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How to Make Moving Easier and More Enjoyable

Posted in How-to,Moving Tips & Tricks on November 21, 2022

It doesn’t matter if you’re going down the street or hiring a long-distance moving company, packing your whole life into boxes can seem almost impossible. That’s why one of the most important questions you should ask yourself when relocating is how to make moving easier and less stressful. No one wants to get to their new location completely burned-out, so let’s see what you can do to enjoy this newest chapter of your life more.

The experience of relocating can be overwhelming and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Basically, your journey will be successful if you’re well-informed because you will be able to avoid common mistakes and plan ahead for the process to be as smooth as possible. There is no one-size-fits-all blueprint for every single scenario that could come up during the relocation, but knowing the basic tips and tricks will definitely help in preparing you for a stress-free move.

Why Is Moving So Hard?

No one thinks relocating is a breeze. When you mention that you’re going through it, most people will look at you with pity in their eyes. And it’s probably because their experience was not that fun either, especially if it entails moving across the country. Most of the stress comes from being overwhelmed by the amount of information and things you need to stay on top of during the move.

It can be super hard to keep track of everything no matter if it’s a short trip or you’re cross-country moving. After countless days spent worrying you will most definitely ask yourself – how can I make moving less stressful? But taking into account the things we will discuss in more detail below guarantees that you will learn how to prepare for a move like a pro!

A stressed woman sitting on the floor holding her head surrounded by boxes
Relocating can be one of the most stressful experiences for a person

How to Make Moving Easier and Less Stressful

So, how do you make moving less difficult? Or, if it’s even possible – how do you make moving enjoyable? As we’ve mentioned in the beginning, there is not one unique series of steps that will work for everyone. But don’t worry! There are a couple of essential things you need to cover that will simplify things and reduce the amount of work upfront. That way, you can rest easy knowing that the basics have been covered and you can start thinking about your specific needs. For example, if you’re hiring long-distance movers you can think about what kind of assistance you would need.

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How to Make Moving House Easier – Stay Organized and on Top of Your Game

First things first, you need to start preparing for your relocation as soon as it becomes certain. It might be obvious, but it’s a crucial step that will considerably reduce your worries because you won’t need to do everything at the last minute. Starting early means being able to create a good and solid plan that will help you during the whole process. You can refer to our ultimate relocation guide to be sure you got everything covered.

Making a checklist is one of the most important things you can do because it will ensure everything is in order before, during, and after the relocation. Create it as early as you can, and then stick to that planner until the very end. It’s a great way to organize your move, and you will also be able to tell if any special services or materials are required. To ensure everything goes smoothly up until the very end, you should create a new home checklist as well.

It’s not a bad idea to also create a house inventory list of all your possessions. You should also compile a special folder with addresses and rental or purchase papers, and copy these documents digitally. You can even create a relocation binder to keep all of your important forms in it.

A young woman taking notes surrounded by boxes
Organization is the key to a successful relocation

Book Cross-Country Moving Services Early

Starting early means booking everything in advance. If you’re hiring cross-country movers, it’s a good idea to think about what kind of services you would need and how big of a relocating budget you’re working with. By doing so, it will be much easier to choose a company with a perfect service that caters to your needs. Also, you will have enough time to think about what kind of long-distance moving insurance you would like to acquire.

Still, while you should spend an appropriate amount of time researching, do not wait too long. Booking at the last minute could mean paying a higher price, or not being able to get a truck or professional movers at all, especially if it’s the peak of relocating season.

There are companies that will provide you with all the necessary equipment, especially tools for large items such as furniture dollies, pads or covers, tie-down straps, and ropes. A mover’s dolly is absolutely essential for relocating heavy furniture. It weighs only 10 pounds but can carry up to 1,000!

If you’re doing it yourself, you can rent the necessary equipment from a company and buy different materials. In this case, please ask for help from friends or family to ensure a productive and safe move.

How Can Packing Heavy Boxes Be Easier

As we’ve mentioned earlier, starting early is the most important thing if you’re wondering how to make moving easy. But even if you start early, you still don’t want to spend too long loading up everything you own. So, how do you pack and move fast?

You simply can’t box up everything in one attempt, so it’s a good idea to break it up into smaller mini-tasks. You can create a timeline or calendar that will ensure you’re doing everything in a timely manner. That way, it will not seem like such a stressful chore.

A calendar
A timeline with mini-chores makes your job seem much easier

A Decluttered House Is a Happy Home

Putting everything into boxes is not at all easy, so it makes sense to get rid of stuff because you’ll have less to pack, less to move, and less to unpack. There’s no point in bothering with the stuff from your old home if they’re just going to sit unused for months in your new house. You can start fresh after you relocate to a new home and even moving cross-country will seem like the best decision of your life.

It is very important to downsize your household and think about what to get rid of. Boxing up for a move can seem like it takes forever, so give yourself a great head start by taking care of things you no longer need.

When you finish decluttering your house, it’s a good idea to look through the stuff you’ve put aside and double-check to ensure you don’t need it anymore. But there is no reason to throw away everything! It could help your relocation budget if you put certain valuable things online and try your luck there. You can also donate them to a charity such as Goodwill, or give them to a friend as a gift.

You’ll Need to Gather All the Essential Materials

Once you’re left only with things you will take to your new home, it’s time to buy the material necessary for your location. Whether you’re hiring professional movers or not, you will need certain essentials that will help pack up your stuff. So, what items make moving easier? This includes boxes of various sizes, sticker labels, colored markers, scissors, packing paper, box cutters, garbage bags, tape, and bubble wrap. Lots and lots of bubble wrap!

Depending on what kind of service you request, most of these things can be provided by professional packing services. Still, it is a good idea to be aware of most of the stuff yourself, or at least the things that are of the most value to you. By creating an inventory, making checklists, color coordinating, and labeling your boxes, you will not only be very organized during the relocation, but you will also have a much easier experience unpacking everything.

Tips and Tricks for Securing Your Belongings When Moving Cross Country

Even expert packers know that packing might be the most time-consuming part of the whole relocation process. The good news is that knowing certain packing tips can save you a lot of time and stress. With that in mind, here are some hacks you should know:

  • Set up a surface as your packing station – everything will be more organized and you will always know where your supplies are,
  • Put your towels, clothes, and other soft items to use – you will be amazed by how many things you already have that can be used for securing fragile things by filling out the empty spaces,
  • Start with the things you don’t need at the moment – for example, if you’re relocating in the summer, you can pack your clothes for winter in advance, and also save space by using vacuum storage bags,
  • Place sheets of bubble wrap on the bottom of each cardboard box and put the lighter things on top of the heavier ones – in order to avoid injuries or damage, you should put the heavier things in smaller boxes and the lighter things in bigger ones,
  • Avoid mixing things from different rooms in the same box and label everything
  • Cut out rectangular-shaped handles into the sides of your cardboard boxes – it will provide you an easier and safer lifting and carrying,
  • Keep the essentials with you – this includes a change of clothes, a toothbrush, medication, paperwork, or anything else you may need immediately after arriving at your new home.

If you follow these essential steps, you will save much of your precious time and energy. To be even more efficient when preparing for your relocation, check out this helpful video:

Tips for Securing the Fragile Kitchen Pieces

While preparing for the relocation, most people especially dread dealing with kitchen supplies because there are just so many of them and they require special treatment. Every kitchen is full of fragile things that can easily break during the relocation, and that’s why you need to be extra careful when preparing them for the move. So, how do you pack kitchen items?

It’s important to use plenty of bubble wrap and paper when you’re packing dishware. Put it around each dish and then around a few of them together. You can even use paper or styrofoam plates and put them between each dish to protect it better. Always stack the plates vertically because then they are less likely to crack or break. Remember, any empty space in your container should be filled with soft clothes or towels.

When you’re dealing with glasses and stemware, the best idea is to put them in containers that have dividers. You can put cups and bowls inside one another, but don’t forget to insert a bit of paper in between. For the knives, you should roll each knife in a full sheet of paper, and wrap them in a dish towel as well, then secure the whole thing using rubber bands. Never put knives facing up, they should always be on their side.

Cross-country movers carrying a large box up the stairs
When you have professional help, even the kitchen is not a problem

You’re Ready to Pack and Start a New Chapter of Your Life

If you’ve done your research well and maintained good organization while preparing for your move, you can be sure that you’re in for a trouble-free experience. Of course, some problems may occur, but they would be easy to fix because you’ve covered the most important stuff. If you want to avoid any stress whatsoever, the best option for you would be to hire a reputable company and rest easy knowing that professionals will take care of everything while you start planning out the next chapter of your life.

So, if you’ve figured out that the only way for a relocation to be stress-free is with a reputable cross-country moving team by your side, give us a call.  Our professional cross-country movers will make the whole ordeal a breeze, so contact us without any hesitation.


What Are Some Tips for Making the Moving Process Easier and Less Stressful?

Start planning early, at least a few months in advance, to give yourself enough time to organize and prioritize tasks. Declutter before packing to reduce the number of items you need to move. Make a list of all the items you need to pack and label boxes clearly to make unpacking more efficient. Consider hiring professional movers to help with the heavy lifting. Make sure to have a clear plan for unpacking and setting up your new home. Finally, take time to relax and treat yourself during the moving process.

How Can I Stay Organized During the Move?

To stay organized during a move, make a detailed moving checklist and prioritize tasks. Label boxes clearly and keep an inventory of what items are in each box. Pack one room at a time and make sure to label boxes with the name of the room they belong in. Pack a box of essentials for the first night in your new home, including toiletries, clothing, and bedding. Use a separate box for valuables and important documents, and keep them with you during the move.

What Are Some Ways to Simplify Packing for a Move?

Simplifying the packing process can make a big difference in reducing stress during a move. Start by decluttering your home, getting rid of items you no longer need or use. Use clear plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes, as they are more durable and stackable. Pack one room at a time and label boxes with the contents and the room they belong in. Pack heavy items in small boxes and lighter items in larger ones. Wrap breakables in bubble wrap or packing paper and consider using wardrobe boxes for clothes to minimize ironing after the move. Don’t forget to pack a box of essentials for the first night in your new home.

How Can I Make Unpacking After a Move More Efficient?

Label all of your boxes clearly so that you know which room they belong in, unpack essentials first such as kitchen items or bedroom furniture, and sort through each box before putting it away. Also, recycle any unwanted items instead of keeping them around, enlist help from family or friends if possible, and take regular breaks throughout the day to avoid exhaustion.

What Are Some Ways to Save Money on a Move?

One way to save money on a move is by getting rid of unwanted items before you move. Think carefully about which items are essential and be ruthless in your decisions. Another way to save money is by shopping around for the best deals on moving companies. Get quotes from multiple companies and compare them to find the one that best suits your needs. You can also save money on moving by doing some of the labor yourself. Packing up boxes and loading them into a truck or van are tasks that you can do yourself to save money.

How Can I Minimize the Disruption to My Daily Routine During a Move?

One of the best things you can do is plan ahead as much as possible. Set realistic goals for yourself and allow plenty of time to get everything sorted and packed. Create a master list of all the tasks that need to be completed, such as changing your address, canceling any services you won’t need in the new home, and arranging for movers.

How Can I Make Sure My Belongings Are Protected During a Move?

When it comes to protecting your belongings during a move, there are several steps you can take to help ensure that all of your items arrive safely. The first thing to do is make sure you have the appropriate moving supplies. This includes getting boxes of varying sizes, packing tape, bubble wrap, labels, markers, and other materials that will help you safely transport your belongings.

How Can I Ensure a Smooth Transition to My New Home?

First, it is important to make sure you have all the necessary paperwork in order. Second, research the area where you are moving to. Third, if possible, take a trip to the area before you move. Fourth, make sure to find out the local laws and regulations of your new home. Finally, start networking with people in the area before you move.

What Should I Do to Prepare for a Long Distance Move?

The first step is to decide what kind of move you are going to make. Once you have chosen the type of transport, it’s time to start planning. Make sure to map out your route so that you know where you are going. Another important part of planning is considering which belongings you want to bring with you on your move. Finally, make sure to get your finances in order. Moving can be expensive, so it is important to budget accordingly and plan for any unexpected costs that may arise.

How Can I Get Help From Friends and Family for a Move?

To get help from friends and family for your move, you can start by clearly communicating your needs and asking for specific tasks or items you need assistance with. Make a list of tasks, such as packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, and transportation, and delegate responsibilities to your loved ones. You can also provide refreshments, snacks, and a show of appreciation for their help.

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