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Welcome to the official site of Cross Country Movers, ready to take you from here to any place in the US at your request. Why choose us in the sea of moving companies? It’s simple: We are a very organized group of expert movers, who bring new meaning to the idea of professional moving. We are tremendously motivated to work hard to live up to our name, and we are equally dedicated to helping our customers make a safe relocation to the country or state of their choice.

What is it that we do differently?

We will grant you a wide range of moving services at competitive prices, among lowest on the market, and gladly alter our ways to accommodate your specific circumstances or demands. Our enduring goal as a respectable enterprise is to maintain a high level of service and meeting each customer’s needs while offering superior moving and shipping experience.

Our seasoned staff members come from many different backgrounds, but have a few things in common: they are all well-trained professionals in their respective fields, they are very skillful and punctual while working on their tasks, and have the same sense of responsibility as their supervisors. They are ready to offer you the same quality of service, be it moving, shipping, loading or packing, just as they would do if it were their relocation. With them on your side, you won’t have to worry about missing deadlines or anything going wrong in the process of relocation.

We also participate in many various charity events and causes, and you can join in by becoming our client as well. We offer our clients the possibility of donating food to Move for Hunger movement, which helps starving children in the US. We are now their member and partner, along with many other companies you can see donating on their site. We have a passion for helping people whose fates have not been as kind as ours, by promoting this movement and working tirelessly to collect as much food as we can from our clients’ relocations. You can pitch in by, instead of throwing away food before the move, you make sure to contact one of our representatives saying you wish to help the Move for Hunger objective and are willing to give up some of your food articles. 

Our most prominent features

We can arrange for you to get a full residential move, or a car shipping service, and even send professional packers to your door. Don’t burden yourself with unnecessary tasks live driving your car from your former home state all the way over to your new home, which can be thousands of miles away. Why would you put yourself through months of planning and weeks of executing according to the packing schedule when you can employ our team of professional packers to do that for you swiftly and efficiently? Do you have any previous experience in relocation? Even if you don’t, you must know how unpredictable it can get. This is why we offer home relocation service to our customers. The best part is that you will get a flat price for your move, without any hidden costs, so there won’t be anything to worry about. 


Moving from  New York is a breez with Cross Country Moving Company. Cross Country Moving Company can handle all your moving needs, wheather you are 
relocating from the Big Apple or are you ready to move to New York  and start building your new life.
Our expert moving team are trained to ensure the safetyof your personal belongings.
Our misson is to bring high quality, long distance  services to every customer.
Our company top priority is to keep your valuables safe and secure during your move.
Auto Shipping
Cross Country Moving Company is the most trusted  name in auto industry in the country.


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