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What to Do When Moving to Los Angeles Alone

Posted in City Guides on May 10, 2022

Living in a modern metropolis like LA is a dream coming true for many people. However, if you’re moving to Los Angeles alone, it can be a bit more stressful because you’ll face all the new situations on your own. But with a good organization and welcoming environment, there’s nothing to worry about.

LA covers around 72 square miles with about four million people, so figuring out how to live on your own shouldn’t be so hard because you surely won’t feel alone around here. LA has so much to offer, so don’t let this ruin your plan to move to another city. Whether you are relocating for work or you just want a fresh start, you should be aware of all the pros and cons of being in LA. This will give you a bigger picture, and you’ll be able to see why this city should be your new home.

Make a Guide of Things You Need to Do When Moving to Los Angeles Alone

Relocating to a big city for most people is just too overwhelming, and the reason why is quite simple actually – there’s not enough time to properly organize the move. So, when you decide to move, start planning as soon as possible. Make the household inventory list and figure out how to save money to move because it can be expensive (depending on where you are relocating from).

With so many tasks you need to deal with, making the relocation binder probably is the best idea. That way, you’ll be updated about everything, from hiring reliable cross-country movers with their efficient packing services that will help you with boxing up your clothes. This kind of guide will help you survive the whole process and have the positive experience you’ll remember.

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Hire Experienced Long-Distance Movers and Have the Best Experience

The first and undoubtedly most important step when relocating alone is to have the professional assistance that will take care of all services you want. For example, having a four-wheeler in Los Angeles is necessary, so letting the relocation company take care of car shipping is more than a good idea. So, don’t forget to dedicate some of your time to finding reliable cross-country moving services that will help you with the whole process.

Figure out how much movers cost and make the relocation budget. That way, you’ll be able to plan the rest of the process. However, keep in mind that experienced movers with their relocation hacks are priceless. And not only during the move but also after – the period after the move for many is the hardest. Having a pleasant relocation experience makes it more likely to adjust to another environment faster, so watch the video below on how to find a trustworthy relocation company.

Know the Cost of Living If You Plan to Be Alone in Los Angeles

Once you know that you’ll have professional help by your side, you should pass on other, more important things, such as how much should you have saved before moving to LA? Once you move to the City of Angels, you’ll have to pay the rent and eat something, right? So, keep in mind the cost of living and how much money you’ll need for the first period until you settle down.

Remember that LA is one of the most expensive cities in the US. Whatever the reasons for your move are, they should be strong enough because you surely will need to sacrifice something – especially if you’ve been living in a smaller town. That’s because a single person will be paying around $1,000 per month without the housing expenses.

Explore How Much Money Is Needed to Live Comfortably in LA

How can I move to LA with little money? This is one of the questions you should know the answer to if you want to survive a metropolis like LA and experience all the benefits of the move. And suppose you are relocating from East Coast to West Coast. In that case, you should check how much money you’ll need monthly according to the Numbeo website in LA and in New York. Take a look at the table below to compare some of the most important expenses between these two cities.

City Rent (one-bedroom apartment) Utilities Transport (monthly pass)
Los Angeles $2,300 $120 $100
New York $3,300 $160 $130

Start Looking for a Job Before You Actually Relocate to LA

Did you know that there are more than 2,000 startups in LA? So, if you’re planning on long-distance moving to this metropolis, the good thing is that you won’t have to be worried about finding a job before the move. As you might already know, the leading industry here is entertainment.

Most people are already aware that the best film studios are precisely here, in Hollywood – DreamWorks, Paramount, and Disney. However, there are even more work opportunities outside of the entertainment business, so don’t overlook other industries that take a big role, like tourism. In fact, about half a million people in the LA metro area are employed in the tourism industry.

One of the Tips Before Finding a Job It to Check What Are the Most Popular Professions in LA

If you’re wondering how to get a job in a new city, then one of the tips you should follow is to explore the work culture and the most popular positions in LA. Not only will it ensure the stress-free relocation, but you’ll be able to plan how to live in a place where every extra penny will surely count. So, when you’re thinking about your future employment in LA, consider some of the most popular workspaces:

  • Fashion,
  • Marketing, and design,
  • Aerospace,
  • Hospitality and Tourism,
  • Information technology,
  • Trade.

Pick One of the Best Places to Live in That Will Suit Your Needs and Wants

Besides making a relocation to-do list, you should take some time to pick the best place for your future home. This could be quite an overwhelming process since there are numerous neighborhoods to choose from (80 to be exact). If you can’t decide which one is good for you, here are some of the top-rated ones:

  • Venice – numerous tech companies and major residential areas with galleries, bars, and shops are more than enough reasons why those who are relocating also choose precisely this place to be their home.
  • Silver Lake – the affordable and hipsterish neighborhood sounds like the perfect place for you? Consider the variety of things to do for young adults.
  • Echo Park – if you are seeking an easy-going lifestyle with various places to visit and see, then Echo Park is the right one for you.
  • Culver City – known as home to Metro Goldwyn Mayer, one of the biggest studios in LA, it’s a great combo of urban and suburban vibe. This attracts both families and young professionals.
  • West Hollywood – a neighborhood with blooming job opportunities in the tech, information, and tourism industry and is home to around 35,000 residents.

Moving to LA Alone Means Being in One of the Most Diverse Places on the Planet

When moving to LA alone, you realize that this metropolis is a melting pot of diverse cultures. Consider that more than 40 million people visit LA annually. So, it shouldn’t surprise that you’ll run into folk from all over the world who decided to make LA their home. While some would describe it as a downside, you should make the most of it – you’ll live in a place where around 200 languages are spoken. Imagine that!

This will keep you open-minded and help you build your personality – you’ll learn a bunch of different things, and who knows, you might run into your new BFF. And yes, all the diversity could seem like something you couldn’t handle, but with a bit of effort, you’ll manage just fine.

Don’t Forget to Prepare Your Nerves for LA Traffic and Your Lungs for the Air Pollution

If you want to be a real Angeleno, then being stuck in traffic is something you don’t want to avoid (literally). Traffic jams are some of the things you have to get used to in this place. It’s everyone’s reality, although public transportation is improving every year. So, definitely consider LA’s traffic when thinking about all shipping your car.

Another thing you surely have to think about is the air pollution in LA. In fact, it’s a huge issue because smog can get really bad due to industrial areas and heavy traffic. However, the good news is that environmental organizations are fighting for better air and to preserve the environment.

Embrace Healthy Lifestyle and the Fact You’re Living in a Wellness Capital

Moving cross country to Los Angeles is good for your overall well-being. Practicing a healthy lifestyle is considered standard here, and that’s how over time, you’ll surely become a health freak just like everybody else. So, if you plan to live in LA, embrace the all-around positivity and enjoy every moment.
We all could use some positivity after the Coronavirus outbreak, and LA is an excellent spot to start with your positive attitude. After all, sunny days on a beach and palm trees are all you really need, right?

People Here Enjoy the Amazing Weather and Outdoor Activities

What to do when you just moved to LA is probably the first question you ask yourself once you set foot in this amazing city. The real question is where to start because you’ll find numerous things to do around here. While it might not be known as one of the best cities for millennials, pleasant weather and different outdoor activities certainly make up for it.

Unless you are not thinking about relocating to a cold climate, LA could be the greatest solution for you with the possibility of visiting the beach on sunny days. And truly, outdoor enthusiasts will describe this metropolis as heaven on earth. Have a whole new experience by visiting some of the popular and iconic local beaches (Santa Monica Beach, Malibu, and Point Dume State Beach).

Los Angeles Is Home to Several Sports Teams

All sports lovers will find Los Angeles an appealing spot because of its several collegiate and professional sports teams and numerous live events. This only means you’ll have to manage your free time because jogging between sports venues like Dodger Stadium, Staples Center, and Rose Bowl in Pasadena can be quite a task to handle.

An interesting fact is that LA hosted the first-ever sports equinox in October 2018, where NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and NHL played in the same city on the same day.

A football ball on terrain
Sports enthusiasts will find LA a pretty exciting place

So, Is It Hard to Move to LA All By Yourself?

Moving across the country and finding a better home is always tricky, especially if you plan to do it by yourself. But, just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible. On the contrary, the whole process will be a breeze when you have everything organized and a helping hand from professional cross-country movers.

Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

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