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Where to Get Moving Company Recommendations

It doesn’t matter if you move across the country or the street – finding the right business to help you is crucial. For anyone feeling stuck with finding reliable moving company recommendations, here are some tips on making it happen without losing your mind or spending a fortune.

Where Are the Best Long-Distance Moving Company Recommendations?

When looking for reliable relocation firms, you want them to help you regardless of the situation. You could be relocating with kids or alone, but you’ll likely need professionals that can provide packing tips and reliable relocation services.

So, where can you find good long-distance and international mover recommendations? All around you! Find anything you want to know about a business or service with just a few clicks online. Still, with mover businesses, this type of search won’t always be enough.

You can ask for tips on relatively unbiased forums such as Reddit, which almost everyone likes, review sites like Yelp, and official channels like FMCSA. When it’s time to move, you shouldn’t decide who to hire on a whim; relocation scams are real and can take a lot from you.

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Make Many Lives Easier by Doing Research

Of all the things to consider when relocating to a new state, few people think of researching a relocation agency. Many decide to organize their international or long-distance move independently, without professionals, which is as bad of a decision as hiring workers on a whim.

You might now think, “It’s better to do it all myself than give money to some scammers that don’t care about me,” and we agree, to some extent. But not all mover businesses are scammers, and not all scammers are obvious.

Legitimate companies go out of their way to prove their legitimacy and reliability. You’ll find them as soon as you learn where to look; your life will be easier because you moved with them, and their business will thrive because of a job well done.

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Your friends and family won't fool you into hiring bad services

Look for Online Reviews on Interstate Relocation Companies

Relocating from apartment to house isn’t easy, but it’ll be even harder without proper assistance. Don’t be afraid to thoroughly check online reviews on all the companies you’re interested in.

If you go to Google Search and type in “Who is the best out-of-state moving company?” you’ll get countless ads and reviews. Start with the latter.

Reviews are a great way to weed out the bad guys from the good guys. How?

  • Businesses with many comments and rates have more experience,
  • If there are numerous reviews with diverse content (not just the statement “the best” a thousand times over,) this business accepts various opinions and builds up on criticism by improving,
  • Some firms pay reviewers; it’s usually grammatically poor comments with numbers and signs that are paid for; you’ll spot them pretty quickly,
  • Forums like Reddit aren’t too keen on advertising and emphasize truthful information; you’ll find reliable reviews here.

Ask Friends and Family for Recommendations

Say you’re going back to your hometown. Your parents and old neighbors and friends will be delighted to hear that and offer their assistance whenever you decide to return. Such favors are welcome when looking for a good mover.

These people should want the best for you, so recommending a bad business would be out of character. Not only will your family be there for your move, whether you come back or plan to leave for good, but they’ll do what they can to help you save money if that’s what you really want.

We often underestimate the help people can provide, especially those we love and who love us.

Word of Mouth Is Often the Most Reliable Way to Get the Best Services

While asking friends and family for assistance could be one of the more unique relocation announcements, it’s also a wise choice in terms of quality. Great businesses haven’t always grown or gotten their iconic statuses because of thousands of Yelp reviews.

The most popular businesses are in that position because of word of mouth. Around 92% of consumers believe their friends and family’s recommendations over any advertisement. The man in the video below explains the power of this medium, which will hopefully motivate you to look for companies that way.

Check Out Reputable Local Businesses

Some people don’t have friends or family members who’ve moved before. Someone might be relocating for the first time without support or a safety net and have to do everything alone. What can they do?

Besides reviews and thorough research, there’s always the option of going to the nearest mover HQ and asking for a quote. If you look into the local superstars, you’ll be giving money to a small business that appreciates any traffic and get a stellar service in return.

Of course, supporting local businesses isn’t mandatory; it’s welcome, but you have to check if they do the type of long-distance moves you’re after.

Contact Multiple Cross-Country Moving Services Directly for Cost Estimates

Talking directly to relocation companies is inevitable. If you’re relocating to a new city alone, you won’t have a choice but to prepare for cross-country movers since it’ll be nearly impossible to do alone.

When reaching out to businesses directly, here’s what to do: contact more than one. Keep the negotiations going with at least three agencies to ensure they aren’t scamming or overcharging you.

You won’t just learn their tariffs and prices, but you’ll have firsthand experience communicating with them. This way, you’ll discover how they treat their customers, their policy on moves, the extent of their packing services, and methods of charging for their work.

Most Mover Businesses Are Controlled on a Federal Level

Most long-distance and international relocation businesses registered with FMCSA have similar prices, rules, and regulations. They’re controlled and monitored on the American federal level and must follow specific steps to become legitimate and get hired.

They must visit clients’ homes, estimate costs based on an in-person evaluation, and introduce them to relocation insurance and safe and reliable storage services. And finally, they must give the brochure called “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” to each potential customer.

You can look for these things and consider red flags if they don’t happen. Any other info you might need on a potential mover should be included on the FMCSA website.

Two long-distance movers smiling at the camera
Ask multiple businesses for a free relocation quote before deciding on one

Get Information on Them From Better Business Bureau

This type of research falls under the relocation tips advising you to look up businesses online. However, this isn’t just some random website where people discuss their moves. Better Business Bureau, or BBB, is an American site that helps people choose a relocation company and other types of businesses, too.

BBB aims to prevent fraud and provide people with safe and reliable recommendations. They have reviews on their page, too, but there’s more than just people saying something’s good or bad.

You can check if your mover of choice is BBB accredited by:

  • Going to,
  • Typing in the name or location of the business you’re looking for,
  • If BBB verified them, their profile would have the Seal of Accreditation,
  • Setting your search to Accredited Only businesses for reliable results.

You Can Also Check Out Websites Like

Since not all good businesses have BBB accreditation, that could make checking if long-distance movers are legit a little more challenging. Still, you don’t have to prepare for depression after moving cross-country if things aren’t going well during the research.

Sometimes, you just need that one more push before getting all the good information, and you can look for it on other American websites like This site is dedicated to finding legitimate relocation agencies and providing truthful information for each service.

One look at this website’s home page, and you’ll see they mention legal acts regarding the use of motor vehicles, transportation laws, and consumer protection and rights. If someone can recommend a good and reliable relocation agency, it’s them.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Moving Across the Country

Hiring movers has proven to be a heavy task due to all the required research. Still, it doesn’t have to be too complex or last longer than necessary; sometimes, all you need are great tips and common sense to make a quick yet very informed decision.

Here’s how to avoid getting scammed while relocating.

What to Look For in a Moving Company? Its USDOT Number

Understandably, everyone likes to move safely, but they also want professionals advising them on organizing packing, and providing more than just a move. If they include car shipping and storage truck loading, they provide moves that consider all customers’ likes and needs.

How will you know if they’re helpful and reliable? We’ve mentioned FMCSA, which stands for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This federal agency regulates all American businesses with motor vehicles, and registering with them is mandatory for everyone that likes to work as a mover and transporter.

Every firm that registers with the FMCSA gets a USDOT number available to customers. If you get this number, you can search and verify it on the website to be sure you’ve made a good choice.

Don’t Agree to Large or Cash Deposits

Say you wish to ship a car cross-country and hear that your preferred mover offers that service. You may be willing to pay for it, but be wary if they ask you for a large cash deposit or a payment in advance.

A legitimate mover might ask for a small deposit, but they’ll include it in the quote or let you know ahead of time. What they won’t do is spring it on you after your car and other items have been packed and shipped; that could become a hijacking or reckless abandonment.

Ensure They Visit Your Home for a Cost Estimate

A professional mover will pack a relocation truck, but not before they’ve estimated how large of a vehicle they’ll need for such a process. And to do that, they must visit your home and take inventory of everything you want to be packed and shipped.

If someone posing as a mover tells you that you have a deal but never request at least a video call for a quote, they plan to do one of two things: bring too small of a truck that will then require extra fees for packing, or one that’s too large and requires a higher gas fee, for example.

In both cases, not only will you get tricked out of your money, but the risk of your items arriving all banged up and broken increases since they’re being shipped in inadequate storage.

Legit Relocation Companies Don’t Have Additional Fees

If you hear things like – relocating in the rain will cost you extra, that may not be too legal. Sure, the conditions may be a little worse than ideal, but they can’t come up with additional fees if that day is rainy.

They also can’t book you in advance and tell you to prepare more money in case of rain or snow; overall, the weather conditions cannot and should not affect the quality and cost of your move.

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Do you tip the movers? Yes, but only if they do a good (and legitimate) job

Do Your Due Diligence Before Making Any Important Relocation Decisions

Don’t make one of the worst relocation mistakes and forget to do due diligence on relocation businesses; they could make or break your entire relocation experience, and more than that.

Logically, every customer is afraid of losing money and time to scammers, but with some effort and a bit of asking around, you won’t have to feed that fear anymore.

Once you’re done researching, the most critical issues on your mind will be how much to tip movers and where to start with unpacking once their work is done.

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Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

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