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7 Ideas on How to Store Christmas Ornaments When the Holiday Season Is Over

Posted in How-to,Moving Tips & Tricks on February 8, 2021

Christmas is behind us, and after spending quality time with our families, we’re ready for the year ahead. But there’s one step left before we close the holiday chapter, and that’s putting away the decorations. If you’re wondering how to store Christmas ornaments, our guide will help you finish this task in a creative and budget-friendly manner.

Though there are people who leave their tree around during the whole year, most people save it for that special season. So, if you’re with the majority on this, you must be facing dilemmas such as what kind of material to use, where to get those and how to safely put everything away. Besides, if you’re moving cross country, it’s vital to do everything here properly so that you needn’t worry about holidays in the years to come. Read on to find out what you can do.

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The Preparation Is Crucial Phase in How to Store Christmas Ornaments

Before we dig into the best way to store Christmas ornaments, you must prepare. You can invest in some specially-designed ornament organizers, or you simply browse your place. If you’ve ever been through long-distance moving, you might have things from your moving binder you didn’t get to use. Or if you didn’t, you can simply buy some great moving essentials in stores or online. Here’s a list of handy ones:

Make Use of Boxes and Materials You Already Have

Investing in boxes or supplies might be redundant here because you probably have some of these on your household inventory list, and they serve the purpose. Here is a list of some great items:

  • Shoe boxes – They’re sturdy enough to hold your angles, baubles, and alike,
  • Other ones – Cardboard, wooden, or the ones with in-box dividers,
  • Store bags, a tote bag, or a duffel bag.
  • Packing paper for moving or any alternative you can use for wrapping such as newspapers, bubble wrap, tissue paper, and paper towels,
  • Air-filled plastic wraps or air-filled envelopes.

If You Want to Buy Equipment, Search for Some of These Products

If you’re moving in winter and you have your hands full already, or you simply used up the DIY materials, the following can come to the rescue:

  • Ornament organizers – You’ve got a perfect chance to put everything in order with these, and they come in various beautiful designs,
  • Storage containers – Cross country moving services of all reliable movers include these if you opt for international shipping or using storage facilities, but they can also aid you now because they’re waterproof and designed to last,
  • Ornament carriers – Another useful option because they allow you not only to save your decoration but also to carry them whenever needed.
Baubles in a box with tinsel
There are so many things from your home you can use

How Do You Store Christmas Decorations Step by Step

Regardless of what task you’re wrestling with, is it how to pack clothes for moving, or how to move a piano, or how to close your Xmas story, you need to take some steps before you delve into the realm of creativity. So, before we get down to cool DIY ideas, let’s see what you should do:

  • Separate items by type – baubles with baubles, and the other ones can be paired according to material and shape,
  • Take out fragiles and breakables,
  • Put all wreaths, tinsel, and garlands in one pile,
  • Take off the lights and untangle all strings,
  • Take the boxes and materials you prepared.
Light strands in a green container
Don’t forget to separate strands of light

Creative DIY Methods

If you don’t want to spend money from your moving budget or the regular one, there are many crafty ideas that cost nothing and do the trick perfectly. Forget about complex procedures; take a look around your home, and you’ll be surprised how much it’s got to offer.

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There's so much you can do without going out of your way

Kitchen Offers You Possibilities Galore

Regardless of whether you’re learning how to pack dishes for moving or you’re simply trying to put an end to the cheer, these ideas can help you in mastering how to store Christmas decorations.

Idea 1 – Egg Carton Serves More than One Purpose

Eggs aren’t only amazing because they are part of so many delicious sweet and savory treats, but also because their cartons can grant your ornaments a lot of protection. Put a bauble or another ornament in the holes, close up, and voila!

For larger decorative pieces, plastic fruit cartons, such as those you can find for apples, are also a great solution.

Idea 2 – Glasses in All Their Glory

Finding out how to pack glasses for moving is great, but it’s even better if you incorporate these into the process of putting away Christmas decorations.

So, if you’ve got glass or plastic containers or glasses, preferably those with lids, you can stuff your tiny ornaments in here, and you needn’t worry about a thing. The lid is super safe, and no wrapping is mandatory.

Idea 3 – Leftover Party Plastic Cups

If you had plastic cups for your dinner party or any other holiday occasion, now is the time to be grateful for it. Get a box out of those we mentioned above, preferably a large one, and fill the bottom with plastic cups. You can place inside each a couple of ornaments, and once you finish, cut a large piece of cardboard to create space for the next level. Repeat the procedure a couple of times, and you won’t believe how many items you’ll be able to cram in.

Purple baubles in a cup
Rummage through your kitchen for more ideas

Packing Up Christmas Decorations From Items in Your Bedroom

Moving to another state alone or staying where you are, bedroom can also offer fresh inspiration for your frugal storing endeavors. Check these suggestions out.

Idea 4 – Pillow Case Is a Quick Option

These are superb keepers of all things Christmasy, and again no wrapping is to take place. You can just fill your case with ornaments that aren’t fragile and ta-da. Sew it or simply tie it with a ribbon. And if you’ve got vacuum cases, that’s even better because it’ll take up less space.

Idea 5 – Make Your Own Underbed Storage Compartment Case

It sounds complex, but it’s super easy, actually. If you’ve got a larger box, create cardboard dividers inside and add a large piece of cardboard to help you gain more layers. Put it where your linen is in bed or under it, and like this, it won’t be in your way for another year. Check out the following video for more similar ideas.

How to Put Away the Fairy Lights?

The glowy and wow-factor element of all fairy lights is durable, and if you keep them well, they can last you for years on end. Regardless of whether you’re moving your home or pulling an office move, the lights will add a beautiful touch. But how to keep them intact? There is more than one superb idea:

  • Cut out a large piece of cardboard and cut strips on it lengthwise so that you can wrap around these,
  • Take a coffee can and wrap them around it,
  • Take clothes hangers, especially those with tiny hooks for dress straps, and take the main hook as your access point,
  • Take advantage of any wheel-like object you can find because these are also handy here,
  • Take up cardboard you get from buying drinks in larger quantities. By simply folding it in half, you’ll have an excellent base around which you can wrap.
Fairy lights in a box with dividers
There’s more than one way to go about this

How to Pack Fragile Holiday Items Without Boxes?

The general wisdom says that when packaging fragile items, it is essential to wrap each fragile item tight and secure enough space for it in your boxes. However, if you don’t want boxes, you can try some of these ideas out.

Idea 6 – Makeup Bags and Makeup Organizers

If you provide extra padding inside, makeup bags are secure to keep all your fragiles intact. Makeup organizers are even better as they create a neat layout and allow you to sort the way you’d like. Just make sure to be generous with wrapping materials and protection.

Idea 7 – A Zip Up Bag Is Great Too but Don’t Forget About the Paper

These are known to be friends of DIY aficionados for a long time. Again, make sure you wrap your breakables, and zip up bags will take care of the rest.

An angel figurine and candles in the background
There’s no such thing as too much protection with breakables

Where Should I Store My Holiday Decorations?

Since we now have more inspiration on how to ignite all our creative potential with little or no money and organize our space after Nativity, we can discuss where you can put your festive items. The best places to do this are wardrobes, closets, or under the shoe and purse racks. The main rule you should follow while trying to find a spot is that it needs to be heat-regulated, away from any leakage, and safe if you’ve got kids or are moving with pets.

Where Should Christmas Decorations Be Stored in an Apartment?

There’s no universal answer to this question, but you should know some useful tips. Fragile and breakable items need to be put away safely, somewhere like in your closet or basement, or under your bed. If you manage to employ garment bags or hangers to maximize on the space, the better and less on your plate among things to do after moving.

Is It OK to Store Christmas Decorations in the Garage and What About the Tree?

The garage is not actually a good choice here (though it might be spacious) simply because it’s not heat-controlled and can thus cause you problems. It could bleach the color off your baubles or the X-mas tree, which you don’t want by any means. Still, you could keep tinsels, garments, and all wreaths here because if you put them away properly, they are safe and sound.

A shiny X-mas tree
Getting a good spot to keep all your X-mas memories is also important

You Can Also Consider Storage for Your Ornaments

Heat-controlled and spacious storage facilities are maybe right what you need if you are moving long-distance or you need time to see what you want to do with your holiday items and where to place them in your new home. Storage spaces are surveyed 24/7, and the scanning system provides nothing ever gets lost or stolen. Reputable cross country movers know exactly what the right procedures when it comes to storing these safely are, so you can rest assured it’ll all be fine.

White and red storage facilities
Storage can help you take your time and see what you want to do

Professional Movers Will Ensure Your Next Holiday Season Will Be Full of Cheer

Before getting to see how to tip movers, ensure you book a reputable cross country moving company who is guaranteed to help you sail through your relocation. Their long distance moving services cover all of the important aspects of this experience. Top-rated packing services, as well as boxes and packing supplies that are needed to get the job done, are only the beginning because movers can also lend a hand if you need car shipping services or professional assistance with any element that puzzles you. Start looking up companies now and go for the best one.

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