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Cross Country Movers specializes in long-distance moving–trips that exceed two hundred miles–so leave the small moves to the little guys, and give us a call. We want to hear your story, and then we’ll teach you all about how we’re able to handle every aspect of the relocation process for you. Our experts work with you to generate a plan, along with a price, based on your needs + our ability to fulfill them. For all of our services, we give you a guaranteed price upfront. The free estimate that the other guys entice you with doesn’t actually reflect your final out-of-pocket cost, because they only determine this once they show up and weigh all of your belongings. By the time they deliver the bad news of what you actually owe, it’s too late: you’re out of the time it would take to start the process over. With Cross Country movers, you can leave the dead weight behind and start moving with one phone call.

What you need to know.

So you’re not (necessarily) the cheapest, but you are the best value--how does this work?

Most movers charge by weight; we charge by volume. This means that as soon as we show up with your official inventory list, we check that it corresponds with everything we’re about to move, and you sign off on the price you were guaranteed. Because our competitors don’t tell you that their “free estimate” doesn’t account for how much your items will weigh, you won’t know what you’re going to owe until they arrive and deliver the bad news. With Cross Country Movers, our flat-rate guarantee is just that–guaranteed–because we’re in the business of transparency–not misleading you.

Is one month of state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled storage dedicated to protecting my things really free with the move?

It sure is. When you entrust us with your big move, you get up to a whole month of private storage for your belongings in our state-of-the-art facilities conveniently located nearby. Among our standout features, the storage you get with your Cross Country moving plan keeps your things safe as we make sure you, and the life you’ve created, make the journey to your new home.

Will the movers literally wear white gloves to handle our belongings?

Yes, though the term “white glove service” means a lot more than just how well we accessorize: our team of experts will show up specially prepared for all aspects of your move so that your peace of mind remains in tact, too. While we “hold your hand” through every part of the process–from creating your moving plan and checking your inventory list, to packing, storing, and, finally, unpacking your belongings–we make sure your things are handled with the special attention and extra care they deserve.

Why Choosing Cross Country Movers Is the Right Move

There’s plenty of moving mistakes you can make, but if you make that one right move and choose Cross Country Movers, you’ll easily avoid them all.

Flat Price Guaranteed

When moving with us, you can rest assured that there won’t be any unexpected charges or hidden fees. We strive to do our business transparently, which is why we will help you create a detailed inventory list, and base our price solely upon it.

Timely Pick Up & Drop Off

We appreciate our clients’ time and trust and therefore strive to do everything as previously scheduled. Time matters, especially when it comes to moving, so we’ll do our best to do it promptly.

Safety & Care

Keeping our clients’ belongings intact during the transportation is one of our priorities. Our team consists of experienced movers who are all trained to pack and handle all kinds of items, from fragile to bulky.

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