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The Most Effective Way on How to Pack Shoes For Moving

Posted in How-to,Moving Tips & Tricks on February 18, 2021

Did you know that every US citizen owns about 20 pairs of footwear on average? Now, that’s a lot of footwear, so if you’re planning on relocating, you might want to learn how to pack shoes for moving cross country. And with our definitive guide, you’ll be ready to take this weight off your shoulders without the magical glass slipper.

Sneakers, boots, and others are an integral part of our closets. People have their own preferences in design and type here, but everyone owns at least a couple for play, work, and formal occasions. And if you add seasonal footwear to this, the pile gets even larger. So, when you change your home, you should take care of your footgear the best you can. Lucky for you, we know some amazing ways on how to achieve just that.

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How Long Before Moving Should You Start Packing?

Many people who are moving long-distance wonder when to start preparing. And the truth is that you should begin creating your moving binder as soon as possible if you want to get your foot in the door and simplify this task. The most common mistake is time-management, so barefoot or not, make sure you start at least a month in advance if possible.

Getting the best boxes and packing supplies or arranging storage services, if you need time to cool your heels, never did harm to anyone. So, do the math, think about everything and see where your footgear is in the creative chaos of your big change.

Woman with clothes in her hands
The sooner, the better

Prepare Well Before You Start With Packing Shoes for Moving

If you want to master the best way to pack shoes, you should use the winning formula, which doesn’t include the fairy godmother. We singled out the best moving hacks to get you going.

Clean Them All

Though you might find it boring, it will mean a lot. Googling how to clean shoes can go a long way here as not all types are handled the same way. Still, whichever pair you own, you must polish it because nobody wants dirt or unpleasant smell lingering in the spaces you’ve just arrived in.

Still, if you’re in a hurry or also have an office move, these spellbinding tricks are guaranteed to leave the step-mother of doing everything by the book speechless. You can put them outside for the night or even stick them in the freezer to kill any living organisms that create problems. Another helpful idea is to put tea bags or insole pads in your footwear as you transport it.

Create Piles

We’ve come to everyone’s favorite, which is making categories. Now, the first thing that you want to do here is to see what stays out of the game for good. This means you need to throw away all you’re not wearing. Sad, we know.

The next step is to make piles according to type, or simply by how often you usually need them. It’s smart to take the ones you wear all the time with your moving essentials, and the other ones can be in the boxes or with outfits you match them with.

It’s Best to Separate Out of Season Ones

If you’re relocating in winter, sandals, flip-flops, and beachwear will do fine on their own, and there’s no reason to feel guilty if you do not get to them at all before the first heatwave. This is a real time-saver, so everything that won’t be needed should be packed separately and labeled accordingly.

The good thing about relocating in winter or during the fall is that you can wear boots during the move and save a lot of space that way.

Cardboard container on dark table
If you find it hard to throw, think about storage

The Most Effective Idea – Use the Original Packaging or Box

If you kept these, they could solve your dilemma of how to pack shoes in a matter of minutes. They’re sturdy enough, super easy to handle and retain the shape of your shoe. You can even save on the packing paper for relocation as you won’t be needing it in this case – your pairs will be perfectly safe with no wrapping.

If you threw these out, and now you feel remorse, don’t worry. Life is not a bed of roses. No, really, no worries. Cross country moving services of all reputable cross country movers cover this aspect, too, so you’ll be able to get containers that’ll get the job done effortlessly.

A blue and white sneaker
These do come in handy

Where to Keep Your Shoe Pairs for Transport – Alternatives to Boxes

If you’re not crazy about containers but still want to find out how to pack shoes for a move, your guide has got you covered. To avoid the task of cleaning your footgear mystically reappearing in the list of things to do after the move, try to find some of the following.

Plastic Newspaper Sleeves Are an Affordable Option

If you’re an avid reader of the daily happenings in the beautiful world that surrounds us, you can take advantage of leftover newspaper bags, and this won’t affect your relocation budget almost at all. The only thing to remember is to use solely the clean ones since newspaper ink is a shoe enemy number one.

Getting a Drawstring Bag Is Even Better

These come in various designs and materials, and the good thing about them is that you can utilize them after you forgot about relocation and its charms. If browsing how to get a job before you move is all you can think about, just obtain these online in one of the breaks you’d usually take to panic, and you’ll do great.

Compression Cubes Do the Trick Too

If you caught the relocation bug and have done this in the past, you might possess compression cubes. They aren’t simply a precise answer to the question of how do you pack shoes without a box, but also a star of effective ideas on how to deal with just about anything. Footgear being no exception. So, if you’re relocating for love of keeping things simple and quick, you must give these a shot. Take a look at the following video if you’d like to learn more about this and other useful hacks.

Expert Tips That Guarantee You Slay the Best Way to Pack Shoes for Moving

You know the basics by now, but the devil is always in the detail. So, if you want your reasons to move to stay unshaken, make sure you study these tips that can help you breeze through everyone’s favorite thing to do.

Pairs That Move Together Stay Together

Many people report that finding matching socks takes the largest chunk of their morning routine. So, why would you add footwear to the jumble? If there was a gap in your most effective way to pack clothes for moving cross country, you’ll already have your hands full with the outfit planning.

So, all the pieces that have laces should be tied together, and you should also work out how to keep the other types close, maybe using the same wrapping, packaging, or another method we didn’t think of.

You Better Shape Up Cause You’ll Need Your Shoes

Probably the most important thing to remember is that your precious footgear needs to retain its shape throughout the whole process. When you buy them, you probably noticed that they’re stuffed with recycled paper, and they didn’t do that because they were bored stiff in the store.

So, you should get some kind of material, be it paper, bubble wrap, or anything from your household inventory list that is sturdy and small and can be shoved into your footgear. Another amazing thingy are socks that make two friends with one gift (you’ll maximize on the space.)

If You Put More Into One Container, Pay Attention to Order

It’s the same as with packaging fragile items or getting ready to put your mind to realize how to pack dishes for the move. The sturdy bulky items go at the bottom of the container and other packaging, while lighter ones are up.

Only Clean Materials, Please

Recycling and finding new purposes for all things in your home is amazing, but, as we said about the newspaper, do not take chances. Smudged pieces are hard to repair, so just start with a clean slate.

Essentials Bag Is Your Cross Country Moving Friend

As we’ve mentioned already, you’ll find it easier to keep the faith during your long-distance moving adventure if you have one of these at hand. Perhaps the weather conditions change, or the pair you swore on becomes uncomfortable. Maybe relocating with pets takes an unexpected turn, and you want to change your footwear even more. So, an essentials bag won’t go to waste anyway.

Clothes, footwear, and other personal belongings
Keep all essentials in one place

Fancy Ones Deserve Better Treatment Than the Other Crowd

If it took you ages to polish, keep, and admire that expensive pair you bought for a special date, do not let the relocation madness take your mind off thinking about the question of how do you pack shoes you keep for special occasions. You should pay special attention to what you do here so that you do not diminish any opportunity to have a ball in the new place, like literally.

Don’t Be Down at Heel, Take Care of Your Heels

Heels are more easily damaged than other types, so if you do not want to be a damsel in distress, take your time here. Regardless of whether you’re relocating to another state alone, or you already found a prince, this is how you protect the heels:

  • Wrap the heel with a protective material,
  • Place it in a plastic bag, shower cap, or another packaging,
  • Roll a T-shirt or a towel around it.
Leopard print heels
Heels need extra protection

What to Do on D-Day?

If you’re a lone wanderer going through relocation alone with no professional assistance, we see you. And you’ve got only one tiny step left before you finish this task and that is acing the day of your move.

Tips for the Big Day

If you need to know how to pack a moving truck because you wanted to avoid all moving scams and are now a lone wolf, this is the route to take. Containers with footwear need to be away from any source of heat, cold, or elements. So, make sure you find a dry and safe place. And also, stack the heavier boxes under the lighter ones. Do not squash the other items either. We guess you’re not into doing research on how to pack glasses for relocation from the beginning.

Two guys mounting the truck
Needless to say, you must label every box neatly

Learning How to Pack Shoes for Moving Is a Piece of Cake With Professional Movers

So, what’s the best way to pack shoes when moving? As you’ve realized, there’s more than one effective way, but the most cost-efficient and time-saving move you can make is shout out to some experienced long-distance movers. Their packing services, coupled with other aspects they can cover, such as car shipping and superb storage services, will make you go head over heels with asking for help. And you’ll see that getting to know how to tip movers is shorter than learning how to do it all on your own.

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