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The Definitive List of Safest Neighborhoods in Los Angeles for Families

Posted in City Guides on July 19, 2022

You intend to relocate your family to LA, but in the sea of numerous neighborhoods, it’s difficult to choose the right one. Fear not; finding the safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles will be easy with the help of our definitive list of the most desirable areas to live in this city with a family. When you make the final decision, moving across the country to LA will be easy to organize.

People usually ask – are there any safe neighborhoods in Los Angeles? There are plenty of areas in LA where criminal activity is considerably lower. Apart from this, a variety of housing options, kid-friendly activities, and beautiful nearby beaches make family life enjoyable in these locations. So, if you want to know where to reside in LA with your family, read our definitive list of neighborhoods.

What Should You Take Into Account When Choosing a Neighborhood?

There are important aspects to consider when choosing an ideal location, especially if you are relocating with children. The ideal way one can start researching safer locations is by reading reviews and articles online. However, you first have to create a moving checklist with information you have to research. Bear in mind that you have to determine what your primary reasons to move are and what your priorities are. On that note, here is what you should include on the checklist when looking into family-friendly areas:

  • Crime statistics – Selecting a completely crime-free area is not possible since every place has some criminal activity. However, you can still find a place with fewer criminal reports and a lower level of criminal activity than the national average.
  • Neighborhood watch – Check whether there is a watch group in the area you want to move to. Find reviews of residents or contact local law enforcement to learn more about it.
  • School district – Search for information about the school district in the area. A well-performing school district that offers children sports programs and extracurricular activities will be of great help for your child’s education.
  • Proximity to amenities – Choose a place where it will be easy to run quick errands. If the department, grocery, and pharmacy stores are conveniently close to your house, you’ll save more time and effort when running errands.
  • Outdoor amenities – Sidewalks, walking trails, and parks make a location more pedestrian-friendly. You will be certain that cars will have to drive slower in the area, and there will be a place for bikers, too. Easy access to nearby parks and walking trails can also be beneficial if you are relocating with a dog.

When researching safe areas in Los Angeles, don’t forget to factor in these aspects in your decision-making process. They will certainly allow you to have a better understanding of the benefits of relocating and living in a particular place. Apart from these aspects, research some of your own needs and requirements, such as various available entertainment options, outdoor activities, the food scene, the housing market, or access to the beach. Now that we’ve gone over the basics let’s see which LA communities fulfill all these requirements.

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Playa Vista Is a Great Place for Families to Settle Down In

According to AreaVibes, this neighborhood’s criminal activity rate is 19% lower when compared to the national average. Violent and property crime ratings are significantly lower than the LA ratings. Not only is the criminal activity level lower, but it has an excellent school district. You will live close to schools such as Westside Neighborhood School and Windward School. Students also won’t have to move to a new home to pursue an academic career, as there’s already an outstanding college here – Loyola Marymount University.

Suppose you are interested in finding an appropriate property. In that case, you should know that there are various types of architectural styles you can choose from, such as Mission Revival and Streamline Moderne. The median purchase price is $650,000, and the monthly rent is $1,500.

Watch this informative video for more details on housing in this part of LA:

Are There Any Family-Friendly Events and Activities in Playa Vista?

There are numerous opportunities for the entire family to have fun when living in this part of LA. On one day, you can go on a hike with the kids along the LMU Trail, and on the other, you can take them to learn about the Ballona Wetlands in Ballona Discovery Park. Another interesting option for the whole family is Critter Camp, where kids can find out more about animals.

Parents will also have numerous places for fun and relaxation, from shopping in some of the unique boutiques to going to the largest fitness studios. At this destination, you will get spoiled for choice. There are also wonderful restaurants where you can try cuisines from all over the world, such as The Runway, Hash, and Rodini Park Greek Kitchen.

A neighborhood in LA
Playa Vista's main appeal is that it is one of the safer LA communities

Brentwood Is Among the Safest Places to Live in Los Angeles

When relocating to LA, take into consideration Brentwood, which is considered the safest area in Los Angeles. There is a peaceful vibe and beautiful scenery and environment in Brentwood. It is a family-oriented place where one can see parents riding bikes with kids, people taking their dogs for a walk, and children playing in parks.

According to AreaVibes, the total rate of crimes is 35% lower than the national average, but violent crimes are 75% lower than the national average. The cost of living in this LA neighborhood is a bit on the expensive side. The median home value is 1.5 million dollars, and the average monthly rent is about $2,500. However, no other place can offer a calmer and more secure environment for children apart from Brentwood.

What Else Can Brentwood Offer?

Some of the most child-friendly locations in Brentwood are the Barrington Recreation Center and Mandeville Canyon Park, where one can enjoy the views of LA Metro and bike the trails. Take the children to the Getty Museum to learn about art or to the Getty Center, where one can find spectacular gardens.

Parents can find a special spot just for them in the Brentwood Country Club. Those who love playing golf or spending an entire day at the pool would become a member of this unique club. Also, there are various restaurants where families can go for lunch or dinner. Some of the best restaurants in this part of LA are Toscana, Baltaire, Pizzana, and Vincenti.

View of LA after long-distance moving
What part of LA is the most secure? Brentwood is certainly one of the safer parts

In Search of a Simpler Life – Pick Mar Vista

Mar Vista is a very attractive destination for individuals who want to move to LA alone and families in search of a calmer place. It is packed with parks, farmer’s markets, top-quality local schools, and libraries. Families flock to this location because the crime rate is incredibly low.

According to AreaVibes, the overall crime rate is 34% lower than the national average. Another important aspect of this location is that families will feel secure raising their children here since it is a tight-knit community. So if you want to see your kids playing on the streets and not worry about being late for them when school finishes, this could potentially be the ideal choice.

Not only is this LA location secure, but it has the best school district. The highest-rated public schools are Larchmont Charter School and WISH Community School. On the other hand, those who want their children to attend private schools can choose between Harvard-Westlake School, Windward School, and Marlborough School.

Is it Expensive to Buy a House in Mar Vista?

At first, it might seem like this destination is not among the most affordable places to live in LA. In this community, the median listing home price is 1.9 million dollars. It has been estimated that the prices increase by 2% every year, as there are more home buyers than houses on the market. However, for those who want to rent a place like the majority of residents in this destination, the average monthly rent is $2,000.

However, this is not the most expensive location, and for families who want to have access to excellent schools and reside in a peaceful environment, the costly price of a home is going to be worth it in the end. We recommend researching the real estate market before moving cross-country. Prepare by setting aside money and creating a moving budget that will help you get the apartment or house of your dreams with ease.

Here is a video with more information about Mar Vista’s real estate market in 2022:

Those Looking for the Best Place to Raise a Family Should Relocate to Rolling Hills

People who are interested in exploring what the suburbs of LA have to offer should start their search from Rolling Hills. This is a little suburb with a population of 1,600, where the majority of residents own their homes. Even though it is a suburb that offers a more rural feel, it isn’t far from Downtown LA. It will only take you 30 minutes to reach the city center.

According to Niche, it is the best location to reside in LA. There are great job opportunities, excellent local amenities, and first-class schools. Since this is a gated community with three entry gates, there are no reports of serious violent crimes, and the total rate of crimes is 86% lower than the national average. The entry gates are guarded 24/7, which lowers the chance of experiencing any criminal activity. Therefore, individuals who would like to move to the suburbs should place Rolling Hills at the top of their list.

Landscape of LA
Rolling Hills is among the safest places in Los Angeles, according to Niche

Eagle Rock Is a Destination That Boasts Affordable Prices and Safety

Eagle rock is a tranquil residential area that offers an overwhelming number of family-friendly activities. It is located northeast of Downtown LA, and a lot of people are amazed by just how laid-back and eclectic it is. When deciding where to reside, one can choose between Spanish-style homes or inspiring Craftsman bungalows. Its appeal rests on the affordable cost of living. When compared to the other LA locations, Eagle Rock has significantly lower rent and housing prices. The median home value is $800,000, and the monthly rent is $1,600.

What is more, children will have an opportunity to attend great public and private schools such as Renaissance Arts Academy and Flintridge Preparatory School. There are many coffee shops, bars, and restaurants making this destination one of the best locations to reside in LA for singles, too. The lively business district and the diverse community make young professionals, as well as couples with kids, love living in Eagle Rock.

What Are Some Things You Can Do in Eagle Rock?

From sports to more artsy activities, anyone can find something fun and interesting to do in Eagle Rock. You can explore various exhibits or take part in unique workshops at the Center for the Arts Eagle Rock. For more outdoor activities, head to Eagle Rock Recreation Center, where you can enjoy a picnic day with your children.

For outstanding theater performances, go to the Bob Baker Marionette Theater or watch an art show at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland. If you just want to play outside with the kids, go to the local park, as it features a jungle gym and a sports field.

FAQ About the Safest Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Is Malibu Safe to Live?

Malibu is a tight-knit community where one will find kind and friendly locals. Residents describe the location as secure and great for raising kids. However, according to AreaVibes, Malibu in California has a total crime rate 43% higher than the national average. On the other hand, the rating of violent crimes is 12% lower than the national average.

Is LA Safer Than NYC?

LA and NYC are the two largest cities in America. When comparing criminal activity rates, LA has a total crime rate of 22% higher than the national average, and violent crimes are very high – 86% higher than the national average. On the other hand, NYC fares better in terms of total criminal activity since its rates are 9% lower than the national average. Violent criminal activity is still 49% higher than the national average, though. Considering these AreaVibes statistics, NYC is estimated to be safer than LA.

Is LA, CA a Safe Place to Live?

Overall, some locations in LA are more secure than others. Among the safer locations are Bel Air, Westwood, Encino, and Porter Ranch. Those who want to invest in cross-country moving services and relocate to a secure place for raising children should opt for Brentwood, Eagle Rock, or Rolling Hills.

What Neighborhood Should I Avoid in Los Angeles?

People should be aware of LA communities that are considered more dangerous than others. These include Lincoln Heights, Watts, Crenshaw, Chinatown, Skid Row, West Adams, and Park Mesa Heights. Many individuals are unfamiliar with the city, so they wander into bad neighborhoods by accident. This is why it’s important to get to know a bit more about the city before reaching out to the long-distance moving company.

What Is the Safest City Near Los Angeles?

People who want to move out of LA but continue living in California might want to know about some nearby safer cities. One might find Rancho Palos Verdes ideal since it has a breathtaking view of LA and the Pacific Ocean. Another option is to move from LA to Santa Clarita. It has a large population of 220,000 but is among the safer cities in California. Temple City is also secure and near LA. Its total property and violent crimes are 60% lower than the national average.

Pick a Safe Neighborhood in Los Angeles and Begin Packing For Your Move

In case you’ve been wondering – which part of Los Angeles is the safest, with our complete list of secure locations for raising kids, you won’t have issues picking one. Determine what livability rankings you prioritize, like the cost of living, cultural opportunities, or an excellent school district, and start your research from there.

Once you know where you want to relocate to, contact cross-country movers and book your move. Don’t forget to ask customer service representatives about auto transport, full and partial packing services, and an in-home estimate. With reliable long-distance movers, your relocation to one of the safest neighborhoods in LA will be smooth and effortless.

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