5 Best Suburbs of Los Angeles to Live In 2022

Posted in City Guides on May 11, 2022

Outstanding culture, beautiful climate, and excellent job market often draw people to LA. Still, life in a metropolis isn’t for everyone, which has led some to look for the greatest suburbs of Los Angeles. Are you one of those people? If so, take a look at our list of LA’s best suburban areas and find the one that fits you the most.

Although playing a Where Should I Move quiz can be an excellent starting point when wanting to move to another city, you can’t make your decision based solely on it. You must count in all of your wishes, needs, and preferences, as well as your reasons to move before your decision becomes final. Having that in mind, we prepared a list of some of the finest suburban places in LA, and it has a little bit of everything for everyone.

What Are Suburban Areas in Los Angeles, California?

According to the World Population Review, LA is the second-largest city by population in 2022, and it is still expanding – consider it’s a big black hole that’s swallowing everything around it. Therefore, it’s not always easy to distinguish a LA district from a neighboring town. Take a look at Pasadena, Irvine, San Clemente, or Santa Monica, for example. So, the real question should not be Does Los Angeles have suburbs, but What neighborhoods are part of Los Angeles exactly. The answer is not simple.

The reason behind this complication partially lies in a definition of a suburb – they are often defined as residential areas located on the outskirts of the cities that are within commuting distance of the city center. Pretty broad explanation, isn’t it? However, it was the one we used when determining the greatest LA suburban areas. After all, if it’s a good place to live and provides you a way to reach all of the LA possibilities and amenities, all you have to do is get cross-country moving services and simply move to another home – not to worry about the definitions.

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Redondo Beach Is the Perfect Choice if You’re Looking for a Coastal Lifestyle

Many who want to become residents of The Golden State do it because of the amazing weather and beautiful coastal places – and Redondo Beach is one of them. This oceanfront suburb is located southwest of the city center, and with a commuting time of around 30 minutes, it provides the best of both worlds – coastal lifestyle, on the one hand, and LA amenities, on the other.

Back in 1877, the Redondo Beach district was named The Gem of the Continent by the Los Angeles Daily Herald, and it remained one of the most beautiful places not only in LA but in the state. Although it doesn’t lack job opportunities (mainly in the engineering and IT fields), many choose this place for its laid-back vibe and amazing coastal scenery.

When you want to simply enjoy your surroundings and spend all your free time swimming, sunbathing, and meeting friends in a well-connected community, Redondo Beach is most certainly something to consider. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to save up a pretty penny to be able to enjoy this oceanfront – according to BestPlaces, the median home price in this area is around $1,270,000.

Redondo Beach Offers Many Culture, Entertainment and Recreation Options

In Redondo Beach, you can enjoy a lot more than just beachfront activities. Aside from visiting the famous Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center or enjoying your recreation time in one of the fourteen parks, you’ll also be able to explore the outstanding food scene (especially if you like seafood specialties). Of course, even if you’re not relocating to a big city, per se, all you have to do is hop in your car and be in the heart of LA in no time.

Person walking by the beach after moving cross-country
Relocating to this incredible place will allow you to relax and enjoy your life

Rancho Palos Verdes Estates Can Be an Excellent Place for Families With Kids

Where is the best place to raise a family in Los Angeles? With an A+ public school ranking on Niche, countless activities in which your kids can participate, and lower crime rates than many other California communities, Rancho Palos Verdes can be an excellent place for raising children. Although it’s located more southern than the previous entry, commuting time is not much longer – you’ll need approximately thirty-five minutes of driving to get to Downtown LA. It’s a reason enough to enjoy the benefits of car shipping when moving across the country.

Even though many more residents own their homes than they rent here, keep in mind that this place is not affordable – not by a long shot. For many, the median house cost of $1,615,000 is too high a price for relocating to the suburbs.

When planning a relocation, don’t forget about the cost you’ll need for getting professional help. Hiring cross-country movers and getting packing services as well as car shipping will help you move efficiently and achieve a stress-free move, but they also come with the price. Therefore, make sure that the relocation budget is calculated well before making further plans.

Things to Do With Kids After Moving Cross Country to Rancho Palos Verdes

Relocating to Rancho Palos Verdes can be quite an adventure for the little ones, with so many things to do and places to see. Therefore, if you’re relocating with kids, don’t miss visiting:

  • Palos Verdes Nature Preserve for incredible views,
  • Abalone Cove Ecological Reserve for wildlife and fossils,
  • Ladera Linda Community Center and Park for children’s playground and Discovery Room,
  • South Coast Botanic Garden for the Children’s Discovery Garden,
  • Palos Verdes Art Center for art classes meant for all ages.

Aside From Celebrities and Opulent Homes, Beverly Hills Has Excellent School Ranking

When organizing your move as a parent, one of the most important things you will consider is the education system and safety of a place you’re relocating to. If you choose Beverly Hills as your next destination, you’ll be happy to know that it provides above-average education. There is no denying that this suburb offers excellent surroundings for your kids to learn.

However, note that there is more to work on regarding recent violent and property crimes. Although police forces are highly responsive, safety can be an issue here. Niche ranks its safety with C+, according to official crime reports.

Beverly Hills Is a Synonym for Extravagance

If you are looking for a high-end lifestyle (and can afford it), there is no better place than the (in)famous Beverly Hills. High life standards, being close to both LA and West Hollywood, and a large number of exceptional amenities made this place home for many American celebrities. After relocating here, you’ll be able to enjoy high-class shopping districts and fine dining, but also get a real chance at becoming rich and famous.

Commuting time is even shorter than in the two places mentioned above – around twenty-five minutes. However, with an unbelievable median house price of $3,788,000, you’ll need to find some excellent house hunting tips when looking for a new place. When deciding where to live, keep in mind that Beverly Hills is one of the most expensive places in the state.

Beverly Hills, California
Adele, Katy Perry, and Calvin Harris are just some of the celebrities who made this LA suburb their home

Glendale Can Provide You With a More Affordable Lifestyle

LA is on a list of the top ten most expensive cities in the USA, and it transfers to its districts as well, as you can witness from the numbers above. For those who struggle financially, it can cause anxiety about moving out or even be the reason why depression after relocation occurs.

Although still more expensive than the average cost of living in the US, housing costs in Glendale are much more affordable than in the other districts we mentioned. The current median home price is around $1,050,000, but there are cheaper options to choose from. With the approximate commute to LA being twenty-four minutes, you can gain a lot by relocating here.

The tight-knit community this place has to offer is just another of Glendale’s benefits, but this is vital if you wish to make friends in another city.

Enjoy the California Outdoors With LA Within Easy Reach

With the annual Crossing festival, which each resident can enjoy, plenty of public parks, recreation fields, playgrounds, kayak safari, biking, and hiking, Glendale can be heaven for all those who enjoy spending their time outside. It’s a pretty walkable place, so if you’re relocating with pets, there is no question if they will enjoy their new destination as well. Although Irvine is an absolute winner when it comes to enjoying the outdoors, the more affordable Glendale can also offer a lot.

If you’re curious to know what does this suburb look like, take a look at a walking tour of Glendale’s famous Brand Park:

Buena Park Can Offer Plenty of Job Opportunities

Buena Park is a peaceful suburban place with a more family-friendly than glitz and glamor vibe – but that glamor can be bearable within about thirty minutes of driving to the heart of LA. However, with a low unemployment rate and a good job market, maybe you won’t even have to commute downtown!

Many opportunities to get a job close to your place, combined with plenty of arts and entertainment options, and a developed nightlife scene, make Buena Park the perfect choice for college graduates and other young professionals. The best part – median housing costs in this area are estimated to be around $756,00, making it one of the most affordable suburbs of Los Angeles.

You’ll Never Get Bored of Living in This LA Suburb

Theme parks, entertaining roller coasters, and Old West Ghost Town are just some of this suburb’s unique entertainment options. If magic tricks and comedy are more up your lane, you’ll enjoy Teatro Martini, while Ralph B. Clark Regional Park provides many recreational opportunities for you and your family. And of course, when you get hungry from all that entertainment, don’t forget the fantastic food this area is known for. If that’s not enough, don’t forget – Downtown LA is in very close proximity.

People enjoying roller coaster ride after long-distance moving
This suburb can keep you entertained all on its own

Let Reliable Long-Distance Movers Relocate You Smoothly to Some of the Best Suburbs of Los Angeles

These are just five of almost countless LA suburban areas, but each one of them has the potential to bring positive changes into your life. However, there is still a long way between the moment you choose a place that fits you perfectly to the final steps of your move. So everything goes without a hitch, try to learn some practical moving hacks, and get the help of a trustworthy relocation team. Make sure that successful long-distance moving becomes the first chapter of your new life.

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Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

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