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Is Safe Moving During Coronavirus Possible? Here’s the Answer

Posted in Moving Essentials,Planning the Move on March 25, 2021

The entire world has been experiencing the shifts caused by the pandemic. The occurrences related to it have reshaped each industry and all aspects of living. Still, one of the main questions remains – Is safe moving during Coronavirus possible? Luckily, it is. Relocation processes are always somewhat stressful and challenging. However, with these actionable tips, you can transfer your belongings and move into your new home with no health hazards. Moreover, you can make the entire process safer and smoother if you choose to hire a reliable cross country moving company. So, let’s discuss in detail all you need to know about this topic.

What Is COVID-19?

According to CDC, COVID-19 is a highly contagious respiratory illness. This disease was unknown before its outbreak started in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. It’s classified as a new strain in a group of coronaviruses that can be spread among animals and humans. Luckily, the number of infected people has been dropping in the past 30 days across the US. You can find more statistics and updates on CDC Data Tracker.

Moving During Covid-19 Outbreak: How Physical and Social Distancing Impact Your Move

Moving during a pandemic can get a bit tricky due to the numerous precautions and recommended measures. Social (or physical) distancing is the prime policy that should keep everyone safe. The principal idea is to stay healthy by:

  • Staying at least six feet from each other (except the people we live with,)
  • Avoiding groups,
  • Keeping away from public events and gatherings.


The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that staying clear of close contact with people who are not your immediate family or roommates prevents the spread of the virus. So, what about seeking cross-country services? Many cities and states requested the temporary closure of non-essential businesses during the past year. However, relocation companies are, in fact, essential. Since the date of someone’s move is often non-negotiable, many truly need help from experienced cross-country movers. If that’s your case, make sure to do your research thoroughly and organize your move adequately, according to all recommendations.

two fists in rubber gloves
Physical distancing and other recommended precautions are necessary for your safety.

How to Move During Coronavirus

If you’re considering relocation during the pandemic, there are things you should keep in mind:

  • You ought to find a suitable cross country moving company,
  • Before the relocation day arrives, you should clean thoroughly and disinfect your entire home,
  • Strive to get the necessary boxes and packing supplies in one go,
  • Learn about policies and acceptable behaviors during the day you relocate,
  • Plan your activities and things you must do after the relocation.


Whichever your reasons to move are, be sure to research properly, clean up, prepare yourself, and pack on time.

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Firstly, you need to choose the right crew, then you will have to take care of the cleaning, packing, and safety matters

Explore Multiple Moving Companies and Choose Carefully

Aside from the regular steps you should take to contact the best associates for your relocation and avoid scams, there are other norms in the new normal. When relocating, all sorts of questions run through your head. And now, you’ll have even more on your plate. Before hiring movers, make sure to ask them about the measures they are taking to ensure a safe relocation during the outbreak. Most respectable long-distance moving experts understand that your safety and securing your belongings come first during any move. Nevertheless, when it comes to your health, the company you choose now must show extra watchfulness. So, when you get in touch with their representatives, ask them these questions:

  • What precautions are you taking to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?
  • How are you protecting your drivers and crew?
  • Which safety measures do you recommend I take during my relocation?
  • What would you do if one of your workers or customers has been tested positive for the virus?
  • Can you provide additional information about the moves during the outbreak?


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Get Virtual Quotes from Several Companies

Minimizing in-person interaction is an important step in limiting the spread of coronavirus. At this time, there is an alternative to the traditional on-site estimate that helps you calculate your relocation budget. This way, you can walk an estimator through your home remotely. You’d be using video chat on your mobile phone.

Firstly, you need to talk about it with your chosen company and find out how you can best get ready for their virtual quote process. Once you agree to go for this option, take care of these aspects:

  • Make sure your phone is fully charged,
  • Ensure you have a strong internet connection,
  • Manage the lighting so that the estimator can have a proper view of your household and all belongings,
  • Open all cabinets, drawers, and closets to showcase the items you will pack and bring to your new home,
  • Have a tape measure with you, just if your estimator asks you to measure some of the items.


Virtual assessments are one of the modern-day relocation hacks we must get used to in order to stay safe.

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You can restart your life and arrange your household the way you like on the budget, and still get your estimations without a face to face contact

Clean and Disinfect Your Household

If you were seeking a time-saving option, you could hire professional cleaners to help you out. Still, given the current safety guidelines, hiring a cleaning crew to tidy up your home is not prudent. Right now, the safest choice is for you to do the house cleaning yourself. Here are some of the suggestions regarding the disinfection of households:

  • Practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces (such as tables, desks, doorknobs, handles, light switches, faucets, sinks, toilets, and electronics,)
  • While doing so, make sure to follow the instructions when using cleaning and sanitizing products,
  • Learn about every product and its features. For instance, you should never mix bleach with any other cleaner,
  • Always wear rubber gloves and other protective wear, if indicated,
  • Open your windows and doors frequently to allow in the fresh air.


Here is a video that can help you get ready for deep cleaning, the procedure that awaits again upon arriving at your new homestead. Also, you will find out which products you should use:

Make Sure to Clean Up Again the Day Before the Cross Country Movers Arrive

One of the best pieces of advice on how to move during Covid is to pack timely. Your relocation essentials and the rest of your stuff should be packed at least 24 hours before long-distance movers arrive at your place. Since this virus can last quite a while on open surfaces, you should finalize your preparation in advance. Follow these actionable packing tips to get it all rightly:


This way, you will be ready on time and you can give your household another round of disinfection. Although the crew that helps you relocate will be wearing gloves, keep your cardboard boxes untouched for at least one day for everyones’ safety.

person cleaning
Don't forget - you should finish packing and give another round of cleaning to your living area 24 hours before your relocation starts

Get All the Necessary Supplies in One Go

Be sure to know precisely what you’re going to need for your move. As we mentioned, avoiding crowded places and groups is highly recommended in every state. This rule applies to the local stores and malls too. You’ll want to get your purchase right with just one trip to the store, and you can do it by estimating your needs based on the number of rooms and people living in your house. Bonus tip: While you’re there, buy some extra supplies. Buy some:

  • Boxes of various sizes,
  • Packing paper,
  • Plastic wrap,
  • Bubble wrap for packing glasses and light fragile items,
  • Rubber gloves for yourself,
  • Plastic bags and containers for liquids, cleaning products, and bathroom items.


Also, you should get some markers to label your boxes properly. Not only will it help you keep track of your stuff, but it will enable long-distance moving experts you’ve hired to know how to pack the moving truck.

packing supplies
You're going to need several boxes, some packing paper, and other materials to preserve your stuff

Moving During the Pandemic: Things You’re Supposed to Do on a Relocation Day

Keeping yourself and everyone around you safe during the move involves following these recommendations:

  • Avoid handshakes and choose some of the non-contact methods of greeting.
  • While the crew works on loading and unloading your belongings, you must practice physical distancing. Stay six feet apart from the drivers and workers.
  • If you wish to help out, strive not to. Show your appreciation by tipping the movers.
  • Take good care of hygiene and sanitation.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.
  • Wear a mask when you’re near other people.
  • Avoid touching your face and eyes.


Is It Safe to Move During Covid 19 Pandemic?

Nowadays, all reliable cross-country moving companies have to act differently. These businesses took the coronavirus pandemic very seriously and came up with protocols made to protect their employees and customers:

  • They must follow federal and local guidelines about social distancing and sanitization,
  • Companies offered virtual surveys instead of conducting on-site estimations,
  • Trucks and all equipment are frequently sanitized,
  • Every truck has hand sanitizers inside,
  • All employees wear masks and gloves.


Before signing a contract with one organization that will help you transport your possessions, discuss their policy and see how they promote health and safety.

person using a hand sanitizer
It's safe to relocate during the pandemic if you follow the recommended guidelines and precautions

Things to Do After You Move

Now that we have covered the question Can I move during coronavirus safely, it’s time to see what comes afterward. Before unpacking and getting all nice and cozy after your move, you will need to clean some more. Disinfection is the inevitable part of the housewarming these days. It’s not only about cleaning and disinfecting your furniture and belongings. You will also have to dispose of all packing materials properly.

boxes and cleaning products
Clean and disinfect before unpacking

Other Information Regarding Relocating During the Outbreak

Now that we covered the process step-by-step, here are some more details to consider in order to stay safe and healthy:

  • If you or anyone from your family experiences any symptoms related to the coronavirus, let the relocation experts know ASAP,
  • Avoid using free, borrowed, or recycled boxes since the virus can remain on their surfaces for 24 hours.,
  • Get more hand sanitizer and similar products and leave them for your relocation assistants to use,
  • If you’re in one of the high-risk groups, consider staying put and relocating when the entire situation starts to feel safer for all,
  • If you must cancel the relocation service, do it as soon as possible. Canceling is acceptable, and you should have no financial repercussions.
multiple emojis with masks
Stay well-informed and keep yourself and everyone around you safe

Are You Moving During Coronavirus?

According to USPS data, nearly 16 million people have moved during the pandemic. Compared to 2019, the requests for a temporary change of address increased by 27%. The spikes were noticed in March and July. Summer months are usually the busiest ones since not many choose to move in the winter. However, if you’re also contemplating relocation to another state alone or with family, maybe it would be best if you waited until the outbreak is over. If you can postpone this major shift, that would most likely be the best option. And if not, just ensure that you hired the most trustworthy cross-country movers. In addition to transportation, car shipping, and packing services, you can count on storage units upon hiring one of them. Be safe and do your research. Take good care of your health and of those who participate in your relocation.

Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

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