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Unique Moving Announcements That Will Help You Share the Good News

Posted in Planning the Move on March 14, 2022

Don’t know how to share this exciting news and want to find some unique moving announcements that will help you surprise your friends and family? You’re on the right track. Take a look at these inspirational and creative ideas and find your perfect solution. We’re sure that you’ll successfully surprise and entertain your buddies, and they’ll be more than happy that you shared the big news with them.

How Do You Announce That You Are Moving?

The long-distance moving process is very complex, and it can lead to a lot of relocation stress. It can be very challenging to organize your move, especially if you’re relocating alone and don’t have any help or you’re relocating for the first time.

Many questions might pop out, and after all the formalities with organizing important documents and finding out how to rent an apartment, you must not forget to notify the people you care about the most – your friends and family. Depending on how you communicate and how often you see them, you will know the best way to approach this task and announce the big news.

You Shouldn’t Keep Your Loved Ones in the Dark

No matter how stressed and overwhelmed you are, they will be there for you and care about your health and sanity, so don’t leave them out of the process by taking everything on yourself. Someone will always have good advice, especially if they had previous experience and you didn’t. Plus, it will mean a world to them that you want to include them in one of the most important moments in your life.

It is always important to stay in touch with friends, no matter how far you go, what your plans for the future are and how many new friends you’ll make. You never know how your paths might cross one day again, so make sure they remember you as the kind and loving person you are.

Should I Send Moving Announcements?

Sending creative moving announcements is always a good option if you can’t inform everyone in person, but have you ever thought about the fact that the term “send” in the modern era means many different things? You can choose the old school method and send cards and letters per post like in the good old days. You can buy some custom-made cards at a local gift shop, or you make your own using your photoshop skills.

However, if you don’t know everyone’s address, you could simply make a group email and send everyone an online card. This card doesn’t only have to be an announcement – it can also be an invitation to a going away party where you can all catch up before you leave. With that said, let’s go through all of these ideas, and in the end, you can decide which option suits you best.

Person making a card
Custom made cards feel more personal, and sending them is a great way to share the big news

You Can Make Custom Moving Announcements in the Form of Cards

Announcing a move through a card is one of the most traditional and safe ways to do this. Please don’t make one of the common relocation mistakes and forget one of the most important things to do when relocatingnotifying your friends and other important people about the upcoming change. Who to notify when relocating? Obviously, the people you communicate with the most will first come to your mind.

But make sure you go through all of your family members, colleagues, and other people you spend time with – generally, everyone that you believe might want to reach out to you at some point, no matter the reason. This also applies to some authorities who might want to contact you, but you don’t have to send them a personal custom-made card – it’s enough to simply inform them that you’re changing your address.

How to Make a Fun Card?

This is the part where you can let your creativity flow. If you’re not into arts and crafts, this might be challenging, but luckily in times like these, you can easily find many ideas online and be inspired by other people’s creative ideas.

You can use a family photo and just write “we are relocating” on top of it. It is so easy that you can even do it on your phone with the basic photo editor. Of course, you can add more information like your new address. If you like the idea, you could even photoshop yourself by the pool with a cocktail in case you’re relocating to Florida or some other sunny area – you get the idea, it would be you on skis if you’re going to live in Montana. You can print these and send them per post, or send them via email or WhatsApp, it is up to you.

DIY Handmade Cards Where You Can Show Your Style and Creativity

Although it might be much easier to send a virtual form of a card, people nowadays get very excited when they get a letter, mainly because this rarely happens. However, people still appreciate this form of communication, especially because it means you really made an effort to reach out to someone instead of sending a text.

That is why this is still one of the most popular forms of sending wedding invitations or invites to some other big, important life events. Now imagine how your besties would be blown away if they receive a handmade card! They will love it. There is no need to worry if you’re trying to save money to move. This won’t be expensive, and you can find most supplies at any local store, but truth be told, you probably already have some of them at home, especially if you have kids. Materials you can buy for this purpose at almost any local shop are:

  • Paper (in any color you choose),
  • Glue or tape,
  • Scissors,
  • Markers,
  • Glitter,
  • Stickers,
  • Envelopes.

This video might help you get some inspiration on the way your cards could look – you can change the text according to your personal preferences.

How Do You Announce You’re Moving on Social Media?

There is no point in denying that social media have become a big part of almost everyone’s life and that they have a major influence on the ways we communicate. The way they work is very convenient for sharing any kind of news with your online community – that’s the main purpose of social media, right? Finally, you can use this as an advantage and reach out to your buddies and followers to inform them that you’re relocating to another city or a state. How to do this? In accordance with how you usually interact on that particular platform.

If your Facebook profile, for example, is mainly used for communication with cousins, you shouldn’t announce your move in the form of a meme there because your grandma maybe won’t get the message right, or she will think that this is just one of your jokes. Now, if you’re known as a meme lord among your Instagram followers, this is a perfect opportunity to use some screenshots from your meme gallery and use them to create your own version of the “I AM RELOCATING” announcement. They will love your humor and appreciate that you reach out to them to inform them that you’re making a big change in your life.

What Do You Say in a Moving Announcement?

In case you’re writing a caption or a status where you want to give your community more information, you can briefly explain what your main reasons to move are. Are you relocating for love, looking for a job in a new city, or are you going to college? For more personal information, like the address, use personal messages. 

If your profile isn’t private, or you’re friends with a bunch of strangers, you have to be aware that the internet sometimes can be a dangerous place, and there can always be potential stalkers. Some of the personal information you shouldn’t share online are:

  • Name of your household members and your full name,
  • Your current and future address,
  • If your move is permanent or temporary,
  • Details about your going away gathering.
Smartphone with numerous social media apps
Sharing big news on social media always gets a lot of attention

Use This Announcement As an Opportunity to Invite Everyone to Your Going Away Party

If you haven’t got a chance to talk to everyone in person and discuss your upcoming move, once you reach out to everyone you find important, you can use this announcement as an opportunity to invite them to your going away party. This is a place where you can give them all the information – where you’re going to live, what is your main reason for going there, what are your expectations and fears and so on.

Friends can calm you down if you have any relocation anxiety by sharing their experiences and letting you know they will be there for you to help you move safely. Hopefully, you know the saying that friends are like stars – you can’t always see them, but you know they are always there.

Fun Party Ideas

If you want to be a little theatrical with your announcement, you can actually invite your squad over to tell them something big without telling them many details before they arrive. Once they are all there together, you can share the big news in person and watch their reactions. There might be some tears, so ensure there are enough drinks and food to cheer everyone up.

You can get some nice candies, snacks, or anything else you know your crew loves. If you want to go even further, you can also have a themed party – we’re sure everyone will have a memorable time. Don’t forget to make some cool photos that you can put in a frame after you relocate to remind you of all the good times and memories that you had together. This video might give you some interesting ideas about ways to plan themed parties at your home.

Want More Time to Plan Unique Moving Announcements? You Can Hire Cross Country Movers to Handle Other Tasks

Feeling overwhelmed with all of the exhausting tasks and responsibilities from your to-do list and want more time to spend with your friends and family before you move? With professional cross-country moving services, you can forget about the worries and stress. Professional long-distance movers can assist you with packing household items, help you with relocating your storage inventory or even offer you car shipping – whatever you need can be done in a short time while you can enjoy all the benefits of relocation in peace and comfort.

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