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Definitive Guide to How to Pack Glasses for Moving

Posted in Moving Essentials on December 23, 2020

Preparing your kitchen and the items inside for relocation might be one of the hardest tasks everyone faces. The reason behind it is that learning how to pack glasses for moving consists of various aspects and things to consider if you want to get to your new house with a glass half full. But, lucky for you, with our foolproof guide, you’ll be ready for all the kitchen fun.

Drinkware requires special attention in the process of preparation because of all belongings in your entire household they’re the most prone to breaking. If you took the time to create your collection over the years or you inherited a valuable set, do focus because even the tiny mistakes can wreak havoc. These are all things to take care of.

How To Pack Glassware for Moving Stage 1 – Prepare

Once your household inventory list is ready and you pluck up the courage to deal with the fragiles in the kitchen, make sure you have a strategy. It means you must know the process, the nuts and bolts of how to pack dishes, and how you want to approach glassware. Perhaps a day is enough or if you plan on using your drinkware up until the last moment, then make sure you familiarize yourself with last-minute relocating hacks. Whatever the case, think it all through.

A woman taping the box
If you do this right, you set yourself up for success

How To Pack Glasses Step 2 – Find the Right Materials and Boxes

In this particular case, materials are everything for the simple reason that if you don’t obtain the high-quality ones, you are in danger of messing everything up. We’ll tackle boxes promptly, but first, let’s talk about moving essentials and all the magical supplies you need to get before you set off for your adventure. For the how to pack glassware efficiently potion, you’ll need:

  • Packing paper – the more, the merrier, bonus points if you use eco-friendly variants,
  • Peanuts – to fill the void and reduce the risk of breaking the spell, and your objects too,
  • Bubble wrap – in case you want to be extra safe,
  • Tape – you’ll need it for everything, so the sooner it finds its way to your relocation binder, the better,
  • Sharpies or other permanent markers – Invest in some better ones if you don’t expect your helpers or cross country movers to know the invisibility charm.
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What To Avoid?

You should always try to save an extra buck, but with something valuable or dear to your heart, you might not want to experiment. All house alternatives are like all innovations – creative but not infallible. Let’s see why:

  • Towels – they’re hailed by many as space maximizers and financial helpers, but they have a dark side too. Nowhere near are they reliable as specially designed boxes and packing supplies,
  • Suitcases – the fans of DIY and those who hold something against containers try to point to the benefits of empty suitcases that can serve as containers. Give it a shot if you always liked roulette and want to take pot luck,
  • Newspaper – not only did they stop being informative as they used to, but nowadays more and more people shun it when they relocate because a) they can smudge and leave traces and b) come nowhere close to the paper.
A worried girl, holding her head
All makeshift alternatives are to be used cautiously

What Kind of Box Qualifies for the Task?

Moving boxes for glasses should be one of the first goals when you think about how to organize your move. Now, many people are too busy with other obligations, such as thinking about their careers or googling questions like how to get a job before you move to start the hunt on time. And then they settle for anything because they’re pressed for time. Avert that ancestor of moving scams and remember these expert tips:

  • You can use storage containers or some you used already but ensure they’re sturdy,
  • Purchase dish boxes if you want to do it all by the book,
  • Those with cell-dividers can facilitate the process a lot,
  • Choose smaller and medium-sized ones because they’ll be just fine, and the more you load, the more room you open for problems.

A Free Box and Where To Find It?

If you want your moving budget to stay intact as much as possible, prick up your ears because we’ve got some handy pieces of advice. Free containers are actually all around you, but you need to know where to look:

  • Destination A – Your favorite restaurant is replete with these, and if it’s your favorite, you must be a favorite customer, so they’ll be glad to spare,
  • Destination B – Liquor stores might be the best as they specialize in drinks,
  • Destination C – Grocery store chains such as Walmart and Costco; the coveted objects are usually available in the early mornings, so make hay while the sun shines.
A pile of cardboard containers on the floor
Take your time here and try to save up money while you're at it

Learn How to Wrap and Go About Packing Glasses in Five Simple Steps

Packaging fragile items such as glassware requires skill and now that you’ve got the tools, it’s time we reveal the incantation, or just the procedure if you don’t believe in the power of relocations.

Protect Your Box First

The old magi and other people who have relocated frequently would tell you that you need to make a protective layer at the bottom and later top of your box to prevent shifting. It’s best to start with taking about 4 inches of rolled-up packing paper and spread it for this purpose. You can also reinforce the containers with tape if you feel some ominous foreboding.

Wrap Tightly

The next thing you want to do is place the glass on the corner of your paper, gathering two sheets of it to wrap around the whole object. Also, yes, tuck the wrapping in as you go. Don’t try the multiplying spells because, unlike some other dishes these don’t go together.

The Best Way to Pack Glasses Is Vertically

Once you finish with wrapping, you reach a milestone. Don’t let your effort go to waste so also remember that glasses should always be placed upside down and vertically. There’s no confusion here as that’s the way you find them in cupboards too.

Fill In the Empty Space

Before you start wondering how to pack a truck or start filling the elusive space in your head with dilemmas over relocating for love or going through an office move, or whatever you’re currently up on, do the practical first. You need wadded paper or peanuts to ensure you complete the most important step and nothing moves during transport. Be generous, and you’ll be awarded later.

Don’t Forget to Label Items When Moving Cross Country

If you don’t want to consult the wise men from the East or play on your intuition as one of the things to do after relocation, do label everything as soon as you seal the containers. You probably have a system for other objects, too, so write or color-code it for the kitchen immediately. And indicate that the contents are fragile and that only some people can handle it if you know what we mean. And yes, always put labels on the side of your containers because they’re more likely to be visible once everything is stacked. Take a look at the following video if you’d like to visually see how this is done.

Packing Glassware – Level Two

Since you mastered the basics, we salute you, and you’re now ready to duel some darker, okay, not darker, but more difficult items. Don’t run just yet because if you know how to move a piano, you have probably seen it all. Or not?

How to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving?

Regardless of whether you’re relocating your whole family and need these for parties and meeting new neighbors and play pals, or you’re relocating to another state alone and are preparing to drink the fear away, you’ll need these tips.

Wine glasses are considered stemware, which means you need to protect the stem. Right? Actually, bubble wrap is a magical word so you can just use it around each item separately. Place the glasses upright in the container, and finish it off with the scrunched up paper the same way you did for regular ones. Easier than you thought? Just pay attention to how many you put inside and how you seal if you don’t want to rethink your reasons to move.

How to Deal With Shot Glasses?

Wow, ok, you can skip it if you have none. But, if you believe you’ll be needing Dutch courage to find your feet, and plan on taking these, read on. You’ll be surprised to hear that though these seem tricky since they’re fragile, they’re actually as easy as 1, 2, 3. You can place four of these together and seal it as one bundle, and just show off all the other knowledge you’ve gained already. Just don’t overdo it, if you’re not up for another where should I move quiz.

Tea Cups Are Also in the Mix

If you prefer drinking tea from mesmerizing glass cups, don’t let your teaparty become a horror movie. Grab your packing paper and go diagonally. Your cup should be upside down while you prepare it and you need to put a large amount of protection inside and around the stem. When you do it all you have a chance of Mrs. Potts being happy in the new house too. Huh?

Two tea cups
Don't create a storm in a teacup

Game-Changing Tricks You Need for Final Touches

You are a pro now, but before you go onto researching how to pack clothes or all the delights of relocating with pets, read the following tips that can facilitate the dilemma of how to transport or how to pack glasses for shipping:


  • The box shouldn’t be too big, we said it, but the more times you hear, the better for you,
  • Layers help – You can cut out a piece of cardboard and create it to make two layers in your container,
  • Don’t overpack – The demons will lure you to, but the demons never lead to gleeful relocations,
  • Pay attention to the order if you’re putting more dishes for moving across country. The lighter ones such as cups go above the heavier ones such as plates or bowls.
  • The same applies for containers, so if you put furniture pieces over the dishes in the truck, you must be a stoic, or something worse.
  • Look up how much do movers cost in case you need the info at some point.
A happy couple finishing up their relocation preparations
With these, you'll breeze through long distance moving

Long Distance Movers Have Been Practicing How to Pack Glasses for Moving

Top-rated professionals might have the missing piece. Now, jokes aside, all reputable companies have years of experience. And, in case you feel confused, overwhelmed, or simply need assistance, they might be superb for you. Not only do they offer excellent cross-country moving services that cover packing service, but also storage facilities in case you can’t decide where the next journey awaits. And if you need car shipping, you can also count on the very same crew. Finally moving insurance is there to give you reassurance in all your endeavors so absolutely nothing can happen to your drinkware.

Michael Vaughan

Moving through the Bay Area, Michael works as a freelance writer in the moving and transportation industry.

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