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Our team of experts handles all aspects of one of life’s most significant events: where you’re going next in life

We Really Do It All

What makes Cross Country Movers the exception in the industry isn’t that we’re the cheapest–however, you’re still likely to spend less with us as our flat-rate guarantee ensures that you’re not misled by the fact that most movers are charging you by weight. That’s right: with the other guys, you get an estimate upfront, but the ultimate cost is only determined once they arrive on-site and weigh all of your belongings.

What we do is charge you by INVENTORY LIST –this means that all you have to do is give us a call, and our expert sales consultants will walk you through producing an official inventory list, which we triple-check with you. Once it’s moving day, our team shows up specially equipped to handle everything: from the big & heavy to the small & delicate, or, trickiest of all, the cumbersome yet fragile, we make sure the official list that you’ve already signed off on corresponds with all of the actual items that we’re helping you move.

Now if you’ve added anything to the load–because, hey, stuff happens–then we recalculate the final cost based on the updated itemization. It’s as simple as working together to make sure everyone is on the same page so you’re good to go.

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