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5 Benefits of Car Shipping Every Vehicle Owner Should Know About

Posted in Car Shipping on November 15, 2021

You’d be surprised how many benefits of car shipping exist, from economics to safety. It may seem like a good idea to drive across the country to your new destination, but a lot could go wrong in this scenario. Read more about the advantages of auto transport and how to prepare your car, and yourself, for the ride.

The Benefits of Car Shipping Outweigh the Disadvantages

When people hear about car transporting services, they often think it’s expensive and not worth the trouble. Someone’s mind may also go straight to potential moving scams. However, with numerous ways to verify a moving company online and in-person, it’s easier than ever to know who might scam you; taking that out of the equation, the benefits of shipping a car outweigh the disadvantages.

Generally, there are many advantages of moving across the country. Whether it’s for a job, for love, or personal development of any kind, making a change in life is great. However, where many make the most classic moving mistakes is thinking that relocating is easy. Spoiler alert – it’s not.

Professional long-distance moving services include costs and elements that people don’t think of, like the insurance of goods boxed up by clients and professional packing services alike and trailer options for auto transport. Yes, you can pick a trailer to ship your vehicle in. Without even having to ask for options, they’ll be given to you because professionals know what matters most when handling expensive and delicate cargo.

A professional cross-country moving truck
Professional movers have rules and regulations about transporting vehicles and goods, so you know your belongings are safe

#1 You’ll Save Money, Which Is a Benefit Anyone Likes to Have

What’s better than saving money? Some people dedicate their lives to reducing daily expenses like couponers and benefit cardholders do. No one’s allergic to getting more for less, especially someone looking to move efficiently together with their car and belongings.

Instead of adjusting your moving budget any time an unpredictable event happens, reduce that relocation anxiety by allowing pros to take care of it all for you. Think of the costs that go into a lengthy drive compared to shipping – there’s gas, maintenance, and stopping along the way to rest because you’re not indestructible. That doesn’t help you save money. It rather burns through your wallet instead.

Additionally, there could be accidents and breakdowns during the trip because driving long distances doesn’t always benefit the vehicle. Depending on the engine and how old the car is, resting time could also take away from the efficiency of relocating. Combine the wait with unexpected costs, and you get a nightmare on wheels. So, transporting isn’t just money-saving; it is time-saving, too.

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Cross-Country Moving Services May Not be Free, but They Are Professional No Matter the Costs

When professional movers load a moving truck with your belongings, they do it methodically. There are rules on effectively packing a truck without causing damage. That’s why the cost of long-distance movers is worth it in the long run.

While it’s usual to see movers treat fragile items and furniture with care, you can expect the same for vehicles, if not more. While a moving truck doesn’t have the options, when it comes to a transporting trailer, you can choose between open and enclosed ones. They cost differently; both have pros and cons, but getting the choice isn’t something you’d expect.

That way, when you decide to prepare for movers, all you have to do is let them know which trailer you want, how many vehicles you have, and if you wish to have them delivered to the door or a designated terminal. It can all start with a free quote before calling them.

A mover writing something down on a paper with a clipboard
You can even choose what kind of trailer your vehicle will be transported in, so there's a lot to save on and get with professionals

#2 Besides Lowered Costs, Auto Transport Is Safer Than Driving

We’ve mentioned that driving costs, but it’s not just about money. A long-distance road trip could cost you nerves and hours of life you couldn’t get back. Understandably, you want to be sure the vehicle is safe at the end of the road, but it may not be.

Unexpected engine malfunctions frequently happen, from overheating in the summer to freezing while relocating in winter. These could be setbacks that prevent you from moving forward for days rather than hours, so risking it like this isn’t worth the trouble.

Besides the car sustaining damage, you could get hurt, too. Some drivers don’t know when to stop or deny being tired because they feel pressured to get somewhere on time. According to, around 1,200 drivers hurt in fatal crashes in 2019 were drowsy or falling asleep at the wheel.

Since there’s no such thing as stress-free relocating, your excitement and adrenaline rush could dissipate when you sit at the wheel to take on a monotonous, long drive. If you’re relocating to a small town, you could get lost along the way if the map or directions seem unclear (we’ve all had the GPS turn on us at least once.) Since driving angry or nervous is not recommended, there are no advantages to doing your own auto transport.

It’s Better to Save Your Strength for Packing and Relocating

Moving cross country alone or with family pose the same challenges – a lot of packing tips, organizing documents and utilities, and notifying everyone about the process. Imagine driving thousands of miles to a new destination on top of all that. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? You don’t have to put yourself through it. Book a flight and get the kiddos across the US safely.

If you insist on traveling by car, alone or with family members, you can watch the video below. The man in it gives tips and tricks on making a road trip after years of road-tripping experience properly.

#3 It’s Safe to Say Included Insurance Is One of the Best Car Shipping Pros

Something many people forget when relocating is insurance. Moving at the last minute may be a somewhat decent excuse not to get coverage for potential damage, but planning a move to another city isn’t; moving insurance is essential.

You can find a good policy to cover potential damages, but that’s an added cost to the insurance you’re already paying. Car insurance rates are typically based on the distance you intend to drive, so if it’s an interstate trip, it may be pricier than expected. Many will try to lure you into adding extra coverage for unexpected outcomes because it’s their job. However, if you just want to get to your new home without a fuss, discuss insurance with an auto transportation company instead.

Professional Auto Transport Companies Ship Cars With Mandatory Insurance

Your relocation binder doesn’t need to have extra paperwork from a costly insurance company, because when movers handle your vehicle, coverage is included in the service. Each relocation company has mandatory insurance, which is also one of the ways to figure out if the movers you’re dealing with are legit. If they don’t mention or offer it, look elsewhere.

If you are personally covered, then your insurance policy would suffer if anything happens. Movers admit responsibility with their coverage, so you’ll automatically save money on potential damage costs and coverage. You can also ask for a quote beforehand, to see how much damage can be covered if something happens.

A toy car placed on top of some coin towers
Mandatory insurance is another benefit of car transport companies worth the cost and trouble

#4 You Can Ship Multiple Cars With Cross-Country Movers

You may be unsure how to organize your move if you have more than one car or vehicle. When you choose a moving company to ship your belongings, you can send a scooter, motorcycle, another car, or even bikes in their trailers. Up to eight cars can fit on one trailer, so if your collection needs hauling, it’s safe with movers.

Since cars aren’t one of those things you have to decide whether to throw or keep when relocating, choosing to transport them at the same time will be the best course of action. It’s way easier than traveling by one car and then going back for the other; paying someone to drive it could cost a lot more than simply contacting transportation companies.

Finally, if you decide you don’t need the car in your new home right away, you can ask about storage service and verify that movers can keep it safe until you make room in the garage for another vehicle. That’s not something you could simply decide without movers on your side.

A long-distance moving trailer hauling cars
There's a way to move multiple vehicles without going back and forth and wasting resources

#5 The Mileage on Your Car Will Stay Intact if You Ship It

The last of our long-distance moving tips is practical and straightforward – save your mileage. If you intend ever to sell your car, mileage is crucial. Performance decreases with each road trip or commute to work, and adding miles to the odometer doesn’t help it stay in great shape. This is normal because as things get older, their performance decreases. You can maintain its condition and keep it as functional as possible, but some things simply lose on quality and performance.

Besides, there are mandatory checks according to mileage, which are:

  • Every 3,000 to 7,000 miles on the odometer – replacing the oil and oil filter,
  • Every 15,000 to 30,000 miles – inspecting the battery coolant, replacing the fuel and air filters and the power steering fluid, along with inspections of the brake pads, HVAC system, and suspension,
  • Every 35,000 to 50,000 miles – inspecting and replacing the battery if needed, replacing the spark plugs and wires, and inspecting the ignition system and suspension,
  • Every 60,000 miles – replacing the brake pads and fluid, radiator hoses, power steering fluid, coolant, timing belt, and inspecting the suspension components, HVAC, and tires.

Now you know how much goes into cars after they cross a certain number of miles, so reducing and saving up by deciding to ship yours might just let your bank balance last another day.

A man checking his car under the hood
Cars need regular health checks, all based on mileage, so it's vital to reduce it while you're moving

We Recommend You Always Consider the Benefits of Shipping a Car Instead of Driving It

You can have a million reasons to move, but there’s not one good one that would justify not using a car transportation service. The main car shipping benefits have been laid out for you, but there can be many more, depending on what kind of vehicle you have and the sort of transportation you need. We’re here to say that moving to a new state doesn’t have to end in disaster. Instead, it can be a relatively stress-free and enjoyable event with the right help.

Gemma Collins

Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

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