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How to Survive Moving to Another State Alone

Posted in Moving Essentials,Moving Tips & Tricks on December 14, 2020

Cross country moving can seem easier than relocating internationally, but it also comes with its challenges. If you are moving to another state alone, it can get even more challenging since all of the tasks and stress remain, but you’ve got nobody to share that with. You can still take this in your stride, and with the right preparation and mindset, you can fully enjoy this experience.

Going to create life in a foreign place on your own is a huge, exciting step in your life, whatever your reasons for it might be. You are bound to be challenged on this path, but you can overcome any problems with good organization. Read on to find out what you should think about.

What to Do When Moving to Another State? – Before You Set-Off

Once you decide that you are ready for moving cross country, try to choose your future state wisely. Sometimes that decision is easy if the motive is strong enough; for example, you are leaving for love, a better job opportunity, or the college of your choice. Still, sometimes all you feel is the great, insatiable desire for change and valuable experiences. If this is your case, take the time to weigh up your options before choosing where you want to go.

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Do Your Research and Read Blogs

Before you start making your moving binder with all the tasks you plan for your moving to a new state alone adventure, make an informed decision. You can start by looking up statistics on the US Census Bureau website and learn about the population, economy, health, and housing. For example, if you want to move to a cosmopolitan, multicultural city, you can check here what places are for you. You should also browse through the cost of living databases such as Numbeo and Expatistan to learn about the average income and prices in different states or Areavibes to check their living standards. Figures on these sites are never completely reliable, but they can help you immensely to get a picture of where you are heading. Finally, blogs can be a powerful way to learn more about living somewhere but bear in mind that they always present the writer’s opinion, not undeniable facts.

Make a List of Pros and Cons of Different States

Before you get your packing paper for moving out, make a list of the pros and cons of your top picks. Ask yourself – what is most important to you? Do you know how to get a job before you move to any of these places? Will you be able to cover the prices of housing? And more importantly, consider whether you’ll be happy in a particular state or whether it has what you are looking for, be it best entertainment, culture, open-mindedness, or something else.

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It’s vital to decide well

How to Move to Another State Alone?

Once you have chosen your state, you can get to logistics. Now is the time to decide whether you will pull off a DIY move or you need the assistance of a cross country moving company. Create a household inventory list and brainstorm what you’ll really need. Since you are trying to understand how to move to another state by yourself, bear in mind, there won’t be other people to consult or rely on. You should choose whether a furnished apartment to rent would be better or you want to go all out and learn how to pack a moving truck. Once you create a plan, you will see which cross country moving services you need.

How Much Does It Cost to Relocate to Another State?

If arranging cross country moving services is the best way to move to another state, in your case, start thinking about the prices. If you are wondering how much do movers cost, look up different companies. The quotes can vary depending on the services you are looking for. Perhaps you can’t decide whether you will want packing services along with boxes and packing supplies or you need more help with car shipping and storage services. Whatever your doubts are, call different state to state movers and compare their estimates and reliability to avoid moving scams.

A man calculating costs
Work out how much money you will need to move your home

Tips for Moving Out of State Alone

To have a transition as smooth as possible, plan as early as possible. Prepare your moving essentials for the big day and check out some useful moving hacks that can save you time and money.

The Best Is to Pack Light

If you’re thinking about how to pack clothes for moving, remember that less is more. Be realistic; if you haven’t worn an item for more than a year, what are the odds you’ll wear it now? Besides, you don’t want your entire old life transferred, leave some space for new stuff in the future home. The same applies to packing other things. If the last time you played the instrument was in elementary, do you really want to learn how to move a piano now?

Plan Your Post-Moving Budget

When you finish researching the cost of living in the state you chose, try to think of a spending plan. How much do you plan to spend on your rent, and what portion of your income will go to food and leisure activities. This kind of preparation will lead you to set expectations and avoid stress because you will know exactly what your possibilities and limitations are.

Boxes with things on the floor
Try to be smart when you pack your things

Moving to Another State Alone – Step 1 – Get a Job

Congratulations! You found out how to tip movers, and you waved them bye. Your relocation is over, and your life is starting. To find your feet in the new place, you have to be smart and do things one by one. To be able to stick to your moving budget and thrive where you are, you can’t rely only on your savings. Of course, the more savings you’ve got, the better, but finding work is still crucial. Don’t panic if you come jobless; there are ways to overcome this and tips you can learn.

Don’t Be Scared of Bridge Jobs

Apply for as many jobs as you can, and if you need work as soon as possible, don’t only consider working in your field. Sectors such as retail or leisure and hospitality are always hiring, so think outside the box and just start somewhere. Don’t be scared to find a bridge job because it won’t be forever, and it’ll help you pay the bills and settle down. While working these kinds of jobs, don’t forget about your dreams. Think of ways to excel at what you want to do and learn about work opportunities in the new place. If you land a desired job interview, make sure you come prepared. Take a look at this video to learn more about useful tips that can help you get the job!

Step 2 – Find a Place to Stay in the New State

If you are on the lookout for a place to stay, the same advice applies as for the job. If you have plenty of money, then you can immediately rent in the neighborhood you like. But, if you are hard up, consider temporary housing such as Airbnb or hostels. This will give you the security of having a place to stay while you can still search for housing that suits you both financially and personally.

How to Choose a New Home if You Are Renting?

Home is a crucial aspect of your overall relocation experience. So, choose where you’ll be living wisely. First, try not to agree to contracts that oblige you to stay for a long time if you’re not a hundred percent sure about it. This is not always easy since landlords also need certain security, but try to reach the agreement that is best for both sides. You can also consider having roommates since it can significantly reduce your expenses and ease finding new friends. Finally, it’s crucial that you research the area since every city has that part nobody wants to live in, so try not to wind up there.

A house with a for rent sign in front
Always think twice before renting a place

Step 3 – Make the Most of Your Time in the City

After you have finished setting up your job and home, try to enjoy as much as you can. Ultimately, it’s what you came here for. Whether you are a fan of culture or a keen club-goer, remember not to lose yourself in only trying to figure out how to move out of state alone and make or save money. It’s alright not to have everything figured out, and it’s vital to have memories because when you look back, they are what you will like to remember most.

Make Friends

This will make a world of difference to you. If you’re insecure about doing this, try to be as outgoing as possible and sign up for different hobbies in your city. When they do what they like, people tend to be more open and friendly. So, now you can take up a hobby or two and revel in your interests. Besides, you can always try different networking opportunities and attend events you believe will attract exciting and inspiring people. Finally, you can try various meeting apps. It doesn’t matter how you will meet new friends, but the key is to be open and really put yourself out there. Perhaps a small detail such as moving with pets will spark off a stimulating conversation and be your ticket to a circle of people. There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain.

See What’s Trending

Choose where to go and what to visit. Maybe, your new place has got some unique events, restaurants or other cool spots. Don’t miss out on these. Get recommendations from your acquaintances and read reviews on sites such as Yelp to help you choose where to head to and get tips. Apps such as Instagram might also inspire you to explore coffee shops, neighborhoods, stores, and much more. Don’t be scared to try out a bit of everything because you won’t know what is good in your new city and what you like if you don’t!

Get Ready to Learn New Things

Immerse in another way of life. Try to grasp and feel what you have in common with your neighbors and what sets you apart from them. Use this wonderful experience to learn more about your own culture and how it differs from state to state. Managing to adapt to a different cultural environment will only add another string to your bow.

People sitting at a table and chatting
Going alone to an unknown city can be a wonderful learning experience in lots of ways

Should I Move to a New State Alone?

Once you have resolved your dilemmas like – How do I move to a city by myself or How can I move to another state alone, you’re ready to recreate your life. You’re starting an adventure in an unfamiliar place far from your support network, friends, and family. But, this can be great since you will learn how to grow best, solve problems on your own, and live with no restraints. Don’t give up just because you are scared! Most people are of the unknown, but that shouldn’t prevent you from trying. Focus on your goals, and you will do just fine.

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