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What Awaits After Moving to the Suburbs – A City-Dweller’s Guide

Posted in Moving Essentials,Moving Tips & Tricks on August 9, 2021

More and more Americans move because of housing. Also, there is a rising trend of millennials moving to the suburbs each year. In fact, 48% of them are considering leaving urban centers and go further from a busy hive. There are vast benefits of moving away from the inner cities, and if you are thinking about doing it yourself, keep reading and see what is waiting for you.

Beautiful house with a lawn
Be one of the many and embrace a suburban way of living

There are many reasons to move, but one of the most common is larger square footage and more affordable rent. In 2019, around 40% of Americans who moved did so to find a better house. Still, making a choice of moving from city to suburbs is not something you can do in the spur of the moment. A lot of planning and organization must be in place if you wish to move efficiently. So take out your pen and start writing down all you need to know about relocating to the periphery, and hopefully, you will get the answer to a question should we move to the suburbs.

What Drives the Move to the Suburbs From Cities?

If you lived your entire life in an urban environment, you probably wonder why do people move to the suburbs. Well, to simplify the answer, living in a city has become too expensive. And yes, people moved to the periphery before, but there is an exponential growth of the number of people who relocate away from downtowns in the last couple of years. And the reasons go beyond the affordable cost of living. Larger homes and safer neighborhoods are important factors too

Less Stress and More Money Await You After Moving to the Suburbs

If you are tired of living a fast urban life, you probably think about relocating to suburbia more often. Not only will that way of living be less stressful, but your standard will rise too. A big house with a yard that costs like a small apartment downtown will increase your home budget. And if your salary stays the same (for instance, if you arrange to work from home,) you will even be able to save some money.

Couple looking at the house after moving across the country
Save some money with a better and larger house.

Pick a City and Its Metropolitan Area to Call Home

Once you made the call of moving across country to suburbia, why stop there? You can plan a move to another city entirely. You have a golden opportunity to choose where you should move. Not only do you get to pick a new city, but relocating to a new state is also an option you can consider. One of the great benefits of moving is that you get to do it all over again and start your life wherever you want. Maybe you desire to live on the West Coast or in some colder states. Now it’s time to make this kind of life-changing decision. And your wishes are not all you get to fulfill. You can choose to live in the most affordable and best places to live in America.

Find the House in the Right Neighborhood in Your City of Choice

Choosing the right house and future neighborhood is the second step you need to take. When house hunting, the first thing you have to set is the budget for a house or apartment. The amount of money you have will mainly impact where you get to buy a house. And keep in mind that if you’re relocating from an apartment to the house, you will probably have fewer things, so calculate all extra expenditures you may have when making a budget, like buying furniture, appliances, or doing some renovations.

The good side of cross-country moving is the chance to choose your neighborhood. You can pick a place closer to your work or better schools if you are relocating with kids. Or some neighborhood with a lot of green areas and parks, which will be great if you are relocating with pets, for instance.

The best way to find out all about neighborhoods in your city of choice is to visit websites such as Niche and Areavibes. You can compare different neighborhoods in criteria such as best places for families, young professionals, best housing, and others. Also, you can read reviews of people living there and find out all about their experiences firsthand. Here are some of the best websites for finding a place to live:

Dog walking on a street after cross-country moving
Think about your dog too

Other Things You Will Learn to Appreciate Once You Move to Suburbia

One of the most imminent shocks you will experience once you move to suburbia is that everything is, well, bigger. Your house will be bigger. You will have a yard and a garage. And if you are relocating to another state alone, living in a huge house can be hard at first, and adjustment to living on your own will be more difficult. So maybe it would be better to buy something modest and smaller in the beginning.

Embrace Suburban Way of Living

Once you relocate there, besides wide streets and a lot of space, you will get used to the slower tempo of living too. Simply, you will have more time for yourself and your family. The streets are wider, there are parking lots everywhere, and traffic jam basically does not exist in the suburban ecosystem. As you can see, a lot of things that have bothered you downtown will cease to be an issue.

You will soon learn how to enjoy calm mornings with some breakfast and coffee that you don’t need to eat on foot. A lot of pressure will be out of your back, and soon you will learn to take it easy and enjoy the moment. And if you planned to move a piano now, you will actually have some time to play it.

Get Used to Small Talks

When moving to another state, keeping in touch with friends and family is no longer difficult, thanks to technology. Still, remember you are relocating to a tight-knit community where you will soon meet new neighbors who love chit-chat. That might be annoying in the beginning, but don’t fight it. It is an excellent way to meet new friends.

And you will need friends, especially if you are relocating alone and without a job. And who knows, maybe some of your neighbors may recommend you to some local company, so don’t hesitate to engage in small talk once in a while. In fact, throw a housewarming party and invite all your neighbors. You will be in your house (on your field, so to speak) and a lot more comfortable talking to people. That is an excellent way to get a job in a new city and to adjust much easier.

Girl talking with her neighbor after cross-country moving
Get out of your comfort zone and connect with your neighbor

You Get to Drive Your Car Again

If you had some doubts about whether to ship or sell your car, don’t think twice and book a car shipping service right now. Not only will you use a car, but it is also basically mandatory for each family member to have one. From going to the store to having a fun road trip, you will use your car all the time. There are no traffic jams and driving stress. The thrill you once felt when driving would come back again. So make sure the car is one of the things to keep when relocating.

Everything Is Quiet in the Suburbs

If you lived your entire life in a busy hive, your tolerance for a noisy environment is probably skyrocketing. It will feel weird the first couple of nights not to hear anything because everything becomes quiet after ten. And not only that, everything is darker too. So if you packed your shoes for walking, you will probably not use them for the first couple of weeks until you get familiar with your neighborhood, especially when it is dark. So, if this is something that gives you the creeps, secure your home with some video surveillance and alarm system after your moving cross country.

Home Maintenance Will Become a Habit

If you relocate to a new house, one of the things you have to be aware of is that the house is like a living thing. If you don’t invest some time in it, it will fall apart. And now you don’t have a landlord to fix everything that is broken. From mowing lawns and setting up a sprinkler system to painting your room, you will soon realize that you love doing this work, and it will be part of your daily or weekly routine. And if you’re interested in some home maintenance tips, check out the following video.

Think About Hiring Cross-Country Movers When Moving to the Suburbs

One of the best long-distance moving tips is to hire long-distance movers. This kind of relocation usually demands getting professional cross-country moving services. There are just so many other things you need to do in a short period of time. Transferring your kids’ school records, finding a place to live (this will take around one month,) making travel arrangements, and say goodbye to friends and family, to name just some. And on top of all that you need to pack everything. There are some packing tips you can implement, but in the end, if you hire one company to do everything from packing service and car shipping to packing a moving truck, you will have a stress-free relocation. Some long-distance moving companies even have storage facilities where you can store your belongings if, for some reason, you don’t know where to put them.

Cross-country movers carrying a couch
With the professional help of cross country movers, you will be able to arrange other important things

What Are the Disadvantages of Living in the Suburbs?

Finally, if you are an urban soul down to the core, all the advantages we mentioned above probably won’t matter much to you. It is a matter of taste and what you want in your life right now. If you’re asking are people moving from the city to the suburbs, the answer is yes, but it is the same the other way around.

Migrations are normal, and people can only choose what is best for them in their lives. The biggest disadvantage is probably the fact that you will be away from economic centers. But even this statement is not entirely true. More and more people can work from home, and the biggest Silicon Valley companies are going to suburbia as well. So things change, but if you pick a town or neighborhood relatively close to a city center and yet with that distinctive suburban feel, you will hit the jackpot with the best from both worlds.

And if you wonder, is living in the city better than in the suburbs, the answer will again depend on your wishes and dreams at this point. If you want to party all night and meet different people every night, the city is where you will find the most of this. But this doesn’t mean that suburbia doesn’t have any of those. It has bars and restaurants, too, you know, just not to that extent. Which makes them even better.

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