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New to Relocations? Here’s Our Ultimate Moving to Another State Checklist

Posted in Moving Essentials,Planning the Move on April 14, 2022

Anyone who has ever been through a relocation process knows how challenging it can get if you don’t organize yourself well. So if you are new to relocations, this “moving to another state checklist” we provided you here will surely help you. Follow all the steps from this article and organize a smooth and stressless relocation.

Do a Proper Research on the New State You’re Relocating To

One of the most important tasks on your checklist for moving to another state is doing proper research on it. Carefully research everything you need to know about living in that particular location and all the factors that can impact the quality of your life. Choosing the city you’re going to live in should be a carefully made decision. It is not something you should be rushing into, as this is one of the biggest relocating mistakes people tend to make. So what exactly should you be researching?

Cost of Living in That State

Every moving out of state checklist should have a “checking the cost of living” task, no matter what your reasons for relocating are. This is one of the things people forget about when relocating, and realize this only after the move, when it’s already too late. This factor can be crucial for deciding which town is going to be your home. Keep in mind that the prices of median home rent, groceries, schools, and other expenses vary from town to town, and you need to find a location that fits your monthly income the best.

Check Out the Safety of the Neighborhood

Once you decide which city you want to live in, the next thing that should be on your “moving to new state checklist” is researching your neighborhood, especially if you are relocating with kids. You want to be sure that the neighborhood is kids friendly and not dangerous in any kind of way.

One of the best relocation tips is to get in contact with people already living in that town or neighborhood and ask them any questions you have about living there. Their answers will probably be more accurate than the ones you can find online.

What to Keep in Mind When Apartment Hunting?

You will also need a new apartment list to prepare you for finding a suitable apartment. Especially if this is your first time moving out, you need to write down all of the crucial steps in the apartment hunting process. First, you need to get a qualified expert to evaluate the condition of the entire property.

The next step should be researching amenities in the vicinity and talking with the landlord about your obligations. It’s always a good idea to try and talk to some previous renters and ask them about important information you should know about. Try and research everything you can before actually signing the lease, and ensure you know what you need to rent an apartment in advance.

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Start Preparing for Packing Weeks Ahead

Most people that have never relocated before don’t realize how complicated and stressful packing can get if you don’t prepare yourself properly. If you want to organize your packing for relocation, ensure to put these packing tips on your checklist for moving out of state.

Start by Decluttering Your Home

If you are wondering, “What do I need to do before I move?” immediately put down decluttering on your relocating to-do list. Decluttering your house and throwing out all of the unnecessary belongings you’ve been storing and not using for years will help you big time once you start packing. Examining every room in your home makes it easier to decide what to get rid of when relocating.

Any items you think you won’t use anymore can either be thrown out, sold, or donated to the ones in need through organizations such as GoodWill. Not carrying all of your belongings across the country will save you time, money, and energy. Not every single thing you have in your house should be packed up and moved.

Prepare a Home Inventory Checklist

Preparing a house inventory list is quite an important step on your moving across the country checklist and should not be avoided. If you are relocating from a house to an apartment, figure out what can actually fit into your other home, especially if you are planning on relocating furniture. In case something can’t fit, be prepared to downsize for a move. It’s also smart to get storage services to store certain items until you decide where to place them. Just be careful with protecting your items in storage units.

Follow These Few Useful Packing Tips

If you organize well, there is no doubt that your boxing-up process will be a piece of cake. We will share a few tips and tricks with you to help you prepare everything easier. Here’s what you should do:

  • Prepare a list for the boxing up process,
  • Book a truck for your relocation day,
  • Order packaging supplies 6-8 weeks in advance, or purchase them in supply stores,
  • Prepare protective materials for fragile packaging items,
  • Prepare an essentials bag for the first few days of the move,
  • Organize the boxing up process,
  • Label each one of your boxes using the color-coding method.

Prepare a Relocation Budget

If you ask people, “What are 5 things to consider when you move out on your own?” the budget will certainly be among them. However, preparing a relocating budget is always important, not just when you are relocating on your own. Calculating how much money you have, how much you plan to save up, and all of your expenses will allow you to track where your resources go.

When organizing a move, you have to know exactly how much money you are going to spend on the first few rents, monthly living expenses, shipping costs, and any other services you may consider booking. It’s a smart idea to have some savings aside to help cover any additional surprises and hidden fees. So make sure to save up money before you move, and don’t rush your relocation if you are not financially ready.

If you’re not sure how to budget and save money, you can always educate yourself through YouTube videos. Here’s a video that might be helpful to you:

Organize Your Documents and Update Them

Your moving to a new state checklist must have a task that reminds you to update all of your documents. After you organize all your important documents, check them all and put them in one place. When moving across the country to a different territory, you will have to get updated documents.

Make sure you have all forms of identification with you, your relocation insurance papers, copies of your medical history and your school records, as well as tax records. Also, do not forget that you will have to establish a legal residence in the territory to which you are relocating.

Don’t Forget About Transferring Utilities.

You wondered, “What to consider before moving to another state?” You should be considering who to notify when relocating about your different address. The last thing you want happening to you is forgetting to notify the bank about your change of address, and your bills will not be able to get to you.

To avoid these, make sure you apply for an official change of address and contact billers about your updated address. Remember to transfer all of the utilities and check insurance policies about any other subscription plan you may have.

Organized documents for moving cross country
Organizing and updating your documents is not something you should forget about

Getting a Job in An Unknown City

Unless you are being relocated by your employer or relocating with your company, one of the questions that will definitely come to your mind is how to get a job in a different city. It’s not easy thinking about “How do I start over and move out of state?” and going through the job-hunting process and tons of applications for different companies. However, there are a few ways you can make this easier for yourself.

Research the Job Market and Companies Before Moving

There are plenty of ways you can get a job before the move and make sure a much easier relocation and have a stress-free relocation without having to worry about no income. When you research the job market of the place you are planning on relocating to, you can see which companies are looking for employees.

This way, you can reach out to each company, send them applications, your CV, and other important information, and hopefully, they will give you feedback. You can also get on some business apps, such as LinkedIn, and get in contact with people and companies from that town. They might be able to assist you and connect you to some people that can offer you a position in their company.

Preparing Your Pets for the Move

No matter where you are relocating to, the chances that you will want to leave your furry friend behind are zero to none. However, relocation with pets requires paying particular attention to your little friends and putting some tasks related to them on the to-do list. You should first contact your veterinarian to see if they are up to date with vaccinations and to check their overall health. The vet can also give you some advice on how to prepare your pets for the road and help them feel safe throughout the whole transition.

A dog waiting for long-distance moving
If you are relocating with pets, don't forget about preparing them for the move

Prepare Yourself Emotionally for the Change

Relocations are not easy, and it’s pretty standard for people to get overwhelmed in some moments or go through fear and anxiety about moving out. It is important that you prepare yourself emotionally for the change and the process of adjusting to the new environment. Once you start settling down and making friends in the city, it will probably be easier. However, it’s completely normal to have bad days from time to time. It’s also good to keep in touch with old friends and your family and talk to them whenever you feel stressed or down.

Woman being stressed about relocation
It's okay to feel stressed out because of the move

Call a Long Distance Moving Company To Help You Out

When moving cross country, it can be quite tricky to finish all of the necessary tasks on your own without the assistance of movers. This is why most people opt to hire cross-country movers to assist them through their transition. The best thing about hiring a relocation company is choosing which one of their cross-country moving services you should get. Some people opt for packing services, which are great when you do not have time to gather supplies, box up your belongings, or label them. The professional movers will finish each one of your tasks successfully.

Moving to Another State Checklist Is a Must for a Sound Relocation

As you have been able to read in the previous paragraphs, relocations require some serious preparations and planning. This is why a to-do list is a must when you’re relocating to a new city, to make sure you have everything under control. Whether you are planning to move with the assistance of long-distance movers or you are willing to pull off everything on your own, the ultimate guide will be of great use. We wish you the best of luck with your move!

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