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Insider’s Guide to Living in Los Angeles

Posted in City Guides on May 19, 2022

An almost perfect warm weather full of sunshine and laid-back big city hustling – these are all the basic components of living in Los Angeles, California. Being here is like constantly existing in La-La Land – it’s almost like being in a dream, detached from the harsh realities.

We are not exaggerating. There is no other city resembling this one – a melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, and people of foreign origin. According to US Census Bureau, over 36% of residents of LA are foreign-born, and it’s a shockingly high number, considering that we are talking about a population of almost 3 million people. But – is it worth living in Los Angeles? The City of Angels is the second most populous in the country, so there has to be something about it that draws people to pack their bags and move there, using cross-country moving services.

Moving to LA Will Urge You to Research Its Neighborhoods

If you know what you’re looking for in a place, it’s easy to decide where to live. For example, if you’re a techie that thrives only in warm weather, you will probably settle in Silicon Valley. But if you want entertainment (for work or pleasure,) lots of sunshine, and an opportunity to surf at your leisure, LA is the perfect pick.

However, one of the important parts of planning a move to a new city is doing research on its parts and deciding which neighborhood to call home. Here are our top picks:

  • Malibu, located at the northern border of LA county, is a perfect destination for all of those looking for a beach and some remoteness from the hustle and bustle of the city’s core. Here, you can catch a glimpse of both the rich celebrities and local surfers. Its rural attraction is the biggest lure of this neighborhood, along with 27 miles of beaches, and is the dreamy getaway for all those who have no intention of relocating to a cold climate.
  • Santa Monica is a perfect pick for anyone who wants to join a premier beach community. Not only that it’s famous for its Santa Monica pier, but this neighborhood also offers chic hotels, an artsy vibe, and heaven for compulsive shoppers.
  • Venice Beach is intersected by a series of narrow canals connected by bridges, hence the name. The property prices here are on the rise because gentrification has brought many great things to this section of the metropolis. The number of great restaurants is on the rise, along with boutiques and other shopping spots, so if you move to a new home here, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for fun.
  • There’s no talk about Los Angeles without mentioning Beverly Hills. It’s among the most prominent parts of this metropolis, known equally as home to many famous residents and luxurious houses alongside palm-lined streets.
  • Many newcomers still flock to Hollywood with stars in their eyes. After all, this is the mecca and the historic core of the film industry in LA. Although many of the former studios have moved to Burbank, Hollywood Boulevard is showing signs of revitalization. The once-popular movie theaters are being refurbished, while chic dining spots and stylish clubs are reemerging.
  • Melrose Avenue continues to be the hippest neighborhood in LA. Here, you can see contemporary apartment houses right next to office buildings and have access to many avantgarde shopping spots.

Unlike San Francisco, LA is not a compact city but rather a metropolis with a sprawling suburbia feel, consisting of dozens of diverse communities. Each of them offers a unique vibe, but overall, you’ll feel as though you’re relocating to the suburbs in most parts of this metropolis.

What Are the Disadvantages of Living in Los Angeles? The Housing Prices Might Discourage You

Talking about finances is an important part of every move. If you don’t plan your relocation budget, you won’t be able to pay for a helping hand from cross-country movers. It’s the same when moving across the country to a new city alone – if you’re not sure what to expect in terms of costs once you unload your boxes, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

So, is living in LA expensive? There’s no beating around the bush here, and the answer is – yes. Investopedia still lists it as one of the top ten most expensive cities in the US, along with four other Californian places. You can expect near-average costs for groceries and overall living, but where the prices hit the highest in housing. Zillow’s typical home value for LA is $945,000, as opposed to the national average of $454,000. However, you can take some comfort in the fact that you won’t need to improve your future home with insulation and underfloor heating because of the near-perfect weather year-round.

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Work Opportunities Lie Beyond Show-Biz

If you’ve never moved before, you’ll need to consider the basic facts regarding a move out for the first time. Besides doing your research on LA neighborhoods, you will also need to get a job before you move or at least get acquainted with the job market. Although show business is what comes to mind when you think about this metropolis, its economy is driven by many other factors, too.

Besides entertainment, its biggest drives are trade, information technology, aerospace and defense, and tourism. The space travel company SpaceX is located here, and the LA port is the no.1 container port in the country.

But what salary do you need to live in Los Angeles? To be able to meet ends in this metropolis, you will need to make a six-figure salary. The table below shows the ratio between rent and required income for several neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Two-bedroom apartment rent Required income Median income in LA Ratio
Central Malibu $5,500 $220,000 $59,134 372.04%
Venice $4,950 $198,000 $59,134 334.83%
Beverly Hills $4,200 $168,000 $59,134 284.1%
Santa Monica $3,995 $159,800 $59,134 270.23%
Hollywood $3,859 $154,360 $59,134 261.03%

Source: RentHop

The Education Options Are World-Class

One of the reasons why people who are moving out for the first time come to live their life in LA is an excellent opportunity for post-secondary academic studies. If you engage in one of the colleges here, you will have access to the leading research and academic programs. LA is home to the world-renowned University of California Los Angeles (UCLA,) the University of Southern California (USC,) and the California Institute of Technology (CalTech). These institutions are a good enough drive to persuade you to leave your stuff in storage service and move here. But keep in mind that things to consider when relocating to a new state also include other factors, like getting around the place and the weather.

You’ll Learn to Get Used to the Traffic Jams as a Way of Life

While you may want to move here as soon as possible to continue your studies or advance your career, you should learn how to move safely from one part of this bustling metropolis to another. We can’t exactly claim that the lack of quality public transportation in LA is either good or bad because it really depends on your preferences. After all, driving through streets lined with palm trees, with the wind in your hair and wearing sunglasses while retrowave is blasting through the speakers sounds like a scene in a movie, right?

And since you’ll lack good public transport, consider all the benefits of car shipping and find reliable long-distance movers with punctual car shipping service. Your vehicle will be an essential asset once you move here. Just prepare yourself for some traffic jams.

A Simple Guide to the Best Things You Can Do in This City

This is not only a renowned location for the show biz and surfing options. No, LA is a fun place to live in, and it will fill your life with culture, art, and music. You will find something to do any day of the week, at any given time. So, not only will a bikini be a part of your relocation essentials, but also a checklist of the things you should experience as soon as you settle down should be a part of your relocation binder.

Keep in mind that this metropolis has many dog-friendly restaurants if you are considering relocating with pets. LA is big on sports, too, and there are probably just a few people in the world that haven’t heard of the LA Lakers.

The Weather Is Peachy on Any Day of the Year

LA’s weather is known globally as sunny, warm, and nearly perfect. The climate is the Mediterranean, and it’s an important thing to know before the movers offering you packing services pack your winter clothes. Although Santa Ana winds may push a cooler wave toward the city’s limits, it’s hot during the majority of the year with low humidity.

There’s No Place Like Hollywood

Even if you haven’t chosen to live in the mecca of the entertainment industry, you should be aware that you will be residing close to “The Entertainment Capital of the World.” If you’re interested in becoming the next action star, being a part of this place can make the relocation from the East Coast to the West Coast worthwhile. Here, you can find major production studios, walk over the Hollywood Walk of Fame and visit its famous wax museum.

Stay Trendy and Follow LA’s Fashion Guide

If this is the first time that you’re moving to a big city, you should be aware that each metropolis has a heart of its own and its own fashion trends. But just as the city’s a chaotically beautiful mix of cultures, it’s also a melting pot of trends – from runway fashion to vintage and second-hand clothing stores. You can get your hands on designer brands on Third Street Promenade and attend LA fashion week to follow up on current trends.

Connect With Your Inner Child Through Endless Family Fun

If you’re moving cross country with kids, you will have a ton of opportunities to hang out with them, doing insanely fun stuff. There are many outdoor and indoor activities for a family, including seeing La Brea Tar Pits up close, visiting the Natural History Museum of LA County, or Kidspace Children’s Museum. If you want some inspiration for you and your little ones, the following video lists 32 of the best things to experience with them once you’re in LA.

Consider Living in Los Angeles Pros and Cons Before You Pack Your Bags

Like many metropolises, LA has its fair share of pros and cons that can inspire you to become a resident or drive you away. However, it remains to be one of the best, most fun, and most appealing cities in the world. If you’re ready to overcome some of the disadvantages, be prepared for some adjustment insomnia because there are so many things to do, experience, and learn here.

California is an expensive place to live in, but the opportunities it offers are excellent. And no other part of the world can so easily fend off depression after cross country moving because you’ll love every bit of what life here brings. In the end, the best decision is to let a reliable company help you with your long-distance moving and become a full-pledged Angeleno with sun-kissed skin and the smell of the ocean in your hair.

Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

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