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How to Use Different Packing Materials in Various Situations

Posted in How-to,Moving Essentials,Moving Tips & Tricks on July 26, 2022

An inevitable part of cross-country moving is getting to know different packing materials. And even though we all know different kinds of materials, there are, in most cases, people who don’t know how to apply them properly. Here are different types of packing materials and how you can use them.

A big part of your relocation budget will go to packaging products, and if you wish to utilize your money wisely, you should not waste them and handle them properly. Some household belongings demand special care and products that will guarantee safety during transportation. That’s because, even if you hire the most reliable professional long-distance movers to help you out, if your belongings are not packed properly, they can get damaged. Let’s find out what is a packing material.

What Are the Different Types of Packing-in Materials?

What are the different types of packaging material? In order to answer this question, we need to make different classifications first. Packaging products can be classified by the things they are made of and their usage. You can use these products to protect your belongings or for storage. Here are the types of packing materials according to their usage:

  • Storing,
  • Wrapping,
  • Cushioning,
  • Labels,
  • Tools.

Essential Materials for Long Distance Moving

Even though most of the materials for packing can be found at home, we strongly advise you to use professional materials when relocating over long distances. Your belongings will be on the road for a long time, and if you wish to have them sorted and intact in the end, you will have to pack them in a proper manner.

Most Common Storing Products Are Cardboard Boxes

If you want to know what are most common types of packaging materials, the answer would be cardboard boxes. They come in different sizes and shapes, and you can even make your own custom box out of cardboard. With cardboard, duct tape, and a ruler, you can shape a cardboard box for just about anything. So if you have a lamp that is oddly shaped, the best packing tip would be to create a custom cardboard box. But if you hire cross-country movers for packing service, they will do this for you. There are large, medium, and small boxes you can buy when relocating.

When picking the right box, make sure to buy sturdy boxes for heavy items. And no matter if you want to pack pots and pans or pillows, you should always reinforce the bottom and top of the box with duct tape. Also, when packaging glasses, you can buy sectioned cardboard containers, where each glass will be in a separate section without touching each other.

Packing Paper and Bubble Wrap Are Must-Haves When Shipping Items

Buying packing paper and bubble wrap must end up on your to-do list because these belongings are essential for a stress-free move. Bubble wraps come in different sizes and colors and can be used to protect fragile items when shipping. Paper, on the other hand, has the same purpose but not that much for protection. The best usage of paper is when dealing with dishes, ceramic items, and Christmas ornaments. Also, paper is great for the protection of wooden furniture, and you place paper before bubble wrap to avoid damage from condensation.

There are corrugated paper rolls that are excellent for corner edge protection. You can use this to protect furniture and large electric appliances. This paper usually goes after bubble wrap.

What Is the Best Cushioning Material?

Even if you are last-minute moving, you shouldn’t skip cushioning at any cost. As you may know, even if you protect each item with protective layers, if there is a hollow space between the items in the container, they will probably move and hit on each other, leading to breaking. You should fill out all the hollow space inside the container and put cushioning between the layers. There are foam peanuts you can utilize for this purpose or foam sheets. But if you want to reduce the expenses, you can utilize items from your home like towels, sheets, and pillows. If relocation to a new state has finally made you organize important papers, you can utilize tossed-away and shredded papers for cushioning as well.

Some Items Must Be Sealed Before Placed in Boxes

When dealing with bathroom items, makeup, spices, and canned food from your kitchen, putting them in the container without extra protection will make a mess. This is why zip lock bags are an inevitable part of the relocation as well. But you don’t have to put them only on items at risk of spilling out. A lot of small belongings that can easily get lost can be placed in zip lock bags. When transporting liquid, the best is to take glass, either bottles or jars. Still, some liquids can not be transported, so make sure you ask your movers what items they will not move.

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Aside From Packaging Paper, You Can Take Foam Rolls

Foam sheets that come in rolls are affordable and can be used instead of paper and bubble wraps. You can take them to pack dishes, furniture, and other belongings made from glass. Foam can be easily cut to fit any size and is great for preventing scratches on delicate belongings like TV and monitor screens. There are foam edge guards that are excellent for protecting the edges of delicate belongings like picture frames and mirrors.

Plastic Wraps Are Inevitable for Water Protection

Even though plastic wraps are not recommended for leather and wood objects because of condensation that can damage them, they are great for protecting belongings from water or scratches. For example, extra layers of plastic wrap can do wonders for fragile items in the absence of bubble wrap. Plastic wrap should be placed on hygiene products before sealing them in zip lock bags.

Also, important papers like pictures and documents can be wrapped in plastic before being placed in the container. This way your memories will be protected from moisture and humidity. Wraps made of plastics can be used for wrapping furniture like sofas, chairs, and couches made from fabric. Just make sure that, when wrapping this furniture, you don’t wrap the wooden parts.

Person wrapping furniture in plastic wrap
Plastic wrap can be applied to almost anything

Different Packing Materials Can Come From Your Home, Such as Sheets

Now that you know what are packaging materials (at least the most commonly used ones,) it is time to see what products from your home you can utilize as protection. For example, old sheets are best for protecting furniture, especially furniture made from wood and leather. The sheets will protect the furniture and let the air come in and out, preventing condensation from happening.

When dealing with clothes, you can set aside old shirts and socks and utilize them instead of bubble wraps and papers. If you wrap glasses in socks, it will have the same effect as bubble wrap. And t-shirts can be used instead of cushioning.

Put X on Mirrors With Tape to Prevent Breakage When Moving

What are different types of packaging? Well, aside from products you will need for storing and protecting your items, there are products that can be used for many different purposes. For example, tape is not only good for sealing boxes, but you should also utilize it to protect fragile items. For example, if you tape a letter X across your mirror, it will prevent breaking due to the vibrations. As you know, even with the best professional cross-country moving services providers with years of experience on how to pack a truck, damage can occur. Also, when preparing for movers, you will take the tape to seal drawers and other movable parts of your furniture. But before you put tape on any furniture, place foam before you put your furniture for shipping.

How Many Types of Packaging Are There – Other Products for Shipping You Can Utilize

Moving across country demands a lot of preparations, and probably the most daunting part of each move is packaging your entire house. But if you start on time and make all the necessary preparations, you will move efficiently. And the big part of good preparation is labeling and sorting things out, as it will make your unpacking after moving a lot easier. There are many kinds of labels. You can label your containers by the colors with sticky colored dots or sticky notes. You can print out the names of the rooms and inventory list and tape that to a container. But the simplest way is to use the marker and write “fragile” and the name of the room to which the container belongs.

But aside from the labels, you will need other things as well. For example, ordinary plastic garbage bags you can utilize for many items. You can wrap several hangers with clothing on them in one garbage bag. Also, sturdy contractor bags can be used to carry heavy belongings such as books. Check this video for more tips.

Special Shipping Goods You Can Use

There are special shipping products you can buy for special items. For example, there are cardboard or plastic containers that can be used for transporting clothing on hangers. The plastics will shrink the clothing and protect it. These containers look like mobile dressers, and if you have dresses or suits you don’t want to get wrinkled, you can buy these containers. You can also ask your movers to provide you with these containers. Also, most reputable movers offer custom crating, so if you don’t know how to move your piano and how to properly protect it, your movers can do it. These can be used on antique furniture and sculptures as well.

Piano and chair in the living room
Ask your cross country movers about the protection of your piano

Get a Quote for Your Long-Distance Moving and Packaging Materials Will Be Provided

Moving cross country without a reputable and trustworthy cross-country moving company is hard to imagine. There will be so many things you need to organize aside from physical moves. But with the help of good professionals with years of experience, your move can go smoothly and without stress. When you search for a company to make your move make sure you find the one that can provide you with all the services you need, from storage units to car shipping. This way, you will not waste time searching for third-party companies for other services.

Also, when choosing the best movers, ask them whether the packaging of your belongings is included in their service. Most companies will extra charge you for this, but the most professional ones will provide their own boxes at no extra cost.

Another thing to ask is whether that company has its own storage units. As you know cross country moving can last for weeks, and your belongings may end up in storage units. If the company doesn’t have its own units but rents storage from a third party, this can be risky. In essence, your belongings will end up with other people you never meet, and no one can guarantee you in what condition these units are. So make sure you book movers who can give you all the services in one place. This shows they are professional and serious when conducting a business and that they think about each step regarding the relocation.

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