the move, throw in some winter essentials like extra hats, scarves, and boots. Don’t forget to add an old towel that you can use to wipe off the boots.

Ask Friends and Family to Help You Pack up the Old Home

DIYing the cross-country relocation can be a huge task, but luckily you don’t have to do it alone. Call your friends and family and ask if they can land you a helping hand. Some can help you pack, others can load boxes or keep an eye on your kids. Invite as many people as possible and speed up the process of relocation.

When Moving Cross Country, Don’t Forget to Get Your Car Ready

If you are driving your four-wheeler when relocating cross country, have it serviced prior to the move just to verify everything is running smoothly. However, be prepared for anything and bring a few blankets and food along for the ride. You wouldn’t want to be strained on the side of a snowed road without food and clothes. Also, prepare your vehicle for a ride during the chilly weather – get tire chains, shovel, first aid kit, emergency flares, and ice scrapers.

A man shoveling
With the right equipment nothing can stand in your way

When Moving in Winter, Hire Cross Country Movers and Relocate Without a Fuss

Does DIY relocation during the wintertime seem like more trouble than it’s worth? Are you overwhelmed with a long list of tasks that need your undivided attention? If you hire professional movers to do the grunt work instead of you, you will be able to sit back and enjoy the beginning of the new adventure.

However, before hiring professionals, make sure you avoid moving scams by doing your research. Go online, check the reviews of the chosen company, and ask for a free quote. Ensure that professionals can offer you top-notch cross country moving services, along with other assistance like car shipping and clean, surveilled storage units. Furthermore, with the right packing service, you won’t have to worry about how to pack glasses or any other item.

Having skilled professionals as your relocation partners will make the whole process swift, easy, and stress-free. While others are doing all the heavy lifting, you will be able to enjoy breathtaking winter wonders without having to move a muscle.

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