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Moving to the City of Angels? What Safe Neighborhood in Los Angeles Should You Move To

Posted in City Guides on May 25, 2022

When moving across the country, one of the most important things you need to consider is your new home’s location and how safe that neighborhood is. If your dream is to relocate to LA, the largest metropolitan area in California, finding a safe neighborhood in Los Angeles should be your top priority. We will present you with the safest neighborhoods in LA and much more.

Deciding where to move to a city of this magnitude can be a daunting and challenging task. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to pick the right place. And if you wonder, are there any safe neighborhoods in Los Angeles, you will be happy to hear there are plenty of family-friendly and safe neighborhoods in LA.

Why Is It Important to Find a Safe Neighborhood When Moving Cross Country?

When relocating to a big city, no matter if you are relocating alone or with family, there will be many uncertainties. Still, your new home’s area shouldn’t be one of them, especially if you are planning to buy a house before you relocate. Luckily we have narrowed down some of the safest places in Los Angeles, so you don’t have to. We gathered the information from several websites that involve crime rate statistics and other crucial things for the high liveability of the area.

Things to Consider When Looking at Data on Crime Rates

To understand the statistics behind the crime rate in some areas, we need to consider what kind of crimes are committed and the comparison with the national average. If we look at the LA County crime rate according to Areavibes, it is 22% higher than the national average. This number may seem high, true. But if we take a look at Chicago, that number is 67% higher than the national average.

In LA, violent crimes are 86% higher than the national average, while this number in Chicago is 143%. Still, when we look at the statistical data, we can see that 18,535 violent crimes committed in LA were assaults, around 8,000 were robberies, and 351 were murders. On the other hand, New York experiences 49% more violent crimes than the national average, but 468 of those crimes were murders (more than LA). Finally, here are some of the safest places to live in LA, according to neighborhood scout:

  • Bell Canyon,
  • Northridge,
  • Mulholland Park,
  • Riviera.

Playa Vista and Hidden Hils Are Among the Safest Areas

Playa Vista is one of the best neighborhoods to raise a family, according to the website Niche, so if you are relocating with kids, you should consider this area. It is also home to many tech companies such as Facebook and Google, which is why this area is also popular among young professionals. Most of the 16,000 residents rent their homes.

When it comes to violent crimes in Playa Vista, they are fewer than the national average, and this neighborhood is generally safe. The area is also called Silicon Beach, with a median household income of $138,700, a median rent of $2,700, and a home value of $1,038,555. Playa Vista has a livability score of 70 out of 100 and a crime rate 19% lower than the national average. And since it is Silicon Beach, this area can be great to move your office as well.

Hidden Hills Are Safer Than Playa Vista but More Expensive

Before you book your cross-country movers, you will have to do some house hunting. And if you plan to buy a house in LA with an excellent view and a family-oriented small community of extremely wealthy people, Hidden Hills is an excellent choice. The median household income is $246,000, and the median home value is around $2 million. With a population of 1,634, there are almost no violent crimes recorded when it comes to property crimes, just occasional burglary and petty theft. The livability score is 78%, and the violent crimes rate is 86 lower than the national average, which makes this area safer than most areas in the state.

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“Safe Neighborhood in Los Angeles” Ultimate List

Whether you are relocating to another state alone or with family, you would want to live in an area that best suits your needs while also being safe. Asking “what neighborhood should I avoid in Los Angeles” can help, but you will need to tell your long-distance movers where to relocate your essentials and other stuff. Here are some of the safest places to live in Los Angeles.

Beverlywood Has Good Schools

When you think about which part of Los Angeles is the safest, Beverlywood is probably not the first area that comes to your mind, but it is high on the list. According to Niche, it is counted as the best place to raise a family in LA and the safest area in Los Angeles. This area used to be part of Beverly Hills, but they split in 1940. Beverlywood has excellent schools, so if you plan to relocate with kids, this area should come into consideration. The median home value is $1,511,626, but the rent is not that steep – the median rent is $2,500.

Glendale Is for Those Who Prefer Good Restaurants and Excellent Wine

If you wonder what is the safest city near Los Angeles, Glendale will probably be on top of the list. It is a place where people come to relax and have a good time, but in an old-fashioned, laid-back way, while enjoying California’s finest wine class. So if you are thinking of relocating here, make sure you pack your books because you will get the desire to read them.

It also has some of the best schools, and if you are relocating without a job, you will not have a hard time finding one. Glendale is known as a commercial area with a lot of jobs in the healthcare, aerospace, and entertainment industries. The livability score is 70, and the crime rate is 28% lower than the national average.

South Pasadena Has the Highest Livability Rank

Another great small town located northeast of Downtown LA is South Pasadena. It is considered safe and one of the best areas to live in. Though not technically part of LA, it has an excellent connection with it. It feels like a suburban part of the city. It has excellent schools, from middle schools to higher education institutions.

It is a place where many young professionals and families decide to live. It has a population of 25,600, with a median household income of $104,300 and a median home price of $1,071,000. Median rent is $1,800. It can be a great place to start, especially if you are relocating from a small town to a big city. When it comes to the crime rate, it’s 11% higher than the national average, while violent crimes are 73% lower than the national average. Overall, it has among the highest livability ranks of 79.

Bel Air Is for Those With Deep Pocket

When we talk about livability, Bel Air must also come into consideration because, aside from the fact that it is one of the safe areas in Los Angeles, it is also a great place to live in. Of course, if you have enough money. Here you will have a hard time finding any violent crimes committed but so is with a place to rent. Most of the area consists of $2 million worth single-family houses.

And yes, most of the celebrities live here so if you decide to live in some other area this one is something you need to visit. Relocating to a new state and to Bel Air will certainly come with its benefits, and one of those benefits is safety. Here liveability score is 75, and the crime rate is 52% lower than the national average.

Westwood Is the Number One Neighborhood to Live in LA

According to Niche, Westwood is the best neighborhood to live in LA, and it is one of the safe neighborhoods in Los Angeles. With a population of 55,000 (primarily students,) it is a safe and tight-knit neighborhood appealing to young professionals. The median rent here is $2,300, and the median home value is $1,038,555. It is an urban area filled with commercial and business buildings as well as single-family homes and apartments (and the University of California). And if relocating to the suburbs is not something you plan to do, then this area will be excellent because it is a hip and urban area. And if you are relocating for the first time, this area will be perfect with its livability score of 75 and crime rate 47% lower than the national average.

Palms Are Best for Renters

Another safe area in LA is located near Santa Monica, and it’s called Palms. Here you will not have to worry about depression after relocating because this neighborhood will offer you the true charms of LA and California. Urban bars and restaurants make this place so likable, and the median rent is $1,800. Even relocating to a new home of your own may come true because the median home value is $881,400, which is quite low for LA standards. According to Areavibes, Palms has a livability score of 71 out of 100, and the crime rate is 24% lower than the national average.

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There are plenty of areas in LA for rising family

Tips for Safe Long-Distance Moving

One of the big parts of organizing your move is to find good cross-country moving services that will move you safely and in the most efficient way. We’re not reinventing the wheel when we say that cross-country moving without good movers can soon turn into a nightmare. So before you book movers, make sure that the moving company is legit. Secondly, make sure that the company you are hiring can provide you with all the necessary services you need, from car shipping to packing services. Also, plan your move carefully to the last detail and learn as much as you can about the city you are relocating to.

Safety is probably one of the most important things to consider when relocating to a metropolis, but there are other things you need to consider, such as proximity to school and work, whether the area has enough green spaces, a good connection to a city center, housing, and general cost of living. As you can see, you need to consider many things before you relocate, and if you book your movers in time, you will have plenty of it to think about all those things and find the best solutions for you.

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