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Why Are People Moving Out of New York City in 2022?

Posted in City Guides,Moving Tips & Tricks on July 13, 2022

Ever since the pandemic, residents started moving out of New York City in droves. The driving factors are considered to be the higher state and federal taxes as well as the surging monthly expenses. In addition, the opportunity to work remotely gave many individuals the freedom to relocate closer to their extended family. According to the USPS change-of-address data, NY is among the top ten states Americans are moving from the fastest.

Why is an overwhelming number of citizens leaving NYC and moving across the country? The main reasons to move to another location are considered to be high monthly expenses, higher crime rates, and skyrocketing housing prices. The trend started at the beginning of the pandemic and has continued in 2022.

Why Are People Leaving New York City?

There are numerous reasons why residents are looking for other places to relocate to. But one way or another, everyday folks have realized that the covid pandemic signaled a need for change. Here are the primary reasons to move out of NYC.

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Covid Pandemic Has Caused a Fast Rise in Living Costs

In the US, the food and rent prices have been increasing steadily over the past year. NYC has been leading the charge by being the most expensive metropolis in the country. To put this information into perspective, the cost of living in NYC is 87% higher than the US average. According to the Numbeo website, for a one-bedroom apartment in the center, one has to pay 3,400 dollars, while for the same-sized apartment outside downtown, the rent is 2,200 dollars.

Even though life in the Big Apple seems incredibly exciting, a lot of New Yorkers struggle to save money monthly. It is known as a metropolis whose reputation rests exclusively on specific jobs such as banking and financing. The sad truth is that many individuals who cannot secure these well-paying jobs struggle to make ends meet.

Watch this video which provides more information on the monthly expenses in the Big Apple.

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The Crowds and Noise Make It Hard to Stroll Around, Shop, and Enjoy the NYC

Some individuals look forward to traveling or moving to New York because of the fact that it’s known as the City That Never Sleeps. These are mostly young adults who want to party throughout the night or those whose finances are sound enough to allow them to decide where they want to live. For them, the crowds and noise won’t be an issue.

Those who already went out and experienced what NYC has to offer have a different opinion. It is almost impossible to have some peace and quiet in this metropolis (at least in the downtown area). The subways and streets are always packed with citizens rushing from home to work and vice versa. There are also hordes of tourists who go to well-known spots such as Times Square and Rockefeller Center. For those who value their privacy and alone time, the Big Apple is not the ideal metropolis to reside in.

streets of new york packed with buses and cars
Escaping crowds and noise in the Big Apple is nearly impossible

Have You Completely Forgotten About Your Career Goals? Job Opportunities in NYC Can Be Scarce

Everyone is heading to NYC to try their luck. Just like the popular Alicia Keys song says, the Big Apple is ”the concrete jungle where dreams are made of,” so businessmen, young professionals, and students believe that the best way to climb the career ladder is by moving to New York City alone and applying for various jobs.

However, many individuals struggle to find their place in the sun. Finding an above-average job is challenging. Competition is incredibly fierce, so everyone who wants a decent position requires patience and connections. For those who want to open a small business, the Big Apple should be avoided. On every corner, one will find antique stores, food stores, and shops.

Crime Rates Are Increasing Every Year

The Big Apple saw a 57% increase in overall crime rates when compared to rates from 2021. For February, the police department recorded an increase in every major crime category. Grand larceny auto rose by 105%, and robberies increased by 56%. The NYPD only saw a decrease in shootings by 1.3%. Law enforcement is focused on the drivers of the disorder and crime and is implementing strategies to reduce the number of incidents.

However,  less safety on the streets of NYC makes residents reconsider their choice to settle down in this metropolis. Families and young adults who are planning to have children decide to move from the Big Apple solely because of the increasing crime rates.

Searching for a Better Place Than Williamsburg and Soho to Reside In? Where Can One Move?

You might be asking yourself – where should I live if I leave NYC? According to the US Census report, the largest population growth has been recorded in states such as Utah, Texas, and Colorado. Some residents see an opportunity to move to the Midwest, while others choose the southeastern region.

Citizens who left in search of affordable monthly expenses, more agreeable weather conditions, lower taxes, and crime rates settled down in cities across Florida and Texas the most. If you’re looking for the best cities to relocate to, first research real estate information, quality of life, and the job market before making any decisions.

Why Could Florida Be the Best Choice?

Based on the US Census report, Florida saw an increase in population by 15%. The main reason why a lot of residents see Florida as a great choice is that there is no state income tax. This allows you to save money and afford to go on vacations as well as travel across the US.

The weather is warm and sunny throughout the year, and there are many opportunities for outdoor activities. Even though the summers can be humid and hot, the weather is pleasant during the winter months. Sports fans love Florida’s sports culture. It’s ideal for retirees, too, since it doesn’t have a retirement income tax. The best places to move safely are Tampa, Melbourne, Dayton Beach, Pensacola, and Sarasota.

Jacksonville, Florida
Where can I move instead of NYC? Choose one of Florida's charming cities

Perhaps You Can See Yourself in Texas?

The population of Texas rose by 16%. It is the second-largest state with an array of forests, mountains, and even a desert in the southwest. Each town has its own unique charm and character. There are a lot of benefits of moving cross country to some of the cities such as Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin. Just like in Florida, there is no income tax, and finding a job can be easier since Texas is an economic powerhouse. The most important industries are agriculture, healthcare, and energy. The tech industry is booming in Austin, so many young professionals are relocating there for better employment positions. Monthly expenses and housing prices are much more affordable. For $300,000, one can buy a decent home with a spacious backyard.

Watch this video of an average home Texas has to offer.

YouTube video

Who Is Moving Out of New York City the Most?

Most of the citizens who opt to leave NY are high earners looking for a way to evade high local, state, and federal taxes. In the Big Apple, the wealthy are paying the highest personal income taxes. They took a chance and migrated to Florida, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming, where they would not be required to pay a state income tax.

On the other hand, others who are swapping the hustle and bustle of downtown NY for quiet destinations are families, young professionals, and older residents looking to retire outside the city. Families and young couples want to move to the suburbs in search of a better school system and more greenery. Also, young professionals competing for jobs attempt to get employed in another metropolis.

Should You Consider Moving Out of NYC in 2022? Answer the Following Questions and Find Out

Have you been living in NYC your entire professional life? Do you want to search for a destination where you can escape the noise and the crowd? Or perhaps it has become difficult for you to raise a family in NY boroughs. If you want to know for sure that relocating to another state or a town would be the best option, try to answer these questions:

  • Do you have extended family members in another town you want to be closer to?
  • Do you have problems with landing a well-paying job because of the fierce competition?
  • Do you think that there aren’t enough things to do in New York with kids?
  • Has your life become predictable and mundane?
  • Has the covid pandemic left you feeling isolated and anxious in NYC?
  • Have you been picturing yourself relocating to a small town?
  • Are you searching for a place with more affordable monthly expenses?
  • Do you want to live in a safer town?
  • Do you have enough money to hire a reputable long-distance moving company?
  • Are you excited about relocating to another home and embarking on an adventure?

If you answered the majority of these ten questions with a firm YES, don’t hesitate or feel anxious about relocating. Come to terms with the right choice. Decide where you want to live and start budgeting for the move. This might be the best decision you have ever made.

How Should You Plan the Move? Here Are All Details Related to the Relocation

When you choose to invest in cross-country moving services, take some time to research the most reputable companies. Pour through the list of top-rated cross-country movers and read every piece of information about them on their websites. Run a background check on them by searching for their US DOT number and reading all the available testimonials online. After checking everything, contact the agents and ask about an in-home estimate, packing services, and auto transportation.

When you hire your trustworthy long-distance movers, a relocation checklist of all the tasks you have to do before the date of the move is required. Try to list everything that has to be accomplished by a certain date. In this way, it will be easier to check whether you have forgotten about something.

Before you begin to pack up your belongings, declutter and get rid of belongings you won’t need in another place. Purchase packing supplies and materials. Start boxing up things you won’t use before the date of the move, such as winter clothing, books, particular equipment, and valuables.

Are People Moving Out of NYC in Droves?

From the start of the pandemic to 1 July 2021, more than 360,000 citizens left the Big Apple. The trend of moving from New York continues in 2022. With the rising prices and crime rates, the metropolis will see more reduction in population.

Is There One Specific Reason Why You Should Move Out of NY?

For every person, there are different reasons that affect their decision. The prime reason for well-off individuals are the high taxes; for the retirees, the prime reason would be a simpler and quieter life, and for families with children finding a safer environment and better school districts can be the crucial factor.

How Much Does It Cost to Move Out of New York?

Relocating out of the metropolis will depend on the destination you are heading to and the type of move you’ll be investing in. In terms of the price, the date of the move will affect how costly it will be. In case you choose to relocate in winter, it will be less costly overall than planning to move in summer. The most important thing is to have enough for movers, unexpected expenses,  packing supplies, and renting out another apartment or house.

Should You Move as A Remote Worker?

Individuals who have the opportunity to work remotely can benefit greatly from relocating to another location. First and foremost, the salaries are higher in NYC because of the higher living standards. Having the same pay in a destination that doesn’t require you to pay state income tax will allow you to save more money.

It’s Time to Decide! Start Preparing for the Movers

Make a pros and cons list. Assess whether the cons of residing in the Big Apple outweigh the advantages. Factor in the job market, monthly expenses, crime incidents, and your overall life goals. Decide whether you see yourself residing in this metropolis for the next ten years. Only then will you know whether organizing a move is the right choice. When you make a decision, contact reputable movers, collect all your documents, and prepare for the next chapter in your life.

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