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5 Most Affordable Places to Live in Los Angeles County

Posted in City Guides on May 19, 2022

Although considered one of the best destinations in the States, it’s not a secret that LA prices are sky-high and not suitable for many individuals and families. However, not all parts of LA are equally expensive. So, what are the most affordable places to live in Los Angeles County? We prepared a comprehensive list if you’re curious to find out.

America’s economy took a major hit with the coronavirus outbreak and other global events, which had reflected on the financial abilities of many. For some, looking for cheaper destinations has even become one of the main reasons to move. If you see LA as the promised land but are not ready for its high living costs, consider the places from the following list when moving across the country.

Where Is the Least Expensive Place to Live in LA, California?

When deciding where to live, your current budget will probably have the most say in the location you’ll choose, so here are some statistics you must be aware of. In 2022, The Golden State has the second-highest median house costs ($505,000), topped only by Hawaii. Housing expenses in LA are even higher. BestPlaces states that LA’s average home price is $883,400.

At the same time, Numbeo shows that the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the center of LA is around $2,350, which is a lot compared to the national average of $1,651 at the beginning of 2022. Therefore, in order to find cheaper locations, you must go further away from Downtown LA.

What salary do you need to live in LA? It is estimated that a person needs an annual salary of above $130,000 for a comfortable life in LA. That is why many Angelenos decide to move away from the center and closer to the city borders.

Relocation to the suburbs can be an excellent financial solution if you want to enjoy the LA amenities without spending too much of your money. Still, instead of playing a Where Should I Move quiz, you have to put all of your wishes, needs, and possibilities on paper to find your best match. Destinations from our list contain a little bit of everything for everyone, which we will discuss in detail. But for starters, here are the areas that represent our top choices:

  • Lancaster,
  • Paramount,
  • La Verne,
  • Long Beach,
  • Cudahy.

When Relocating to California, Make Sure You Count in All the Relocation Expenses

Remember that housing costs won’t be the only expense you should consider when relocating to a new state. The process of moving cross country isn’t exactly cheap. If you want to get basic cross-country moving services in order to move efficiently, note that the average expense of relocating a one-bedroom apartment is around $2,000.

Of course, if you want to organize a stress-free move when you decide to relocate to a big city such as LA, getting additional packing services, as well as professional car shipping, can ease the process significantly. Therefore, before starting with all other relocation tasks, make sure you calculate the relocation budget and organize the move accordingly.

Which Part of LA Is the Cheapest? Lancaster Currently Takes the Lead

Located around 70 miles north of Downtown LA, Lancaster is one of the furthest destinations we put on this list. Alongside its twin city, Palmdale, it’s considered the center of the Antelope Valley area. Here is what you can expect when it comes the expenses:

  • Monthly utilities – $225,
  • Rents for one-bedroom apartment – $1,400-$1,600,
  • Rents for three-bedroom apartment – $2,000-$2,200
  • Median house price – $385,400.

Lancaster Is One of The Cheapest Places to Live In, but Why Else Should You Consider Before Long-Distance Moving Here?

Lancaster has a fairly strong economy and diverse and friendly population, but what can draw you to this part of LA County is a strong love for the environment. Did you know that Lancaster makes the most solar power per capita compared to other cities in California? If you share Lancaster’s love for mother nature, this can be an excellent destination for you.

But that is not all – you can also enjoy excellent food and shopping, fantastic bars and breweries, or simply hike, picnic, and camp, if you’re more of an outdoor type. For a unique experience, visit Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve between March and May and witness the mesmerizing scenery of close to 2,000 acres of blooming poppies.

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Paramount Can Be a Good and Affordable Place for Young Professionals

With a distance of only 12 miles from Downtown LA, Paramount is bound to have a more urban feel than the previously mentioned Lancaster, besides obviously shorter commuting time. Excellent nightlife, closeness to LA amenities and job opportunities, and high diversity make this location a perfect choice for millennials.

Still, Paramount offers other qualities, such as tight-knit neighborhoods with plenty of community events, support for local businesses, and care for each citizen, from the youngest to the oldest ones. At the same time, people from Paramount are very open-minded and usually very welcoming to newcomers, no matter their race, gender, or sexual orientation.

If you plan to move to another city and choose Paramount, keep in mind that the cost of living is a little bit higher than in Lancaster but still cheaper than California’s average. You’ll have to set aside around $525,500 for a house, while renting will cost you about $1,900 on average, according to RentCafe.

From Visiting Natural History Museum to the Enjoying Beautiful Scenery of San Gabriel River – Some of the Best Things to Do in Paramount

There are many exciting things to do and attractions to see after relocating to Paramount. Consider:

  • Disneyland California Adventure Park,
  • South Gate Civic Center Museum,
  • Columbia Memorial Space Center,
  • Drive-in Theater,
  • Aquarium of the Pacific,
  • The Los Angeles County Fire Museum.

Paramount is also an amazing location if you enjoy the outdoors. Whether you want to walk and exercise in Paramount Park or escape the urban landscape and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the San Gabriel River, you can do it all.

However, with many pros, there are a few cons of life in Paramount – the most important one concerning safety. Although authorities work on lowering crime rates in this area, it’s one of the things you should consider, whether you’re relocating to a new state alone or with your family.

A park people can visit after long-distance moving
Paramount's green surfaces are a thing of beauty

With Low Crime Rates and Good Schools, La Verne Is an Excellent Destination for Families

If you’re not relocating alone, the wishes and needs of your family members need to be taken into consideration. If you plan to move with kids, you’ll want to look at destinations with good education options and safe neighborhoods, aside from having a lower cost of living. That’s where La Verne comes along.

According to CrimeGrade, the crime rates are lower than the national average, with the northeast part of this suburb being the safest. When you’re looking for some of the most affordable and safe places to live in Los Angeles, La Verne is worth a shot.

Public schools in La Verne are highly rated, but that is not all La Verne offers to our education system. It’s the home of the University of La Verne which ranks high in 2022 when it comes to the social mobility of students, according to U.S. News & World Reports.

What Is the Cost of Living in La Verne?

Living costs in La Verna are slightly on the expensive side but still lower than LA’s average. Maybe $775,300 on average sounds a bit too much for a house, but you can save a little if you opt for renting an apartment since the average rent is around $1,850. It’s safe to say that La Verne can offer plenty of relocation benefits, so spending a little bit more may be a good investment for the future.

If you’re relocating without a job, you must ensure that you’ll get a job in a new city after the move-in. The pandemic situation has shaken up La Verne’s economy quite a bit – before COVID appeared, it had an unemployment rate much below the national average. Still, it has witnessed steady job growth recently. Make sure exploring La Verne’s job market becomes one of the things you do before the move and lessen your anxiety about moving out.

Long Beach Is One of The Cheapest Coastal Cities

If you want to box up mainly swimsuits and beachwear when packing clothes for relocation, you should consider Long Beach as your next destination. To enjoy this waterfront, you’ll have to set aside around $741,000 on average if you want to buy a house, or $1,500-$3,500 if you wish to rent an apartment, depending on its size and location.

Those are much higher prices than what is considered a national average. However, if you want to move to a new home close to the beach and be near all LA amenities, you’ll see that these prices are actually not that high. Take Santa Monica or Hermosa Beach, for example. The median house cost in Santa Monica is above $1,800,000, and you would have to set aside more than $2,000,000 on average to buy a house in Hermosa Beach!

Technically a charter city, Long Beach offers its residents a mix of an urban and suburban feel. However, it may take you a while to get to Downtown LA since it is around one hour away. Still, beautiful weather, amazing beaches, and plenty of unique parks can be worth it.

Aside from beach-related activities, Long Beach isn’t lacking in other interesting things. Take a look at the video below for some of the highly recommended attractions to see:

Cudahy Is a Nice Place to Live for People of All Ages

Cudahy is a suburb approximately 30 minutes away from the LA center and perfect for those seeking peaceful and friendly yet affordable cities. It’s the second-smallest city in LA County. However, here you’ll witness a highly dense population, giving this destination a mix of small-town and urban vibe. A good school system, many parks, and tight neighborhoods make this destination suitable for families with kids, while millennials will be more interested in the amazing nightlife scene.

Cudahy is one of the cheapest destinations on this list, with a median home price of $540,500 and average rent of around $1,300. What Cudahy lacks in entertainment options, it replaces with high affordability. It’s true that there aren’t many overly exciting things to do in this area, but don’t forget that Downtown LA and everything it has to offer is just a short ride away.

People partying after cross-country moving
Niche rates Cudahy's nightlife with an almost perfect grade (B+)

Choose One of the Most Affordable Places to Live in Los Angeles and Let Long-Distance Movers Help You Move

Each move gets much easier with the assistance of reliable and trustworthy cross-country movers. Therefore, when you choose the location that suits you the best and start organizing your move, let hiring a relocation team be one of the items on your to-do list. Choose the right relocation company that will ensure you don’t meet any problems down the road to your new life!

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Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

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