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Peaks of Affordability – What Are the Most Affordable Mountain Towns to Move To

Posted in City Guides on July 3, 2024

Are you dreaming of mountain views, fresh air, and green fields without the hefty price tag? You’re in luck! Across the US, several locations combine natural beauty with affordable mountain living. Let’s explore the most affordable mountain towns and hidden gems, helping you find a high life without the high costs.

What Are the Most Affordable Mountain Towns to Live In

Are you on the hunt for the cheapest mountain towns to live in? Well, we’re here to help you make the right pick. Discover the most budget-friendly mountain homes nestled in vibrant communities, offering a serene escape without breaking the bank.

These locals provide affordable mountain town real estate and boast rich outdoor lifestyles perfect for adventurers and unwinding.

Wherever you’ve decided to live, know that La Grande, Rangeley, Reno, Boone, and Saranac Lake are worth exploring.

14% of Americans currently live in rural areas

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Let’s Explore the 10 Best Affordable Mountain Towns in the US

Let’s face it – our wonderful and vast country has so much to offer. So when it comes to looking for the best mountain town communities to call home, we would spend hours listing them all. That’s why we’ve decided to round out the top 10 best affordable mountain towns we believe are worth the attention:

  • La Grande, OR,
  • Rangeley, ME,
  • Reno, NV,
  • Boone, NC,
  • Saranac Lake, NY,
  • Thomas and Davis, WV,
  • Anaconda, MT,
  • Big Bear, CA,
  • Colorado Springs, CO,
  • Ogden, UT.
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La Grande, Oregon – A Hidden Gem in the Blue Mountains

Nestled in the heart of eastern Oregon, La Grande surprises many with its scenic beauty and vibrant outdoor life. While it might seem like a simple pass-through on I-84, this town is anything but ordinary. Surrounded by the majestic Blue Mountains and the wild, scenic Grande Ronde River, it’s a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

Just 45 miles southwest, you can find Anthony Lakes Ski Area, renowned for having some of the driest snow in the state, making it a winter sports paradise. The population here hovers at just over 13,000, allowing for a close-knit community feel without the isolation often found in rural locales. La Grande boasts a surprisingly affordable housing market. With an average home value of around $277,000, it offers accessibility to homeownership that is hard to find in today’s market.

Living in La Grande Is a Dream

Life in La Grande is characterized by its vibrant community and diverse local economy. Eastern Oregon University is responsible for the town’s economic vitality. This institution provides the necessary education to its residents and injects a dynamic energy into the area.

The local art scene, supported by initiatives like Art Center East, provides creative outlets and cultural enrichment. For outdoor lovers, the options are plentiful – from skiing and biking to fishing along the Grande Ronde River.

Oregon (USA) flag waving on the wind
Here, you can enjoy the great outdoors and a vibrant cultural scene on the same day

Rangeley, Maine – The Jewel of the Appalachians

In the heart of northern Maine stands a testament to nature’s splendor – Rangeley offers breathtaking landscapes and plenty of wildlife. Known for its pristine outdoor settings and just over 1,000 residents, it offers the serenity of rural life and the excitement of outdoor adventure.

After a hiatus, the Saddleback Ski Area reopened in 2020, injecting new vigor into its winter sports scene. However, this area has a long-standing reputation as a premier fishing destination, with anglers catching trophy fish since the 1860s. Moreover, the surrounding wilderness is home to a wealth of wildlife, including moose and loons, adding to the allure for those passionate about nature.

The proximity to the Appalachian Trail offers endless opportunities for hiking and exploring, ensuring that outdoor activities are always within reach. Additionally, the town benefits from a state-sponsored initiative promoting sustainable forestry, which helps diversify the local economy beyond just seasonal recreation. This approach sustains the natural beauty of Rangeley and supports a stable economic environment.

With an average home price just below $465,000, Rangeley offers cost-effective living conditions in a setting that feels removed from the hectic pace of urban centers. Yet, it’s vibrant enough to never feel isolated.

Embrace Rangeley’s Lifestyle and Welcoming Community

Living in Rangeley means joining a community that cherishes connections and shared experiences. Its small size ensures a warm, inviting atmosphere where meeting neighbors comes naturally. Frequent local events and community gatherings ensure that new residents feel welcomed and integrated from the start, helping them feel at home right away.

 Landscape in Rangeley, Maine
Rangeley is a perfect retreat for those seeking a balance between tranquility and active living

Reno, Nevada – The Biggest Little City in the World

The Biggest Little City in the World” is transforming remarkably. This bustling locale, with a population nearing 200,000, seamlessly blends the allure of nature and urban convenience. This makes it a unique destination for those relocating to another city.

Over the past decade, Reno has seen a significant influx of residents, particularly from California, drawn by its expanding outdoor opportunities and rising property values. The city has evolved substantially since 2012, becoming a hub for both tech and culture.

Although the boom driven by tech advancements and pandemic migration is beginning to stabilize, home prices are becoming more accessible. While the average home price in Reno hovers around $550,000, it presents a compelling case as an affordable alternative to the pricier mountain locales.

Life in Reno Has a Lot to Offer

Living in Reno means embracing a lifestyle that balances outdoor adventure with cultural richness. Residents can enjoy a day of skiing at Lake Tahoe and then partake in a vibrant city nightlife, complete with shows, dining, and art exhibitions. The local housing market, while reflecting the city’s growth, still includes opportunities for various budgets, especially compared to similar mountain locales.

Neon sign in the middle of the street of Reno, Nevada
Reno's an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy the best of both worlds

Boone, North Carolina – Appalachian Beauty on a Budget

Nestled in the high country of North Carolina, Boone is a vibrant town that embodies the spirit of Appalachian beauty without the hefty price tag. With a population of just over 18,000, it offers a cozy community feel, making it an appealing choice for many looking for a new home in a dynamic setting.

Boone’s real estate market is notably affordable, with an average home price just below $476,000. The town boasts a rich array of cultural and educational opportunities, largely centered around Appalachian State University. This institution adds youthful energy and innovative spirit to the area, which is perfect for those relocating with kids.

Seasonally, Boone has something special to offer throughout the year. Spring brings the thrilling runoff on the New and Watauga Rivers, ideal for kayaking and rafting enthusiasts. Winter offers the best skiing in the Southeast, with three resorts within a 45-minute drive. Additionally, the area is a haven for mountain bikers, featuring multi-season trails at places like Rocky Knob Bike Park.

Settle Into Boone’s Community and Natural Beauties

Thanks to its welcoming atmosphere and active lifestyle, integrating into Boone’s community is a rewarding experience. Newcomers can easily connect with locals through various outdoor activities that the town is famous for. Participating in community events or joining local clubs and organizations are great ways to immerse yourself in the social fabric.

For those who appreciate natural beauty, Boone offers ample opportunities to engage with the environment. The surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains provide a picturesque backdrop for hiking, biking, and photographic pursuits. The town’s commitment to maintaining its natural settings means that these beauties are preserved and cherished, ready for residents and visitors alike to explore.

Campus and town skyline in Boone, North Carolina
Living in Boone means embracing a perfect blend of culture, education, and outdoor activities

Saranac Lake, New York – Rustic Living at Its Most Accessible

Saranac Lake, nestled within the Adirondack Mountains of New York, exemplifies rustic living and accessibility to outdoor adventures. With a population just shy of 5,000, it offers a close-knit community feel, perfect for those escaping the hustle and bustle of the big city. The average home price of about $300,000 certainly adds to its appeal.

The area is known for its expansive network of trails that link to six mountains around the lake, providing endless opportunities for hiking and exploration. Saranac Lake truly shines in all seasons. Boaters fill the lake in the summer, while winter transforms the landscape into a snowy wonderland ideal for skiing at Mount Pisgah or nearby Whiteface.

Despite its tranquil vibe, Saranac Lake’s 10-minute drive to Lake Placid ensures that residents can easily access more bustling amenities and activities when desired. This blend of peace with the potential for excitement makes Saranac Lake uniquely balanced.

Thriving in Saranac Lake Is a Breeze

Living in Saranac Lake means embracing an outdoor lifestyle enriched by community spirit and an artistic ambiance. Here are some tips to fully enjoy all that this town has to offer:

  • Engage with the community – Saranac Lake residents are known for their welcoming nature. Participating in local events and festivals is a great way to connect with neighbors and make lasting friendships.
  • Explore the great outdoors – With easy access to numerous trails and natural landmarks, embracing the outdoors is a must. Whether it’s hiking, skiing, or boating, there’s always an activity to match the season.

Dive into the art scene – The town’s artistic vibe is palpable, with galleries, workshops, and craft shows frequently showcasing local talent. Getting involved in these artistic endeavors supports local artists and enriches the cultural experience.

 Large homes along the lakeside at Lake Flower, Saranac Lake, New York
Saranac Lake combines rustic living with the richness of community and culture

Prepare for a Move and Pick the Right Place for You

Relocating to a small town offers a unique blend of tranquility and adventure. However, before you start deciding what to pack first, consider these key factors to ensure you choose the perfect place for your needs and lifestyle.

Consider the Climate

These locals certainly boost different climates. You will experience everything from snowy winters to mild, temperate summers. Understanding the climate is crucial for determining your readiness to cope with seasonal changes and for planning outdoor activities.

Evaluate the Community

Each place has its own vibe and social fabric. Look for a community that aligns with your values and interests. Whether it’s a bustling town or a quiet village that’s perfect for solitude seekers, this can greatly enhance the living experience.

Assess Job Opportunities

If you’re relocating for work and a change of pace, then employment is a major consideration. Some places have thriving tourism, arts, and service industries, while others may offer limited employment options. Research the local economy to ensure it can support your career and financial needs.

Research and Choose a Reliable Cross-Country Movers to Make This Journey a Reality

Handling this complex task and logistics can be pretty overwhelming. So, choosing a competent and reliable cross-country moving and car shipping company is vital for a smooth transition to the new home. Here are a few tips:

  • Check reviews and testimonials – Honest reviews and testimonials provide insight into the company’s reliability and quality of service.
  • Verify licensing and insurance – Ensure the long-distance moving company is licensed and insured. This protects you against potential losses or damages during transit.
  • Look for professional accreditation – Companies registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) are generally reputable as they adhere to safety regulations.

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Book cross country moving services on time for a smooth relocation experience

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