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Best Reasons for Moving to the Midwest

Posted in City Guides,Planning the Move on August 17, 2021

Famous for its long stretches of grassland, enjoyable summers, and an intense love of sports, the Midwestern part of the US seems to be more and more appealing to the average resident that wants to introduce a change in their lifestyle. You can read why moving to the Midwest is currently the choice everyone’s making.

If you plan to relocate for love to any Midwestern state, then you’ll only have to get used to the new lifestyle and have a relatively stress-free relocation. However, if you’re looking to cut costs and have to prepare your home for sale, it might be slightly more challenging to see the benefits of living somewhere like Kansas or Missouri. It shouldn’t be a negative thing, no matter what.

What to Know About Moving to the Midwest?

This midwestern region consists of twelve states, and it’s known by a few other nicknames; its most famous alternative name is America’s Breadbasket because its plains and grasslands are used for growing cereal and wheat crops. The fertile soil that’s considered the perfect kind of soil for farming, along with large plains, could make it seem like there’s nothing much to look forward to, but you’ll be happy to know that this region is booming and blooming.

You won’t have a hard time if you’re relocating to another state alone. No matter where you want to have a home, be it Chicago, Illinois, with 2.7 million residents, or Lincoln, Nebraska, with 280,000 residents, you’ll manage to fit in because of the Midwestern warm and welcoming spirit. The general census is that Midwesterners are the friendliest bunch of people, and there was even a study to prove it.

Some Midwestern States and Cities Have a Cult Status

Some of the greatest entertainment, both in the past and today, is set in the Midwestern region. For example, there’s the acclaimed series “Ozark,” which takes place near the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, and who could forget “The Wizard of Oz,” the cult classic which takes place in Kansas.

Additionally, Cleveland in Ohio is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and many rock musicians hail from it. At the same time, Chicago and Detroit are where today’s most popular music genres – techno and house – came to life during the 1980s. Many Motown performers we all know and love, such as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5, and The Supremes, were all born and raised in the Midwestern area.

Cold Winters Could Break Even the Strongest of Men

While it sounds great to be in the midst of a rich cultural area, there are things to get used to which may not entirely delight you. One of those things is the winter season. Winters get so freezing cold in the area from time to time that living there can feel like one of the Poles. We recommend a relocation hack – move there in the summer.

Obviously, winters tend to get cold wherever you are, so it’s not something that should completely frighten you. If you relocate there during the spring or summer, which fare to be the most wonderful in this corner of the world, our packing tip is to prepare well for the upcoming cold and enjoy the warm weather as much as you can.

a view of Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is one of the Midwest's greatest attractions

Illinois, Minnesota, and the Dakotas are Some of the Midwestern States

While there’s still a debate about which states fall under the category of being Midwestern, these twelve are considered its official part:

  • Illinois (capital: Springfield)
  • Indiana (capital: Indianapolis)
  • Iowa (capital: Des Moines)
  • Kansas (capital: Topeka)
  • Michigan (capital: Lansing)
  • Minnesota (capital: St. Paul)
  • Missouri (capital: Jefferson City)
  • Nebraska (capital: Lincoln)
  • North Dakota (capital: Bismarck)
  • Ohio (capital: Columbus)
  • South Dakota (capital: Pierre)
  • Wisconsin (capital: Madison)

Additionally, the capital cities of these states may not be the largest or the most familiar to the general population. Chicago is considered the capital of the region, and it’s the largest and most well-known city. Minnesota’s capital St. Paul and its most populous city Minneapolis form a union known as the Twin Cities of America. There are many fun facts about this part of the US, and a long history, too.

Where Should I Move to in the Midwest?

Cross-country moving isn’t easy, especially to a region you don’t know very well. Midwest moving could be the biggest challenge for you if you’re used to coastal life, but there are benefits that you can’t seem to miss. For example, relocating without a job could turn out to be safer when you intend to go to a Midwestern state rather than New York or California. Overall, this region is quite industrial, and many of its centers in the USA are focused on jobs in heavy industry and manufacturing.

Where to move depends mainly on your needs. If you want to get an excellent education, Ann Arbor in Michigan could be a great home for you. If you prefer to make new friends quickly, try Cedar Rapids in Iowa. And if you want to go somewhere for the food, strong progressive politics, and eco-friendliness, try Columbus in Missouri (don’t mix it up with Ohio’s capital, though.)

Because the area is so large and has many cities, it could be overwhelming to pick a place that suits you. Take every requirement you have, starting from the cost and jobs to the mentality and people, and see which city or state has the most things on your list; this is a foolproof way to figure out where you’d like to live next.

a closeup of a theater in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Ann Arbor in Michigan is considered one of the finest college towns in the USA

What Is the Best Midwest State to Live In?

We’ve listed a couple of towns where you could try your luck, but each state has its legislation and rules, in addition to a set of things that sets it apart from the others. Whether you want to live on your own somewhere where it’d be easy to make friends or have a specific skill set that can help you get jobs in a new city, you can find long-distance movers that’ll help you relocate there. We’ll give you just a couple of examples of why some Midwestern states rule.

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Illinois Has the Best Schools

Feel free to put the fact that Illinois has the best schools in the region into your relocation binder. If there are any house hunting tips we can offer, it’s to look for the area that suits your needs the most. If you’re planning to start a family, you can find the finest array of public primary and secondary schools right here. However, college students can also find what they’re looking for since the University of Chicago is one of the most elite education centers in the US.

Minnesota Has Amazing Natural Attractions

Known as the Land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota has the most natural resources and amenities to offer. Cross-country movers can help you relocate there and get the best out of every part of living. Minnesotans have been pursuing an active and outdoor lifestyle for a while now, which has sparked their interest in ecological activism and activities. You can rent a family cabin on one of the literally ten thousand lakes and make that one the greatest things to do after relocating.

a school bus in front of a building in Chicago
Illinois has top-notch public and private schools to offer

Why Should You Move to the Midwest?

If you still don’t think there are solid reasons to move to the Midwestern region, its people could tell you all about the benefits for days on end. If you’ve figured out what your relocation essentials are (jobs, culture, amenities, and alike) but still can’t decide if you have what it takes to move to a new place, here’s some information that might convince you.

The Food Culture Is Unmatched

One of the most fantastic reasons for moving across the country might just be great food. If you plan on living in a city like Chicago, you’ll never get enough of their specialty deep-dish pizzas and Chicago-style hot dogs. Detroit offers a vast array of international cuisines, such as Polish, Greek and Italian. Cincinnati is home to the baffling dish called Cincinnati chili – spaghetti topped with ground beef, cinnamon, other sweet spices, and loads of cheddar cheese.

Even if this is the first you hear about some of these dishes, you’ll get used to them over time and try to convince your friends to try some signature foods from your favorite restaurants. If they’re not convinced, just tell them Twinkies are a Midwestern invention and they’ll be sold.

They’re Avid Sports Fans

It’s not news that this region is the home to Minnesota Vikings, one of the NFL’s most prominent teams. People who live in Minnesota are immensely proud of their team, and they mention sports when trying to emphasize the beauty of the place they reside in. However, they’re not the only ones who are proud of their local teams. Chicago Cubs are one of the most supported teams in the region, and Green Bay Packers brought a lot of pride and joy to Wisconsin by being the NFC North’s champions.

If you’re sporty or are looking to get into sports, then the reasons to move to the Midwestern region are growing for you more and more.

Some of the Cities Have the Greatest Natural Wonders

We already mentioned Minnesota having the most amazing lakes and lakeside wonders, but Michigan is home to the largest lake of the same name. If there are any benefits of relocating to emphasize, it would be natural wonders. People seeking to start a family or look to bond with newfound friends will have a wonderful time here because Lake Michigan offers paddle boarding, kayaking, observing fireworks, and so many more activities that both individuals and groups of people could enjoy.

aerial view of Minneapolis and the Minnesota Vikings' stadium
One of the most famous Midwestern sports teams is the Minnesota Vikings, who train in their stadium

The Cost of Living in the Midwestern Region

Don’t go packing the relocation truck just yet. One of the vital long-distance moving tips is to consider which state speaks to you the most. There’s also a vast difference between your originating region and state since you’ll feel differently about the Midwestern parts depending on where you’re from. If you’re booking some packing services for a colder region, make sure you stay patient because there may be a lot to bring.

Moving to the Midwest from California

The cost of movers from California to Minneapolis depends mainly on the amount of cargo you have. You can plan out your relocation budget to work for you after moving cross-country because rent in Minneapolis compared to LA is nearly half the cost. You can get the same amount for a smaller price (a 3-bedroom apartment in LA’s center is $4,500, compared to $2,500 in Minneapolis’s center) and be free to enjoy the saved money by spending it on lakeside activities. While it may not have the oceanside, Minneapolis’s lakes can still be an excellent replacement for it.

Moving from New York to the Midwest

If you want to organize your move from NY to, for example, Chicago, you can easily hire cross-country moving services to help you with the endeavor. If you’re planning to change jobs or get a job before you move, there’s plenty of choices; additionally, you can live at a lower cost. The rent in NY for a 3-bedroom apartment outside of the center is $3,500, while you can rent the same type of home for $2,200 in Chicago’s outer areas.

These costs may sound like great reasons to make the change, but since the Midwestern region is so large, you can have an even better relocation. We recommend that you ship your car, too, because the plains are vast and the roads are a pleasure to drive on. You can watch the video below to see the breakdown of a household’s costs in Kansas.

You’ll Be Happy in America’s Breadbasket No Matter Where You Move

Whether you pick great education or industrial jobs, a region from where you can easily keep in touch with friends and meet more people, lakeside fun, or the weirdest chili in the US, you won’t regret living free at a lower price in the Midwestern region. America’s Breadbasket has so much to offer, and we’re confident you can find at least one good reason why relocating there is going to be the most significant decision of your life.

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Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

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