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How to Make a Packing List if You’re Moving in the Summer

There are a ton of reasons why moving in the summer can be awesome. You won’t have to encumber yourself with layers and layers of clothes, and there’s a low chance that you’ll have to travel with a runny nose. However, temperatures are not to be taken lightly. But worry not! We’re here to help you beat the heat exhaustion and relocate with a smile on your face.

A packing list for summertime relocations should consist of a few basics needed for a move in any season, with a lot of extras that will help you stay hydrated and through high temperatures. So, besides your usual toiletries, change of clothes, chargers, and kitchen essentials, ensure you pack enough sports drinks and snacks. Also, don’t forget to apply sunscreen often. As for boxing up the rest of the home, start early, and go from less needed stuff, like winter clothes and shoes.

Is It Good to Move in the Summer? What Season Is Best for Moving?

Before we start with some fantastic tips that will help you begin your packing journey, let us elaborate a little about how the season affects your relocation. Although many people choose warmer months over colder ones, there are pros and cons to both seasons.

70% of movers pick summer for their relocation
Summertime Wintertime
Pros It's warm outside, so you can pack lightly and travel with fewer clothes on. You will avoid getting sunburns or overheating.
If you have kids, the school will be out. The long-distance movers are more available off-season so that the schedule will be more flexible.
Warm weather gives you an opportunity to enjoy your transition. The prices are much lower when you move in winter.
Cons Is it more expensive to move in the summer? It's way more expensive to move during the busiest season. It's really cold outside, and there's a high risk of rain, ice, and snow.
Since most moves happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day, it's hard to book cross-country movers. Because of the risky weather, you may have to take more precautions and additional relocation insurance.
You may have to wait a bit longer to get your belongings since the trucks may have to make more stops. You may have to travel uncomfortably in your heavy winter clothes.

No matter your reasons for moving or your profession, choosing the best time of the year to move probably means you will be relocating during warm months. Several factors affect this. If you plan on relocating with kids, the school’s off, so they won’t be skipping any classes. It’s also great for homebuyers as the real estate market is at its peak during these months. But the question is – what are the special rules for packing when the temperatures are above average?

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Tips for Moving in the Summer Heat Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly, so Check the Weather Report on Time

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA,) in major cities around the United States, heat waves are happening more frequently than they used to. Their frequency has continuously grown, from two heat shocks per year on average in the 1960s to six each year 2010s. So, how do you move in the summer months knowing that there might be a weather hazard happening around your move-out date?

People driving in the sunlight
Recently, the typical wave of high temperatures in major American cities has lasted four days

Start Your Preparations Early in the Morning to Stay Cool and Avoid Moving in the Heat

The statistics say that it takes about four weeks to plan a move to another city. And if the peak temperatures for the year are knocking at your door, it’s best to avoid being in direct sunlight all the time. So, what does it mean when it comes to moves? It means that you shouldn’t wait to prepare last minute, so get the preparations along the way many weeks before.

You can begin by creating a relocating binder, where you can file all the important documents, receipts, and an extensive list of things you should pack. Also, make sure you notify all the important institutions on time, visit all the organizations like the Post Office and IRS, and update your address. If you do it early on, it will not only ensure you have a stress-free move but also avoid sunburns and sunstroke.

Work Inside, Stay Out of the Sun, and Purge Your Possessions

While the sun is mercilessly heating the concrete outside, you should take cover in your air-conditioned home and start decluttering. You can begin with the attic and garage (it still counts as an inside job) because these two places are usually cluttered with unnecessary stuff. Divide unwanted possessions into three categories so you can move efficiently:

  • It’s easiest to decide what to keep if you separate what to get rid of first. So get a pile of garbage bags and start throwing away all the trash you find in your spare spaces around the house. Stuff like fertilizers and paint are items movers won’t move anyway, so set them aside for getting rid of. Additionally, throw away anything that is broken or in poor condition.
  • There’s a really good chance everyone owns at least a couple of things that they want to leave behind when moving across the country but which are still in great condition. It may be your old appliances – and you’re planning to get new as soon as you arrive. Or it may be clothes that don’t fit anymore, books you don’t like, or old bedsheets. All these items are perfect for donating to a charity, so make sure you box them all properly and give Goodwill or the Salvation Army a call.
  • The third category is all the things that (while still in prime condition) you don’t want anymore but could get you a dime if you sell them. You can either organize a yard sale (if you can endure the heat) or simply post everything online and hope that it sells quickly.

Additionally, you can set a few items aside to gift to your friends and family and thus leave fewer things to pack up. Also, ensure you don’t pack any perishable foods, as they will get spoiled in an instant once they are in hot weather.

Take Care of All the Belongings Related to Winter Time

Right after you declutter like a boss, it’s the right moment to start preparing and wrapping up some of the objects. However shocking it may seem that you can begin boxing up around your household at such an early stage, it makes perfect sense. It’s one of the best relocation hacks out there. And in case you’re wondering what to pack and not leave yourself without essentials you need in your everyday life. We mean your winter clothes.

Rummage through your closets and pack away all the bulky winter outfits. Box up all the coats, jackets, and sweaters. Also, ensure you pack shoes made for cold weather and all the boots, too. Additionally, you may want to box up any other excess items you’re sure you won’t need at the moment. This includes all the decorations, artwork, and photos.

Big heap of different clothes and shoes
Go trough your belongings and decide what should be packed first

Before You Begin Taking Care of the Stuff From the Packing List, Obtain the Necessary Supplies

If you have never relocated before, you may miss acknowledging the importance of a good plan, especially when it comes to boxing up the objects from your household inventory list. One of the most important packing tips includes the fact that you should gather all the supplies and materials needed for wrapping and protecting your belongings, especially when you have to pack fragile items.

Although some of your household things can serve as boxes (plastic bins and suitcases are great for heavy stuff,) you will still require additional boxes and different cushioning materials. If you are going to pack the whole house, ensure that you have enough boxes to go around and that they are differently sized.

Additional Packing Materials Will Come in Handy

Properly securing your precious possessions in no circumstances means that you will open the lids of each box, just throw stuff in and close it. That would not save your items from breaking during the moving process and is not smart to do if you plan to leave your belongings in prolonged storage service.

To protect everything the right way, you will need to cushion the bottoms and tops of boxes but also have some soft material in between your possessions to keep them all safe. The best material that can help you achieve this is bubble wrap, but keep in mind that stuff like crumpled paper or, even better, foam peanuts will also do the job.

Additionally, to make your summertime move devoid of sadness but full of efficiency instead, you should get a marker to label each box. Also, every respectable relocation guide will point out that besides a few rolls of sturdy tape, you should have a tape dispenser for closing boxes as quickly as a flash. And some scissors and a utility knife won’t be an excess either.

A pile of packaging materials
Cardboard boxes are a great option because they take up little space when folded

Pack the Essentials for the Road With Excess Heat in Mind

The movers are not the only ones that will require enough water and other refreshments. Think thoroughly about how long it will take you to arrive at your destination, load the moving truck, and pack accordingly. You can also make plans to stop at some points along the way for lodging and meals. And it’s also important to have breaks from driving in direct sunlight.

One of the Most Significant Moving Tips for Summers Is That Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen

Perhaps some of you remember columnist Mary Schmich’s hypothetical commencement speech, which was first published in the Chicago Tribune in June 1997. But most of us probably remember it as Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen),” a popular spoken word song by Baz Luhrmann, released in 1997. The lyrics say, “If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.”

So, one of the most important long-distance moving tips you can find in the summertime is to take care of your skin and keep it safe from UV rays. Although, wearing sunscreen is an important routine, no matter if you’re relocating or not.

Besides Ton of Refreshments, Bring Other Necessities to Your New Home

A bag of relocation essentials will save your life, or at least feel like it’s doing something equally miraculous. Besides the need to pack clothes for the first couple of days, you should also place basic toiletries, a lot of wet wipes (it’s for the sweat,) kitchen basics, and chargers. Don’t forget to bring some spare batteries, so you can turn the air-conditioning the moment you step into your new house.

If You Are Moving Cross Country With Furry Companions, Pay Special Attention to the Heat

People who plan to move with pets probably already realize they should pay special attention to them during the trip. Driving during a moving day means that you should make more frequent stops along the way and give them plenty of water. Don’t keep the air conditioning temperature too low so they don’t get shocked when you let them out of your car into the overheated outside.

Parents and a girl sitting on the floor in front of a sofa, a canine in the box in front of them
Make this journey enjoyable for your pets

Pick the Right Professional Movers if You Want to Avoid Packing

Finding reputable relocation companies during peak moving season is one hell of a job, and that’s why it’s also essential to choose properly. When you find a suitable moving company, such as Cross Country Movers, ensure they offer extensive cross-country moving services.

Let’s face it. Boxing up from the top to bottom of our home is an exhausting job, so why not hire professionals to do it? Consider their relocation solutions, and ask about their packing service and its implications. You can agree on leaving just a portion of your belongings to packers while you take care of your summertime clothes and other lighter stuff.

Once You Know When the Movers Are Arriving, Prepare Lots of Refreshments

Before the actual move-out date approaches, ensure your house is ready for the movers to barge in and do their job. Summertimes are known for being warm, and when you combine it with a lot of heavy lifting and hard work, a lot of refreshments will be required. So besides setting aside some cash to tip movers, obtain bottled water and sodas for packers and movers. You can additionally prepare some snacks, too.

Now You’re Packed for Cross Country Moving Even in Extremely Hot Weather

Summertime day relocations have their pros and cons but are generally the more usual time for changing your scenery. Once you’ve packed and prepared like a pro, stuff a few portable fans and towels into the car and enjoy the journey toward your future home.

Additionally, if you want to avoid being in the sun altogether, you can always invest in our auto transport service and have your car shipped. So, contact Cross Country Movers on time and book our services on time. In the meantime, you and your family can board a flight and be in the new location in no time while we take care of the rest.

Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

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