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The Ultimate List of Best Cities for Millennials

Posted in City Guides on October 22, 2021

As a young adult, you must be looking for a great place to settle down. So, where is the best place to live in your 20s and 30s? Where should you go to get the most out of your early adulthood? The list of best cities for millennials can help you choose the right destination for your cross-country moving experience.

Cities millennials are moving to are those that can offer them great career opportunities, places to go out and enjoy themselves after a hard day at work, and a rent they won’t spend their whole paycheck on. It sounds like they’re not asking for much, but you’d be surprised at how hard it can be to find all that in one spot. Luckily, if you are smart about preparing for your relocation, you’ll end up in one of the best US cities for millennials. We’ve prepared a list of top-rated places – check it out, and you’ll know where to move.

Where Should I Live As a Millennial?

What cities are millennials moving to? What makes them organize an efficient move, pack their bags, and move to another city? Search for a better and more affordable life is the most common answer. Of course, nobody just wakes up one day and decides to move to a random destination – it takes time to organize a move, and the defining part of those preparations is deciding where to reside.

But, before you are ready to go house-hunting for your dream residence, you must find out what are the best cities for millennials to live in. Where do you get to enjoy all the benefits of moving and feel like you’re home? Worry not – we are here to help. We’ve gathered all the info on the best places for millennials to work, party, have fun with friends, and live life to the fullest.

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Which Factors to Keep in Mind When Looking for the Best Places for Millennials to Live?

Don’t go preparing your moving binder just yet. Before we let you in on all the secrets about the amazing hot spots where the population is mostly made up of young people, let’s first talk a bit about things you have to pay attention to before you decide on moving to another state and having a fresh start.

Obviously, you have your reasons for moving, and you are ready to face a bit of anxiety before you move. But, no matter if you are moving for love or a career, you will have to consider the city and its livability score carefully. This score is designed to allow you to quickly evaluate the quality (livability) of a place based on the following characteristics:

  • Cost of living,
  • Job opportunities,
  • Amenities,
  • Crime rates,
  • Real estate market,
  • Renting costs,
  • Schools.

So, if you’re, let’s say, looking for one of the most affordable cities for millennials – you will focus on the cost of living. Or, if you are yet to find a job in your new city, you will check out what the job opportunities are like in a particular place. But the point of a livability score is to give you an overall evaluation of a place to know which spots are worth further consideration. As you can guess, all the entries on our list have an outstanding livability score – let’s check them out, shall we?

A girl with headphones, typing on the laptop in a cafe, a coffee on her left
Are you ready for all the info on the top-rated spots for a millennial? Keep reading

#1 Denver, Colorado – A Healthy, Vibrant City That’s Considered to Be One of the Best Hubs for Young Professionals

You don’t have to move to a small town to enjoy green scenery and have all the amenities within walking distance. With a population of 705,500 residents, Denver is known as a green place where residents love to walk, so you won’t have to bother with transportation too much. This place is everything any Gen Y member could wish for – vibrant, active, full of events, and countless restaurants, shops, bars, and cafes.

You won’t have trouble making friends after the move – the community is liberal and welcoming to newcomers. If you think things can’t get better, you are wrong – this is also one of the fast-developing hubs with countless career opportunities. Doesn’t it sound perfect?

Wondering What City Has the Most Millennials? It’s Denver

If you’re going by the logic “let’s move to the place where most of Generation Y is going to” – then you should put Denver on your shortlist. About 33 percent of the population here are Gen Y. There has been a pretty significant migration of young people here since 2019, and the trend hasn’t decreased. No wonder why, right?

A view of buildings in Denver, Colorado
You won't make a mistake if you move here - any millennial will fit in perfectly

#2 Charlotte, North Carolina – Quickly Growing City Where Everyone Easily Settles in Their New Home

It won’t take you long to unpack after the move, and it will take you even less to adjust to Charlotte. This lovely part of North Carolina, with a population of 857,000, won’t make finding a job a nightmare, as there are plenty of opportunities for everyone. It’s an ever-developing area, with a lot of diversity. A millennial will also find it suitable because it’s also amazing for families. So, if you decide to one day raise kids, you won’t have to move once more – this is a safe and family-friendly place.

Beautiful Weather and Plenty of Amenities Any Gen Y Member Will Like

Almost every day in Charlotte is accompanied by excellent weather, so if you are a fan of outdoor activities or even just walking your dog on a sunny day (plenty of Gen Y are moving with pets), you will definitely like Charlotte. Plus, the ocean isn’t that far, which means you get to enjoy beaches on a regular basis. If you don’t have time for a short trip, there’s still plenty to do downtown. You surely won’t lack entertainment here – it will take a while just to visit all the great restaurants and bars. We can promise you won’t get bored here.

A view of the sunset over buildings in Charlotte, North Carolina
Even the sunset looks impressive here - there aren't many who dislike Charlotte

#3 Dallas, Texas – An Excellent Work-Life Balance in One of the Greatest Parts of Texas

Becoming a Dallasite might be one of the greatest decisions you’ve ever made. Why do we say that? There are thousands of reasons to love Dallas (population – 1,330,600), and one of them is the fact that you’ll have plenty of career opportunities. You will improve yourself and excel in your career, yet you won’t be entirely consumed with work – Dallas will offer you way more than just work.

You will enjoy exploring this place. The downtown is known for its nightlife, restaurants, shops, and many local businesses. It’s impossible to run out of things to do, and spots to visit in Dallas, which means living here can never get tedious. If we were in your place, we’d already start preparing moving essentials.

Are You Looking for an Affordable Metropolis With Great Jobs? Dallas Is the Answer

Are you tired of house-hunting in metropolises like San Francisco, where you can barely rent an apartment with your current salary? You’ve been looking in the wrong place – Dallas is one of the hubs where Gen Y is fleeing from the ridiculously high cost of living. Although there are some affluent parts of the Dallas-Fort Worth area you may want to avoid, plenty of suburbs and neighborhoods offer an excellent renting price – the median rent in Dallas is $1,050.

Indeed, that is pretty much the national median rent, but keep in mind that the standard is very high in this metropolis, so this rent won’t be a problem for you. You’ll quickly start enjoying the benefits of moving to Dallas – exploring the place will be so much fun – check out the video below to see which spots you should visit first.

#4 Seattle, Washington – Easy Access to Nature and Bright Lights of a Metropolis Mixed Together

The state of Washington is known for its breathtaking nature, and Seattle is no exception to that rule. It has lovely parks and outdoor areas, plus it doesn’t take long to get to outstanding hiking trails. This metropolis is an amazing place for a career, nightlife, and yes – it’s a beautiful place overall. You will have all the amenities Gen Y could ask for, such as bars, restaurants, and coffee shops – obviously, the home of the legendary Starbucks will have countless great spots for coffee lovers.

It’s Not So Rainy as You Might Have Heard

If there’s one thing that can prevent you from packing your clothes and moving across country to come to Seattle, it would be rain. But, you should ask yourself the question – is it really as rainy in Seattle as they say? Of course not – it doesn’t rain every day, and the weather isn’t always gloomy.

On average, Seattle gets about 37 inches of rain in 150 days during which it rains – and it’s usually just some drizzle. Just for comparison – New York and Atlanta get way more. There is no reason to skip this fantastic hub simply because you don’t want to have an occasionally ruined hairstyle. So, it’s time for you to learn some smart moving hacks and start packing your belongings.

A view of the buildings and pink sky in Seattle
A natural beauty of Seattle will quickly charm you

#5 Miami, Florida – Dreamy Beaches and Countless Amenities

A population of 454,000 residents gets to enjoy this energetic and fun city. Will you be one of those who will call Miami their new home? This Florida hub can offer you never-ending activities and events. Connecting with people is easy – the community is open and outgoing, and you won’t have to worry about fitting in. You won’t need much time to blend in and find friends, and once you do, enjoying Miami’s nightlife together will be something you’ll never get bored with. Also, the place is known for its food scene – it sounds like heaven, don’t you agree?

Well-Connected and Walkable Place

Even though Miami has well-organized public transportation, you might not even want to use it. Why would you – when you can walk to your destination and work on that healthy lifestyle? When you need a rest from a night out, you can just walk to the beach and soak in the beautiful view of the water. You’ll also find plenty of fun outdoor activities there, so be sure to check them out.

Palm trees in front of the buildings in Miami
Miami will win your heart with its beaches, sunny sky, and countless fun activities

What Is Your Favorite Pick Among the Best Cities for Millennials? Have You Found the Right Destination for Your Cross-Country Moving Experience?

Long-distance moving isn’t an easy thing to do – we all know that it can hardly be a stress-free move. But it’s not all about those few weeks that you’ll be having anxiety about moving out. This is so much more than that – it means stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s a brave step that everyone should take at least once in life – decide on your destination and choose a moving company that will provide you with outstanding cross-country moving services (and why not make it easy on yourself – book packing assistance while you’re at it). You won’t regret coming to a place that your fellow Gen Y members love.

Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

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