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For a Stress-Free Relocation Steer Clear of These Common Moving Mistakes

Posted in Moving Essentials on June 14, 2021

Relocations don’t need to be stressful nightmares if you avoid some of the most common moving mistakes. Although mishaps happen, you can stay away from the majority of them if you organize the relocation in advance and avoid booking professional movers at the last minute. Having a defined timeline and the support of experienced cross-country movers to get you through the whole process and help with the organization will be of tremendous help in attaining a stress-free relocation and getting the new home ready. For that reason, we decided to provide you with the ultimate list of the most common relocation mistakes.

Avoid Moving Mistakes When Hiring a Relocation Company

Relocations are complex to perform. When you plan a move to another city, the very first thing you should consider is how to organize the move so you can keep everything under control. No matter what your reasons to move are, we are sure that you’ll want to stay away from any potential problems, and here is what to avoid when planning a relocation and how to move efficiently.

Instead of Trying to Organize Everything Yourself, Hire a Professional Cross-Country Moving Company

Trying to organize a relocation all by yourself can be emotionally draining since there are literally hundreds of details to take care of and which can go wrong. This is especially important when relocating to another state alone. Hiring professional long-distance movers will be the best option since their assistance will be the only one you can count on. And hiring fraudulent movers is definitely the biggest mistake you can make while trying to organize the relocation.

Choosing trustworthy movers is a task for itself. People sometimes fail to do thorough research, and for that reason, they often face relocation scams that get them into very uncomfortable situations such as having their belongings held hostage, additional charges and fees, or delivery delay. All this can negatively affect your relocation budget, and it is definitely something you want to avoid. So before you decide which mover you will hire, ensure to check their USDOT and MC numbers, whether they are fully registered and licensed, and what other customers wrote in the company’s online reviews.

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Don’t Forget to Compare Moving Quotes and Ask the Right Questions

Another most common omission associated with relocations is that people usually don’t compare a few moving quotes and price estimations, which can lead to choosing the wrong company and make the total cost of relocation even higher. Before you decide what company’s services to use, ensure to check with the movers all the details that can affect the final bill. Also, whenever you come across a mover that offers an incredibly low quote or refuses to do an in-home estimate, take it as a red flag and clear sign to run away from that company.

When it comes to questions, remember to prepare a list of questions to ask about contract details in advance:

  • Cancelation and delay policies,
  • Required deposits,
  • Insurance policy,
  • Additional fees,
  • Storage facility security standards,
  • Packing services and procedures.

Don’t Do Any Last Minute Scheduling if Possible

Waiting until the last minute to book the relocation date and all the moving services you will possibly need is just not a good idea if you want to have a stress-free relocation. The booking of relocation services usually takes some time because you will need to decide which packing services you need, whether you are going to take your car with you and when the car shipping will take place, what type of trailer to choose, and whether you will take the advantage of the storage service, so ensure to book all the services you plan to use at least three months before the relocation date.

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Organizing your relocation in advance is a crucial step for attaining a stressless relocation experience

Procrastination in Packing Is the Greatest Relocation Hinderer

Procrastinating on your relocation tasks can tremendously slow down your move. Although your household inventory list may seem like a never-ending task list for packing, remember that it can help a lot when trying to pack everything on time and keep the whole household under control. The earlier you begin to pack and organize the house for a move, the easier and faster it will be to finish the whole process.

Organize the Household Packing in Advance, Too

Since the packing of your household is the most time-consuming task you will face, it is most likely you will try to postpone it as long as you can. Although this process can be very exhausting and emotional, it is very important to start organizing it on time, because there are more items in your household than you could possibly assume. So one of the best tactics for boxing up is dividing the whole process into three phases.

The first phase should entail decluttering the household and deciding what to keep when relocating, what to donate, sell, recycle, or throw away. This can make your packing list much shorter, and it can help you identify the items that should find their place on your new apartment checklist more easily.

The second phase should help you identify all the items you need to rent an apartment and create an area where you’ll pack and store all packed boxes. This way, your house will not be cluttered with moving boxes, which can make things even more stressful.

The third phase should be dedicated to organizing the packing and transport of some more complicated items that require special handling, like the move of a piano. This means you should inform the relocation company that you will need this special service and schedule it in advance.

Label the Boxes so You Know Where Your Items Are Once You Get to the New Home

One of the best packing tips for relocating is: don’t forget to label your boxes. This way, you will always know what is stored in each box and how you should handle it. For example, if you’ve packed fragile items or have stored Christmas ornaments in some of your boxes, ensure not to put some things on those boxes because this can lead to their breakage no matter how well you have packed them. Also, once you get into your new place, one of the first things to do after relocation will be to unpack, so knowing the contents of each box will be tremendously helpful for finding the item you need faster.

man sticking a box label for cross-country moving
Procrastination can cause a lot of trouble, so you better do it on time

Check the List of Items Movers Won’t Move to Avoid Unnecessary Stressful Situations

According to law, professional movers are not permitted to transport any pets, plants, chemicals, or any kind of hazardous materials. However, many people simply assume that all their belongings will be moved and forget to check the regulations, which can lead to further moving problems and cause a lot of stress. Here is what you should definitely do in advance to avoid any problematic situations.

Schedule Your Pet’s Transportation in Time

In case you’re relocating with a pet, don’t forget to make all necessary preparations in advance. The very first thing you should do is check the regulations of the state you’re relocating to since all states have different regulations when it comes to breeds that can be imported. Getting your pet checked by a vet, gathering all documents, health records, and organizing transport will be your obligations associated with pet relocation. Although the best option is to do it yourself, if you’re moving cross country, you should find a pet-friendly airline carrier since relocation companies are not permitted to ship animals. Forgetting to do this could lead to a pretty stressful experience for your pet, so ensure to give it special attention once you are together again.

Explore Ways to Ship Your Plants and Avoid the Most Common Relocation Mistake

If you don’t want to separate from your potted friends and leave them to family members or close friends, there is always an option with the U.S. Postal Service or FedEx that provides plant shipping. However, before you schedule the shipping of plants, remember to check the regulations of the state you’re relocating to. Because, in some cases, the import of some species is not allowed.

Other useful tips on shipping your plants have to do with preparing all the necessary conditions for your plants that will keep them alive during transport. Re-pot them into lighter pots, water them a few days before shipping, and put a plastic bag around the pot to prevent soil dispersion.

family with a dog, surrounded by boxes and plants, preparing for moving cross-country
Schedule your pet’s relocation in advance and find a way to take your plants with you

Other Details to Take Care of Before You Relocate

There are a few more details to take care of before the relocation to a new home that can help you steer clear of any unnecessary stress. Here are the ultimate tips for making the last preparations.

Get the House Ready for New Tenants and Clean it in Detail

Although you’ll be focused on taking care of your new home, don’t forget to leave the property you’re moving out of in the best condition and perform move-out cleaning. You can do it by yourself or hire a professional cleaning service to do it instead. Whichever option you choose, just ensure that every corner of the property is clean, neat, and disinfected.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Transfer Utilities and Update the Address

When it comes to transferring utilities, the most important thing to do is to check with the service provider whether they cover the area you’re relocating to. Otherwise, make sure to cancel it because you definitely won’t want to pay double bills.

Changing the address is another detail that easily slips people’s minds to do before relocation. Make sure to update the address at least two weeks before the relocation day when changing it with the U.S. Postal Service, and more importantly, remember to update it with the IRS. Although it might sound like a long and tedious process, it is actually very easy, and you can do it online.

Pack a Survival Bag for Relocation Day

In relocation jams, many people simply forget to pack the so-called survival bag for relocation. This bag should contain some basic necessities you’ll need during the relocation days, like food, bathroom items if you plan to stay overnight in a motel along the way, documents, which are some of the most common things people forget to pack, and all the necessary medicine if you use any.

pile of boxes with cross country movers logo
Don't forget the bag of essentials

There Is No Space for Stress When You Organize Everything in Advance

Relocations imply hundreds of details. Although sometimes it might seem like you’ll never be done with it, with the right support from professional movers, the whole experience will be much easier. So before you start to panic and let the stress overwhelm you, explore the best moving companies in your area, book the relocation date, let the professionals take care of every single detail, and enjoy all the benefits of relocation and upcoming changes in your life.

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