Moving To or From Denver

      When it comes to moving to Denver, two things are crucial to know – who you will move with and the fact that you’ve made the right decision. Colorado capital is a sunny place, known for its parks and outdoor activities, breweries, outstanding food, and a breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains on the west side. Since we’re talking about relocating, there is no mistake, the only thing left is to hire professional Denver Cross Country Movers.

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      Moving to Denver? Call Cross Country Movers

      There is no dilemma – if you’re looking for a reputable and licensed professional relocation company that will provide you only with the best services, call us or contact us online. Cross Country Movers are among the best in the industry, and we always strive to be even better. Pushing the limits and going the extra mile for our clients is what we do. Everything that other companies don’t want to do for you, we will – just ask our relocation specialists.

      With us, you can get moving, packing, auto transportation, insurance for all of that, and a one-month free usage of high-end storage facilities. Let us explain that in more detail.

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      How Do Our Moving Services Work?

      Cross Country Movers cover almost all of the US Mainland. We can pick up your belongings from every state and deliver them anywhere except for North and South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Hawaii, and Wyoming. Once you get in touch with us via phone or our website, a team of professional, dedicated relocation specialists will answer all the questions you may have and provide you with all information. Book a move with us on the first available date or book the date for months in advance. One pick-up and delivery location or more of them, it doesn’t matter – we will be there to assist you.

      Use These Moving Tips to Have a Smooth Relocation

      The best way to be fully prepared for a move is to be well informed about what you’d like to get and how much it will cost. Some relocation companies tell customers a ballpark of the price, like, for example, that their move will cost two to five thousand dollars. That way, they won’t have an idea that they will be paying the highest or the lowest price. Ask our relocation specialist to tell you every detail you want to know so that you can know what to expect. Also, don’t wait for the last moment before your preferred relocation date to book a service. Call as soon as you’re sure that you’ll be relocating.

      How Much Do Our Services Cost?

      Since we prefer to do things transparently, we decided to use a different type of charging for the services. Instead of asking you to tell us the weight or the volume of your items, we just need the list of things you will be relocating. Change the list as many times as you want until one day before the pick-up; it’s not a problem. As long as we have an accurate inventory list, the price Cross Country Movers will provide you with will be guaranteed. No hidden fees, taxes, or additional costs – only the price we said. If you’re still shopping around for quotes, it’s no biggie. We can tell you what your exact price will be for free. Get a quote from us online or give us a call.

      Standard Packing Is Free, but a Full Pack Service Costs

      Packing everything that can’t fit into a box belongs to our standard services, which means that you won’t pay a dime. We’ll disassemble, pack, load, unload, and reassemble all of your furniture pieces, pictures, mirrors, electronics, and TVs. Smaller stuff like your personal items, clothes, kitchen supplies, and similar can sometimes be difficult to pack, so if you want to be 100% positive that everything’s well protected from the damage of the trip to Denver, Colorado, ask for our full pack service. If you choose that option, our team of trained movers will professionally handle all of your items in the order that you wish. Whichever option you choose, our movers will ask you in which room they should place the boxes and other things once you arrive at your new home.

      Transport Your Car With Us

      You don’t have to drive to Denver or to hire another company to relocate your vehicle – we do that too. Cross Country Movers can pick up your car in a maximum of three days from the moment you called us, any day except for holidays and Sundays.

      Your car can be transported in an open or enclosed trailer to the new destination.

      • An open trailer is a more affordable and more common type of relocating vehicle. They can fit 6-8 cars depending on the size. Insurance for a vehicle that goes on an open trailer is up to $100,000.
      • Enclosed trailers fully cover your car, and it’s preferred by those who are shipping expensive and modified cars (lowered or lifted). They can fit 3-4 cars at most, and the insurance is up to $500,000.

      Free Storage for a Month

      If you can’t enter your place for any reason or wish for some stuff to stay out of your home for a while, you can use our high-profile storage units that are available only to our customers. They are climate-controlled and have video surveillance 24/7. We want to ensure that nothing is lost, and that is why we label every single thing that is packed for relocating. The barcode is checked on the entrance and when leaving the storage, so that we can know that the same items entered and were taken out of the storage. Your belongings will be separated from other people’s things, so don’t worry about a mixup.

      Secure Your Belongings by Insuring Them

      Any item that we packed for you can be insured, as well as the cars. Cross Country Movers offer minimum liability coverage of 60 cents per pound of damage, but that often isn’t enough. If you’re shipping something valuable, the best option is to get full replacement value insurance. You can also put items on a high-value list if they have a value of over $1000 apiece.

      Make Sure You Know the Most Important Facts About the Capital of Colorado

      Everyone should ask themselves What should I know before moving to Denver? That information will help you acclimate fast and feel like you’ve been there forever. Here are some of the crucial things to know about living in Mile-High City.

      When Moving From Denver Cross Country Movers Will Help You

      Even Denverites can get bored of their city. If you feel jaded and want to change something in your life, relocation can be a solution. Luckily, Cross Country Movers are here to make the whole process fast and stress-free. Moving from Denver will go smoothly when you book our team. All you have to do is give us a call, and our team will provide you with top-rated moving, auto shipping, storage, and packing services. We will make sure all of your belongings arrive at a new location without a scratch.

      A Guide for the Cost of Living

      This is possibly the most important part of the story – can you afford living in Mile-High City? As in every state capital, prices are a bit higher than in other cities. A website that compares the cost of living in places all around the world, Numbeo, is our source: according to them, a four-person family will spend approximately $3,500 on a monthly basis without the rent. A single person costs are around $980, also not counting the rent, which makes 40% of an average salary. After the taxes, your average monthly paycheck will be $4,400, and the rents vary depending on the location of your apartment. If you wish to live in a one-bedroom flat in the center, your monthly rent will be around $1,700. The same size place, but further from the downtown, costs $1,300. Three-bedroom apartments vary from $2,200 to $2,900. In case you prefer buying, know that the price for square foot varies depending on the location as well, and it can be anywhere from $270 to $420.

      It's One of the Most Popular Cities in the Us

      This place has a constant growth of population, and it’s mostly from the newcomers. If you’ve been asking yourself, How many people are moving to Denver? The answer is that the population has grown by 20% for just ten years. That also answers the question

      Is Denver a nice place to live – that many people can’t be wrong for relocating here. It’s one of the best places to live in the US because of its strong job market, amazing living conditions, excellent living standards, and affordable housing. Millennials and other active people love it, it’s great for raising a family, and even retirement if you wish to have an active lifestyle.

      Know Where to Live in Denver

      Where should I move in Colorado? It might be hard to decide with so many great options, but the capital tops the list of best places in that state. That’s why we wanted to suggest a few neighborhoods suitable for certain groups of people and ease the search for you. If you’re looking for a place to live with your family and raise kids, consider Cherry Creek or Highlands. Washington Park is also a good idea for both families and retirees. They have low crime rates, walkability is great, and kids can have a healthy and fun time in many parks. Some of the best public schools are located there so that education won’t be a problem. Millennials, singles, and others that are (or feel) young will find the River North Art District and Lower Downtown amazing. It’s where everything is happening – cafes, restaurants, bars, art, museums, parks, shops, and other kinds of entertainment. Capitol Hill is also on that list because of the affordable rents and young folks that chose to live there. Cherry Creek has the most affordable average rent between all neighborhoods listed above, and Capitol Hill has the most affordable buying price.

      There Are Many Things That You'll Like

      Mile-High City is very likable because of the numerous options that it offers. Here are the main reasons why current, future and former residents adore the Colorado capital.

      • Jobs – The first on the list is, of course, the job market and booming economy. It became a tech center, but there are also jobs in the health industry, commercial and consumer service companies, and energy companies for oil, gas, and mining. Everything’s easier when you have a secure source of income, and finding employment isn’t a problem here.
      • You’ll become a big fan of the food here. You can enjoy some trendy places or tasty bites from the street joints, and there will always be something new to try. Mile-High City is known for its excellent food like their Green Chile Cheese Fries and Smothered Burritos. They will leave you speechless, we guarantee.
      • Another thing that every visitor and resident loves here is beer. The capital of Colorado is a place with one of the largest number of small breweries per capita in the nation. There are around 150 of them, and many are located right downtown. With that many breweries, you must fall in love with beer if you already didn’t.
      • Culture – Some parts of the city are truly cultural hubs like the River North Art District. Due to the different cultures that live there, this place transformed from a cow town to a diverse and vibrant place, filled with museums, art galleries, attractions, and a thriving nightlife scene. There are indoor and outdoor art attractions, as well as performances and street art.
      • Places to see – Apart from the city must-see events, you’ll be able to enjoy nature in all of its beauty. There are many geological wonders like caves, mountains, and other rock formations. There are botanic gardens, lakes, and parks that you can enjoy as well. They are perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, jogging, or just taking long strolls.
      • Climate – What makes this place even more lovable is the warm and sunny days – around 300 of them. July is the warmest month, and winters are mild. Snow can happen because of the high altitude, and the weather can be unpredictable. A lovely warm day can change into a rainy and cold one within an hour. The high altitude also means that the air pressure is low, so you might need some adjusting.

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