Top Reasons to Move Cross Country

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Each year more and more Americans decide to move. Even though some reasons to move can be quite positive and exciting, some can be imposed and challenging. With the other one, you will just have to adjust and make most of it. But even if you didn’t wish to move, this change can bring good things.

When we talk about Why do people move, we don’t only think about the reason for moving out of an apartment, but why are people moving across the country? Let’s face it, taking this step is huge and can be daunting. Here are some of the top reasons people move cross country.

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First Things First – Moving for Love

One of the most frequent relocations in America is done because of the significant other. People change their entire life for a loved one. If you are one of these folks and think about relocating for love, you are probably scared and think this is a risky step. Most people feel this way, but if you are sure about your relationship and that this move is not just for your partner but also for you, you should be fine. One of the common mistakes people make when relocating for love is that they don’t move for good reasons. For instance, if you think that relocation is going to save your relationship, think again. Because if you have problems in relationships, they will move with you, and maybe even worsen. So relocating for love is a good thing if you are in a good relationship but if you just started dating, try a long-distance relationship before taking this step.

If, however, your partner got a new job in a new city, you should find out how to get a job before a move. This way you will have a job too and your move will be less stressful.

Couple on airport
Relocating for a significant other can be risky but it can pay off if you take this step

Relocating for a New Bigger House

There are times in everybody’s life when your old home becomes too small. Maybe you have a baby on the way and are thinking about moving to a bigger house, or you already have children, but they have grown and require larger space. These are all good reasons to move out and seek a bigger place to live. But depending on the city you live in, the costs of larger houses can be relatively high, so people often seek a family home in a different state where their budget allows them to buy. In recent years, we have many American families who move their entire life into smaller towns and in cities with low cost of living, with good schools and neighborhoods that are family-friendly. But taking an entire family to a new state can be challenging, overwhelming, and expensive. Still, if you are organized, and you make your moving budget on time, you will be able to hire moving services and you will need no moving hacks for this venture.

House with a pool
Maybe you are living in a small town now but the benefits are amazing

Education Is a Common Reason to Move

One of the reasons to move to a new city is because of the school offerings in some states and cities. When you have a family, you are willing to do anything for them. Education is one of the most important things for your kids, of course, besides health and happiness. But if you have a kid that is really smart, for instance, his teachers can recommend you some of the schools for gifted children, and maybe this school is in a different county or a state, what will you do? You will probably want to do what is best for your child, but this will mean you have to relocate your entire family or business. An office move can be a drag but is not impossible. After all, you are doing this for your kids. Most Americans, when seeking a new place for family, look at schooling options and education in the city of choice. You can check websites like Niche for more info about neighborhood options in the US.

Going to College

You are young, and you are nearly finishing high school and applying for college. One of the most  frequent reasons to move out for children is going to college. This can be hard for parents, especially if your kid is moving across the country, but it is an inevitable chapter in their lives. So don’t worry. Even though your kid is moving to another state alone, with modern technology you can stay in touch with just a click on a phone.

Students in college
This new chapter can be hard but is also exciting

You Got a New Job or Job Transfer

Many Americans move because of the new job or job transfer, which is great. And if you were wondering Why do people move from one place to another, this will be one of the top reasons. If you got a new amazing job offer, you shouldn’t feel scared. Take the offer and see what awaits you. And if you are worried about how you will organize your move, hire cross country movers, and they will do everything. All you have to do is pack your moving essentials, make your household inventory list, and let professionals worry about how to pack a moving truck or how to move a piano.

Military Move

We all know that working in the army requires many sacrifices, and one of them is relocating a lot. But that is what comes with a job, and every soldier knows what he was getting into. So if you are a soldier, look on the positive side – you will meet a lot of people and make friends, and see a vast number of places and cities. And the best of all – the government will pay for your relocation. All you have to worry about is how to tip movers.

Doctors in a hospital
Relocating for a new job is one of the wonders of modern society

You Want Your Home to Be in Healthy Environment

Living in a big city comes with its pros and cons, and one of the cons is an unhealthy environment. It is no secret that large cities produce more carbon dioxide and that there are not a lot of green areas for your children to grow in. Of course, there are a lot of large cities that are pretty green like San Francisco, Washington, LA, and others. But also there are a lot of greatly polluted places like Seattle, Salt Lake City, or San Jose. So people decide to move to another, healthier place. You can take the where should I move quiz, but if a healthy environment is one of the most important criteria for you to live in, then you should look for a city that fits these standards. Some websites and apps, like Air Visual, can even show you particle pollution concentration.

Maybe You Like a Better House on a Beach

When we talk about What are good reasons to relocate, buying a beach house is definitely one of the best. If you are tired of snow and cold weather (and trust us, many folks get tired of this,) you are probably looking for a warmer place to live. And what can be better than a house on a beach or near the ocean? It is a well-known fact that California has some of the most environmentally healthy cities in the world. And above all, there are good job opportunities, schools, and neighborhoods. So pack your glasses for moving and prepare everything to move to wine state.

California beach
The most green cities are in California, but they are more expensive too

Looking for a Cheaper Place to Live In

When it comes to saving some money, the best way to do that will be if you find a place with a low cost of living. This means that you will look for a city with affordable housing options and a good job market. More and more Americans across the country become victims of gentrification and are forced to change the city they live in. No wonder some smaller towns are getting more and more popular. This move can be hard, especially if you lived in one place your entire life. All of a sudden, you have to deal with packing fragile things or mastering the use of packing paper, and don’t know where to begin and how to overcome this emotional stress. Just take some time to process everything and look at the positive side of this relocation. You will meet new people and have a larger and better house, your new place can be more family-friendly, and your neighbors may be nicer.

Relocation to Suburbs to Reduce the Cost of Living

Sometimes living in a big city can become expensive. Especially if you are a newlywed couple with a baby on the way. Most Americans decide to move to the suburbs of the city they live in so they can reduce their cost of living. Or to have the same expenditures but with a better quality of life, like a bigger house with a yard and garage. So this is a pretty common reason to move and it does make a lot of sense, especially if you are moving with pets.

Big house in suburb
Not only houses are bigger in the suburbs, but cheaper too

You Seek New Adventures

It is in human nature to explore and to seek new adventures. It can be said that, in this modern-day, exploring new places to live is more popular than ever. More and more young Americans decide to move because they want to change their surroundings, environment, and city in general. Sometimes people just need to start over and what a better way to do so then to move to a different state. If you are thinking about relocating but don’t have guts for that yet then check this video to see experience from others.

It Is Time to Retire

If you are close to retirement, you are probably thinking, like many Americans, where should you move. And it is no wonder many decide to move when retired. After all those years of hard work you deserve to live wherever you want. Or maybe you wish to move closer to your children and be more around your grandchildren.

Moving Because You Want a Smaller Home

Some people move after retirement because they need to downsize their homes.The big house is hard to maintain, and some older people have a hard time walking up stairs or cleaning by themself. If you have a need to move to a smaller place, organizing your move with a professional company will be much easier. You can make a moving binder to help you track all the things you need to relocate. If you don’t have the energy to pack your dishes or learn how to pack clothes, then hire movers for a packing service. They can even provide a car shipping service and all the boxes and packing supplies you need.

Beach house in Florida
If you wish to retire, Florida is an excellent choice

These Are the Most Common Reasons to Move

In the end, no matter what your reasons to move are, one thing is clear – every change can be positive and challenging, and every relocation is hard. So if you do choose to move, make sure to hire a good, reputable moving company. You will be surprised how many moving scams are there. So before any big step do good research of the movers, new city, state, job markets, schools, and other crucial things for good quality life and easy relocation.

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