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What Are the Safest Neighborhoods in Denver – Discover Which Communities Have Low Crime

Posted in City Guides on June 6, 2022

Relocating to the Mile-High City will surely bring you many benefits, but the whole process of organizing a move surely won’t be a breeze. So, before you contact reliable cross-country movers, ask yourself – what are the safest neighborhoods in Denver? It’s one of the crucial steps when relocating to a metropolis like this one. Start your research on time and pick a clean, family-friendly, and safe place to live in.

What’s the Overall Crime Statistic in Denver Like

Living in the capital of Colorado means you’ll live in one of the safest places in the country. However, this surely doesn’t mean there aren’t any crimes at all. In the past few years, its metro area has shown some increase in crime percentage, and as a result, it’s the thirty-ninth safest city in Colorado.

This is why you have to be aware of Denver’s crime statistics before you book some cross-country moving services. While a cross-country moving company will ship your car safely and provide the packing services you desperately need, you still have to look into the crime rates first.

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What Denver Neighborhoods You Should Avoid – Where the Most Crimes Occur

Having 78 neighborhoods to choose from, you shouldn’t set your expectations just too high because not all of them can be perfect, right? Precisely because of that, you need to explore the crime rate in the places you set your eyes on.

Yes, you’ll make a packing list, and hiring experienced long-distance movers will surely help you avoid all the relocation stress. However, don’t forget to explore the areas you should avoid when relocating to Colorado’s capital. So, here are some of the less popular areas:

  • Five Points,
  • Montbello,
  • Union Station,
  • Westwood,
  • Capitol Hill,
  • Gateway / Green Valley Ranch.

Live in Washington Park Surrounded by Greenery

While everything new in people’s lives can cause both excitement and fear, you won’t have anything to be concerned about if you choose Washington Park to be your home. This is one of the family and pet-friendly centers with over 160 acres of tree-lined walkable paths. If you’re relocating with pets, this is definitely the area you should check out.

Stunning flower gardens, two lakes, and South Pearl Street are only some of the perks of living precisely in this neighborhood. The latter is a great place where current residents and tourists will find numerous art galleries, local restaurants, and boutiques. If all this sounds good to you, relocating with experienced Colorado movers will save you a lot of trouble. This means you won’t have to worry about all the moving hacks to make the whole process effortless.

A view of Denver over a lake
Washington Park is an amazing area with galleries, bars, and restaurants

Find a Perfect Home in Country Club

Changing homes and relocating to a new city alone can be a bit overwhelming for some people. However, when you’re aware of all the benefits a move to Country Club can bring, dealing with commonly forgotten things when relocating wouldn’t be so scary. Although this neighborhood is primarily residential, it could still be one of the best places for you if that’s what you’re looking for.

Besides apartment buildings, there are also a large number of amazing restaurants and retail offerings along the edges of this area. And having the reputation of being the most expensive location isn’t in vain. In fact, here, you can find amazing Mediterranean – style homes shaded by old elm trees.

Enjoying the Safe and Cozy Vibe Among Many Other Things Here Isn’t Cheap

Good quality of life often comes with a price. This means that if you want to be a resident of Country Club, you surely have to prepare financially because it’s one of the most expensive areas in this metropolis. The median property value is around $1,235,000, and the median renting cost is $1,700. Also, more than 70% of residents own their houses here. But, it’s not just the housing that makes this place so expensive. It’s a wide range of interesting things you get to do around here and the cozy vibe the entire area will give you.

So, if your relocation budget allows you to move to one of the city’s most expensive areas, you might as well book some cross-country movers and have a stress-free moving experience. However, if you can only afford smaller places, you might have to rent a storage unit for all the stuff that can’t fit.

View of residential buildings in Denver
Opt for moving across the country to the place with a population of around 3,000 residents

The University District Is Great For Families and Millennials

East of the University of Denver (DU), there’s a neighborhood named the University. This place is great for those who are relocating without a job because of the good commuting time (most residents report they need from 15 to 30 minutes to and from their work). And probably one of the best things you’ll enjoy is the fact you’ll live with a majority of the population with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Another perk of living in a place like this is the breathtaking surroundings. With many parks, grassy lawns, and wide streets, you’ll know that every time you have to go outside will be a pleasant experience, whether you take a walk or ride a bike.

The District Experiences Less Crime Compared to Denver’s Average

Based on the latest research, this is one of the places in Mile-High City that has a lower crime rate than in other areas. In fact, it’s over 30% lower than Denver as a whole, which means less than 2,000 crimes occur in the entire neighborhood. So, now that you’ve avoided one of the most common relocation mistakes, watch the video below to get more info about this, one of the best neighborhoods, and know what to expect.

Know What Are the Safest Neighborhoods in Denver

You have to include many factors when picking one of the best places to live in. From the population, housing, and cost of living, checking whether a place is safe is probably the most important one. So, when you find one of the best companies to will help you with the moving to Denver, cross-country process, you’ll have enough time to do the research and surely pick the best area to call home.

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Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

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