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Why Are People Moving Out of Los Angeles

Posted in City Guides,Planning the Move on May 18, 2022

To most folks, “California living” seems like a dream come true. The golden coast, Hollywood, sunny days, and life in the La-La Land, in general, seem amazing and dreamlike. Then why are people moving out of Los Angeles? If you are surprised by this strange phenomenon, keep reading to find out what’s behind it.

“California Exodus” Phenomenon – Is It True That People Are Moving Out of Los Angeles?

According to the statistics – a great number of LA citizens are planning to leave La-La Land and settle down somewhere else. To be more specific, 1 in 10 Angelenos are planning to move to another city. “California Exodus” has become a real deal in the last few years, especially ever since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Golden State experienced an acceleration of negative domestic migration during the past few years, and more residents are leaving and relocating to new states. Although it was not a negligible one, the pandemic isn’t the only factor that has affected migrations and mass relocations out of LA. There are plenty of other reasons why people are leaving Los Angeles.

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Why Is Everyone Leaving Los Angeles, What Are the Reasons Behind It?

Living in LA appears to be a great idea, especially when you think about the outdoors, plenty of job opportunities, diverse culture, and generally being able to call yourself a citizen of the City of Angels. Just like with every city, there are some good and bad sides to it. However, looking at the migration statistics, you may come to the conclusion that there are more disadvantages to being an LA citizen than pros. So what’s really going on behind these processes?

The Cost of Living in LA Is Becoming a Huge Problem

It has been proven by the US Census Bureau that the housing costs in The Golden State, as well as the tax structure are the main reasons for this negative trend. It is no secret that the cost of living in this metropolis is among the highest in the country and that it’s the biggest problem for most citizens.

Taking into consideration that the cost of living generally depends on everyone’s personal expenses, according to Numbeo it has been estimated that an average family of four spends around $4,000 on monthly expenses without the rent. In case someone is relocating alone, the monthly expenses for a single person are around $1,000 without the rent.

A Big Issue Are the High Prices on the Housing Market

As you’ve already probably figured out, LA is quite an expensive place for living. We’ve already mentioned the monthly expenses, which are pretty high, but those are without the rent. So how much does it cost to have a roof over your head in this area? Let’s just say that if you are planning on selling your house without an agent in this metropolis, you could make quite a fortune. In LA, the average price of a home is more than 250% higher than the country average.

This is quite shocking, considering it’s said to be on the constant rise. According to Zillow, the median home price is around $900,000 and more, depending on the neighborhood you choose. LA is known for having some of the highest real estate prices in the U.S., so if you are looking to buy real estate in this metropolis, we don’t have many house-hunting tips to offer you except to have a massive relocating budget.

Another Reason Why People Choose to Leave LA Is the High Crime Rate

Compared to the national average, LA is one of the cities with the highest crime rates, which makes it one of the unsafest places in the country. Most LA residents view crime rates as a major worry, which is causing Angelenos to leave and move to smaller towns that are safer. Crime is a huge problem, especially for those who are raising families here, and one of the main reasons why they choose to relocate with kids somewhere more family-friendly.

Panorama of Los Angeles in California
One of the biggest issues with living in LA is sky-high expenses

Who Are the People That Are Moving From Los Angeles?

In the previous paragraph, we’ve explained that one of the main reasons for the California migration is the high cost of living. This is why the majority that leaves LA do it because they can’t cover their high monthly expenses. Most citizens leave for better housing, a better environment for raising a family, and a better quality of life. Even if it means relocating without a job, most individuals see it as the only option.

However, money isn’t the only factor that’s causing migrations, and not only economically challenged, lower- and middle-income individuals are opting to move. Some of the LA key players also left this place, and migrating has been a very controversial subject. It is believed that some of the reasons for this are taxes, high cost of salaries, lack of work ethic, workers’ rights, and overall unwell atmosphere for growing businesses.

There Is Also a Big Number of Millennials Moving Out of Los Angeles

Many millennials are fleeing LA and finding a new home somewhere else. And why are millennials choosing this option? The pandemic pushed the trend of millennials relocating out of big cities and finding their house in some of the “green zones” and places that are thought to be the best cities for millennials.

It is believed amongst young adults that the quality of life in LA is not on an admirable level which is why they are abandoning this crowded area. The pandemic has also pushed the trend of remote working, and many millennials are working for their employees from home, so none of those individuals need to be devoted to one location. They can move to different cities without worrying about finding a job in a different town.

Raising Kids in LA Is Not the Best Option Since It Is Not So Family-Friendly

A great number of residents that have left, or are planning to leave LA, are families with children. Not many LA residents would recommend you to relocate with a newborn or children here. First of all, LA has dangerous levels of air pollutants that are ruining the quality of air and its beautiful nature.

Secondly, most families would rather choose to relocate to the suburbs, as they are more kid-friendly, but the costs in LA suburbs are sky-high. Even if one of the reasons for your move is good LA schools and educational programs, keep in mind the unsafety and the epidemic of drug abuse. That doesn’t sound like any parent’s dream.

Which Way Are Departing Californians Going?

As you have been able to tell, “California Exodus” is a real deal. But one of the questions we haven’t solved yet is where are Californians moving to in 2022? The vast majority of the migrants had only a few states on their list.

Where Do Most Californians Move?

The largest number of people migrated to Texas due to its low cost of living and low taxes. Austin had a net migration of around five thousand millennials from out of state, mostly Gold Coast. Somehow relocating to the midwest is also very popular with ex-LA residents. The most common destinations were Nevada, Arizona, Washington, and Oregon. Here’s a list of some other common states Californians have moved into in the past few years:

  • Delaware,
  • North Dakota,
  • Vermont,
  • South Dakota,
  • Rhode Island,
  • Alaska,
  • Wyoming.

Recently, there was also an increase in moving out of the US and many Californians are moving to Mexico and Europe to pursue other opportunities.

Who’s Migrating to The Big Orange?

Even though there is a significant number of residents that are leaving The Big Orange, we can’t completely ignore the fact that some folks are deciding on settling down in LA. If the situation in LA is so obviously unpleasant, pricey, and overall not so admirable, then why are people still moving to LA? Gold Coast is known to be a net importer of skilled professionals for Arts & Entertainment Industries and Technical Services.

LA tends to attract individuals for some of the most highly compensated occupations such as Engineering, Architecture, Health Care Practitioners, and Food Preparations. Most folks that decide to move to LA are concentrated in high-wage occupations, which enables them to live comfortably despite the high cost of living.

Which States Do New Residents Most Often Come From?

When it comes to their origin, most Californians come from many different places. Some were moving across the country. Some came from different continents. Somehow, relocating from the east coast to the west coast has been noticed as the most popular migration route. Lots of immigrants come from NY to live in LA.

According to The NY Times news, it is said that nearly forty thousand current Gold Coast residents have moved from the Big Apple in the past year. A large number of the immigrants also moved from Washington. Paradoxically, a great number came from Texas, Arizona, and Nevada, which are much more affordable than LA.

LA boulevard filled with lost of people that were moving across the country
There are still plenty of people coming into LA to live there

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There’s a Good and Bad Side to Every Story

Whether you’re planning on relocating to the City of Angels or wondering, “Where should I move after LA?”, always opt for a decision you feel most comfortable with. Every town has its advantages and disadvantages, and so does LA. So whatever you are planning to do, try to think it through well, and do what you desire. Our only advice is to enjoy the amazing experience of relocating to different cities and enjoy the time as much as you can.

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