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How Can I Ship My Belongings to Another State

Posted in How-to,Moving Tips & Tricks on September 20, 2022

Moving across the country can be a pretty challenging and tiring task, especially when you have tons of boxes to pack and transport to your future home. If you’re currently preparing for a relocation, you may be wondering how I can ship my belongings to another state. There are numerous ways to move your belongings from one point to another, but our guide will help you solve all the important dilemmas and questions about shipping your stuff across the country.

There are so many ways you can transport your stuff to another state. If your move is going to be small and you only have a few boxes to ship, you can choose to send the items by train or a delivery company. On the other hand, if you are planning on relocating your entire household – a legitimate relocating company is going to be the best and most affordable option you could choose.

Before You Ask Yourself, “How Can I Ship My Belongings to Another State?” Figure Out What Kind of Move Are You Planning On

Relocating to a new state, shipping your possessions, and moving to your new home can be quite a complex task, depending on the type of move you are planning to make. For example, if you are planning to move with your entire family, and you are relocating with kids or perhaps with pets, there is a big chance you have to move your entire household with you.

On the other hand, when you are relocating for college or maybe making a last-minute move, you certainly won’t be relocating your furniture, but only packing your favorite possessions and relocating essentials.

So before you actually start thinking about all the ways you rely on to send your personal stuff to another place, first go through this ultimate relocation guide. It is important to figure out what type of move you’re planning to make so you can choose the best transportation option.

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If You Are Planning a Small Relocation, You Have More Shipping Options to Choose From

You don’t need to be a professional at long-distance moving to know that – the smaller the move is, the easier it is to send the items to another state. If you are planning only to transport the most necessary stuff, you will be able to organize your move faster and easier, and you won’t have to stress too much wondering how I will ship my stuff to another state.

If you have only a couple of packages that you are planning to move to your future home, you can use some of these transportation options:

  • Transporting your belongings via train – this can be a good option if you have to relocate only a few containers with your personal stuff. You should remember that these services are generally picky about what you can and cannot send. The boxes shouldn’t be larger than 3x3x3 feet, and you can only send 500 lbs of packages daily.
  • Transportation via bus – certain bus companies can take advantage of the extra space in their storage compartments, allowing individuals to send their stuff via bus. Just like with trains, your stuff should weigh less than 100 pounds.
  • Shipping via USPS/FedEx/UPS – shipping your packages through some of these companies will probably cost you anywhere between $10 and $100 per box, depending on various factors. It is definitely a pricier way, but if you only have a couple of packages to transport, it is a decent idea. What is the biggest box USPS will ship? The containers shouldn’t measure more than 108 inches in length and girth combined.

Keep in mind that all of the options mentioned above are far from being the best transportation options for many different reasons. These are just some of the options you can choose in case you’re planning on transporting a couple of packages and nothing too valuable.

Because with these companies, you won’t be guaranteed that the stuff will remain safe unless you pay for additional insurance. You should not be packing fragile items, important documents, valuables, or precious items for transportation.

Man and woman preparing boxes
If you only have a few boxes to transport, you have more options to choose from

If You Are Planning on Relocating Your Entire Household Inventory – Cross Country Moving Services Are Your Best Choice

Suppose you got a job in a new city, and now you need to relocate your entire household and start a new life in a completely different place. You have to sell your old house, do some move-out cleaning, prepare for the relocation, learn important house-hunting tips, and, most important – pack up and transport your entire household inventory.

It doesn’t sound like an easy task, right? Well, in moments like this, which are quite challenging, you want to stay stress-free and get professional help to move safely and sanely. Professional cross-country moving services such as car shipping, and especially packing services, could be more than beneficial in situations like these.

These Professionals Will Help You Pack Every Single Box and Ship Items to Your Future Home

Once you start planning your relocation to-do list, you will see that there are tons of big and small tasks that you have to do in order to have a successful move. To many people, this entire process can be quite stressful. Even if you give yourself enough time to prepare and pack up each room, you will still have too much work to do. If you are worried about how I can ship a lot of stuff, we have a great suggestion.

To move more efficiently, it’s wisest to hire professional cross-country movers and let them help you with the most challenging tasks, or perhaps, the entire move. This way, you won’t need to worry about how to ship furniture to another state or how do you move a large item across the country. Professional cross-country movers will pack up all the items for you and be there to help you avoid any possible relocation mistakes.

These professionals will do all the hard work for you, such as heavy lifting, carrying bulky items, labeling packages, and protecting all your valuables, so nothing gets damaged during the move. They will load and unload all of your items, making your unboxing much easier since everything will be packed and labeled.

Cross-country movers
Movers will undoubtedly make your relocation a piece of cake

Plan All Your Expenses for Shipping Boxes in Advance in Order to Stay Within the Budget

Let’s face it – the budget is generally the number one priority you must consider when relocating to another place. Relocation includes tons of tasks that will cost you money, and it’s super important to write down your expenses in advance to track your money better. Relocations aren’t cheap. However, there are plenty of ways you can save up money while relocating.

There Are Plenty of Ways How You Can Cut Down on Long-Distance Moving Expenses

Suppose you are not in the greatest financial position, but you need to move across the country and start a new chapter in your life. Is the relocation going to be expensive? Probably. Can you use some tips in order to save some coins? Absolutely yes! There are plenty of moving hacks you can try in order to deduct the cost of relocation expenses, which will help you stay within your budget. Some easy ways to cut costs of your move are:

Finding free second-hand packaging material

This could be used boxes and containers which you can get from your friends or local stores. For packaging materials, you can use stuff that you already have lying around your houses, such as newspapers, towels, blankets, and other similar stuff.

Choose a cheaper date and time to move

During some seasons, for example summer, it’s much more expensive to move. Do some research and figure out what date is the most affordable.

Declutter your house before you start packing

Figure out what you should get rid of and what is not so necessary for the move. Only keep things that you know are hard to replace. Fewer things mean a smaller price of the shipment.

Save all the receipts

in order to save a bundle on taxes which will come the next tax season. According to the IRS, you should use Form 3903 to claim the cost of your relocation expenses as a deduction on your federal income tax return.

Pack everything on your own

you can also invite friends and family to help you out. You could save some money if you don’t pay for the actual packing services and just get the shipping ones.

If you are still struggling with planning a budget and saving up money for the move, you should use the opportunity to inform yourself on some financial matters. There are plenty of ways to educate yourself through the internet to learn about some important financial topics. For example, you can search for some interesting YouTube videos, like the one below. It will definitely help you with some useful ideas and advice.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Ship Boxes to Another State?

As we have listed above, there are plenty of ways you can cut down on your relocation expenses. But, is there such a thing as the “cheapest way” of long-distance moving? When relocating, budget is important, but it should not be everything. You should be careful when choosing a company that is going to help you with moving cross country, and not hire one just because they offer low prices.

With legitimate companies, you will get a perfect move, high-quality standards, safe transportation, and a reasonable price for the work done. The greatest thing about it is that with legitimate companies, you will get a quote in advance for free, and you won’t have to wonder about how much is shipping to another state actually going to be at the end, and you will face some additional fees and expenses.

No matter how much stuff you have, professional movers will give you a proper estimate, so you don’t have to go through weighing each box yourself and worrying about how much it costs to ship 100 lbs, and you will have enough money to pay for the shipping of all of your boxes. All you have to do is check whether the company you are willing to hire is legitimate.

Ensure That the Movers You Are Hiring Are Not Scammers

You can easily check that out by researching them on the Better Business Bureau website and tracking their USDOT number. Do all the research you can in order to ensure you are not dealing with moving scammers. When rushing after small prices, people often forget about the safety and security of their stuff. At the end of the day, with scammers, you will have more expenses than you could’ve imagined. Hiring movers might not be the cheapest way, but it is definitely the best option you could choose.

Woman researching laptop
Research, the company you are willing to hire to ensure they are legitimate

Hire Professional Long Distance Movers for the Safest and Most Affordable Way of Delivering Your Inventory to Your Future Home

When long-distance moving, you have tons of tasks to do and think about, and help is more than welcome in these types of situations. If you want your move to be efficient, safe, sound, and affordable, you should consider hiring a professional relocation company. These people will help you with any kind of problems and dilemmas you may have and make your relocation a piece of cake! Trust us. They will make your life a hundred times easier.

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