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8 Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Move

How to know when it is time to move? There are some signs you can look for in order to know when to move, and the reasons for moving can be quite different for many people. If you’re thinking about moving, but you’re not sure whether this is a good decision. Take a look at our top signs that you’re ready to relocate.

No matter if you have a desire to relocate to a big city or small town, the reasons for the move are almost always rooted in need for change. And this change can come in several forms depending on your current phase. Here are some of the most common reasons and signs that will show that moving season is around the corner in your life as well.

When Is the Best Time to Move?

Once you make peace with your desire to change your life and your residency, that is the moment for you to move. Making this decision is never easy, and it will come with a lot of doubts, but if you set a goal and do good research about your new destination, the transition will be much easier. And once you have set your goal, the best time to move will be in the period from April to October if you wish to hire cross-country moving services.

This period is best because the climate will be warm and without rain. However, if you’re on a budget, the best would be to relocate in winter, when it’s not the peak season, and there are much more cross-country moving companies to choose from.

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Sign 1 – You Want to Discover New Places

If you dream about seeing new places and discovering cities around the world, then this is the biggest sign you need to relocate. If your town is becoming too boring for you and you seek to experience adventures you can not find in your current town. Then this is a sign you need a change of location.

There Is Nothing Holding You Back

If you what to explore different cities and if there is nothing holding you back in your current town, then there is no reason for you to stick around. Why not relocate to some exciting city like Los Angeles or San Francisco? If you don’t have any friends and family in your current location, relocating alone will be much easier, and settling in will be faster. Even though you will feel some relocation depression, still this adjustment period will be much easier when there are no strings to your current location.

Packing Your Entire Life Is Never Easy, But if You're Feeling Stuck, You Should Do It

Aside from seeking adventures and exploring different cities, there is another reason why people want to relocate. If you’re feeling stuck in your current town, then maybe a change of location will make you feel better. When people relocate to a new state, they begin feeling more alive and excited. Different state means you will meet different people and explore new places and things. This will inspire you to seek different things in your life, like a change of job or hobby. And one thing is for sure – once you change your location, you will feel less stuck and more inspired to become whoever you want. You can start from scratch.

You Have a Strong Desire to Live in Another Place

How to know when is the right time to move out? Well, if you have a strong desire to live in some other town, this is a clear sign you need to relocate. If you dreamed your entire life to live in LA or San Francisco and now all the conditions are met for you to relocate there, then you shouldn’t think twice. Some people want to relocate because of the better climate or want to live in a big urban city. If you are not happy with the place you are currently living, you need to set up a goal and work toward that goal so one day you can relocate to the city you truly want to live in.

Sign 2 – Your Long-Distance Partner Is Calling You to Join Them

One of the most common reasons for relocation is love. Relocating for love has become so common nowadays, and if you have a long-distance relationship and think it’s a moment you take it to another level, then this is a good sign. But before you pack a moving truck, make sure you are on the same page with your partner. Also, before you relocate, make sure you find a job first, because if you relocate only because of your partner without a job, you might end up under lot of stress and maybe even pressure. Love can be one of the signs to relocate but not the only one. Ensure this relocation is something that will do yourself good, as well as your relationship.

Sign 3- Home Is Becoming Too Small for You

So how to know when to move? Well, if your home becomes crowded and you feel like the walls will crush you, it’s time to relocate. If you live with your partner and now there are kids involved, this is a sign you need to relocate. Even though relocation with a newborn can be exhausting, it is also one of the most exciting events in your life. You get to have your dream home and start another great chapter of your life.

But family expansion is not the only sign. Living in a small apartment can become suffocating, even for a single person. As we grow and progress, we naturally want more space, nice things, and a bigger home.

Sign 4 – The Suburbia Is Calling Your Name

No matter if you are relocating with kids or alone, if you have become tired of bustling urban life, traffic and noises, then you know it is a moment to relocate to the suburbs. More and more young people decide to relocate outside of the urban cores. And not only to settle in and start a family. Now, with remote working, you can have an LA salary but not pay LA living costs. It is a win-win situation and if you are tired of living in LA or any other major metropolis, ask your employer and see if he would allow you to work remotely. Or seek another job that will allow you this.

Sign 5 – The City Has Become Too Expensive and Tiresome

But not everybody can work remotely, and if this is the case with you and you are currently struggling to maintain a normal living standard in the big city, maybe it is the right moment to change the location. If you can not keep up and pay your bills and overall your life has become too expensive, there is no reason why you should continue to live in this town. Seek other opportunities and start changing your everything today. You never know what kind of opportunities are awaiting you in another town. And if this reason is combined with any of the reasons above, then you shouldn’t think twice about it and relocate as soon as possible. All you have to do is to decide where to live, and you can start organizing your move.

House in suburbia
Who doesn't like open spaces and large homes?

Sign 6 – There Is a New Job You Want to Take

Relocating without a job is hard but not impossible, and many people do this. However, if you already have a job offer in another state, then you are lucky. Relocation for a job is one of the biggest reasons people relocate. And if you have a job offer that is hard to reject and you feel like this is something you need to do and want to do, then go for it. Who knows when will another opportunity like this come along, and you can always come back home if things don’t work out. One thing is for sure if this job opportunity is once in a lifetime offer, you shouldn’t reject it.

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Grab the opportunities that are presented to you

Sign 7 – Different Kinds of Family Commitments

When do most people move? Well, when they need to provide better opportunities to their kids. There can be numerous reasons why people decide to relocate with their families – better and healthier environment, family-friendly towns, and communities. But small kids are not the only reason. Some people relocate because of their loved ones, parents, or grandparents. Here are the reasons why people move for the nearest and dearest:

  • Your elderly parents have better nursing homes in another state,
  • There are better schools for your kids,
  • There are better hospitals,
  • There is more family-friendly content,
  • The city is way greener and healthier.

Sign 8 – You Want to Live in a Safer Neighborhood

No matter if you are relocating from the East Coast to the West Coast or the other way around, you would want to pick the right, safe neighborhood. And the same is true when deciding whether you should relocate or not. If you are living in an unsafe neighborhood where crime rates are high, you should consider relocating to a safer one or even to another state if that is possible. Of course, not everybody can relocate when they feel like it, but this should be something to think about and strive for.

Living in a safe neighborhood should be a top priority when it comes to raising your kids. Go on websites like Niche or Areavibes and find out all about the neighborhoods in your town of interest, and pick the one you find the most appealing. Take a look at this video and see how to find the perfect neighborhood for your taste.

Choose the Best Company to Help You With Your Move

Long-distance moving, however exciting it sounds, can also be an overwhelming project. There will be tons of things you need to do before and after your relocation. So if you wish that your moving across the country goes with as little stress as possible, you should hire a company.

If you decide to hire long-distance movers to help you with your move, consider taking other services as well, like professional packing and car shipping. This way, you will be able to make other arrangements, such as house hunting or finding a new job. Moving cross-country with the help of professionals will allow you to truly prepare for this transition. You will have more time and money to research your town of choice, transfer your kids to school, find a doctor, and take care of other important things before relocation. So if adventure is calling you, hire movers today and start an exciting chapter of your life without any stress.

Daisy Wilson

Daisy was born in Salt Lake City and in her free time, she writes about moving and watches Charmed.

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