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Things to Know Before Moving to a New City Alone

Posted in Moving Essentials on November 3, 2021

So that moving to a new city alone can be a success, you must consider many factors, and we are here to point you in the right direction. Remember, the more you learn about the challenges that await you, the easier it will be to overcome them. So if you are planning to move to another place alone, or just thinking about it, here are things you must count on.

Good Research Is a Half Work Done on the Road to Success

Whether you are relocating to another state alone or with your family members, researching places is always necessary. If you already know your future destination, your research will be focused on different aspects of living in it. However, if you have yet to play our Where Should I Move quiz and are still in the process of deciding where to live, the research will get a little more complicated.

Remember, only when you know all the important details about your desired location will you be able to plan a move right. We can all agree that you must find out what climate to expect, for example, before deciding what to keep and getting packing services.

Ensure New Destination Matches Your Financial Possibilities

One of the first items on your relocation to-do list is getting to know the cost of living. Try to learn housing expenses, utility and grocery pieces, transportation costs, and the like. Search websites that can provide you with accurate and up-to-date information, such as Numbeo. Keep in mind that you’ll be living alone and that all costs must be covered with only your salary. Don’t forget about the cost of getting cross-country moving services, either. With the amount of expenses you’re bound to meet shortly, it would be best to calculate your relocation budget and see if you’ll need to save money to move.

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Get the Feeling of the Neighborhoods and Housing/Renting Market

Even if you don’t have the freedom to decide your future destination (if you are relocating for work, for example), you can still choose the neighborhood. And considering you don’t have to follow anybody’s wishes but yours, ensure that it suits you the best. Look for the one with all amenities important to you, with low crime rates, good transportation, and housing expenses in your price range. Explore the commute possibilities and opt against or for getting car shipping services.

Simultaneously, you’ll need to decide whether you’ll buy or rent a place, live alone or find roommates. Think about whether you should live alone when moving to a new city and if it is financially possible at all. If you are relocating to a big city, getting roommates is an excellent way to combine living near the center with lower expenses. However, when finding roommates, stay safe. Let a friend recommend a trustworthy person to you or search through only the best websites and apps to find a roommate. On the other hand, if you are relocating to a small town and decide that buying a house won’t cause bankruptcy, ensure to look for top house hunting tips.

Explore Employment Options Before Moving

For many young professionals, getting a job in another city is one of the initial reasons to move. Are you one of the many people moving to a new city alone without a job in the hope of finding a better lifestyle and career improvement? Then, you first must determine which destination can offer it to you. So, when you organize your move, one of the crucial aspects to research is the job market. If you have the freedom to choose, ensure to explore those cities in which your expertise is in demand.

In some cases, you’ll even be able to get a job before the move, as long as you are willing to put effort into applying and going through online interviews. If you are interested in finding out more on how to apply for a job out of state, don’t miss tips from the following video:

There Is a Lot of Paperwork for Establishing Your New Life

This is one other thing you’ll need to do whether you move alone or with someone else. The only difference is that you won’t have someone who can do even half the work instead of you. Dealing with tedious bureaucracy will be solely on you, so count some hours (or days) spent on it. When relocating to another state, remember that you’ll have to:

  • Change your address at USPS,
  • Register to vote,
  • Register your vehicle and update your driver’s license,
  • Update healthcare policy (or get a different one),
  • Get a pet license, if you are relocating with pets,
  • Transfer utilities,
  • Provide documents and other administrative things you need to rent an apartment if it’s the type of housing you want.
A person asking for help with paperwork after long-distance moving
When you are relocating alone, all post-relocation tasks will be your responsibility

Moving to a New City Alone Will Bring a Lot of Mixed Emotions

Is it scary moving to a new city? Most definitely, but it’s even scarier if you’re doing it alone. Fear of the unknown is a natural human trait, but it can be magnified when you’re going through the unknown all by yourself. Leaving all your loved ones behind means leaving your safety network and stepping miles away from your comfort zone.

On the other hand, it can be exciting, almost like the newest adventure. It will provide you with the possibility to start over, rediscover yourself, and present you with a whole other world of different opportunities. The key is to focus yourself on all the benefits of the move you can gain. With such a big life change, having doubts and anxiety about relocation is common. However, prepare yourself to fight it. And if you focus on the positive, there is no doubt that you will win.

A girl experiencing positive emotions after cross-country moving
With the power of positive thinking, you’ll witness just how the fear of relocation is vincible

You’ll Need to Make Professional and Personal Connections

The feeling of homesickness is inevitable when relocating far away from the old home. However, being all alone can only intensify that feeling and combine it with the sense of loneliness. So, one of the most important things to consider when moving across the country is how to keep in touch with friends and family. On the other hand, soon after your move has ended, you should start building another network in different surroundings. How do you handle moving to a new city alone? Ensure you do not stay alone for long.

Different Kinds of Social Gatherings Will Help You Deal With Loneliness

There are plenty of places where making friends will be not only possible but also easy. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, it will be a gym, if you’re a book lover, it can be a book club. There will always be people who share the same interests as you, especially if you are relocating to one of the bigger cities.

If you are relocating to towns with a suburban feel, you can gain a sense of belonging by going to local events or volunteering. Involving with the community will undoubtedly make you become a part of it soon enough. The same goes for your company’s gatherings and work events. Keep in mind that one-third of each day you spend surrounded by your colleges. You already share time and the same career choice. Try to see if maybe you have something else in common.

A woman chatting with her colleagues after moving cross country
Having friends at work will not make you feel less lonely but more productive at your job

Self-Reliance Will Become One of Your Skills After Moving to a City Alone

If this is your first move, learning how to live on your own will be a part of relocating for the first time list. When your safety net is a few states and possibly a few time zones away, it’s on you to find solutions for any problem you have. It may come as scary initially and not something you are entirely used to, but you’ll witness your personal growth soon enough. When faced with challenges you must overcome alone, self-independence will quickly become your trait. Soon, you won’t be asking How do I start a new life alone in a new city, but Why haven’t I done it sooner?

A family gathered before moving cross country
Physically, you’ll be alone - but all your loved ones will cheer for you for a far

You Will Have to Give Yourself Time to Adjust

Learning how to move to a new city alone is one thing, but the question of adjusting to a different home is a whole other, complex topic. When starting fresh in surroundings with culture, social practices, and views even slightly different than what you are used to, it’s bound to leave a mark. It’s not uncommon for people to suffer from short-lived adjustment insomnia, but some can’t handle that big of a life change. In that case, people tend to develop symptoms of depression after relocation.

Remember that emotions such as homesickness and sadness are more than expected at the beginning, especially when you have no one close near you. However, the intensity of those negative feelings should start to reduce as days pass. If that doesn’t happen, don’t hesitate to ask your friends and family for help or even turn to a professional therapist.

A woman on a boxing training session after cross-country moving
You won’t realize how strong you are until you overcome your challenges and adapt

Four Dos and One Don’t - Tips for Moving to a New City Alone and Surviving It

Make your apartment feel like home

When alone in the big wide world, it’s important to have a safe haven. According to it, try making your living area cozy and intimate with all the decorations and pieces of furniture you choose. It would also be nice to have random objects from an old home in the current one. They will bring a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Explore and pick favorite locations

the more you know about your surroundings, the more familiar and safer they will feel. While exploring, try finding your favorite place where you’ll enjoy spending your free time. Pick a park, a cafe, a bookstore, or any other place that will awake positive emotions.

Start dating

if you moved alone, it doesn’t mean that you need to stay alone. Dating life in new soundings can be interesting, to say the least. There is plenty of (new) fish in the sea, so don’t hesitate to explore your dating options. Who knows, maybe your soulmate is patiently waiting for you to meet. Don’t disregard that chance because you’re too scared.

Expand your social circle

begin with meeting neighbors, and then slowly start to expand the circle of newly acquainted friends. Few meetings at the beginning can be a great start to a wonderful friendship. Don’t forget, people who engage socially are usually happier than those who choose to withdraw.

Don’t compare your old and current home

if the memories connecting you to the old home are happy ones, avoid comparing those two places. It will only create a feeling that the decision you’ve made was wrong. However, if you relocated because of the fresh start, you don’t have to avoid the comparison. Every time it will point out the benefits of the move.

Beautiful park people can visit after long-distance moving
Pick your favorite location and ensure to visit it whenever you feel down

Relocating Alone Doesn’t Mean Without Help – Hire Top Long-Distance Movers for the Best Experience

Hiring cross-country movers is the best way to achieve stress-free relocation. Well-trained and experienced professionals will help you move efficiently. They will also make it possible for you to dedicate yourself to the more important parts of the relocation process. Let them take care of packing, loading, and transportation while you make all of the other necessary arrangements. You’ll meet many challenges while living alone in a whole different place – you don’t need the challenge of DIY move added to it.

Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

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