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How to Get a Job Before You Move – Best Tips

Posted in How-to on August 1, 2020

Long-distance relocation and job seeking are not a match made in heaven. Separating these two, and knowing how to get a job before you move will save you from unnecessary stress, financial worries and help you settle into your new environment as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ve prepared a few useful job hunting tips to help you land an interview, and hopefully, a job even before you move your household across the country.

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You need to prepare yourself to get a job before you move.

Know Your Geography

Getting familiar with your future state or city is an essential part of the process of relocation and adaptation, as well as finding work. People tend to be different depending on where they come from, so you’ll know what to expect and what work ethics to accommodate when moving to a new state.

Ask your friends, family, current work colleagues, or acquaintances if they know someone in the place that you’re moving to. Maybe you find out that your cousin used to live and work in the city you’re moving to, and you didn’t even know that!

All the useful information about the new place and employment positions there are welcome. What are the best neighborhoods? Where to eat? What’s the weather like? Is it better to use public transportation or to get car shipping services and drive? Ask someone, google the area, and find out.

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Use Linkedin For Finding a New Job

Online platforms for business and job hunting are a significant first step that you can take when planning a move to another city. Nowadays, every company that’s hiring creates an online ad, letting you know that they’re recruiting. Explore your options on the Internet and apply to any position that you like and are qualified for; there’s nothing you can lose.

Linkedin is a vast business network with more than 500 million members that allows you to access knowledge and engage with professionals all around the world, including the ones in your future place of residence. Moving to a new home will require that you make a new career network, so get ready to start with that on time.

Search for Articles About Jobs

Reading blogs about jobs on Linkedin or some other work-related site would be helpful. You’ll find out something you didn’t know that may give you an edge over other candidates competing for the same position.

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It’s a smart move to search the web to find a career before the relocation

Getting a Job is All About The First Impression

Put yourself in the position of a business owner or a manager. Think of what you would like to see or hear from someone who expressed the desire to be in your company, and act that way. When you find the desired position, you need to apply and contact that firm. When they get back at you, that will be your chance to convince them. Explain that you’re ready to move because of that position and let them know that you’ll come to the city and when.

Write a Good Resume and Cover Letter

A resume amounts to the first impression that you’ll make on your prospective employer, so make good use out of it. Explaining plainly but confidently who you are, what you’ve done before, what are your strong sides, your talents and expertise is what your new employer needs and wants to hear. What does a good resume entail?

Firstly, find a suitable template that you’ll use. They already have sections, so you just need to fill them out. They mostly relate to personal/contact info, summary and objective statements, employment history, and education. Here are some good free templates that you can use.

A cover letter is also very important, and it’s your chance to stand out from the crowd and get a job in the new city easily. Be creative in explaining why you are the right person for that company and for that position. You need to write the right hook to get the reader, in this case, the recruitment manager, interested. You can finish by thanking in advance and expressing the desire to talk to somebody to give you the opportunity.

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Make sure to impress the employer with your application, since you don’t have a chance to talk face to face yet

Sound Confident

If the firm you want to work for decides to conduct an interview via video call or just a plain phone call, it’s vital to sound positive and self-assured. No one wants to hire someone who seems desperate or insecure. That kind of person doesn’t seem like someone that can improve the team they are joining. Present yourself as someone they need, and that is their best choice. The tone in your appeal to the future company is crucial, both in written and talking form. Employers might prefer the more reachable, local people, so you’ll need to be even more convincing to achieve your career goal and land that job.

Know What to Say to the Manager During a Job Interview

HR specialist or a representative from the recruitment team could contact you anytime after you apply, so don’t be surprised if and when that happens. It could even be that your new manager wants a word with you (live or over a call). Prepare for it by making that conversation in your head beforehand. You can even rehearse what you’d say to the interviewer to get ready for any situation. The management is there to evaluate you, so be at the top of your game.

Now That You Know How To Get a Job Before You Move,  Just Grab It

Preparing your home for sale, gathering house-hunting tips from experts, booking moving services, and hunting for jobs at the same time might seem like a handful. Finding employment before you move is a step in the right direction, as it will spare you a lot of running around and worrying about the moving budget. Just make sure that you start searching for a job on time. There’s no need to be scared or skeptical, even if you’re moving to another state alone. You won’t know what awaits you till you get there.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Change

Living and working in the same place your whole life is outdated, so don’t be afraid to move! Moving always brings unique experiences, and everything will be much more comfortable with a good relocation company that’s properly licensed and insured. You can even move your office if you need corporate or business relocation and get packing services with all of the moving supplies.

You’ll need good logistics for this kind of move, but securing employment before you relocate to a new environment will make sure you have a stress-free moving experience.

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