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This Is the Cheapest Time of the Year to Move Cross Country

Posted in Planning the Move on September 20, 2022

Choosing the right date to schedule your move is one of the most important parts of planning and organizing. If you decide to schedule your relocation during the cheapest time of year to move, you will save on various costs and have fewer difficulties hiring reliable cross-country movers since the demand is low. Find out everything you need to organize a successful move in our article.

In this relocation guide, you will get introduced to the perks and benefits of planning to move efficiently and safely during the off-season and what are the cheapest months to move. The most affordable period is from September to mid-April. The majority of people wait until summer to organize their move. So, during the fall and winter months, you will be able to get top-rated relocation services at a lower cost and ensure you move stress-free.

When Is the Cheapest Time of the Year to Move?

The answer is during the “off-season.” The cross-country moving companies call the period from September to April ”Off Season”. The weather conditions make it a bit more difficult for people to carry out an effortless relocation while children need to go to school. The firms lower their rates since they expect fewer people to call them and request their services.

If you are relocating on a tight relocation budget and want to save on different expenses as much as possible, the best decision would be to hire long-distance movers during the winter months. Their rates drop significantly during wintertime, and you will be able to easily schedule the move according to your requirements and needs.

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What Is the Cheapest Month For Moving Cross Country?

It is estimated that the cheapest month to move in is January. It will cost the customer the least because of the low demand and holidays. While it looks promising for those who need to move house on a small budget, the customer has to be prepared for possible snowstorms and ice on the road. But, wintertime is not harsh in all states. Southern states such as Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, and Arizona rarely have harsh winter weather. Therefore, customers won’t have to worry about accidents on the icy road.

The Second Best Option Is Fall

If you don’t like the idea of relocating in winter because of the snow and freezing temperatures or you have to move for a job as soon as possible, you can opt for the next best thing – fall. It comes down to your budget, preferences, and needs. The benefits of moving in the fall are the pleasant weather conditions and more affordable prices of cross-country moving services than during the summer months.

Even though it may not be as cheap as during winter, the fall is still an ideal time to move because mild temperatures make it less difficult and exhausting to pack moving essentials and furniture as well as load them into a relocation truck. Also, one can definitely have an opportunity to negotiate lower costs.

Cross-country movers loading a truck
The fall is the second-best option when it comes to affordable relocation expenses

Will You Need to Haggle for the Price?

When customers decide to request relocation and packing services when the demand is low, the companies might want to haggle a bit over the price. This can be a great opportunity to ask for relocation coupons or small discounts if you are able to adjust your schedule to match theirs. The best way to go about haggling is to ask upfront for a lower price. Companies that have discounts and special offers will meet your demands if you can agree on the key parts of the move.

What Is the Most Affordable Day of the Week to Move?

Usually, the most inexpensive days of the week for relocation depend on the demand. The best days you can choose for relocation are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Since there are a lot of tasks to be done and customers need to go to work during the week, most of them want to move to a new home over the weekend. That is why movers are extremely busy from Friday to Sunday.

Therefore if you want your move to be inexpensive, schedule it in the middle of the week since it is most likely you will get the lowest price then. A long-distance moving company wants to fill its schedule as much as possible, and you will have a chance to ask for discounts more than on other days.

Movers carrying boxes
It will be easier and less costly if you schedule a move in the middle of the week

How Should You Prepare for Moving Day, Affordable or Not? Let Us Share With You Our Advice

After agreeing on the relocation date with the long-distance moving company, you should start planning and preparing. One of the wisest tips you can incorporate into your preparation process is to create a relocation checklist and note down all the tasks that need to be done before the relocation day. The tasks that should be completed are:

  • Gather all necessary documents – Among the first things one needs to do is collect all paperwork and keep it in one place until the relocation date. These documents include medical records, school records, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, social security cards, vehicle registration records, and financial records.
  • Organize your boxes – There are different methods you can use to organize your boxes, but the most convenient way would be to arrange them by which room they will be unpacked in the new home. Color-code or use labels for boxes to know what is inside each box. Don’t forget to check whether your belongings are properly packed, so they don’t get damaged in transit.
  • Pack an overnight bag – Settling in your new home on the night of the move will be smoother and less stressful with an overnight bag. Everything you will need can be placed inside, from quick meals, towels, and a change of clothes to medication, toiletries, and keys.
  • Notify insurance providers and the utility company – When relocating, it is important to notify the utility company and insurance providers so they can discontinue your service. You will be required to inform them where you’ll be moving so they can send you a final bill.
  • Make an inventory list – It might seem tedious at first but don’t underestimate this crucial step. Take inventory of your items and estimate their value. Take pictures and describe their condition before you pack them. It will be easier to spot if something is missing or damaged when you unpack after the move.

Getting everything ready and prepared for the relocation can wreak havoc on your plans. The key to a successful relocation is to stay calm and follow your checklist. Cross the tasks you’ve completed and add new ones if you think it is necessary.

Arranging boxes, safely packing all the belongings, organizing paperwork, and notifying the utility and insurance companies will ensure that everything goes according to plan once the movers arrive.

If you need additional help, watch this insightful video with relocation hacks and simplify your preparation process.


What Is the Best Time of the Day to Start the Move?

Starting early in the morning is the wisest option since you will have more time throughout the day. Mornings are usually less busy than afternoons when people head home from work or go on a lunch break. The crew won’t have difficulties loading the truck and getting to another destination. For people who choose to move in summer, mornings will provide them with cooler weather, and they will manage to beat the heat. What is more, you will have more energy to get the job done and unpack later.

What Are Some Easy Ways for Reducing Moving Costs?

Apart from choosing the most affordable month, there are other ways one can spend less money. If you truly want to protect your budget before relocating to a new city, learn some of our ingenious tips for reducing costs:

  • Declutter your home before packing – Old, broken, and faulty items shouldn’t be packed and loaded into the truck. When you create your inventory list, note down what items are no longer useful. Then, you can sell them, throw them away or donate them. If you choose to sell, the best choice would be to host a garage sale and earn extra money from unwanted items.
  • Use what you already have as packing supplies – Spending a lot on packing materials can be avoided. You only need to have towels, linens, duffle bags, and trash bags, and all of your belongings can be safely packed into boxes without spending a dollar.
  • Find free cardboard boxes – Another way to keep money in your pocket is to find free boxes. Ask your friends, coworkers, or family members who have moved recently to give you their spare boxes or search on the Craigslist website.
  • Hire a reliable relocation company – When customers search for firms based on their budget, they fall into the trap of ”affordable companies”. Cheap services don’t always mean reliable and quality services. Therefore if you want to avoid relocation scams and additional expenses, hire companies that have overall positive reviews and that are reliable even though they might have higher prices than others.

Apart From Money, What Other Aspects Should Be Considered When Scheduling the Relocation Date?

The budget shouldn’t be the only factor that impacts your decisions about the move. Another important factor is the weather. If you are located in a colder state, wintertime might be too complex and challenging because of the low temperatures and snow. Icy roads and windy conditions make the job more demanding. Therefore, consider fall or early spring.

Another aspect that should be taken into account is work obligations. Weekends will be a better option if you need to relocate during a busy time at work. But, if you can take a leave, you will be able to finish everything successfully.

Additionally, if you are relocating with school-age kids, it will make more sense to schedule a move during the summer months in order to avoid enrolling your kids in a different school in the middle of the school year.


What Is the Most Cost-Effective Way to Move?

The most cost-effective way to move is with a trustworthy relocation company that will make sure none of your belongings get damaged or lost. What is more, you will have an opportunity to negotiate the price during ”off-season” and have professional movers disassemble, pack and assemble all of your items.

What Month Is the Best Time to Move Out?

September is definitely the best month for a move. The demand is lower than in the summer, and the firms will make sure to reward customers with discounts and lower rates. The weather conditions are ideal since it is not sweltering hot or freezing cold. Also, the school year has just begun, so it won’t be a huge issue for a child to switch schools right away.

What Days Are the Cheapest to Move?

Tuesday and Wednesday are usually cheap since most customers want to wait until Friday to begin their move-out. You could also get a lower price if you decide to schedule on Monday or Thursday. Keep in mind that weekdays are less expensive, mostly during ”off-season”.

Ready to Choose When You’ll Be Relocating?

Before beginning your planning and organization, consider your priorities. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the move, make sure to reach out to different companies during the ”off-season” and inquire about their prices, discounts, and special offers. You will most likely get a better deal during fall and winter.

However, don’t forget to factor in other important aspects such as the school, weather conditions, and job obligations. Begin planning at least three months in advance so you can predict and prepare all aspects of the move.

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