The Ultimate Guide to New York Boroughs – Facts and Myths of the Big Apple

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Before you head off and engage in cross-country moving to the most desirable metropolis in the world, you need to learn some facts about New York boroughs. Before you pick the perfect neighborhood for you, let’s first debunk some of the most common misconceptions and myths about New York City boroughs.

Aside from the ultimate moving guide, it’s only logical to look out for a guide of the 5 boroughs of New York, so you can make informed decisions about where to live. And even though most of the myths regarding the Big Apple are false, there are few that are true, so let’s see all there is to know about Big Apple neighborhoods and living in NY.

New York Boroughs in a Nutshell

Big Apple consists of five boroughs of New York City, and each of them is a separate county. Each borough has a different vibe, culture, architecture, and, finally, myths. Queens is the biggest, while Manhattan is the most attractive and popular. These are five boroughs of New York:

  • Manhattan,
  • Brooklyn,
  • Queens,
  • Bronx,
  • Staten Island.

False NYC Myths

Probably one of the most popular myths regarding the Capital of the World is that there are no safe neighborhoodss in New York. This is blatantly false. Even though crimes happen in Big Apple, if compared to other cities of this magnitude in the world, the crime rate is very low. Also, if you pick some of the safest neighborhoods in New York, the chances of being a victim of crime are slim. The safest neighborhoods in New York are Brooklyn Heights, Tribeca, and Murray Hill, among others.

The second biggest misconception about NY is that it is a place to visit, not live in. This is simply not true because NY is one of the most diverse cities in the world, ever-growing in popularity and population. If you relocate to another state, you probably want to know more about the cost of living. Well, even though the cost of living in NY is high, it is not much different from the cost of living in LA. Overall, you will get a bigger salary when working in NYC, and if you choose some of the areas in suburban parts of the city, you will probably save some money.

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Guide to Manhattan – Myths and Facts About The Smallest NYC Borough

If you are relocating to another city alone, you would be happy to learn that myth about rude and unpleasant New Yorkers is mostly false. In fact, if you end up in some of the Manhattan bars or restaurants alone, you will probably make friends with ease. But keep in mind even though Times Square may be the biggest attraction on East Coast, it is still nothing compared to the rest of NY. That being said, let’s see other myths about the most famous metropolis in the world.

Living And Moving to Manhattan Neighborhoods Will Cost Fortune

Even though Manhattan is considered the most expensive part of the Big Apple, it doesn’t mean you can not find more affordable places in some parts. According to Zillow, you can find a place to live for anywhere between $14,000 and $2,500, so which place you will choose depends on your budget. And yes, probably for the cheaper places, you will have to think about the creative storage ideas and to downsize for a move if you plan to fit everything in your studio.

Another myth is that cross-country moving services cost a fortune to relocate to this area of NYC. This simply is not true because most cross-country movers base their price on distance, home inventory list, and the type of services you take. So if you include full packing service and maybe car shipping to your move-out list, the price of your relocation will get higher, and so will your relocation budget.

There Are Gators in Harlem

One of the things to do after relocation will not be chasing gators on Time Square, or more precisely, in Harlem, where this myth is originally coming from. Scientists have proven that life in sewers is simply not possible for these reptiles. But still, there are tales people do keep gators as pets, so maybe this myth turns out to be true.

Pennies From Heaven Can Kill People

Probably the most iconic skyscraper located in NYC is Empire State Building. There is a myth regarding its magnificent height, and that is that a penny thrown from the top of the building can gain such speed that it can kill someone on the street. And even though some injuries may occur, it is not possible for a penny to kill someone. But if you are relocating with kids and take them to see this magnificent building, there is no harm in telling them this to prevent them from throwing things from the rooftop.

Buried Treasure on Liberty Island

A story about a famous pirate, Captain William Kidd, is still hunting the streets of NYC. The tale is that the treasure was buried on Liberty Island and that two soldiers went treasure hunting back in 19 century only to find treasure guarded by the ghost of Captain Kidd. According to a myth, they fled the spot only to return the following day and see there was no treasure or ghost. If you haven’t found enough reasons to move to the Big Apple, maybe lost treasure can be one of them.

Ghost Ship of the Hudson River

If you live in San Franciso, you probably saw your fair share of ships of different magnitude and shapes, but have you ever seen a ghost ship that is also an omen? This Hudson River ghost ship only shows itself when it is foggy and in bad weather, serving as an omen to warn you not to sail that day. When it comes to ghost ships, this is pretty awesome.

Bronx Myths and Facts Broken Apart

The Bronx is situated in the north of the city and separated from Manhattan by the Harlem River. This borough is one of the biggest in NYC. The Bronx has its own charm and iconic sites you can see. One of the most popular ones is Yankee Stadium, Botanical Garden, and ZOO. Also, popular movie locations such as Little Italy are located here. If your moving across the country leads you to this area, make sure to check out the famous stairs from the movie Joker, located between Shakespeare Avenue and Anderson Avenue.

The Biggest Myth Is Fordham University’s Spirit Story

This story resembles by far the famous The Exorcist movie. In fact, it is believed that the movie tells the story of sinister events that happened at Fordham University in the Bronx. Fordham University was a Jesuit institution back in the day, and one night, residents of the university saw that all the mattresses in the building were standing upright. They called for a priest, and he showed up at 2 am to chase out supernatural spirits. The following morning the resident found out that no one had been sent to the institutions at all. Spooky, right?

Brooklyn Has Its Own Legends

There are more misconceptions regarding Brooklyn than myths. And most of these stereotypes are not true. So if you have ever heard that it’s too far or unsafe, this is not true. In fact, if you are relocating for a job that is in Manhattan, Brooklyn will be a perfect choice for you. There are tons of bridges and metro train lines that connect these two boroughs fast and efficiently. And most people who live here actually commute to the Lower East Side. Transportation is a big deal on East Coast. So if you are relocating from LA, expect to have a much better public transportation system.  If you are looking for the best place to live in New York that is near the action and vibrant NYC nightlife, then that would be Brooklyn which is just across the Lower East Side.

There Are No Parks or Green Spaces

After Central Park, the biggest amount of green areas can be found in Brooklyn, so this myth is not true. Prospect Park, Brower Park, and Greene Park stand out among many smaller parks. Another misconception is that there are no good restaurants. We can see the number of Michelin and Zagat restaurants popping up all around the place. And, aside from some of the East Coast’s finest restaurants, here you can enjoy some amazing street art as well.

One of the myths is that you can get to know this borough by simply walking down the Brooklyn Bridge. That is false because even though you will enjoy some of the most iconic sights, you will not see the true charm of Brooklyn. This borough needs to be explored, so even if you are relocating at the last minute, seriously consider all the benefits of car shipping you will have once you relocate. Take a look at this video and get to know this area even better.

Queens and Staten Island Myths

If you are looking for the best places to live in New York for families, then Queens neighborhoods are the place to start. And this is not a myth – Queen has some highly-rated areas for families, and it is a borough that will most likely feel like you have relocated to suburbia. Nice, family-oriented areas with the biggest diversity in the city are in Queens. And aside from the commonly referred myth that there are only airports there, the neighborhoods of Queens have so much to offer, from museums and cultural events to green areas and beautiful restaurants from ethnicities from all over the world. And note that Queens’ Chinatown is larger than one in Manhattan.

Staten Island’s Smelly Myths

The biggest false myth about Staten Island is that it’s the largest dump in the world. The project of dumping stuff on the island was finished in 2001, and now the 2,220 acres are on the way to becoming the biggest recreational park in NY, even bigger than Central Park. And no, nothing smells here.

The “heroin island” myth is another false myth. Yes, there is a kind of a drug epidemic, but the island is not filled with publicly intoxicated junkies if this is your concern. And even though it is often referred to as a “Forgotten Borough,” this statement can not be more than false because this borough has shaped the history and culture of the Big Apple for more than a century now. Take a look at this video and conclude for yourself whether this place is worth visiting.

Is NY dirty?

Like any big metropolis, Big Apple is a dirty city. In fact, it is among the dirtiest cities in the nation. But if you are relocating from any other metropolis, this thing will seem normal.

Are New Yorkers Friendly?

Most New Yorkers will state that they are friendly. And if you heard about the myth that New Yorkers are rude, this is proven to be false. In fact, once you relocate, you will probably meet friends in a first bar.

Do New Yorkers Speak Fast?

This is another false myth New Yorkers don’t speak fast but like to speak a lot. And walk very fast.

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Long-distance moving without a help of an experienced and professional company will, simply put, be a disaster. You need to find a company that can provide all the services you need at once so you can focus on important things such as debunking the myths of the Big Apple or maybe finding a place to live in. Depending on your budget, you will probably move from big home to apartment, but don’t worry. This adjustment will not be that difficult once you see beautiful skyscraper views and flashing neon lights. Truth be told, neon lights are not the best thing NY has to offer. If you are moving cross country for the first time, there is no better, more mysterious, and exciting place on Earth to start your lifetime adventure than NY.

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