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Moving to the West Coast? What Are the Best Cities to Settle In?

Posted in City Guides,Looking for a Home on December 14, 2022

Are you considering moving to the West Coast? The West Coast (WC) has a lot to offer, from beautiful weather to ample job opportunities. But with so many great options, it can be tough to narrow down your search. Let’s go over some of the top places you should consider when relocating to this part of the US.

The West Coast is one of the most popular destinations for people relocating from other parts of the country, and it’s no wonder why. The West Coast has a lot to offer, from its beautiful scenery to its vibrant cities. But with so many great cities to choose from, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. Some of the top-rated places are Eugene, OR, San Clemente, CA, Tacoma, WA, Portland, OR, San Diego, CA, and Seattle, WA.

Is It Worth Moving to the West Coast?

If you’re considering a move to the West Coast, you may be wondering if it’s really worth it. After all, there are plenty of other great places to live in the US. So what makes the West Coast so special? Let’s check just some of the factors that will help you make up your mind and start organizing your move with the help of professional cross-country moving services.

Beautiful Weather

Movie stars, as well as other famous people, reside and work on the WC for a reason. Why do you think “California Dreaming” is the subject of so many songs? Definitely because of the amazing weather all year long, around 300 sunny days, to be exact.

Entrepreneurship Possibilities

The West Coast is home to numerous cutting-edge, game-changing businesses, including YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, eBay, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, and Amazon. So, even if you’re relocating without a job, there are many employment opportunities you can explore after you finish the unpacking process.

Ecological Movement

Did you know that California was the first state to outlaw smoking in public areas, and it also set the standard for pollution control and recycling? You’ll be living in the home of thousands of environmentalists as well as Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse, an organic restaurant. You’ll enjoy the West Coast if you care about the environment and want to do your part to save the planet. If this sounds like a place you could live in, start checking some of the best places in California for young adults.

Eugene, OR, Is Perfect for People Who Seek Excellent Education and Fantastic Job Opportunities

Oregon ranks highly among the best places for young people. In Eugene, Oregon, you may find everything you need, whether you’re a professional looking to launch a fantastic job in a wonderful state or pursuing a top-notch higher education.

The University of Oregon is situated in Eugene, a charming college town on the WC with a wide range of activities to do after the relocation. As a result, it is the ideal location for individuals who are getting ready to move away for college.

A view of Eugene, OR
Even though relocating to a smaller place wasn't the initial idea, Eugene has much to offer

Art Lovers and Foodies Will Manage Just Fine Here

Additionally, it offers highly developed cultural and artistic offerings, a diverse range of local and foreign food, a passion for craft beer, and stunning outdoor spaces. Foodies can enjoy perusing Eugene’s broad range of eateries, beer enthusiasts can select from the city’s many craft breweries, and art lovers can spend a few hours exploring the city’s vibrant arts and culture scene.

It is believed that Eugene served as the model for Springfield, the fictional town featured in The Simpsons. Due to its beautiful parks and leisure places, including the Fern Ridge Reservoir and the Willamette National Forest, Eugene is also known as The Emerald City.

These and other factors make Eugene a fantastic city for young enthusiasts ready to live on their own and explore this amazing place. If that seems like a good fit for you, don’t waste any of your time and book a packing service from experienced cross-country movers, as having professional assistance when relocating to a smaller place is probably one of the most useful relocation hacks.

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San Clemente Is a Seaside Community Between San Diego and Los Angeles

With the exception of the notorious LA traffic, this tiny WC city has many benefits and advantages over the larger ones, including incredible dining and shopping possibilities along Avenida Del Mar and in the Outlets at San Clemente. The San Clemente Pier City Beach is where all the activity takes place – people paddle board, go fishing, and boat, but this beach is ideal for amateurs learning to surf. The palm tree-lined Downtown San Clemente may be the city’s beating heart, but it’s not where all the excitement happens.

It’s a Real Surfer’s Hub

Surfers of all skill levels frequently visit San Clemente’s turquoise beaches, which receive an average of 281 sunny days per year. In reality, the sport plays a significant role in the community, and the city established The Surfing Heritage & Culture Center to protect and advance surfing’s history. All this surely makes you want to call professional long-distance movers and plan a move here, right?

A view of a sandy beach after cross-country moving
One of the top San Clemente's beaches is Trestles

Tacoma, WA, Will Provide You With Amazing Outdoor Activities Near the Seattle Metropolitan Area

Tacoma is a terrific place to call home for those who wish to live close to the Seattle metropolitan area without the high expense of living. Although some of its residents travel to Seattle for work, Tacoma has a large number of positions in the maritime, healthcare, and aerospace sectors.

With Mount Rainier so close by, Tacoma also offers fantastic outdoor activities. Numerous locations are available for hiking, biking, camping, rock climbing, and other activities at this Washington monument. So, if you’re relocating for the first time, Tacoma could just be the place that will welcome you.

Tacoma Has Amazing Neighborhoods

With sites like Tacoma’s 6th Avenue District, a hip neighborhood with art studios, antique shops, coffee shops, and more, you’ll never get bored there. Even if you’re considering the idea of relocating to the suburbs, check out some of the following neighborhoods and then make the final decision:

  • Downtown – residents of this neighborhood have a strong sense of community, which has created an almost village-like atmosphere. As a result of the recently completed light rail extension, the addition of more bike lanes, and road improvements, Central Tacoma’s communities are connected and thriving.
  • Ruston / Old Town – the Tacoma waterfront is connected to the city’s more populated downtown area via the Ruston/Old Town district.
  • East Tacoma – this area has charming rows of craftsman-style houses, ramblers, two-story gems, neatly paved sidewalks, fenced yards, and conveniences like adorable little bars and eateries.

As you can see, Tacoma neighborhoods have something for everyone, so you will certainly be able to find a place that suits you well if you choose to move here.

A view of the city after moving cross country
Tacoma is the social and economic hub of Washington

Portland, OR, Is Among the Most-Sustainable Cities in the US

Portland is another great option for those looking for a big city feel with all the amenities that come with it. This hipster haven is known for its incredible coffee scene, food trucks, and microbreweries. It’s also one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country, and it’s located just a short drive from some of Oregon’s most beautiful hiking trails and state parks.

In addition, it is the most sustainable and ecological town in the US, offering many spaces for outdoor enthusiasts to relax and enjoy themselves. There aren’t many drawbacks in Portland because housing is reasonable, and moving from a house to an apartment is a terrific alternative. So if you’re looking to save money on transportation or get some exercise, Portland is a great city for millennials who are long-distance moving.

People Will Never Get Bored Around Here

There are many interesting places to see in the city, such as the Columbia River Gorge and Forest Park. Portland has some of the best live music venues, restaurants, a bustling art scene, and a unique nightlife. So spend some of your free time exploring some of Portland’s best areas before relocating somewhere where monotony is a rare occurrence.

A train on the streets of Portland after long-distance moving
Waterfront Blues Festival is one of the most famous festivals in Portland

San Diego, CA, Could Be Your Choice if You Opt to Live in Southern California

Which part of the WC is the ideal spot to call home? That is definitely San Diego. You won’t be sorry if you decide it’s time to relocate and begin creating the moving-out list. If you’re relocating with kids, it’s among the best places in California to raise a family. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, find employment, and pay rent or purchase a home. There are lots of possibilities for higher education and family-friendly activities, and the University of San Diego and San Diego State are there to mold and develop informed minds.

Why Is San Diego America’s Finest City

San Diego is a terrific choice if you’re seeking an urban setting on the West Coast. It’s frequently referred to as “America’s Finest City” and is renowned for its wonderful climate and stunning beaches. It’s a sizable city with a lot to offer, from visiting the museums in Balboa Park to supporting the Padres during a baseball game. Making new friends also won’t be a problem here since everyone is so welcoming.

A view of palm trees in San Diego
Want to live in a place with 70 miles of pristine beaches? Move to San Diego

Seattle, WA, Has Amazing Outdoor Opportunities

Like San Francisco and Portland, Seattle is another big city with plenty to offer. This Emerald City is home to iconic landmarks like the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. It’s also a hub for major corporations like Amazon and Microsoft. And if you love the outdoors, you’ll feel right at home in Seattle. With its proximity to mountains and waterways, there are endless opportunities for hiking, biking, kayaking, and more.

People are constantly moving cross-country here for many reasons. It is situated on Puget Sound and provides wonderful views and plenty of outdoor recreation choices. It also has some of the best restaurants in the US, a booming tech sector, and a sizable music scene.

Be Aware of the Higher Cost of Living

You may look into some roommate websites like Craigslist and others and try living with roommates before doing it alone to manage a little better in Seattle. Also, you might want to consider getting a job before the move and find out what you need to rent an apartment. That way, you’ll prepare completely for a move and won’t be shocked by its higher prices – the median monthly rent is about $2,500. Although this city is more reasonably priced compared to most places in California, it may still be expensive, especially for Washington state.

A view of the buildings and pink sky in Seattle after using cross-country moving services
Seattle is ranked as one of the most well-educated places in the US

West Coast Moving Will Be a Great Experience When You Know What City Suits You the Most

There are a lot of things to consider when moving across the country and choosing which city to move to. Do you want to be in a big city or a smaller town? Do you want to be near the beach or in the mountains? Do you want to live in a place with good weather all year round or somewhere with four distinct seasons? No matter what your preferences are, there is definitely a city on the West Coast that will suit you perfectly.

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