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Last-Minute Moving Tips – How to Move on a Tight Schedule

Posted in How-to,Moving Tips & Tricks on November 3, 2021

Relocation is a process that needs to be planned thoroughly if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises. When it comes to last-minute moving, help is absolutely necessary. And not in a physical way, but in organizing every task and service essential for this process. So, if you’re relocating in a hurry, arm yourself with patience because you have some planning to do.

If you haven’t had a chance to ask yourself what is a last-minute move, then you should consider some relocation hacks and top-notch planning, too. Although you probably won’t be able to make a relocation binder for better organization of all documents needed, efficient move will be possible. The important thing to remember is that there is no room for panic and second thoughts. Life gets busy, and there’s nothing unusual in needing to move fast.

With the Right Plan, Everything Is Possible, Even the Last Minute Move

There are many things to consider when relocating to a new state. However, if you have a tight timeline for planning the move, things can become a bit chaotic. Planning a long-distance move requires at least five weeks. The sooner you start organizing the move, the more swiftly it will go.

However, some things in life you just can’t plan. For example, you get an awesome job opportunity, and you have to move to another state in a hurry. You won’t give up on such a chance just because you won’t have an ideal move, right? So, stop thinking about how little time you have to organize everything and start doing something about it. A good plan will assist you in checking all tasks as done faster than you thought.

Good Organization Will Help You Long Way

Take one afternoon free (if not possible, then take some hours after work) and sit in your comfortable chair to think about the next moves. We all know that the key to a successful move is a good plan. However, figuring out how to plan a move isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Whether it’s your first move or a hundred – every relocation is different.

Begin with some simpler stuff you can do online, like transferring utilities. You can do other tasks, such as changing address and notifying everyone about the move after settling in the new home. But the electricity and water should be working when you move in. Relocating in winter can be even more challenging if you don’t have the heating turned on.

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Make a Last-Minute Moving Checklist and Keep It Together

People make a checklist when they go shopping. So, why not have one when relocating. If you’ve never made a to-do list before for relocation, then it shouldn’t surprise you had a bad experience. Even the smallest mistake can make a big problem in situations like these because you won’t have time to fix it.

Most of us forget about a move-out cleaning in the whole chaos, for example. That’s when a list of things will be your best friend that will keep you updated, and you won’t forget a single task. So, besides cleaning, here’s what every relocation checklist should have:

Plan Each Service and Task Because Coronavirus Won’t Let You Ask for Help from Your Family and Friends

A Covid-19 pandemic changed many things in our lives across the world. Before you could contact your family and friends to help you out with some tedious tasks, like the wrapping up process. Now, safety is the priority, and if you decide to move during Coronavirus, it’s best not to get in unnecessary contact.

Since you’re on your own, you might consider a helping hand from professionals and their packing services. Just ensure you start saving some money to move because nothing’s for free. Also, you can ask for other services they could offer you, like a storage facility or auto transport if needed.

A woman working on a laptop before moving across the country
Professional movers will give you a helping hand in the relocation process during the pandemic

Take Care of the Logistics – Contact the Professional Cross Country Movers and Get a Quote

If you’re wondering how can I move fast and cheap, know that there are two possibilities: move on your own and use professional cross-country moving services. The first option could be cheaper, but it will take so much more time. So, the better question is, how fast can I get movers?

The sooner you contact a relocation company, the sooner you’ll get a quote and idea of the services they offer. However, you should check if relocation experts are legitimate and then choose a moving company that, in a short period, will assist you with every service you want. When you get a quote, you’ll know how much movers cost, and feel free to ask how to prepare for them, too.

Decide Will You Need a Storage Unit for Some of Your Belongings and How Much Will It Cost You

An average American has around 300,000 items at home. Now, imagine how the wrapping up process would look when you have to relocate all that stuff. Also, you might not have the space for them in your new home.

So, it’s more than important to check with the relocation company if they have that one service you might need the most –  a reliable storage facility for some of your belongings. It can be a great solution for some of the stuff you’re not so sure about what to do. Start checking how to protect items in storage units as soon as possible. Also, ensure you check with the relocation crew how much it will cost you to plan the budget properly.

Storage units with closed blue doors getting prepared for customers who are long-distance moving
Once you get a quote, check the possibility of storage units

Prepare an Essential Bag for First Few Days After the Move

In all the hurry and chaos of relocation, many people forget to prepare a bag with relocation essentials for the first few days after settling in the new home. The best way is to make a checklist of things to put aside that you’ll probably use right after the move. If you’re relocating with kids or pets, count on some extra stuff (their favorite snacks and toys.) Here’s what every essential checklist should have:

  • Medicines for you and your family,
  • Some snacks and food,
  • Pair of changing clothes,
  • Clean towels,
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste.

If you want some creative ideas on how to do it more efficiently, watch the video below.

Gather All Packing Supplies for the Effortless Wrapping up Process

Probably the most tedious process in the whole relocation is wrapping up. However, when you know the big secret, everything will go more smoothly. And that big secret is, in fact, a very simple one – gather all the equipment and supplies for the boxing up process in advance. Once the boxing upstarts, it’s better not to interrupt it with non-stop going to the local store for more boxes, bubble wrap, plastic paper, labels, and tape.

The same rule applies here, too – make a list of supplies needed and gather as much as you can. One thing is for sure; if there are some leftovers, you can always store and reuse them for another move.

Packing supplies gathered in one place for moving cross country process
Gather all supplies in advance for the effortless pack

Purge All the Clutter and Pack Room by Room Right Away

Once you have all supplies ready, don’t waste any minute more and start with downsizing for the move. Go room by room, set up boxes as you need them, and think about what to keep and throw away. Decluttering is a step you shouldn’t avoid, especially when considering small apartment ideas. Also, there are some items movers won’t move, like hazardous materials, guns, perishable food, plants, and pets.

Don’t avoid getting rid of unnecessary stuff and things professionals won’t load into the truck because you can only benefit from it. And not only you, but you’ll get a chance to help someone else in need by donating food and closets you won’t move. Check the local charity organizations or the website Goodwill.

How Can I Move Out Quickly – Use Some Packing Tips and Get Everything Prepared for the Moving Day

Since you don’t have the luxury of packing everything slowly for weeks, but you should have it done in a day or two, check some hacks for speeding up the process:

  • Pack now, sort later – don’t bother keeping items packed all together or have a theme pack.
  • Use any soft material to protect breakables – sheets, pillowcases, towels, and other soft materials can be great protection for glassware.
  • Pack inside shoes, pots, and other objects – put socks and smaller objects like jewelry inside the shoes and save some space.
  • Stay organized – although it’s a lot of pressure, you have to stay calm and organized to make it done.

Long-Distance Movers Will Deal With Bulkier Stuff From Your Home

When you hire a relocation company, know their services will cover disassembling and assembling the bulky furniture and appliances. This means you won’t have to lose one whole day on protecting your favorite sofa when the relocation crew will do it instead. Take advantage of this service and enjoy your new house with your favorite pieces of furniture.

Brown sofa in the cozy living room after cross-country moving services
No matter the distance, the relocation crew will take care of your bulky pieces

Pack Clothes as They Are is Allowed When There’s a Short Time Frame

One of the most useful packing tips you should hold onto is about the clothes. Think about all those precious moments you’ll lose if you deal with every piece of clothes. In other circumstances, it’s more than manageable. But now, when all minutes are important, other, faster techniques will do just fine.

Start with not removing clothes from the hangers. Instead, leave them on and pack them with hangers. Then put them into the trash bags leaving hangers outside. That way, the clothes will be protected, and you’ll save space but all those hours (and maybe days) on wrapping them up.

The same thing stands for clothes in your drawer. If you’re relocating the closet in one piece, don’t remove drawers. Just make sure everything is sealed with lots of layers of tape so the drawers won’t fall out. The clothes will be inside, of course.

A girl laying in the pile of clothes before cross-country moving
Use all techniques that will ease the whole process of wrapping everything up

What to Do One Day Before Movers Come – How to Stay Calm

After you learn all the hacks and tricks on preparing for the move efficiently and how to do it fast, you also have to consider other things. Think about your health and figure out how to stay calm and organized for all tasks and relocation services.

It’s a lot of pressure and it’s completely normal you feel like everything’s falling apart. In that case, it’s better to think about all the benefits of this move and all the positive things it will bring you. It’s important to stay healthy because the moving day is just around the corner and you surely don’t want to miss everything out.

Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

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