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What to Consider When Moving From an Apartment to a House

Posted in Looking for a Home,Planning the Move on September 12, 2022

Leaving your old lifestyle behind is surely an exciting event, but it’s also a big change. While most people have to downsize when relocating, what do you do when moving from an apartment to a house? Don’t worry! Although it may seem challenging at first, with the right guidance, your transition will be a breeze. Learn all about it and keep in mind the advantages this move will bring you.

Relocating to larger houses means there are both advantages and disadvantages to consider when making the final decision. It comes with benefits like more space, each member of the family getting their own room, and your pets having the possibility to run freely. However, be aware that larger spaces require more effort for their maintenance and cleaning. Also, if you’re planning to be an owner of the residency, there will be more responsibilities, as well.

What Is the First Thing to Do When Moving Into a House?

Once you decide it’s time to move to a bigger place, you’ll enter a whole other world of organization and preparation. Whether it’s because your family is growing or simply needs more space, you’ll have to organize the move property. No matter the reasoning behind this decision, start by making a to-do list of all things that need to be done before, but also of things to do after the move. That way, you won’t need to worry about whether something is left behind.

After organizing the whole process, proceed with figuring out all the advantages and disadvantages this transition will bring and be completely ready for them.

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Check All Advantages of Moving From an Apartment to a House

Whatever your reason for relocating, the transition from living in a building to a solitary home can be unsettling until you realize the advantages. Without anyone banging on doors and walls to remind you to keep it down, you can sing out loud as much as you want. You could even set up an entire gym in your garage for your fitness equipment.

Moving From a Small Apartment to a Large House Means More Space

Buildings can provide spacious apartments, as we all know, but how often can you afford that one? The majority of buildings offer shared amenities to make up for the shortage of square footage. Imagine living in a high-rise – this means you, your neighbors, and each other utilize the gym or any other amenity that the building offers. It can be quite a hassle scheduling it around everyone else’s schedule. Thankfully, relocating to a larger residence will usually provide you with more than enough room to fulfill all your needs while also giving you more control over your schedule.

Each Member of the Family Could Have a Separate Room

If you’re relocating with kids, be aware of all benefits this move will bring them. Without having to worry that they’ll outgrow your two-bedroom apartment, they could have their own space to grow and play. Gorgeous home with a sizable yard can also take the role of the popular park in the neighborhood.

Don’t forget how beneficial this move could be when relocating with furry friends, too. They also need space to develop, roam, and be free. So, having plenty of space to play and relax sounds like an excellent trade if you have children and furry friends.

You Can Personalize the Future Home as You Want

Since you are accustomed to living in a little space and coming up with innovative storage solutions and finding small apartment ideas, relocation to a large place can be daunting. You don’t have to abandon such novel tactics. When you begin unpacking your things after the move, they’ll still be useful to know. It’s not necessary to keep everything together and stacked on top of one another, though. You can build closets for all of your items, hang any painting you like, and own as many pets as you like.

Find the Most Suitable Property You’ll Call Home

Did you know that according to many surveys, more than 50% of Americans consider their neighborhood as suburban while the majority of them are connected to central and urban districts? So, pick the ideal city to relocate to and acquire a property in the suburban neighborhood. That way, you’ll have more opinions than you would in a heavily densely populated area.

Don’t Forget to Check the Neighborhood

It’s not customizing the neighborhood to your lifestyle if you choose a location that aligns with your political beliefs and isn’t inherently criminal; those are essentially the qualifications for a better living environment. By choosing, we mean looking for a place to live that allows you to be authentic. Have this in mind while getting all those useful house-hunting tips.

Take Some Time to Pack Your Furniture and Other Items Properly

Carefully consider the furniture you want to save before beginning to make your household inventory list. It’s acceptable to have a piece you’re particularly connected to, but don’t forget to look for other objects that are no longer useful. The home you move into later will be more unique and stocked with items that are certain to make you happy if you just bring the possessions you are linked to and appreciate.

After that’s been settled, make sure you have enough time to pack everything. After all, moving cross-country isn’t something you can plan and do in just a few days. Arrange everything, and not only will it be an efficient move, but you’ll have a stress-free relocation, as well.

Long-distance movers packing furniture
Taking furniture apart takes time, so it's not a bad idea to hire some professional assistance

Get the Right Boxes and Pack the Necessities

One of the biggest reasons why relocations are stressful is the packing process. How long does it take to move from house to apartment – this has surely crossed your mind not once but a bunch of times because, let’s face it, you have a lot of stuff.

Many would say this is the best moment to downsize your inventory. However, be aware that moving to a house means you have to be completely sure all your belongings are properly packed and secured for transportation. Getting the right-sized boxes and other packing materials will ensure that.

And if you’re asking yourself: How do I prepare myself to move out for the first time, don’t worry, because, in the following video, you can check all the relocation hacks on what to get rid of and how to declutter like a pro.

Check Some Drawbacks Larger Houses Might Have Before Moving Across the Country

A major contributor to relocation depression is being cut off from your familiar surroundings. There is a bigger picture even when starting over somewhere new seems to be the worst thing ever. For example, if the landlord of your previous condo was or wasn’t extremely communicative, getting your own larger place seems like a good idea.

However, living in a new bigger residence is not always better. For starters, there will be more work to do around and responsibilities to take. So, be sure you’re aware of all aspects this move will bring you.

There Will Be More Work for You to Do After Moving to a New House

Even before you unpack and arrange all of your possessions in your new mansion, think about what you should do first. You’ll need to get used to performing a lot more maintenance around the place. Also, cleaning can be quite a challenge. There is more space to clean and work to be done in an estate because they are oftentimes significantly larger than apartments.

At first, all the maintenance you have to do could seem like a drawback, but you’ll get used to it pretty quickly. However, when it comes to the cleaning process, you might want to learn some different hacks on how to do it efficiently and more quickly. Thankfully, you can easily find all the necessary tips on YouTube.

You'll Be Responsible for the Utilities

When renting, your landlord usually takes care of the utilities. However, in this case, paying these expenses will be your responsibility. When you find the perfect place to live, you need to notify everyone about the move. You must change the address and have utilities in your name, which means you’ll have to transfer them when you leave a rental property and move into your own home.

Luckily, it won’t take a lot of your time. Nowadays, almost everything can be done online in just a few clicks. That’s how changing the address will only require you to fill out an online form, and that’s it.

The Monthly Expenses Could Be a Bit Higher

What to do before moving into a new house? Ensure you’re entirely aware your monthly budgeting could change. Depending on the size of a condo you’ve been living in and the estate you’re relocating to now, the monthly expenses could change. More often than not, this change will not be for the better, so make a financial plan before the move. That way, you won’t have to panic once the bills start coming.

Consider Getting Different Insurance

Although you most likely had renters insurance for the condo, you’ll need to purchase new coverage for your residence. After all, you’re going from renter to owner. And that means the insurance starts to change, as well.

Have a Trustworthy Relocation Company by Your Side During the Move

Although many think relocation scams aren’t that common, you still have to be sure you’ve chosen the best cross-country moving services. Luckily, it won’t take you a long time to figure out whether a relocation company is reliable and legitimate. Don’t forget that only a trustworthy relocation crew will help you move efficiently and without hassle.

So, the first thing to avoid is not hiring the first relocation team you find. Instead, contact several companies and ask for a free estimate. That way, you can plan the relocation budget and not worry about unexpected costs.

Cross-country movers carrying boxes
Having a reputable relocation company by your side makes the entire process much easier

The Best Cross-Country Movers Will Help You Survive the Relocation Day

Dealing with the whole relocation process on your own is not the best idea. You might think you can perfectly deal with everything in the beginning, but as days go by, you’ll realize it’s just too much to handle and that you need help. Instead of waiting for this to happen, hire reliable long-distance movers who will offer their efficient relocation services.

One of the most important options to consider is packing services. Getting these means you won’t have to deal with wrapping and protecting your items for the move. The best part of having reputable movers by your side is that you can ask them all about their services. For example, you can ask the following question: Do movers pack your clothes? The reliable ones will surely do it.

The New Residence Will Improve the Quality of Life

It’s perfectly normal to be afraid of the stress that comes with relocation. Long-distance relocating rarely makes people happy immediately after it is over, but the outcome is more than beneficial. If you’ve been thinking of buying a home and relocating to a place you can call your own, know that the transition will be challenging but short-lived; you’ll soon start to appreciate the benefits of having a lovely backyard.

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Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

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