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How Much to Tip Movers – The Ultimate Guide to Tipping

Posted in How-to,Moving Tips & Tricks,Planning the Move on April 11, 2022

You’ve scheduled your move with a relocation company, and you have all your boxes packed and labeled. Still, you are wondering how much to tip movers for their work. Although it’s not required to give any extra money to the professional workers, you should always consider showing appreciation even if you’re relocating on a tight budget. Let us share with you some unspoken rules for tipping cross-country movers.

Workers handling your move are experts at storing and packaging fragile items, electronics, and bulky items. If you have dilemmas about how to box up your clothes or how to store antique pieces, you can always rely on the crew to provide you with the best advice. They know how to correctly load your relocation essentials into the truck so that your belongings stay safe during the move. Therefore when you determine how much movers cost, allocate some money to give them after they finish the job.

Why Is Tipping the Workers Considered Vital?

Your relocation day has finally arrived, and you must be anxious if everything will go smoothly and effortlessly. There are cardboard boxes of all sizes and wrapped furniture waiting for your professional moving team to show up at your location. The success of your entire relocation depends on the expertise of the workers handling your move. They have relocated numerous people, and they are familiar with all the relocation hacks as well as how to organize a stress-free move.

You should ensure that you acknowledge their efforts and show that they are greatly appreciated. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should pay big bucks, especially if you are trying to save money when moving cross country. Still, you should know exactly how much to tip movers so that you move efficiently but not drain your budget.

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How Much to Tip Movers?

If you are at a loss and asking yourself – how much should I tip movers, don’t worry. There is a general rule of thumb when it comes to giving money to the workers that are considered to be applicable to all types of moves. Bear in mind that each person should receive 4-5 dollars for each hour of work. This means that you will have to allocate at least 20 dollars if the workers spend almost 4 hours loading your belongings into the truck. However, if it takes them longer than 8 hours to store everything, prepare at least 50 to 60 dollars for every worker.

Even though this rule is generally considered to be the norm for all moves, don’t forget to factor in other aspects that might determine how much money to give each person. When organizing the move, consider how difficult the process will be. The number of things that are being moved, the number of bulky items you have, and if there is any need for special equipment that the worker must bring. All of these aspects will add to the amount of cash you might give them.

A mover is showing thumbs up
You can pay up to 5 dollars for each hour the workers spend taking care of your items

How Should You Tip Long Distance Movers?

Have you been wondering how much to tip movers for long-distance relocation service? It’s quite simple to determine how much you will give to workers who pack up your home and move you to a different part of the same city. The workers who provide you with packing service and also load the relocation truck are usually the same. However, when moving across the country, different teams of workers will handle your things in the old as opposed to the new home. Only the truck driver may show up at both locations. You should add to the relocation binder that, in this case, you should opt for tipping each mover at an hourly rate of 4-5 dollars.

Should You Consider Paying Based on The Percentage of The Moving Bill?

There is no need to pay the moving team a percentage of the total bill since cross-country moving services can cost up to 5,000 dollars. Therefore, if 20 percent of the bill should go to the workers, you will need to have at least 800 dollars for tips. This cost is too expensive, and the client should stick to paying the hourly rate.

Aspects You Should Consider When Tipping for Long Distance Moving Services

Several factors might change certain things. If you are wondering – how much should I tip the movers I’m hiring, first determine if any aspects of the relocation might indicate that you should spend more or less on the workers. Consider these relocation day tips:

  • Weather conditions: If the workers show up despite terrible weather conditions, they should be paid generously. Let’s face it – no one is willing to pack and load an entire home during a scorching day or go to a freezingly cold climate. If the workers don’t find it difficult to move you safely in all weathers, they should be acknowledged for their efforts.
  • Whether they have to use the stairs: Some moves are more complicated than others. In cases where the workers have to lift and maneuver bulky items like beds and couches down and up the stairs, you should pay them more. Sometimes it takes hours to move bulky things, and if you are relocating from a house to a new apartment, the crew will have to use special equipment to get your belongings up the stairs.
  • How many large items you have: If you have china cabinets, bookcases, or a grand piano that have to be lifted by at least four people or disassembled by the packers, consider the time and effort that has to be spent on each large item. Evaluate your relocation list the best way you can and see if you will have to increase the tips.
  • If you are moving at the last minute: In situations when people are moving last minute and when there are many belongings that have to be loaded into the truck in a short period of time, the team will have to work quickly and cautiously. Their skills and expertise are required for making the trip safe. Consider rewarding each mover for their effort.
  • If they are kind and friendly: Sometimes, the workers can make the relocation less stressful and tense. All that is required is kind words and polite behavior that go a long way, especially if the client is relocating with kids and the crew ensures that the children feel safe and relaxed. In case the client is relocating with a dog, the crew might pay special attention so that all the items belonging to the pet get stored correctly. This kind of kind behavior deserves good tips.

Here is a video of how you can best prepare yourself when hiring a relocation company.

Who Should You Reward?

You can get some information from the relocation company about the workers. The team you’re hiring to handle your relocation most commonly consists of a foreman, a couple of workers, and the driver. If you have any problems or dilemmas during the loading process, the foreman will be able to help you. Now that you know how much do you tip movers, you are still not sure to who you have to give the money? Should you approach only the foreman or approach each crew member?

It would be best if you approached each mover individually and gave the sum of money you think is the most appropriate for their work. That way, you can thank them for their hard work and show genuine appreciation for their effort and kindness. Everyone who participated would get their fair share of the money, as it would be easier to make a difference between highly efficient workers and those that stalled or hampered the loading process.

When Should You Pay the Workers?

Since you are relocating to another state and a new town, you will most probably have to deal with two different crews. Some workers will have your belongings disassembled and packed, and the others will move your belongings into an apartment or a house. It would be appropriate to give a set amount of money to both crews. Pay attention to how they handle your antique pieces and if they offer their help for assembling furniture. After the job is done, and when the workers provide you with necessary receipts and close the truck, make sure to reward them for their hard work and effort.

Deciding Against Tipping?

Now, you might ask yourself – are there instances when you can’t decide how much should you tip movers? Yes, there are situations that might lead clients to think they shouldn’t give any extra cash to the crew loading the truck. It is considered polite and customary to show appreciation for the finished job, but there are instances when you can change your mind.

So, when? In cases where the workers show up late or don’t bring the necessary supplies and equipment, for example. Or if the crew seems careless and damages some of your belongings or the walls of your new home. The client might even notice that the labeled boxes are misplaced and unloaded in the wrong places. In these situations, the client can reduce the amount of money he wants to spend on workers or simply not pay any additional money for their packing and loading services.

Tired workers
When workers arrive too late or seem careless, you can opt not to pay them extra

Additional Advice For Showing Appreciation

Every client wants to have friendly and kind workers at their front door. There are several ways you can create a positive and friendly atmosphere while the workers are in your new home. Little things like offering crew members a cup of coffee or a cold drink before they start packing your belongings go a long way. You can also prepare bottled water, soda, or healthy juices for the workers so they can always take a break and have some drinks.

Bear in mind that their hands get dirty pretty quickly during the disassembling and packing process, so it would be best to have some soap and fresh towels ready for them to use whenever they need to. Also, prepare some snacks such as sandwiches or pizzas for workers when they finish the job as a “thank you” for handling your relocation.

Two movers looking happy
Offering the workers some drinks and snacks will create a positive atmosphere

With the Help of These Tips, You’ll Know What to Do

It’s pretty simple to answer the question “how much do I tip movers” with our helpful advice. If you are insecure about how to approach each mover and how to show appreciation for their service properly, bear in mind that the workers are the most important element of your relocation to a new home. The success of your move depends on how they handle and store your belongings in the truck. Don’t forget to approach each person individually and pay them something extra for their effort. The amount of money you want to reward them depends, in the end, mostly on how satisfied you are with their work.

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