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Things to Do in Denver With Kids – Where to Get Fun but Learning Experiences

Posted in City Guides on June 14, 2022

Colorado’s capital is a popular destination for many people moving across country, including those with families. But before we pack up and leave, it would be good to know what are the best things to do in Denver with kids. Although children are often quite challenging to please, you’ll find that Denver’s area offers endless possibilities for family fun.

If you’re looking for an idea on finding things to do in Denver, Colorado, with kids, you should know that the Mile High City offers plenty of outdoor and indoor activities. You will find parks and museums nestled along or near the Platte River. The expansive greenway of City Park is home to playgrounds and lakes but also the Denver Zoo and the Museum of Nature and Science. Once you decide to contact long-distance movers and invest in cross-country moving services, you will be delightfully surprised by the number of things to do in Denver for kids.

How Can I Have Fun in Denver?

If you plan on relocating to Denver with your family any time soon, you probably already know some facts about the city. It’s called the Mile High City for a reason – a step on the State Capitol Building sits exactly one mile above the sea level. This particular location influences other occurrences here – if you love playing golf, keep in mind that rarified air influences the golf ball, as it goes 10% farther than in other places. And the cocktails and your favorite craft beer will hit a bit harder. But what are the things to do after relocating with your children?

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There Are Fun Things to Do in Denver With Kids on Every Corner

Denver’s been named among the top fifteen best places to live in the US according to the US News & World Report‘s list for 2021-22. Researchers have looked at various factors, including affordability, job opportunities (an important piece of information for those who need to get a job before the move,) and overall desirability.

But if you intend to move to Colorado’s capital with your children, the important factors aren’t the same as when you’re relocating to another state alone. One of the most important facts to know for parents, besides Denver’s cost of living, is the climate there. Perhaps unbelievable to some, but this city has around 300 days of sunshine annually. And, additionally – it has one of the most spectacular park systems in the country, which you get to enjoy for free. The breathtaking outdoors and a lot of museums will make your children both busy and active, and the walkable downtown will offer much romantic stuff to do in Denver’s area for you and your significant other.

You can find more than 11,000 hotel rooms very near the Colorado Convention Center. Additionally, if you’re wondering about what is there to do in Denver at night for kids, keep in mind that the Convention Center organizes three days of FanExpo. There, you will get to see many celebrities each day, experience family-friendly attractions, and enjoy anime, gaming, sci-fi, horror, and comics themes.

A Few Interesting Facts About the City That Could Serve as an Inspiration for Family Things to Do in Denver

Let’s start with the question – What part of Colorado is family-friendly? While the whole state has its fair share of breathtaking views and natural attractions, Denver’s recreation and pastime opportunities are concentrated in one area. Here are some of the facts about this beautiful city that can assure you your children will be entertained:

  • Denver’s location is magnificent. It’s nestled near the Rocky Mountains, and people living in it can see 200 named peaks in the mountain panorama. This makes a fantastic backdrop for many fun things to do with kids in Denver but also gives an opportunity to seek physical activities for families for free in the mountain range. Just make sure you invest in a car shipping service so you can have easy access to the mountain slopes.
  • The city incorporates one of the most walkable downtown areas in the country, that’s also the 10th largest. There is much exciting stuff to do in Denver at night if you come downtown, in just a mile radius. The country’s second-largest performing arts center, the Colorado Convention Center, a theme and aquapark, an aquarium, and an assortment of history and art museums are all located here.
  • The city’s climate is dry, mild, and sunny, making it the perfect spot for many outdoor kid-friendly things to do in Denver every day. If you want to find some things to do in Denver with teenagers, you can take them golfing, as the golf courses are open throughout the year.
happy family
No matter what you like there will always be something in Denver to do

City Park Is the Place Where You’ll Find a Museum and the Zoo

City Park holds the top spot for several areas – it’s among the first parks to open in the city and one of the most popular ones. There are many attractions that draw families living in Denver to spend time here. It has two lakes, monuments scattered throughout it, and many playgrounds along with picnic areas. But the most significant spots in this area for parents who have moved to Denver with children are the Zoo and the Museum of Nature and Science, which can be a good enough reason to move here.

Denver’s Zoo Replicated Natural Habitats First

If you’re taking the where should I move quiz and considering whether Colorado’s capital is exciting enough for your children, bear in mind that Denver’s Zoo is famous for several amazing facts and well worth visiting. The Zoo had its beginning at the end of the 19th century when the mayor was gifted a black bear. The bear was entrusted to the park’s keeper, and that’s how the Zoo began to emerge.

It was the first zoological garden that replicated natural habitats for animals living here. Today, more than 3,000 animals and over 500 different species live here and await visitors. The zoo is spread out over 80 acres, and you and your children can enroll in different special programs and events.

The City Park Area Is Also Home to the Museum of Nature and Science

You won’t have to walk far and wide through the safe neighborhoods in Denver to find the Museum of Nature and Science if you are visiting the zoo. Located right next to the zoological garden, it offers plenty of learning opportunities. Here, you can hear all about the natural history of the state, but also about our planet and the universe. There are more than a million objects on display, but it also offers a planetarium and an IMAX theater. Your children will be amazed by the Discovery Zone, where they have the opportunity to be a part of some hands-on activity.

The following video offers a glimpse into the experiences the museum offers.

Things for Kids to Do in Denver Along the Platte River

Once you experience some of the attractions the City Park area offers, you can take your children to explore everything interesting alongside the Platte River. Making the heart of the city’s area, the Platte River Valley boasts a large number of entertainment options and attractions. And because there’s an amazing aquapark here, make sure you pack the right clothes before calling cross-country movers for their packing services.

One of the Most Visited Parks in the Center – Confluence Park

Perhaps you’ve initially thought about relocating to Denver to get a job in a new city, but you would also like if there are some ways to bring your children closer to nature. If your young ones would like to try kayaking, you should know that Confluence Park is among the most popular parks in the center and is home to the best kayak chutes on the South Platte River. The children will get a thrill from witnessing adventurers brave the waters. Don’t worry when there are no kayakers present because the wonderful scenery is still worth every second spent during the trip.

One of the Best Places to Learn – Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus

Kid-powered learning is the idea at the Children’s Museum at Marsico Campus. Their unique exhibitions allow young minds to explore, create, and discover on their own terms. They will engage in sculpting with clay and learn about the Laws of Motion, while they also have the chance to step inside a 6-foot bubble or zip through the air. It’s an amazing experience, so ensure you make some reservations and place the tickets for the museum into your relocating binder.

Go Back in Time While You Ride on the Denver Trolley

Launched in 1885 and later abandoned in the 50s, The Denver Electric and Cable Railway Company, later renamed the Denver Tramway, still presents a part of its history. You and your children can enjoy this open-air heritage ride and learn many facts about Denver’s history while viewing the scenery. Although the trolley isn’t open the whole day and works only a few hours on weekends (from 10 AM to 1:30 PM,) if you’ve moved with pets, you could ride the trolley first and then take a stroll in one of the parks.

We Recommend the Best Amusement Park in Colorado – Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park

Most families are thrill-seekers, and you will surely get some active entertainment at the Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park. The amusement park that started out as a farm now features more than 50 rides. You can pick your ride based on the level of intensity, or you could simply enjoy the huge swimming area where your children can learn to swim. You will find many thrilling water slides, a pool with waves, a lazy river for those who like to avoid too much thrill, and cabanas.

A group of children riding through water
Aquaparks are an endless source of entertainment for families

Stay Along the Platte River and Visit the Downtown Aquarium

What if someone told you that you and your children could become adventurers searching for gold, marine biologists, or zoologists just for a day, for a modest fee? In the Downtown Aquarium, you will get to explore marine life but also get to see different reptiles, birds, and even tigers. If you are brave enough, you can try feeding the stingrays or go swimming with sharks. There are also a lot of exhibits to see, including Under the Sea, North America, In the Desert, the Rainforest, and many more. You won’t need any long-distance moving tips to tell you that this is one of the places you should pay a visit first.

What Are the Recommended Ages for This Activity?

If you are not into catching thrilling rides and seeking adrenaline activities at the aquapark, or you have children that are more into peaceful exploring, you should visit the city’s Downtown Aquarium. It’s recommended for all ages, from babies to the older generation who love to view the underwater world. If you want your children to view animals in their aquatic habitat, this is the place to go, and since it’s indoors, it’s convenient to visit even if you’ve moved in winter.

The Capital of Colorado Offers Endless Entertainment and Learning Opportunities

It’s quite easy to pick the best neighborhoods to live in Denver if you’re looking for exciting and fulfilling activities for your children. While outdoor activities are plentiful all around the city area, picking the right district before moving cross country should also be influenced by the proximity of the fun attractions and entertaining opportunities to learn something new. But nonetheless, everywhere you look, you will find something new and exciting to see and explore together as a family.

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