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Easy Tips for How to Organize Your Move

Posted in Moving Tips & Tricks,Planning the Move on February 7, 2021

Do you want to learn how to organize your move to be as simple as possible? Believe it or not, there’s a way to make long-distance moving smooth and on schedule. How? Try our tips – we have made a chronological list of things to do if you wish to make moving across the country straightforward and care-free.

If you’re planning on moving cross country, you’ll need the answer to the question What’s the best way to organize. This isn’t a simple task, and it takes a lot of time, nerves, and meticulous planning, so you don’t forget something or make a mistake. It’s also very stressful, but with the right planning, you’re safe to say that you don’t have to be anxious about relocating. We hope that you’re reading this on time because…

…The First Tip for Learning How to Organize Your Move Is Starting Early

No matter if you’re moving for love and your head is in the clouds, or you’re moving for work and you’re checking how to get a job before you move, you need to start preparing for the move as early as possible. That will give you enough time to plan and do everything there is to be done. As soon as you’re certain that you’ll relocate to another state, start making arrangements.

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Create a Realistic Relocation Budget

A good moving budget will save you from the chaos, worries, stress, and sleepless nights, especially if you’re moving to another state alone. Start saving early, and check how much it costs to move. Don’t forget to include all the supplies or help from the long-distance movers. If you’re left with no money while half of your things are packed, and you have to leave your home in a few hours – that will be a guaranteed nervous breakdown.

A girl holding her head while sitting with packages
Relocating can be very frustrating if you’re not organized well

Moving Can Be Confusing – Stay Organized With a List or a Binder

Having a good moving to-do list is half of the work – create yourself a plan you’ll follow through. You can use this article and put each headline as a to-do task. It will help you keep track of things to do, and it will also motivate you to continue if you lose hope at some moment. Trus us, it’s not impossible.

You Can Buy a Binder at a Dollar Store

Making a moving binder is a great way to stay organized. You’ll have everything in one place, and you can carry it with you at all times. Your tasks will be clear, and you’ll always know what should be done next. Sort them as you like – by urgency, by room, or some other way. Take a look at the video below to see how to create a relocation planner:

Before You Start to Pack, Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

This is one of the crucial moving hacks. The perfect way to relocate to another state properly is to create a household inventory list, but before that, you need to get rid of unnecessary things. Relocating them to your new home will not only take extra effort, but it will also increase the price of your move. Some stuff is cheaper to buy once you arrive than to pay for the relocation.

Each Family House Has Some Stuff No One Needs

Houses are usually full of stuff no one used for years, especially if you’ve lived there for a long period and you have a lot of family members. If this is your case, go through each room and see what is unneeded. Take that stuff and put them on a pile. Then, you can sort them based on what you plan to do with them – sell, donate, or throw out. You can even throw a garage sale and earn a couple of bucks – it will surely come in handy in the time of cross country relocating.

A person holding papers with wear donate throw away signs
Contact a local charity or a thrift shop and see if they’re in need of some things that you have

Get All the Supplies for Packing

Another important task before you start wrapping everything that comes to your hands is buying or getting boxes and packing supplies for free. For some delicate things, you’ll require high-quality supplies, while not-so-delicate stuff can be moved in boxes you got from a local store. Make sure you have enough packing paper for moving, bubble wrap, and boxes – it’s better to have some extra at the end of the packaging than to realize you’re short for a couple of meters of paper. You can also use blankets for relocating.

A person holding a box full of crumpled paper
Even if you think you have enough, get some more supplies, just in case

What Is the Best Way to Start Packing to Move?

This is confirmed by thousands of people that moved recently – the best way to start packaging is to go room by room. Start with the stuff you rarely use, but you still require them in another house and pack them first. As the relocation day approaches, pack more and more stuff that doesn’t have to hang around anymore. After that, you’ll be left with just a few crucial items. This is also where having a household inventory list comes in handy.

Labeling the Boxes Will Help You With How to Organize Your Move

Have you learned how to pack clothes for moving? Now it’s the moment to label that box. Don’t be lazy when doing that – write a detailed description on the box or in your binder if you don’t want to share with movers what’s inside. You can color code the boxes by rooms or the type of content, just don’t forget to write on them if it’s something delicate and fragile.

A person taping a box with a fragile label
Fragile and “this side up” stickers are a must

Pay Special Attention When Packing Fragile Items

Packaging fragile items is very important, especially when it comes to long-distance moves. You’ll have to learn how to pack dishes for moving and how to pack glasses for moving, and all other sensitive stuff such as electronics. All of this stuff has to be fully protected on all sides so that nothing breaks once it arrives at the destination. If you have to check out how to move a piano or some other instrument, you might want to ask professionals for help.

A mover pushing a piano
Don’t do something by yourself if you’re not sure that you know how

When Organizing for a Move, Leave a Bag With Essentials

Don’t forget to fill a bag with moving essentials. Once everything is packed, this bag will be the only available item that you’ll carry with you. Wondering what should be inside? Here’s a short list:

  • Medicines for you or members of your family,
  • Some clothes for the first few days,
  • Your personal hygiene,
  • If you’re moving with pets, leave their essentials as well,
  • A charger and a laptop,
  • Keep the moving agenda with you in that bag.

If you’re a parent, fill a bag of the essentials for your kid. This will help you during the trip, especially if you’re relocating from one coast to another and you have a long way ahead of you.

Father and daughter with packages outside
Don’t forget about the essentials while you’re packaging

An Important Part of How to Organize a Move Is Disconnecting the Utilities

Since you’ll be leaving your home now, contact all the utility providers you had and notify them that you’re relocating. If you’re renting the place, you probably won’t have to do that if the next tenant is coming right after you. Call your landlord and make a plan that works for both of you.

Part of Learning How to Organize Moving Is Learning How to Change Your Address

The next person shouldn’t receive your mail, and you shouldn’t worry if somebody’s reading your letters. If you want to avoid that, go to the USPS website and fill out the form for the change of address. You will also have to update your documents, such as the driver’s license, since you’re going to live in another state.

A white mailbox
Keep the mail coming at the right address even when you relocate

How Do I Organize My New House?

Once you arrive at your new place, you will have some organizing to do as well. That is when you’ll be thankful for all the work you’ve done before the move. Arrange the boxes in their designated rooms and start unpacking by the priority. The first should be the bathroom – soap, towels, toilet paper, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Then, you can unpack your bedsheets (because you will be tired and you’ll require a good nap,) and then you can unpack the kitchen items. It’s better to order food instead of cooking, at least until all of the trash and dirt is out of your apartment. Set up the new utilities and enjoy your new life.

A couple unpacking the cardboard packages
Unpacking can be a pain if you haven’t packed properly

If You Don’t Have Time to Figure Out How to Organize for a Move, Call Reputable Cross Country Movers

Many people today don’t have enough time for all of this physical work and planning. Luckily, there is someone who knows how to pack a moving truck – if you get the professional cross country moving services, your only task will be to sit back and relax while movers do all the work. Regardless if you’re moving in winter to some of the mountain cities or in the summer season, they have all the equipment required for a safe move. Check how much do movers cost when creating a budget and learn how to tip movers because working with professionals will mean that there are no moving scams. A trustworthy company will provide you with cross country moving, a storage facility, as well as car shipping, and of course packing services for all items – if you say so. Even international shipping is possible when you’re dealing with a reputable business. Let a good company take care of your relocation and make this experience the most relaxed one that you’ll ever have.

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