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Planning to Move Cross Country? Here’s the Ultimate New Apartment Checklist

Posted in Moving Essentials,Moving Tips & Tricks on March 18, 2021

Cross-country moving is always a big deal, regardless of the number of times you’ve relocated before. This moment is exciting, yet most people are bound to encounter some obstacles. And that is precisely why we needed to come up with a new apartment checklist. These tips and methods will help you relocate and transport your essential belongings smoothly and with no stress. Even when you get in touch with the best long-distance movers, there are things you must learn and do prior to their arrival.

Moving Tricks: New Apartment Essentials

One of the most important parts of every move is composing an accurate list of things you need for an apartment. Organizing your relocation process thoroughly means collecting the necessary insights before starting to pack your shoes or fragile items. So, planning and making lists comes as a crucial step. Take a look around. You’ll grasp in no time what your future home will need:

  • Check out your bedroom essentials,
  • Choose the most fitting furniture and smaller items for your living room,
  • Don’t forget to pick the adequate bathroom elements,
  • Give yourself an extra moment to review and pack your kitchen essentials,
  • Pack the necessary homestead tools and equipment,
  • Add the cleaning products, first aid kit, and safety essentials to your list.


Once you’re in the clear regarding the things you need for a new apartment, the rest of your move will be a piece of cake. Firstly, you’ll know exactly how much packing materials you’ll have to obtain. Secondly, you’ll have a pretty accurate idea regarding the relocation costs, and you’ll get to plan your budget accordingly. Lastly, when you arrive at your next home, the unpacking process will be much easier. You’ll keep track of your possessions, and finding them afterward won’t represent an issue. Additionally, knowing precisely what you’ve brought on your move is an efficient way to prevent losses and provide insurance in case of damage.

relocation packing
Learn about the packing and relocation essentials and how to enlist them

Apartment Move-in Checklist – Bedroom Essentials

It is a little difficult to pick only the bedroom stuff you truly need. According to the studies, the market that sells these pieces of furniture is estimated to have an annual growth rate of 4.5% from 2020 to 2027. Packing or buying furniture and other household items depends on the size of your new domicile. The same rules apply to your bedroom. Aside from the obvious (a suitable and comfortable bed,) you’ll want to transport or purchase these things:

  • Bed frame,
  • Mattress,
  • Bedding and blankets,
  • Pillows,
  • Nightstand (with a bedside lamp,)
  • Mirror,
  • Chair,
  • Clothes hangers.


Also, you might wish to get some decorative stuff, such as a rug, a fresh set of curtains, covers with specific patterns that reflect your style, and more. These pieces of furniture and smaller belongings can improve your space and make you feel more comfortable. Moreover, your bedroom can contain additional electronic devices such as a TV or a computer. Some people also choose to add a desk to this room. The choice is yours. All of these essentials (and less-than-essential yet valuable objects) will complete the positive sensation you’ll have after you move.

wardrobe closet
Before packing or purchasing new stuff for your bedroom, make sure it’s spacious enough to fit your ideas

The Living Room Listing

Living space usually implies more than a couch and coffee table. The prime thing you should keep in mind when thinking of things to buy for a new apartment is functionality. Add a sense of style combined with simplicity, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a lovely and maintainable new home. A comfortable living room space should include:

  • Side tables,
  • Table lamps,
  • Bookshelves,
  • TV (and its stand),
  • Extra seating.


When you collect these significant household objects for your living room, you might want to consider some extra decoration. Choose some wall art, curtains, pillows, picture frames, coffee table books or magazines, houseplants, or candles. An overall improvement in a lifestyle is one of the significant reasons to move. All these small things you can carry with you or buy once you reach your desired location will make your days more enjoyable. However, since this very room is often packed with large household objects and heavy furniture, contact the best cross-country moving services to help you out with your journey.

armchair, lamp and blanket
Your living room should reflect your style and feel enjoyable

Bathroom Essentials List

Aside from the bedroom, this is the main room that should breathe out privacy. Also, a well-equipped bathroom makes a huge difference in your lifestyle quality. Sure, you should pick a hand sanitizer that smells good. We’ll leave the choice up to you. However, make sure not to forget about these significant products and belongings:

  • Window treatments,
  • Bathmat or bathroom rug,
  • Shower curtain and liner,
  • Towels (hand and bath,)
  • Bathroom wastebasket,
  • Toilet paper (and holder,)
  • Tissues,
  • Plunger,
  • Storage solutions and cabinets,
  • Hand soap and lotion (and other cosmetic products,)
  • Toothbrush holder,
  • Mirror (usually a small one,)
  • Air freshening spray,
  • Cleaning supplies and products.


Not each and every of the listed items are a must-have. Nevertheless, buying everything from this list will feel good and improve the quality of life in your new chapter. Whether you’re relocating alone or with family, make it as breezy and efficient as possible.

shower and grey walls
Taking a bath after a long cross-country move in a fully-equipped bathroom feels amazing

The Lists of Necessary Kitchen Items

According to nearly every surveyed American who has moved in the past few years – the kitchen space is the most challenging room for relocation. Aside from the fact that you most likely own way more items than you actually need, all of them (wanted or unwanted) fall into several categories. If you’re planning a long-distance move, buckle up and learn about packing your dishes, glasses, and more. And, if you’re moving into your first apartment, make sure to get the listed essentials.

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Dishes and Utensils

If you’re relocating and making a household inventory list, you’re most likely going to do some decluttering first. Almost every domicile has some mismatched dishes, unpaired mugs, or damaged plates. If that’s the case – leave the broken, unused, or otherwise unwanted stuff. You might want to purchase some new dishes or utensils for your fresh start. You could buy them as sets, or you can get creative and do your own matchmaking. Regardlessly, here’s what your kitchen must have in this section:

  • Dinner and salad plates,
  • Cereal and mixing bowls,
  • Cups and mugs,
  • Water and wine glasses,
  • Serving platters,
  • Tableware,
  • A knife-set,
  • Serving utensils.


Depending on your love for the cuisine experiments and the amount of time you’ll be spending on cooking, you might want to include some extra things in your checklist. Since packaging and storing these mainly fragile objects isn’t always easy, you should get help for packing glasses and similar elements. So, seek some reliable professional cross country movers who offer packing service.

dishes, glasses, and utensils
Get the essentials first, and purchase additional cooking gear later

Kitchen Appliances

Functionality is the principal relocation hack you must keep in mind. When purchasing cooking appliances, not many people will demand superb gizmo and pro stuff. Nevertheless, even if you’re not a kitchen-bound aficionado, you must get the basic appliances:

  • Coffee maker (pot or kettle,)
  • Microwave,
  • Toaster (or toaster oven,)
  • Hand mixer and blender.


These are just to name a few appliances that will enhance your daily life. If you’re keen on getting more, make sure to calculate your budget and space and think twice about the usability of those objects.

cooking space with green walls
Start with getting the appliances you’ll use for sure to avoid costs and clutter

Pots and Pans

If this is your first apartment, you should keep things simple. And if not, you still must choose wisely and pick the belongings you’re about to use frequently when you relocate. Since packing a moving truck requires time and calculations, make sure not to bring along everything you own. Also, the more your cargo weighs, the more you’ll have to pay to the movers. Here’s which pots and pans you should select, purchase, and transport:

  • One small and one large pot,
  • Saucepan,
  • Medium or large frying pan,
  • Baking sheet and cooking sheet,
  • Large baking dish.


When packaging pots and pans, make sure to have enough boxes and packing paper. Also, don’t forget about the necessary glass lids.

pot, pan, and food
Make sure that your pots and pans are in a good condition

Tools, Equipment, and Supplies

Now that you have enlisted all needed pots, pans, dishes, glasses, and appliances, it is time to write down other things you’ll need to prepare your meals. You’ll probably be having some guests over, and you’ll want to open wine bottles or beer cans to celebrate. For instance, when you land a job in a new city, you will most likely throw a party for your friends and family. Here’s what you should have in your storage for these occasions:

  • Bottle, can opener, and corkscrew,
  • Cutting board,
  • Measuring cups and spoons,
  • Mixing bowl,
  • Aluminum foil and plastic wrap,
  • Food storage containers.


Even when you don’t have invites around, you’ll be needing these tools and supplies from time to time.

sliced limes on a cutting board
Additional supplies will help you cook excellently

Stocking Your Pantry and Spices

Maybe being a professional chef isn’t your vocation. Nonetheless, you should have at least the basic spices in your homestead. And these basics include:

  • Salt,
  • Pepper,
  • Oil,
  • Vinegar,
  • Granulated sugar or brown sugar,
  • Flour,
  • Baking powder and baking soda.


Also, bring along or buy those spices that you use often. As for the oil, vinegar, and flour, pick the ones that suit you and that you’re used to cooking with. You could get olive, vegetable, or coconut oil, for instance. Your only concern is to pack and store your pantry carefully and properly.

wooden spoons with various spices
Bring the spices you use a lot into your next home, but be free to experiment once you settle in

Cleaning Products

Once you move, you’ll immediately think of washing the clothes you’ve packed, having clean sheets, towels, and dishes. To do so, you’ll have to make room for these cleaning products:

  • Dishwasher detergent (or dish soap,)
  • Clean sponges (for several sets of dishes, pots, and pans,)
  • Paper towels (and holder,)
  • Dishtowels,
  • Laundry detergent and stain remover,
  • Multi-purpose spray,
  • Wood cleaner,
  • Bathroom cleaning spray.


Also, you must get additional equipment to keep your home clean. The necessary tools for you include:

  • Broom and dustpan,
  • Laundry basket,
  • Rubber gloves,
  • Mop and bucket,
  • A vacuum cleaner.


If you lack any of these essentials, write a more extensive new apartment shopping list and stick to it. Check out this video to see which products are healthier and have less harmful ingredients:

What Is the First Thing to Do When You Move Into a New Apartment?

Before you unpack your boxes and settle in, you’ll have to be careful and thorough once again:

  • Start by reviewing the state of everything you encounter in your new home. If there’s anything that’s out of the ordinary, document it and contact your landlord.
  • Make room for boxes and take care of storage while you check out the condition of the domicile.
  • Assemble your bed before you deal with the rest of the furniture. You’ll need some rest after the relocation day. When you’re well-rested, go out and meet the neighbors.

How Do I Prepare for My First Apartment?

Following these tips and making lists according to our advice will save you a lot of time and get you on the right track. In addition to it, you must take care of administrative tasks timely. Changing your address is one of the first actions you’ll take. Checking up on your mailing situation goes hand in hand with it. Still, before it comes to any of it, you should:

  • Explore the town and neighborhood online and in person,
  • Find out about the public transportation and other daily stuff that matters, such as learning about the trash pickup days,
  • What are the things you need for a new apartment? Plan your shopping lists carefully according to your budget, style, and available space.


When you move in, add some colors to your home. You could personalize it by painting the walls. Also, another significant part of preparation consists of looking for reliable movers and learning how to avoid scams.

modern building
Plan and prepare carefully for your relocation

Making a Proper New Apartment Checklist Is Crucial

Relocations are exciting yet often stressful, especially if you’re looking for your first apartment. So, if you’re wondering “What do I need for my first home checklist” – this article is what you needed. The first step is to be careful, organized, and patient. Review your belongings and buy the stuff you lack. Regardless of your motivations and aims and whether you’re relocating for love or work, these things are mandatory.

Nevertheless, even the ultimate list of essentials could fall through unless you hire professional cross-country movers who can guarantee the safety and offer multiple services, such as packing, car shipping, or storage service. And when you finally reach your destination successfully, it can’t hurt to know about tipping the movers.

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