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Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to a Small Town

Posted in Moving Tips & Tricks,Planning the Move on August 7, 2021

The trend of moving to a small town from bigger cities shouldn’t surprise you, especially now, during the Coronavirus pandemic. Getting that work-life balance has become a priority to many of us, and there’s no better way of achieving it than relocating to a smaller and quieter place. It’s interesting to observe how people of all ages are relocating to more sparsely populated areas because the technology and remote working possibilities are now available to most of us.

Once you decided it’s time to move and picked the perfect place where you’ll live, there’ll be many things to do before the move. One of the first ones is making a relocation to-do list that will help you stay on track with all tasks. This kind of help is especially needed when planning to move from a busy and crowded metropolis to a quiet place with a completely different lifestyle. Not only because you’ll avoid commonly forgotten things when moving across the country, but also because many questions will come up like is it smart to move to a small town.

Moving to a Small Town Means Slower Pace of Life

Working from home isn’t something new, but driven by the Covid-19 pandemic and the possibility to work remotely, many people started thinking more seriously about leaving the urban site and settling in smaller towns and rest from all the hustle and bustle living in a metropolis carry with it. Regardless of the reasons for your move, the fact you choose smaller towns over big cities means you should start planning the whole process and learn some relocation hacks that will help you avoid relocation scams. After all the planning and dealing with the more stressful part of the relocation – gathering all the packing tips and safely wrapping up bathroom items, you can finally dedicate some time to think about how much your lifestyle will change once you move.

Prepared house after cross-country moving
Replacing busy life for a peaceful evening after work in your home sounds like a dream come true

How Do You Survive Living In a Small Town

Frenetic city life can become overwhelming for someone at some point, and the logical result would be that people start considering leaving large places and replacing them with smaller ones. However, we all know that changing the environment isn’t as easy as it might sound. Every relocation is stressful, and with all tasks you need to do before the relocation day comes, such as relocation essentials, you have to pack and avoid all the relocation mistakes. No wonder you don’t have enough time to think about your new life. But once you grab that free moment, just relax and consider all the benefits of this relocation. You will most certainly survive long-distance moving to a place where you’ll feel a strong sense of community. So, you won’t be alone when figuring out how to live in a small town – you’ll have welcoming neighbors that will point you in the right direction.

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You’ll Feel Strong Sense of Community

Living in a big city can be pretty lonely, even though you run into a bunch of people every day, right? Everyone’s always busy and running somewhere, and you’re feeling tired of it. Not being lonely anymore and feeling a part of a community is the answer to the question of why should I move to a small town. Also, relocating to towns means fewer people and less diversity, which means that you will create stronger bonds with people you run into every day, even if you move to another state alone. And don’t worry if you’re a bit shy, making friends in a new place will be much easier. And you won’t just make friends, but you’ll build a relationship with this place, and you’ll adjust to it much faster. To sum up, your community will definitely narrow, but that shouldn’t be bad for you.

Two women sitting and smiling after using cross-country moving services
Relocating to a community where everyone knows each other will do you good

What Are the Main Differences Between Big City and Small Town

We all know that a big city has many things to offer, but is it always for everyone the best choice? Most certainly not, because everyone is different and has different priorities. So, once you learn how to move efficiently and as a result have a stress-free move, you should consider some differences between big cities and towns:

  • Job hunting will change – rural locations are known for job scarcity. So, if you haven’t found a job before the move, you might consider getting one, since relocating without a job, in this case, isn’t the best idea.
  • Amenities and outdoor activities are different – in a big city, you can find something interesting to do on every corner, such as museums, art galleries, bars, and restaurants. On the other hand, it’s quite the opposite in smaller towns, which could mean a slower pace of life and relaxing moments.
  • Schools and education don’t have the same standards – you probably can’t find the best schools, of course, depending on the location you’re relocating to, but proximity to schools is something you can count on. And if you’re relocating with a newborn, you’ll be able to find good preschools.

Is It Better to Live In a Small Town or to Choose Big Cities

For those looking for an escape from the crowded streets and traffic, relocating to a smaller place might be the best option. Yes, you have to organize the whole moving cross-country process. However, if you can’t deal with all the tasks, you can hire a professional cross-country moving company that can offer you their services, like packing service and also storage units.

This step isn’t important just for overcoming anxiety about relocating out, but it will help you decide wisely should you even consider how to move to a small town or stay in a crowded city. One thing is for sure – everything depends on your wishes and what you want from the place where you live.

Life in Smaller Places Is Healthier

Streets filled with vehicles and the trash we leave behind us can’t do much good to the air and our health. Another thing that has a great impact on air pollution is artificial lights. In the places without tall buildings and street lights, you can actually see the starry sky, which you probably can’t do if living in a metropolis.

A starry sky
Imagine a home where you can see starry sky every night

Explore the Pros and Cons of a Different Lifestyle

As mentioned above, everything depends on your perspective. If you’re tired of your everyday activities in a metropolis, but you’re still not sure if the rural places are for you, then you need to consider some pros and cons of these two completely different lifestyles. So, now we’ll explore some aspects that can help you decide and make the right decision.

The Cost of Living in a Small Town Might Be Lower

You might not know, but there is a drastic difference between the cost of living in bigger cities and smaller places. Let’s take, for example, Chicago. In a city like that, you’ll be paying a monthly rent of around $1,200 for just one bedroom studio apartment. On the other hand, in the same state, just in a smaller place, the price is half of that. So, if you’re also looking to save some money, you’re on a good track of succeeding when relocating to a more rural place.

One extra relocation tip on how to save money is to decide what to keep when relocating. No matter the size of your home, downsizing is always the best option if you want to have a smooth move.

Forget About Traffic and Crowd

Suppose you’re not interested only in the financial side of the relocation, but you’re tired of being constantly on the streets among all the traffic and a bunch of unknown people. In that case, you’re ready to move somewhere that traffic is a mystery. Relocating to suburbs or smaller towns means your home probably won’t be directly on the street. It’s great news if you have kids or relocating with pets because you won’t have to worry about them as much.

More Free Time to Relax and More Space You’ll Have at the New Place

Nowadays, we all live fast, and we don’t even have a moment to stop and look around us. To see what is happening and how others are doing. Do you get that feeling, too? If yes and you’re tired of it, then you need to do something about it. Luckily, there is a solution – run away from a large city and find yourself a home somewhere that will make you happy and satisfied. According to the USPS, there was a great movement towards the smaller places in the first half of 2020. So, it’s no wonder why millennials are more and more relocating to suburbs and smaller cities.

Most of us want a larger house and more space in general since your previous abode was probably a one-bedroom apartment that you had to share with your loved one or a roommate. If you decide to move and want some peace and relaxation, then a smaller rural place is the right choice. If you’re going to check more reasons why millennials are relocating more and more to smaller cities, watch the video below.

Car Will Be Necessary Since the Public Transportation Isn’t That Common

Not only will your budget change, but your everyday activities will too. If you’re relocating from a metropolis, then you know that commuting is something you can’t avoid and public transportation neither. But, if you need to go from one place to another and you’re in a smaller suburb, then you’ll hardly find buses or any other kinds of public transportation. In that case, you need to consider a car shipping service that reliable long-distance movers can offer you and prepare your four-wheeler for future adventures.

A man driving a car after long-distance moving
It's not going to be the same like you used to live, but with your car transported, everything will be easier

The Reliable Cross Country Movers Will Help You Adjust to the New Environment

Everyone has different points of view when it comes to picking the right place and home. Some of us need bigger houses, and others want to be near all cultural events. If you are in the first group, then hiring a reliable cross-country moving service is on your mind, and how will you adapt to a future community. That’s all normal, but the most important thing is to remember why you’re doing it. Whether it’s for you and your family or your job, the essential is that you have a goal and remember it when it gets hard.

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