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A Guide to Moving to Denver for Outdoorsy Types

Posted in City Guides on June 11, 2022

If you’re an avid lover of panoramic mountain views and clear blue skies, it’s no wonder that you’re considering moving to Denver, Colorado. After all, many consider the Mile High City to be among the most beautiful spots in the US.

Have you ever wondered – should I move to Denver? If you have ever enjoyed hiking, running, or simply getting a whiff of fresh air the moment you step outside, you should pack up and relocate to Denver immediately. Before you start to pack clothes and your other belongings, keep in mind several things to know before moving to Denver. Whether you have decided to move to this new city alone or with your family, you will see why this place is considered among the best in the country.

At the Start of the Denver Relocation Guide, Let’s See Why You Should Move to Denver

People can have very different reasons to move – it can be in pursuit of a great job opportunity, for a change of scenery, or on a personal basis. However, as much as the cause of your leaving the current address is important, your destination counts, too. So, where in the US would be great for a lover of nature, but to also not lack in any other department?

This particular region has around 300 days of sunshine annually. But that doesn’t mean you should only take your summer clothing. Due to the altitude, the temperature might fluctuate by 40 degrees Fahrenheit in a single day, so layered outfits are your best bet. After all, there will be so many outdoor things to do after your move, so pack accordingly.

What Could Slightly Turn You Away From Relocating to Denver, Colorado?

The one thing that isn’t at a high level as everything else within this city is its public transportation. This doesn’t imply that the Mile High City has no form of public transport whatsoever. The city’s center offers bus and light-rail lines (which is great if you want to move with kids and they are commuting to school,) but they have quite a limited range.

This means that all people who decide to live further away from the center (as would all nature lovers) should invest in an auto transport service to be able to get around. For the times of day they are not spending hiking or driving their bike, they will understand all the benefits of car shipping.

An aerial view of the city's park
If you like looking at Denver's scenery, it will persuade you that cross-country moving here is worthwhile

Neighborhoods Fit for Nature Lovers Are One of the Reasons to Move to Denver

For several consecutive years, Denver’s been proclaimed among the top 10 US green cities. This survey was done by Maastricht University and their consultants CBRE. So if you’re considering moving to Denver, advice for looking at the right neighborhood may be just what you need. And some of these places may kickstart your heart so much that you’ll be calling in cross-country movers and their cross-country moving services sooner rather than later.

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Welcome to the Sleepy Downtown Named Congress Park

Congress Park is a downtown neighborhood where all outdoorsy people can easily enjoy many outdoor activities. The location of this neighborhood is great – there’s easy access to the downtown business area, and you can also get to the thoroughfares of Colorado and Colfax with no problems. The walkability of this district is high, and you can easily reach an enclave with retailers, restaurants, and small local shops every few blocks. The walkability is a major plus if you plan to move with a dog.

Once you enter the area of this neighborhood, you will lose the feeling that you’re in the middle of the urban hustle and bustle. All the streets are lined with trees, and they make shade for many historic homes. It creates a breathtaking array of colors once the autumn time sets in. Botanical Gardens lie within the boundaries of this district, so you’re not only close to the bountiful outdoor space but also at the gateway of a tropical haven, even if you want to move here in winter.

Wash Park Is One of the Places Within This City That Could Be Your Motivation for Moving

If vast park spaces are your thing, you will love it in Wash Park. This neighborhood has a 155-acre park within it, and it’s a very popular place to find a home in. Although the housing costs are a bit higher than in the rest of the place, it makes up for it with the historic aesthetic.

Once the winter starts passing, you will enjoy every moment of your time here. You will come across many joggers, cyclists, and dog owners on your path, so if you want to move with pets, this is the place to be.

Once the seasons start to change, this neighborhood doesn’t get bleak. While you won’t be able to enjoy the outdoors as much, Historic South Gaylord Street offers plenty of entertainment. With a selection of fine dining spots aligned with some interesting retailers that sell hand-crafted products, there are a plethora of things to do with kids and alone.

How to Move to Denver and Stay Active? Pick a Home in Sloan’s Lake Neighborhood

This neighborhood got its name from the lake that takes up a large region of the southwest part of the district. Combined with a park, it makes a perfect surrounding for active people who want to know why a move to Denver can be just what they are looking for. Even if you were never like the people who move in the rain, it would be a common sight around here. Any given day, and in any weather (rain, snow, or sunshine,) you will see people walking and jogging around the lake.

But besides the fact that this neighborhood has more than lovely outdoor areas, it also provides its residents with easy access to the I-70 corridor. That means that some of the best mountain terrains are in the palm of your hand.

Have Nature in Your Backyard While in Denver, Colorado, by Living in Arvada

If you want to have an effortless way to access some of the Front Range’s desired areas, you will love it in Arvada, especially if you wish to move to the suburbs. The Front Range is a mountain range that runs along the corridor’s western edge and acts as a doorway to the Rocky Mountains. It’s nature’s way of helping a nature lover decide where to live. But besides the fact that the residents of this neighborhood can reach the mountains in a jiffy, the region itself offers lakes and parks.

Boulder, with its abundance of lovely outdoor spaces, is located a drive away – only 25 miles from the city’s region, with the most convenient access from Arvada. But if you still want to remain within this neighborhood, you can enjoy the delights of more than 3,400 acres of open space in more than 90 parks throughout the district.

If you’re interested in getting a glimpse of a small town that is essentially the city’s suburb, the following video presents everything about Arvada in under three minutes.

Is Denver, Colorado, a Good City to Live In? Guide to Job Opportunities in Sustainable Companies

Those of us that are close to nature and need it almost as much as nourishment don’t need to think hard to come up with reasons for staying in Colorado’s capital. It’s beautiful everywhere you look. But on top of that, Denver’s residents also enjoy the fact that work opportunities are plentiful, especially regarding tech giants like Lockheed Martin and Google.

But if you want to stay true to your beliefs and aspirations of an individual green at heart, you should take some moving to Colorado advice, particularly if you’re moving to Denver without a job. A lot of local companies have a focus on sustainability, helping this metropolis define the modern energy economy.

What to Know Before Moving to Denver Without Work – The Green Companies of Colorado’s Capital

If you want to get a job in the capital city of Colorado, but you wish to be a part of a company that helps the Rocky Mountain State remain green, here are some of the local startups:

  • Coolerado has an entire line of air conditioners that use 90% less energy than any traditional cooling system,
  • Agribotix has a software platform that provides cloud-based analysis and data for precision agriculture, collected by drones,
  • PlaceMatters fosters improved public decision-making by promoting the adoption of new, environmentally responsible technologies that support the community’s interests,
  • Wunder Capital is an online investment company that acts as a management portal for solar projects,
  • Simple Energy is a platform that handles recommendations and insights on cleaner services and products,
  • Sunrun is the largest company in the country that handles residential solar energy and storage,
  • Open Tech Collaborative campaigns for an open-source economy, with the emphasis on solidarity, innovation, and effective co-creation, all under sustainability.

Although there are many companies on the city’s market that could make moving to Colorado with no money for ecologically conscious possible, these are the top sustainable local startups.

How Much Do You Need to Make to Comfortably Live in Denver?

Although Colorado’s capital has a booming tech scene and plenty of job opportunities, you shouldn’t rush to call the long-distance movers and invest in a packing service before you know the costs of living there. So, let’s answer – is Denver an expensive place to live?

While residing in Colorado’s capital is not as nearly expensive as living in Los Angeles, and the costs here are not as high as the cost of living in San Francisco, Denver’s area is definitely more expensive than the national average. If you want to own a home in these parts, you will need to make somewhat around $110,000 or a bit over $100,000 to be in a rental property.

Moving across the country implies that you find suitable housing, so let’s examine some prices. If you’re looking to rent, expect to pay around $1,500 a month for a one-bedroom apartment outside of the center and around $2,400 for a three-bedroom one. For future home buyers, Zillow states that the median home price in this city is approximately $640,000.

People walking in a park
Denver's job market doesn't lack opportunities for young professionals

What’s on the List of Things to Do Beyond Enjoying Nature?

Both the sports fans and music fans will enjoy living in Colorado’s capital. This city has eight professional teams, so that you will have sports entertainment year-round. All the major leagues are covered, including NBA, NFL, and NHL. It also hosts smaller sporting events, such as roller derby, rugby, and lacrosse.

It’s not considered one of the best cities for millennials simply because of all the job opportunities in the tech industry and new startups. If you’re making a “move out for the first time list,” ensure you write down a visit to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre as a high priority. This historic concert venue lies in a spectacular setting under the clear skies and is located just 10 miles from Colorado’s capital.

You should also visit the Museum of Nature & Science, because of its many exhibitions, planetarium, and IMAX. It’s the region’s top resource for informal education in science. It spreads over 700,000 square feet and houses many award-winning wildlife dioramas. So, although you’ll be spending time indoors, you will stay close to nature.

Is Moving to Denver Worth It? Living in Denver’s Area Is the Right Pick for Nature Lovers

For all of those who enjoy stepping out of their home and entering the great outdoors, there’s no mistake in moving cross country to Colorado’s capital. But not only that – the bustling job scene and an overall high-quality living are all more than appealing for anyone considering long-distance moving here. It will be more than easy to decide – once you visit for the views of natural wonders, you’ll immediately wish to save some money for the relocation, and swiftly move to this big city.

Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

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